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1. Music Is My Sanctuary

Music Is My Sanctuary

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3. Jacob Collier - Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Scott C's GOODS Touch Up)

Jacob Collier - Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Scott C's GOODS Touch Up)

Music Is My Sanctuary presents this brilliant Scott C remix of Jacob Collier's "Don't You Worry Bout A Thing" from Scott C: "I discovered the Youtube life of Jacob Collier only about a month ago. This amazing 19 year old London-based musician has mastered a gang of instruments, and combined with his vocal chops, has caught the ear of heavyweights like Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock. After playing his video cover of Stevie Wonder’s "Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing" about a million times over, I decided to do an edit so I could run it on the dancefloor at our monthly party, The GOODS here in Montreal. I hope you enjoy it." More about Scott C at @The_Incubator please check out Jacob’s work at Buy the original here

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4. Exclusive Premiere: KNLO "Ville-Marie" feat Lou Phelps

Exclusive Premiere: KNLO

For full interview & buy links >> Knlo (aka Kenlo, aka Kenlo Craqnuques) remains one of Montreal’s best kept secrets. Ask anyone in the beats / hip-hop scene and they will all swear that he is one of the most talented, influential and unique artists we have. And as for the worldwide perspective, he deserves to be mentioned as one of the best in world in the Producer + MC category. It isn’t only his talent that floors me, it’s that he’s always been truly free as an artist. The man never plays it safe and keeps his music moving forward even if sometimes some of his ideas might be a bit “out there.” We could use a little bit of mentally challenging, progressive hip-hop anyway! After countless years of getting KNLO’s records on CD-R’s, Myspace, Blogspot, Rapidshare links it will feel fantastic to finally hold his official debut album in my hands. The 7ieme ciel label deserve a lot of props for having the vision of putting this out. I’ve had “Long Jeu” for a while now so I can guarantee that you are in for a treat! Here is a little discussion I had with him along with a few album teasers including a fantastic mini-documentary exploring a day in the life of KNLO.

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5. Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary) mix on Gilles Peterson Worldwide (GPWW985)

Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary) mix on Gilles Peterson Worldwide (GPWW985)

Lexis heads up Montreal-based music website @musicismysanctuary, highlighting forgotten treasures and future classics from around the world. Grab the tracklist:

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6. Tribute to KASHIF - Selected & Mixed by Walla P

Tribute to KASHIF - Selected & Mixed by Walla P

2016 just saw another Legend pass away. Kashif Saleem, previously known as Michael Jones, was one of the most prolific producers in the 1980's, producing for acts such as Melba Moore, Evelyn Champagne King, Withney Houston, Howard Johnson and George Benson, just to name a few. On a personal note, Kashif's music is the ultimate reason why I am the Dj that I aspire to be - the 1st time I heard "I Just Got To Have You (Lover Turn Me On) was one of the greatest musical discovery, if not the greatest, that I encountered - that Moog Bass, those guitar licks, that snare variation on the 8th, the arrangements, the lyrics. I was captivated. Forever. Today, I'm even more convinced that Kashif Changed My Life. Rest In Power Kashif Saleem.

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7. Dr Mad "Groove On (Feat. Anomalie)"

Dr Mad

It's been 10 years since the birth of Music Is My Sanctuary, and what a 10 years it’s been! Started in 2007 by Alexis Charpentier aka DJ Lexis in Montreal, Canada, Music Is My Sanctuary has been dedicated to discovering and presenting music often overlooked by mainstream music channels through articles, interviews, radio shows, DJ mixes, and events. The "10th Anniversary Compilation: Never Stop Digging" is an eclectic collection featuring 17 unreleased tracks from artists who all share the same vision and passion, and who represent the mentality and styles that Music Is My Sanctuary works to push forward. Side A focuses on some more floor-oriented grooves from artists who are known for both producing and DJing. Side B (kicked off by the ever-mysterious Clutchy Hopkins) is dedicated to the Hip Hop and Funk heads featuring artists who have all put their own unique spin on genres that have come before. Consider this a Future Classics affair! This project is a collaboration with 101 Apparel, who are providing the "Never Stop Digging" T-shirts which can be purchased from 101 Apparel directly. Both the T-shirt and cassette were designed by Montreal's Nik Brovkin. The official Music Is My Sanctuary 10th Anniversary celebration was held at Montreal’s Centre Phi, promoted and broadcasted live by Boiler Room. A big thank you goes out to the artists who provided tracks for this compilation, and to all artists who keep creating such fantastic music for us to share and enjoy. Without you there would be no us, and for this we can’t thank you enough!

