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1. Ian Connor!

Ian Connor!

Produced/ Mixed by @nekoondeck Lyrics: Ah, nope, this is not a test nigga, Litgang shit! Take my backpack, don't go to school In the trap, like deja vu And i got gosha on my mf shirt Designer on me, Ian Connor All of my old and my yung niggas they from the dirt My nigga inside he gon serve Drip, Im on the wave like a surf These lil niggas on my nerves Bitch it's a real glock, not a nerf Flip the pack, reverse New monney like rebirth Pullup to your crib, angry birds Pullup to your momma house, knock, knock Yeh we pullup with the glock Pullup with the whole mob We got no gloves, and them masks off Nigga wanna feat on a budget You talking too much, nigga just stop it Walk with the pack, I don't need no pagette I got a tool, inspector gadget I throw it up, but can you catch it? Imma catch a lil nigga inna minute Smoke big greens, no spinach Listerine, niggas need mouthwash Big green, nigga need more guap Big dreams, no I won't stop Litgang the team, no I won't swap He a fiend, he a opp She on me, bop! Niggas stuck in a criss cross Big heat, drop Smoke blunts, I don't smoke no bong On the top, like Im king kong Blowing missiles like Im kim- jong Eyes low, nigga I'm ching chong Ouhh, damn my weed strong Move, I need to be gone Prove to me that I'm wrong Niggas fake, like fucking plastic I want bands, I need me elastic Like Im Drake, I need to be active Put it in my grave, monney in my casket Pullup with the drake, pullup with the tactic Call up the plug, I put it in the attic Boy you a scrub, you get washed out I got a bank, I just cashed out I got the dank, bitch I smoke big loud I'm in the danger zone, keep out She on her knees, I put my dick out Just like some fast food, get take out If I find her cute, I make out I'm in the studio everyday I'm in the living room, with your bae I'm in the kitchen, I'm whipping the pay I'm in the bathroom, YSL cologne Trynna smoke my boof man you're out of your dome Macaulay Culkin: I'm home alone I'm drinking bud light like I'm Post Malone Why that lil bitch she keeps calling my phone I just want the racks, I just want the dough Catch me, smoking on dope Slime shit, wipin my nose White bitch, she be snortin the coke Bad bitch, she a redbone I'm with the gang and we rollin on big cones My web browser got me bitcoins Can't fuck with these niggas cause they annoying Like I'm Sonic I get coins He smokes weed in a can of foil Like I'm in the navy I got oil She popped a bean, but it ain't soy Okay my shit clean, but I need a lawyer

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2. My Stepdad Is the Game Master

My Stepdad Is the Game Master

In a Singing Mountain first, this episode features a person who is not me: Katherine Spiers, friend and business partner, comes in to talk about TableCakes, the Los Angeles-based podcast network we started together and what that means for Singing Mountain listeners. She also talks about growing up being the stepdaughter of Howard Phillips, the American spokesperson for Nintendo back in the NES days and then we play a loosely structured game about video game music. Plus two stories about Macaulay Culkin and one about New Kids on the Block! Track listing: 0:19: You’ve Come Far, Ness (Coffee Break) / Earthbound / Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka 5:13: A Rainy Day / Pikmin 3 / Asuka Hayazaki, Atsuko Asahi and Hajime Wakai 8:48: Daytime / Wii Weather Channel / Kazumi Totaka 13:13: Shooting Star Summit / Paper Mario / Naoko Mitome, Chika Sekigawa and Yasuhisa Baba 18:23: 4 a.m. / Animal Crossing: New Leaf / Manaka Kataoka, Atsuko Asahi and Kazumi Totaka 22:01: Lake Lamode / Super Mario Odyssey / Shiho Fujii 28:33: Title Theme / Metroid / Hirokazu Tanaka 32:13: Aquatic Ambience / Donkey Kong Country / David Wise 36:57: In the Air Tonight / Phil Collins 37:54: Bayou Boogie / Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest / David Wise 39:24: Kefka’s Theme / Final Fantasy VI / Nobuo Uematsu 42:23: Chun-Li’s Stage / Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition / Yoko Shimomura 45:27: Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms / Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars / Yoko Shimomura 47:37: Inside the Castle Walls / Super Mario 64 / Koji Kondo 52:15: Hi Hi HI (Saturn Valley Theme) / Earthbound / Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka TableCakes, the podcast network I started: The TableCakes Patreon: Katherine’s podcast: Katherine on Twitter: Drew on Twitter: Singing Mountain on Twitter: On Facebook: On iTunes:…ain/id1252832457 On Spotify: On Google Play:…bs27wb6cqr24dlgl4 On Instagram: On SoundCloud: @singingmountain On YouTube: Official website:

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3. The Moomba Evolution

The Moomba Evolution

AS FEATURED ON THE GENERATION BASS BLOG: AS FEATURED ON THE 110BPM BLOG: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1 FEBRUARY 2012 30 song mix, 1 hour long showing many different styles in Moombahton and Moombahcore evolved since Dave Nada's creation, 'The Moombah Evolution'. Tracklist: 1. Seek Bromance - Tim Berg (DJ Macaulay Edit) 2. 20 Twelve - Kid Cedek 3. Say My Name (Feat, Munchi) - Nadastrom 4. Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) - Nero 5. Ray Charles (Skeet Skeet Remix) - Chiddy Bang 6. Mami Mueve - Pickster One 7. Sevillanas (Sazon Booya Remix) - Modabot 8. Pendejas - Alvin Risk 9. Doomsday - Hearbreak 10. Sucia Bailar - Sazon Booya 11. Zimbabwav - Paul Devro 12. Dem Boyz - ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek 13. El Diabolo - Kid Cedek x Must Die x Sazon Booya 14. Ruffneck (Full Flex) - Skrillex (Relok Moombahcore Edit) 15. Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs 16. OG Badman - Cam Jus 17. Bombo Tiempo - Sazon Booya 18. Vamos A La Playa - :D Face 19. Que Que (Torro Torro Remix) - Dillon Francis and Diplo 20. Gal Where Yuh Come From - Nadastrom 21. Chicken Lover - Munchi 22. Where's My Money [Caspa Remix (Munchi's Agressive Remix)] - Tc 23. One Minute Man - Shelco Garcia 24. Rukus - Valentino Khan and Will Bailey 25. Hollow - :D Face 26. Fuck This - Munchi 27. King Kong -Heartbreak 28. Loco - Essbeedee 29. Kill Kill Kill (Dillon Francis Remix) - Kill The Noise 30. Vibrate - Billy The Gent x Long Jawns x JWLS Mixed on the Native Instrument's 'Traktor Pro 2' DJ software. UPDATE: Big up anyone who downloaded, we hit 100

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