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1. Matt Axon - Back To Life (Original Mix)

Matt Axon - Back To Life (Original Mix)

OUT NOW! Download & Stream link: DEMO SUBMIT

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3. Axon Cast001 By NickBee

Axon Cast001 By NickBee

Axon Records are proud to introduce the very first AxonCast. For the leading instalment – founder NickBee drops 27 minutes of Drum & Bass, showcasing talent from the label and beyond. Dangerous rhythms, deep bass and infectious melodies. Play it loud and enjoy. cover design : Mateusz(instagram @matt.psd)

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4. Dazzle

  • Published: 2020-04-02T09:45:05Z
  • By Matt Axon

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5. Fallen

  • Published: 2020-05-02T13:14:18Z
  • By Matt Axon

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6. Axon & 2Shy MC - D&BTV 202

  • Published: 2012-07-05T10:19:26Z
  • By Axon
Axon & 2Shy MC - D&BTV 202

My set with 2shy from the Proximity Recordings take over on D&BTV. Tracklist: Axon & Killawatt - Level Up (Demand) Kollectiv - Dog Eat Dog (Scientia) Axon - Fibres (Proximity) Axon - Siafu (Proximity) Jubei ft. Flowdan - Say Nothin (Metalheadz) Detail & Abiotic - Applique (Dub) Sabre - Halo Danger (Dispatch) Axon - Deadline (Icarus Audio) Axon - Relapse (Proximity) Axon ft. Joel Grainger - Fractal (Proximity) Xtrah - Arise (Subtitles) Enei & Kasra - So Real (Critical) Seismix - Untitled (Dub) Axon - Danger Close (Demand) Rockwell - Constantcomplexrhythmicsound (Shogun) Dub Phizix ft. Fox - Never Been (Critical) Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy (Exit) Matt Pulsar - Aerolite (Dub) Axon - Pinpoint (Proximity) Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - Oblique (Critical) Noisa & Alix Perez - Underprint (Invisible)

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  • Published: 2018-09-07T01:29:04Z
  • By AXON

Axon's mix of the Synaesthesia Gathering 01 VA VA and tracks can be purchased at 01. Smilk | Axon | PKA - Fundamental 02. Matt Dwellers - Pandolum 03. Biomass - Abdomen 04. Dysmorph - Moleman 05. Kase Kochen - Shadow Matter 06. D'amo - Unicus 07. Karicraft | MOD SLKTR - Warhorns 08. Maxi Basshead - Ocelot 09. Sknow - Iconology

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8. Luis M & MYDÄ - Brainchild (AXON & Biomass Remix)

Luis M & MYDÄ - Brainchild (AXON & Biomass Remix)

We are absolutely thrilled to be revisiting one of the most iconic label tracks of the calendar year - the instant-classic 'Brainchild' by label OG's Luis M and MYDÄ gets the deluxe remix treatment from a host of top-shelf talents in Jossie Telch, Matt Dwellers, AXON and Biomass! Spanning wide across the Techgnosis sonic spectrum, three fresh interpretations elevate what is already an apex predator-level original track to new heights, setting the stage for yet another stellar scene release. The marquee original track, having been written a year ago in MYDÄ's Toronto-based studio, is a super example of sonic synergy, combining the grit and chunk of the preeminent prog-tech duo's unique style with Luis M's groovy tech rhythms and production know-how. Tried and tested on the dance floors as well as over lockdown live-streams, this can't miss tune has already cemented itself as a bar-setting example of proper progressive, psychedelic techno. Mexico-based progressive master Jossie Telch is no stranger to working with the original artists - we last saw this superstar producer giving the remix treatment to Luis M's 'Euphoria' back in 2016, and who can forget his 'track-of-the-year' collaboration with MYDÄ, 'Atomicus' from 2018? Well, we are happy to welcome him back into the Techgnosis fold as he puts his singularly unique, dance floor-focused spin on the whole affair. Last summer we debuted EPs from 2 incredibly talented Australian artists in Biomass and AXON, so it is with great excitement that we unveil their phenomenal collaborative remix of 'Brainchild'. The deeper, more introspective side of the original track is explored as the producers from down under beckon the listener to dive into a hypnotic state, and get lost in the music. This is an absolute treasure of a track. Lastly, we are pumped for the triumphant label return of the minimal tech maestro known as Matt Dwellers - this well-known purveyor of the melodic and hypnotic side of techno music brings his expertise to the affair, elevating this already killer single/EP to new heights. His signature weaponized, chunky tech style has been missed, however you can look forward to more from Dwellers on Techgnosis in the very near future. Stay tuned, true believers!