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8. Residents' Hour: Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary)

Residents' Hour: Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary)

"It’s 2016 and in Montreal, we still don’t have a rap, R&B or electronic music radio station. This makes the role of all involved in the underground scene absolutely vital." – Lexis, @musicismysanctuary Find out more:

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9. NICK D-LITE - Music Is My Sanctuary . Dec 2013

  • Published: 2013-12-09T02:51:22Z
  • By nickdlite
NICK D-LITE - Music Is My Sanctuary . Dec 2013

// Exclusive Booking by Dusted Decks mail: [email protected] phone: +49 (0) 341 49 250 300 // More information: 2013 … For me, a great year is nearly over. My single "Jetlands" w/ my best buddy Ron Flatter was released on one of my favourite labels - Stil vor Talent. My first own single "Why the caged bird sings" had it's release a couple of weeks ago, my first remixes came out and a few more are in the pipeline. I have played great gigs, met really cool people, living & enjoying my life and produce & play the music that i truly love. With this mixtape, which is also my last one this year, you get some kind of "best of" … not only the latest shit, but of course only tracks that i deeply love, from artists and labels which inspired me in so many different ways! THIS is what i am. THIS is what i love to do. THIS is what i believe in. THIS is my sanctuary. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support & love. Hugs, nick.

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10. Exclusive Premiere: Michael The Lion "Get It On feat. Amy Douglas (Bosq Remix)" (Soul Clap Records)

Exclusive Premiere: Michael The Lion

Music continues to evolve and lions continue to roar! Thus is the case with Michael The Lion and his first EP on Soul Clap Records. Great music often pays homage to its foundational past and Michael’s original music accomplishes this with his sample-based focus rooted in a disco-funk-soul core but with a keen sensibility for today’s dance floor. His incorporation of live vocals from Amy Douglas’ gutsy performance on the modern funk monster “Get It On” results in original songs vs. the “one hour bedroom tracks” that proliferate today. Bosq was put on remix duty for the EP, and here he describes his process - "I decided to approach this remix a little different and write an entirely new song under Amy's vocals. I took her (incredible) performance and just jammed along, I think I started with piano. It ended up being I think the most instruments I've ever played on a single track. From piano, Rhodes, percussion, drums, bass and once I mustered the courage for saxophone and trumpet too. It was a different approach to remixing for me. I treated it more like writing an original track than a remix. In my head this track lives on a dance floor somewhere like the loft in the early 70s, I hope it can take y'all there too!" Preorder EP:

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11. Tribute to GIL SCOTT-HERON - Selected by KOBAL

Tribute to GIL SCOTT-HERON - Selected by KOBAL

Tribute to Gilbert "Gil" Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011) Vinyl-only mix by Montreal's DJ KOBAL >

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12. Exclusive Premiere: Chaka Khan "Some Love (Scrimshire Edit)" (Wah Dubplate)

Exclusive Premiere: Chaka Khan

"Scrimshire's edits are synonymous with our imprint, and every one has been of the highest quality, often hand-picking the more obscure works you never knew you loved, from some of your favourite soul voices. And as we turn 21 (release-wise) he pulls it out of the bag once again, rework Chaka's string-laiden "Some Love" into a monstrous dance-floor destroyer; adding some serious sliced and diced funk chops to Merry Clayton's percussion heavy version of "Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow"; and finally, subtly and tastefully turning McNeal + Niles' rare slow and soulful treat, "Summertime Love" into a late night Balearic beauty. The perfect summer soundtrack and another sure-fire Dubplate winner!" -Wah Wah 45s

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13. Été d'Amour Sunset Mix by Lexis (Music is My Sanctuary)

  • Published: 2016-07-26T14:15:59Z
  • By Le Bain
Été d'Amour Sunset Mix by Lexis (Music is My Sanctuary)

"A sunny Sunday mix featuring late 70’s - early 80’s Balearic + Cosmic grooves from Japan, Estonia, Ex-Yugoslavia, Spain, Canada and more!" - Enjoy Lexis' exclusive mix for Le Bain, before he plays on Sunday August 14th for sunset.

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14. 24 Hours of Vinyl (NY) - MONK-ONE (Presented by Discogs)

24 Hours of Vinyl (NY) - MONK-ONE (Presented by Discogs)

Presented by Discogs Special Thanks to Black Flamingo & 101 Apparel Enjoy this set from MONK-ONE (Wax Poetics / Names You Can Trust) !!!

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15. Onra & Lexis "THROW' EM UP vol.2″ (Mid-90's R&B Classics & Forgotten Treasures)

