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1. ترانه ای که نخواهم سرود من هرگز (pre-master)

ترانه ای که نخواهم سرود من هرگز (pre-master)

Lyrics by: Federico Garcia Lorca Translated by: Ahmad Shamlou

nothing at of , which is

2. Love Story

Love Story

Original Song by MIGRAIN Recorded at MIGRAIN Studio Please Join our fanpage at Facebook at "LOVE STORY" Sunglasses Cherry lipstick style Perfumes and roses A smell that stays a while First glances And she takes your breath away Soon you find out You`re in love with this girl Sparkly diamonds Every time she smiles Colors of rainbow In her magical eyes ****She makes you walk all her lines Makes you talk all she winds Makes you tick, tack, stop She`s got the devil inside But you`re in love with this girl She starts dancing And she shines just like a star All her motions Makes you feel alive She moves tender You just stand and stare She makes you wonder If you`re in love with this girl ****and she`s still there when she leaves It`s more confusing than it seems She`s in your mind in your dreams Gives your thoughts romantic themes Makes you dizzy Makes you fall Makes you feel short when you`re tall Makes you tick, tack, stop She`s got the devil inside But you`re in love with this girl

nothing at of , which is

3. Habāk هباک

Habāk هباک

Lyrics by Sara Bigdeli Shamloo: سرک کشید، از هر رخنه‌ی تنگ می‌ترسید تا قد کشید، از زخمه‌ی تبر رو برچرید توی رگ‌هاش خونابه‌ی تلخ زقوم از روی ابروی خمودش زخمش رو بوسید *این حِضن، ناگزیره جزّار می‌پذیره، بتاز تا مَعرَک آخر این خون داغ و تیره، بریز* تن، بازی کن این‌ور ستیغِ لختِ لاجونه تن، یاری کن این سر غرقِ سردیِ سرماست استخونِ ساکنِ خاکی‌ش گلاویزه گونه‌ام طلای سرخِ لبریزه Artwork: Sara Bigdeli Shamloo

nothing at of , which is

5. Migrain Blvd. - And The Next

Migrain Blvd. - And The Next

The "Migrain Sq." band now consists of "Pouya Pour-Amin" , "Nima Aghiani" (both composers) and "Sara Bigdeli Shamloo" (vocalist, Lyrics). It was first founded in 2002 by "Pouya Pour-Amin", "Hamed Panahpour" and "Aidin Samimi mofakham". The initial idea of the band was performing trio guitar works of Astor Piazzolla,Phillip Glass and a few others. Then in 2004, Migrain started to change the genres of its performances to Rock. It was a new experience that made the band to be organized as: "Alma Samimi mofakham" (singer); "Pouya Pouramin" (electric Guitar); "Hamed Panahpor" (Bass Guitar); "Aidin Samimi mofakham" (acoustic Guitar). In 2004, in their two concerts, the band performed works from Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Doors, Shocking Blue, Animals, etc. in which "Farshid Sharif" (Drums) and "Ehsan Jahandide" (Harmonica) collaborated with Migrain as guest artists. After these concerts the band faced many changes, "Alma Samimi mofakham" had to leave the band to continue her studies in Germany, then "Pouya Pour-Amin" and "Aidin Samimi mofakham" were the ones who took the responsibility of singing and "Sohrab Motabar" joined the band as their guitarist. Due to all these changes Migrain band could only give one more concert and soon after, "Aidin Samimi mofakham" too had to leave the band to continue studying in Armenia. All activities of the band came to a halt, but then in 2009, following the sudden death of "Hamed Panahpor" , "Pouya Pour-Amin" and "Nima Aghiani" started to work on a new album, the “Polish Chair” and so they gave a new life to Migrain. “Polish Chair” is composed by "Pouya Pour-Amin" and Nima "Aghiani" and is a new experience from Migrain. Making the album "The Polish Chair" has ended now, Tehran, 2011. Experiencing a new way,we`re working with a new friend, a new companion and a new voice, "Sara Bigdeli Shamloo". The album "Madame Buttercry" was released on June 2012, Madrid-Spain, published by "Oido Records". And we keep going on...

nothing at of , which is

6. "Anniversary" (part I)

  • Published: 2016-08-21T14:09:17Z
  • By M-Dady

Tracklist: * 12K - Seperate Lovers * R.J. Stefanski - Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder * Ghazal Shakeri - Song Of The Red Dervish * Just Friends (Nicolas Jaar & Sasha Spielberg) - Avalanche * Migrain Sq. - ترانه ای که نخواهم سرود من هرگز (pre-master) * David August - Help Me Through (Original Mix)

nothing at of , which is