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1. Loaded Gun

  • Published: 2017-09-17T19:29:50Z
  • By Mr Hustle
Loaded Gun

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2. SPLASH GUN LEAN | Russ X Taze X Maj

  • Published: 2016-09-01T18:24:14Z
  • By Mr W.O.T

This track was Produced and Recorded at W.O.T Entertainment Studio's. If you want to record a track yourself, then give me Mr W.O.T a call on 07889279034. Email me on [email protected] "This is wotentertainment music"....... Watch this space new up and coming artist from southeast london.

nothing at of , which is

3. Mr Hustle - Loaded Gun

Mr Hustle - Loaded Gun

nothing at of , which is

5. Get my gun d12

Get my gun d12

nothing at of , which is

7. PACMAN*ft - Mr. DUI - The Flame Dances (Prod. SouL Muzick)

PACMAN*ft - Mr. DUI - The Flame Dances (Prod. SouL Muzick)

PACMAN*ft - Mr. DUI - The Flame Dances (Prod. SouL Muzick) Vocals @pacman-mic-mastery Vocals @mrdui305 Production & Mix @soulmuzick13 Cover Art @time2cclear Lyrics: *PACMAN*AKA*PAC* [Verse 1] Demons in my head while i lay in my bed, sleep paralysis trying to make it out gun to my head. All the problems situations while i'm hooked on medication pop the bottle keep on drinking will i make it see the flaming faces. It's hard believing all these people in the matrix, denominations accusations that i'll take it? I'm fighting everyday see the scars on my heart! I'm trying to make a change, my heads a roller coaster! They grab me by my throat walking through the battlefield, they trying to take my soul but i will never let it go. The heart of lions i'll keep trying, i pray of places, where there's love no hatred i can taste it motivation! Grandma please now listen grab the tissue yea i miss you, dark times i write rhymes i bleed pints i been too. Rock bottom now it's time to face the storm. Yo... it's time to face the storm! [Chorus 2X] I let the candle burn wax dripping on the floor! Don't know if i can take it anymore! Gods got a plan for me but i don't seem to see the door crack a bottle in my room by my self through the storm! I'm lost in my mind! Wishing for success! Trying to be a good person! All i see is death! It's certain my pen squirting blood up on the curtains , i'm searching, anatomize my fragile eyes get blurry! Mr. DUI [Verse 2] While they Sleep, I creep, in their Crib. If You Slip, Than I Grip, You See how Simple it is? or need I say it again?? So Many Thoughts in my Mind, I can't Sleep at Night. Reach for the Pen and start to Write, What I seen on Signs! Designed to see at night. Follow me; you wanna See the Light! Jesus Christ, they think I'm Wrong for trynna be is Right?? But Their Opinion don't Count. It don't Mean Nothing. Thought it so hard, I Started Mean Mugging! In The Middle of the Night, Tossing and turning, at 3 in the Morning tho I'm stretching and Yawning, is like Chico gotta keep an eye open! Fight it by Popping an Ambien, but it won't Close. Co-workers like "Couldn't sleep?" No! Sleep Disorders got my mind distorted. ...wonder, will I make it to 40?? God Knows the answer, I Don't know it! Listen Close to the Thoughts of a POET! One whose lost in a Forrest. Sleep Walking and Talking. Speaking a Foreign Language. Nothing More horrifying than Norvin's Anguish! It wouldn't bother me to eat'em in a Sam'wich! We appreciate you listening!

nothing at of , which is

8. lol

  • Published: 2018-05-04T11:27:20Z
  • By Mr. Gun

nothing at of , which is

9. Mr.Marathon--Gun Walk Freestyle

Mr.Marathon--Gun Walk Freestyle

Download the entire Assassins Creed mix tape here

nothing at of , which is

11. Mr. Poet

  • Published: 2015-09-20T19:52:33Z
  • By MAG
Mr. Poet

Not for Profit - Music (remix of "Body of Gold" by Oh Wonder) contact - [email protected] Copyright lyrics 2016 Mr. Poet, Mr. Hardly grown yet. Mr. Talk a lot, Mr. Walk the block. Mr. No pictures man, Mr. F**k instagram. Mr. Rodeo trouble, Mr. Scorpio lover. Mr. Lovin' my mother, plus my sisters and brothers. Missin' uncles and cousins, Misses, Misters and Buggers. Got some issues with cussin', catch up kids here's the mustard. Customs given to youngyns', like we killing for something. Stick up yuh gun and cock it, pick up yuh gun don't drop it. I'm only 7 papa, "Don't you worry, I got this" (I'm only 7 papa, don't you worry, i got this) You mad cuz I'm handsome? Damn son. Its bad cuz this sounds just like chancelor? They tryna' teach us, I can't believe this, Jesus, talk to your dad, that ni**a will not answer me, this means i got different views, I'm a different dude. I think its time, Mr. Poet, has arrived. Are you white on black? Or are you black on white. Like I have to decide, like make it a sacrifice. Well ima' do me, so excuse me, Ima' walk on by...Like Bye, See you later while I'm in the skies. You tellin' lies little brother?..You telling' lies to our mother? Mama say oh, please, don't be, a criminal, give no talk to the police. just smile and walk away.. just smile and say, have an awesome day.

nothing at of , which is