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9. Ramsi - Pi (Axon Remix) • SYMBIOSIS VA • Bassic Records & Recovery Collective

Ramsi - Pi (Axon Remix) • SYMBIOSIS VA • Bassic Records & Recovery Collective

SYMBIOSIS VA • Bassic Records & Recovery Collective • Release Date: October 9, 2017 • Track 5. Ramsi - Pi (Axon Remix) • • For his debut release, Axon (better known for his Zenon signed project Sumiruna) does nothing short of blow us away. Building upon Ramsi's "Pi" to create an endeavour of marvellous melody, layering dark and alluring ambience, leaving the listener within an audible wilderness. The Artists @axonmusica | FB: @ramsi | FB: • • ABOUT THE SYMBIOSIS VA & TOUR PROJECT • Through cross collaboration between artists and back catalogue of records, perfectly resembling the close affiliation between the two Australian labels: Bassic Records and Recovery Collective - we are proud to present you with the Symbiosis VA compilation. Two of Australia's rising techno imprints have found Symbiotic balance in their contemporary collaboration project that includes an extensive Various Artist compilation featuring 12 tracks and 24 artists, plus a 3-stop Australian tour priming their dominance of the scene. Built on such similar ethos and with a growing relationship bound by sound, it seemed natural for the labels to take another step forward by forging a unique project of music publishing and cross promotion. SYMBIOSIS, the 12-track VA collaborative compilation includes a series of remixes from each of the labels respective back catalogs, featuring: Amuze, Ark-E-Tech, Axon, Bongani, Concrescent, Cultured Link, Doppel, Dylan Carroll, Handsdown, John Baptiste, Jydn, Kalil, Käse Kochen, Leigh Boy, Liam Sieker, Matt Dwellers, Monotreme, Placeholder, Prosdo, Ramsi, Samwise, Shantaraam, Somersault, TAYA, Terminus43, Waveback and Zombie Apocalypse. Floating somewhere between melodic, psychedelic and progressive, influenced by elements of the thriving outdoor techno sound of Australia and the hard scene of an underground dwelling in dark clubs. Built on such similar ethos and with a growing relationship bound by sound, it seemed natural for the labels to take another step forward by forging a unique project of music publishing and cross promotion. Follow our pages to keep in the loop with what is happening with the release. Release Date : October 9, 2017 The Labels @bassicrecordings | @recoverycollective |

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10. MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #112 - Axon

MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire #112 - Axon

Track list: 1. Alix Perex & Rockwell - Ballbag [Neosignal] --- Axon - Untitled [dub] 2. Fracture - Bad Habit [Astrophonica] 3. Axon - Radial [Proximity] 4. Gerra & Stone - Subconscious Control [forthcoming Proximity] 5. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - Askari [Invisible] 6. Flame - The Game (Axon remix) [forthcoming Icarus Audio] 7. Detail - Autoreiji [dub] 8. Hybris - Raindance [Critical] 9. Axon - Pinpoint [forthcoming Proximity] 10. Heavy1 - Specium [forthcoming Vampire] 11. Mtwn - Aftermath [Proximity] 12. Matt Pulsar - Aerolite [dub] 13. Axon - Deadline [forthcoming Icarus Audio] 14. Axon - Relapse [Proximity] 15. Axon - Fibres [Proximity] 16. Dub Phizix ft. Fox - Never Been [forthcoming Critical] 17. Spectrasoul ft. Terri Walker - Light in the Dark [Shogun Audio] 18. June Miller - Snapcase [Critical] 19. Rockwell - Full Circle [Shogun Audio] 20. DJ Fresh - Heavyweight [Digital Soundboy] 21. Submotion Orchestra - All Yours (SPY remix) [Hospital] 22. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St. Clair [Critical] Changing things up a bit for the latest upload in the x FKOF series. An hour's straight drum&bass from Kane FM's 174bpm business for a change!

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11. Pea Pie & Sissy (feat. Matt Rohde)

Pea Pie & Sissy (feat. Matt Rohde)

Pea Pie & Sissy is the second single released by Axon Radio. This track takes listeners through a maze of jazz, funk, and fusion - while ending on a very familiar note, courtesy Stevie Wonder. Along with Cory Carleton (bass) and Travis Brant (drums), Pea Pie & Sissy is meticulously polished by Matt Rohde on keys. Matt is most known for his work with artists like Prince, Christina Aguilera, Jane's Addition, Alanis Morissette, and the American Idol Band.

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12. NickBee & The Clamps - Let's Bring Them Hell(AXR003)

NickBee & The Clamps - Let's Bring Them Hell(AXR003)

release date : 26th of february Continuing on from our previous release. Axon Records present Let’s Bring Them Hell, a collaborative effort between The Clamps, and founder NickBee. Opening with a menacing sample laid upon a dystopian atmosphere, it builds to a high crescendo – releasing energy effortlessly into an intense drum-led drop. What ensues is an intense conversation between each element of the track. Keep your eyes peeled for part two, coming very soon. Connect, Create, Evolve. -//- Facebook : The Clamps : Visual Design: Press: [email protected] ______ Sign up to our Mailing List:

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13. NickBee & Cod3x - Eclipse(AXR003)

NickBee & Cod3x - Eclipse(AXR003)