Onra & Lexis

In the summer of 2012, Onra & Lexis joined forces to tackle a project based on a music period they both love so much. That brief period from approximately ’93 to ’96: the New Jack Swing sound got dated and soulful club music became much closer to the Hip-Hop productions of the time to create this Urban R’n’B type of music. We simply call this era the “Throw Em’ Up” period in reference to the way that everyone in clubs and videos was vibin’ to these tracks: just throw up both your arms and wave them around nonchalantly (if possible with a champagne glass). The selection rules we followed for Vol. 2 are simple: #1: Soul artists featuring MC’s are ok, but not the other way around. #2: All of the picks have to pass the “throw em’ up” dance test, which means: no New Jack Swing stuff, no Timbaland because although Timbo is a genius it’s really a different kind of sound which shaped the late 90′s / early 2000′s sound. So after the huge success of Throw Em’ Up vol.1 we decided we had to do it again because there are just so many amazing tracks that never really made it big that deserve to be heard! So after weeks of obsessive research, the mix was recorded live in one take. We made sure to stay under 80 minutes so you can burn it to a CD and take it on the road with you. Vol.2 definitely goes a little bit deeper in the archives of 90′s R&B: we pulled out tons of slept-on tracks, rare versions and remixes. We hope you like this one! 01. Charisse Arrington – Down With This 02. On The Contrary – Love To Love You (Ass Mova Remix) 03. 702 – Get Down Like That 04. Joe – All Or Nothing 05. Intro – Strung Out On Your Lovin’ 06. Assorted Phlavors feat. Big Daddy Kane – Make Up Your Mind (Dave Jam Hall Remix) 07. Case feat Foxy Brown – Touch Me, Tease Me 08. Carl Henry feat. Big Ross – Crazy Love (Remix) 09. Jason Weaver – Stay With Me 10. Jodeci – After Last Night 11. Jesse Powell feat. King Nice – All I Need (Dr. Freeze’s Street Version) 12. Next feat. Naughty By Nature – Penetration 13. Mona Lisa – Can’t Be Wasting My Time 14. Sa..Deuce – Don’t Waste My Time 15. Vybe – Take It To The Front 16. Jade – 5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time Is Up) 17. Beverley Knight – Rewind (Erick Sermon Remix) 18. 911 – Spend Some Time 19. Sean Levert – Just Can’t Get Enough 20. Blacknuss – Dinah 21. Mary J. Blige – Beautiful (Remix) 22. R. Kelly feat. The Notorious B.I.G – (You To Be) Be Happy 23. Camille Douglas – Don’t Leave Me Hangin’ 24. Joya – Gettin’ Off On You 25. Smooth – Summertime 26. Aaliyah – Back & Forth (Mr. Lee & R. Kelly Remix) 27. Adina Howard – Freak Like Me 28. Boyz-II-Men feat. Craig Mack & Busta Rhymes – Vibin’ (Remix) 29. Whitehead Bros. – Forget I Was A “G” (Easy Mo Bee Remix) 30. Tha Truth – Gotta Find… (A New Love) 31. Horace Brown – Things We Do For Love 32. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (Bad Boy Remix) 33. 1 Of The Girls – No Can Do 34. Lori Gold – I Likes It (Doncker Extended Mix) 35. Soul IV Real – Every Little Thing I Do 36. MQ3 feat. Redman – Everyday (The Reggae & Rock Remix) 37. Eric Gable – Process Of Elimination 38. Gyrl – Play Another Slow Jam 39. H-Town – Knockin’ Da Boots

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16. Exclusive Premiere: Kool Customer "Blackberry (Somebody Told Me)" (Bastard Jazz Records)

Exclusive Premiere: Kool Customer

First leak of B. Bravo & Bay Area singer Rojai's upcoming Kool Customer project on Bastard Jazz that brings in the sounds of Future Funk, '80s Boogie, and little bit of strip club sleaze. "Blackberry" is a dancefloor smasher with a big bassline, funky guitar licks, horn section and a mad catchy chorus! The single is being released digitally and on 7-inch June 29, 2018 with the full project expected mid-September. Preorder:

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17. Exclusive Premiere : Potatohead People "Single Life" feat. Bunnie (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

Exclusive Premiere : Potatohead People

Potatohead People return with a brand new track "Single Life" featuring Vancouver based vocalist Bunnie. Paying homage to the vibe and sound of mid-90s r&b but pressing forward into the future beats scene with PP's usual musicality, the song represents a forward step in songwriting and sensibility for the band. Out worldwide on 7" vinyl / digital

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18. Voyage Funktastique #135 - 2016 Modern Funk Recap (Tracklist via Music Is My Sanctuary)

Voyage Funktastique #135 - 2016 Modern Funk Recap (Tracklist via Music Is My Sanctuary) • LIVE on every 2nd Thursday from 12PM to 2:00PM (EDT) • HOSTED BY @walla-p ▶ Experience the FunK : ▶ Follow us on Instagram : ▶ Follow us on Facebook : Voyage Funktastique is a radio show dedicated to promote Future/Modern/Boogie/Electro Funk. Get your weekly ticket every 2nd Thursday at 12h00 PM ET, where funktified rhythms, furious synthesizers and bass lines are on deck for this excursion -- L'émission Voyage Funktastique, se consacre à promouvoir le Future/Modern/Boogie/Electro Funk. Procurez-vous votre ticket hebdomadaire, chaque 2ème Jeudi à 12h00 ET, pour cette excursion parsemée de grosses basses, de synthétiseurs et de rhytmes funktifiés. ▶

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