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1. Downtempo Mix

Downtempo Mix

Hey guys check out my short little downtempo mix, although it does get pretty wompy at the end. Tracklist below. 1. Stolen Snares - Echo 2. Clozee - Drip 3. CharlestheFirst - Azure 4. CharlestheFirst -Step 5. Thriftworks -Girls with Paperclips 6.Stolen Snares - Regrets 7.Stolen Snares -Demolition (ft. JJ) 8.Kermode - Tribes 9.Kayla Scintilla - Osiris 10.Levitation Jones - Casino 11.CharlestheFirst - Quiet Seeds 12.Andrew Luce - Until Then 13. Mindex - Boeing 420 14. Levitation Jones - Echo

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3. Half Hour House Mix

Half Hour House Mix

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4. Short Bass Mix

Short Bass Mix

Short mix put together

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