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1. Promise Land Lyrics

Promise Land Lyrics

[**feat. Kanye West and Adam Levine] [Malik Yusef:] Now whatcha finna hear is an update On what we been on as of late See I was reading a late notice on the date that I wrote this, you hear Time flie

2. Wouldn't You Like To… Lyrics

Wouldn't You Like To… Lyrics

Wouldn't you like to ride...(uh) (So why don't) you and your friends (get with) me and my friends (My friends) my friends, my friends, my friends Would you like to ride? (I don't know what happened, i

15. Get Ready (remix) Lyrics

Get Ready (remix) Lyrics

If you walked up today would I know your face? Would I fall apart or would it fall in place? Could I recognize you from the inside? If you showed up today would the whole thing change? Would you ligh