For part two of AXR003, Axon Records bring you an alliance between NickBee & Cod3x entitled Eclipse. This dark roller unleashes a monumental volume of energy, which is to be expected from both artists. Hypnotic modulated Reece basslines, explosive drums and captivating melodic lines it’s an incredible addition to Axon Records. Connect, Create, Evolve. -//- Release Date: 26.02.2018 Facebook : Cod3x : NickBee : Visual Design: Press: [email protected]

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14. Axon

  • Published: 2011-02-07T03:25:42Z
  • By Numonik

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15. Mean Teeth - Rattlefunk(AXR002) [OUT NOW]

Mean Teeth - Rattlefunk(AXR002) [OUT NOW]

For the second installment from Axon Records – we bring you Rattlefunk by Mean Teeth. Having spent 2017 going from strength to strength, this Baltic trio need no introduction. Leading on from recent productions, they hold no punches with their latest output.Calling back to reference Dark Drum & Bass from the turn of the decade, Rattlefunk is a mischievous, tech laden creation. Set to an off-world soundscape – it’s sure to land on many mixes and dance-floors upon release. Connect, Create, Evolve. Buy: Facebook : Mean Teeth : Visual Design: Press: [email protected] ______ Sign up to our Mailing List:

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16. Matt Fax - Wickham

Matt Fax - Wickham

Intricate Records is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the label’s exclusive compilation series. The initial one is scheduled for May 2013. The honourable duty to snip the red ribbon is offered to the label’s residents and co-founders, PROFF и Vadim Soloviev. The appearance of the compilation will be preceded by two samplers. The content of second sampler was selected by Vadim Soloviev. It includes three tracks which will also be featured on the full-length compilation: «Wickham» by Matt Fax, «Whiskey Soup» by Vadim himself and «Space Plus Love» Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke feat. Fisher in a special Intricate Mix. Matt Fax represents the new generation of producers who, despite their tender age, are already very tech savvy and willing to turn their creative ideas into reality, they are chasing scene veterans all the time. Matt’s discography is remarkable due to singles and remixes released on Silk Music, Neuroscience Deep, Axon and Colorize. Don’t forget, Matt is 16. Now the time has come for Intricate Records. Pointedly for the debut compilation, this young French producer offered his latest work entitled «Wickham», which is so full of bright and dancefloor-friendly sound. It is no surprise that more and more people call him «the son of Eric Prydz» (in terms of music, of course). As a sidenote, «Wickham» was already tested at «Trancemission» festival in Moscow in front of thousands of clubbers. The second pearl in the sampler’s shell is a special remix of «Space Plus Love» Nigel Good vs. Moussa Clarke feat. Fisher. The basis of the track was elaborated of the vocal part by Kathleen Fisher from the song «Love Key» by Moussa Clarke, recorded back in 2007, and the track «Space Minus One» by Canada-based Nigel Good, you remember this one from the Summer Sampler by Intricate Records released in August 2012. Some clever engineering and mixdown work has been done on «Space Plus Love», so even a very attentive listener might not notice in fact it’s a remix, not an original production. The third element of the sampler was presented by Vadim Soloviev himself. His track is called «Whiskey Soup» and does not contain any soup but a wicked coctail – it combines dozens of diverse sounds, vocal samples and unexpected insertions which are far more characteristic for other musical genres, not for Progressive. In general, all these ingredients build up that funky, positive or, if you look at the title once again, «drunk» sound, this favoured Vadim Soloviev sound.

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17. Matt Fax - Beyond

Matt Fax - Beyond

Intricate Records is proud to announce Matt Fax’s debut release featuring three original productions, «Anima», «Beyond» and «Wickham». David Ciekanski, well-known for his musical alias Matt Fax, is a remarkable representative of a new producers’ generation. Despite the young age, these musicians are quickly approaching the creative and technical levels of the dance music scene veterans. At only 16 years of age, Matt already has a number of tracks and remixes in his discography, including releases on Nueva Digital, Silk Music, Neuroscience Deep, Axon and Colorize. Dedicated media call him an artist to follow in 2013 and emphasize unstoppable growth of his talent. Now the time has come for Matt’s debut on Intricate Records. The initial extended play for the Russian label is compiled of three tracks, «Anima», «Beyond» and «Wickham», which literary radiate juicy and cheerful emotions; this type of sound convinced Matt’s listeners to call him «the son of Eric Prydz». By the way, «Wickham» was already tested in February 2013 during the massive «Trancemission» festival and deserved applause of several thousand clubbers. Aside from that, «Wickham» is already confirmed to appear on the special label compilation «Intricate Sessions Vol. 01 Mixed by PROFF and Vadim Soloviev», which will see the light of day within the next weeks. Recently Matt Fax made an announcement that he was going to take a spring break and to lock himself up in the studio until the summer time comes; Matt decided to entirely concentrate on studio work and communicate with the outside world only through his manager. But for those listeners and clubbers who follow Intricate Records activity, this should not be a hindrance.

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