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1. Road Ahead

Road Ahead

My latest original piece as of 1/21/15

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4. I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

An original I wrote in December 2014, it started as a suicide note but luckily I've never needed to use it as such

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5. My Old Friend

My Old Friend

An original I wrote. Though it isn't revenant until the last line, it's based off the character Dobby from Harry Potter (one of my favorite fandoms)

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7. The Cave - Mumford & Sons Cover

The Cave - Mumford & Sons Cover

My rendition of the folk-rock song by the British band.

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8. Insomnia


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10. Dream Again

Dream Again

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14. Grandtheft ~ Square One (feat. MAX) [Vincent Remix]

  • Published: 2018-04-10T19:00:27Z
  • By Vincent
Grandtheft ~ Square One (feat. MAX) [Vincent Remix]

once the original track came out I started playing it in my sets - it has so much character and the sound selection drew me in. I wanted to give it a grittier and more aggressive sound while trying to incorporate the elements I loved most. Something harder for everyone that remembers XVII and before my new original music comes out. Vincent: Grandtheft: MAX:

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15. Rob Clouth - Shedding Layers - Max Cooper Remix [Mesh006]

Rob Clouth - Shedding Layers - Max Cooper Remix [Mesh006]

Quote "Shedding Layers by Rob Clouth is easily my favourite piece of electronic music that I have heard so far in 2018" (Andy Fosberry) how am I supposed to remix that!? was a difficult track to approach. I decided I had to stay true to the original core of the track, the main melodic elements, which I just complemented with some new prophet chords. Then for the rest of the remix it was more of a matter of augmenting than a typical remix. I spent a loooong time working on detailing for this, I wanted to try and bring some industrial sounds in to push further the intensity that Rob had created, and push the sound design complexity as far as I felt I could get away with in the context of what is basically a techno track for clubs. It's definitely one of the most intense remixes I've worked on for some time, and I've been playing it out a lot recently with good effect. But I hope it can also work as an interesting home listening track. As usual I put a lot of effort into the binaural and general stereo design, so if you listen with headphones you should hear sounds pop out at you, fly behind your head, that sort of thing. I wanted to turn all those clicks and strange noises into an immersive cloud dancing around your head. The remix package has amazing work by Ben Lukas Boysen, Brecon and Chihei Hatakeyama on there, some beautiful ambient and peaceful moments as well as this monstrosity, I'm certain can you find something in there which will make your day better!

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16. Corporeal - Max Cooper & Rob Clouth [Mesh004]

Corporeal - Max Cooper & Rob Clouth [Mesh004]

This track came from a visit to Rob Clouth's place in Barcelona a while back, and ended up on my Essential Mix. I've been wanting to release it for a while, and a lot of people have been asking about it too, so it's great to finally get to put it out along with the "World Passing By" EP, here: Rob Clouth is one of my favourite producers out there. He's one of the few producers, that when I listen to his music, I don't know how he's made I was excited to go and hang out at his place and work on a track together and see his process first hand. As it turns out, his unusual music is reflected in his unusual process, which makes sense, even though I hadn't realised the obvious previously. For this one, Rob had the idea of running a soft synth through a radio transmitter and back into a receiver, sometimes then looping it back through, while he played chords, and I messed around with the radio tuning, bringing moments of hiss, and sometimes little bits of real radio channels into our chord sequence. The track then turned into a slow techno sort of thing, where the chords are gradually introduced further and further until it turns into an intense chord solo extended outro (which is nice for bringing a sparse percussive track into for live shows, I've found). Rob also has some new work coming soon on Mesh, which is insanely good, and which I'm really excited about releasing!

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17. Rob Clouth - Cloud Complex - Max Cooper Remix (clip)

Rob Clouth - Cloud Complex - Max Cooper Remix (clip)

Rob Clouth is one of my favourite producers out there at the moment, if you've heard any of my sets recently then you will have heard his Vaetxh stuff in there, the glitchy super-detailed madness! So when he turned himself to making an EP for Traum I jumped on the opportunity to get involved with a remix. His methods and style are very original, so it was quite a difficult remix to make, the track just didn't want to fit into a normal techno format! I ended up going for a really heavy shuffle on the drums and trying to make the track a little more dancefloor in it's arrangement, but I wanted to try and keep the approach of the original too so I introduced a lot of complexity into the drums, as Rob said, it's like a lattice of details. So here it is, I hope you like it, and if you're going to do one thing this year, then give the rest of the EP a good listen, in my opinion it's the best release of the year in this genre, properly amazing stuff from Rob Clouth.

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18. Rob Clouth - Shedding Layers [Mesh005]

Rob Clouth - Shedding Layers [Mesh005]

You may well have already noticed my mentions of Rob Clouth. He’s one of the best producers there is, in my opinion. Such original, hyper-detailed beautiful sound design and melodic forms, the complete package really. So I’m really excited to have him join the Mesh label with me, with his first EP out today - Full EP stream and downloads here: The “Transition” EP is a summary of the production techniques Rob has developed over the years, and is accompanied by an audio-visual system Rob created which presents every sound he’s ever worked with, all 50,000 of them in mad granulated chaos, here: His approach of creating his own software and unusual techniques shines through musically, and I hope some of you enjoy it as much as I do. For ambient lovers I suggest checking the title “Transition” track first, and for those of you after something more club-oriented then “Shedding Layers” is, well, try it out and you’ll see what happens, it’s been one of the biggest tracks in my sets of recent months. Lots more amazing music for the label on the way soon!

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