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1. SOJA - I Believe (feat. Michael Franti & Nahko)

  • Published: 2014-04-28T17:04:29Z
  • By SOJAmusic
SOJA - I Believe (feat. Michael Franti & Nahko)

SOJA - I Believe (feat. Michael Franti & Nahko) “I Believe” is now available at iTunes:

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3. SOJA - Lucid Dreams (feat. Nahko)

  • Published: 2014-08-11T19:32:12Z
  • By SOJAmusic
SOJA - Lucid Dreams (feat. Nahko)

New album "Amid the Noise and Haste" is out now! iTunes: SOJA web store: Amazon CD: Amazon Gold Vinyl:

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6. Wash It Away

Wash It Away

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8. Renegade (feat Nahko)

  • Published: 2016-08-16T20:19:31Z
  • By HIRIE
Renegade (feat Nahko)

Renegade (feat Nahko) is the second single from HIRIE's new album, Wandering Soul. Info at LYRICS English / português / 日本語 HIRIE - Renegade (lyrics) Give up the old like you a renegade Mundane existence don't call your name Fill up your conscience by the fire light The drum and bass will fan your flame a whole new way tonight You wanna stay but your eyes scream no The kind of hunger that burns deep and slow You try to fight it, but it's all the same These are poison times, join the renegade Wo-oh-oh the rhythm will come and it will go So beat the drums for you CHORUS: Bless the music, for I cannot stop it You love roots too, land in this pocket And dance dance dance dance dance to the music Roman-man-man-man-mance till you lose it NAHKO: I'm a calling on the royal dancer in me All the discipline and grace it takes to be I'm on the road, passing through, searching for a higher love yeah Imprint me the romance I miss so much now I will not settle for anything less In my heart, in my breath, hold my ankle from the depths Find a cure for my mind, on these trails I gon blaze These are poison times, join the renegade yeah (CHORUS) Waking up in the middle of the night There's nowhere to run to--why do you hide? Everybody faces fear and when it roars, Step back and fight, don't regret the war Now count your scars up with pride They're a map to your soul, like a window you let in light And since you know what is real, don't hold back how you really feel (CHORUS) RENEGADE LETRAS: Se liberte do velho como um rebelde A existência mundana não chama seu nome Encha sua consciência com a luz do fogo O drum and bass vai soprar sua flama de um jeito totalmente novo hoje à noite Você quer ficar mas seus olhos gritam não O tipo de fome que queima profundamente e devegar Você tenta combatê-la, mas é sempre o mesmo Estes são tempos venenosos, se junte aos rebeldes Wo-oh-oh o ritmo vai vir e ir Então bata nos tambores pra você CORO: Abençoe a música, porque eu não posso pará-la Você também ama raízes, siga a onda E dance, dance, dance, dance com a música Roman-man-man-man-mance até enlouquecer NAHKO: Eu sou o chamado no dançarino real dentro de mim Requer toda disciplina e graça Eu estou na estrada, andarilhando, procurando por um amor maior, yeah Carimbe em mim o romance que eu tanto sinto falta agora Eu não vou aceitar nada menos que isto No meu coração, na minha respiração, (segure meu tornozelo/ me segure) contra as profundezas Encontre a cura pra minha mente, nestes caminhos eu vou queimar um Estes são tempos venenosos, se junte aos rebeldes, yeah (REPETE CORO) Acordando no meio da noite Não tem pra onde correr -- por que você se esconde? Todos enfrentam medo e quando ele rosnar Dê um passo pra trás, não se arrependa da luta Agora conte suas cicatrizes com orgulhos Elas são o mapa pra sua alma, como uma janela que a luz atravessa E desde que você saiba o que é real Não esconda como você se sente realmente (REPETE CORO) Translation by Victor Dias Renegade 裏切り者のように過去を捨てろ 平凡な存在、名前も呼ばれない 火明かりと共に心を満たせ ドラムとベースが今宵、心の炎を揺らしてくれる 居残りたいけど、もううんざりなんでしょ? うずくような飢えに耐えて 抗ってみたけど、同じだった 腐った世の中さ、反乱に加われ Woah リズムは来て、去っていくもの だから自ら鼓動を叩け CHORUS: 音楽に感謝しよう、この気持ちは止められない ルーツが好きでしょう? ここに来て、音楽と共に踊って、踊って、踊って… 意識が飛ぶまで愛し合おう 意識が飛ぶまで 内なる闘志を奮い立たせ訴えかける 鍛錬と優雅さを磨きあげ さらなる愛の高みを目指し、突き進むだけ Yeah 追い求めている愛で満たしてくれ nah 妥協はしない 命を引き換えにしてでも 深みから足を抜いてくれ この新たに踏み出した道で心の拠り場所を見つける 腐った世の中さ、反乱に加われ Woah リズムは来て、去っていくもの だから自ら鼓動を叩け CHORUS 真夜中に目が覚めるの でも逃げも隠れも出来ない 皆、恐怖に立ち向かっているのさ 脅威に立ち向かえ、戦争を悔やむな 傷跡の数を誇りに思え あれが心の地図だ、窓から射し込む光だ 何が真実か、もうわかっているはず 自分に素直になれ! この気持ちはもう止められない ルーツが好きでしょう? ここに来て、音楽と共に踊って、踊って、踊って… 意識が飛ぶまで愛し合おう! CHORUS Japanese translation : Sean Fujiyoshi / Tenth Island Media (AREACODE, Inc.) ショーン藤吉 / テンスアイランドメディア(エリアコード株式会社)

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9. Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People - Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People - Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

God is Love and everyone needs this in their life. Thank you Nahko, this truly is medicine for the people.

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12. Between (feat. Nahko)

  • Published: 2017-02-10T21:59:12Z
  • By Satsang
Between (feat. Nahko)

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13. Nahko -- Track 2 (un-named)

  • Published: 2012-05-19T01:54:14Z
  • By shamalman
Nahko -- Track 2 (un-named)

Off-Nahko's solo demo. Unmastered.

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15. Nahko Bear + Leah Song "Wash It Away (Manifesto III)"

Nahko Bear + Leah Song

Nahko of Medicine For The People and Leah Song of Rising Appalachia play "Wash It Away (Manifesto III)" Unplugged in the streets of Portland, ME. Video here:

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16. SOJA - I Believe feat. Michael Franti & Nahko [2014]

SOJA - I Believe feat. Michael Franti & Nahko [2014]

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17. Nahko- Through Us

  • Published: 2014-01-25T20:03:57Z
  • By Jor-DANK
Nahko- Through Us

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18. Be Here Now (feat. NAHKO and Mary Isis)

Be Here Now (feat. NAHKO and Mary Isis)

Early collab with a cub from another nub. Recording on kaiwiki road in Hilo, HI... circa early 2011 DOWNLOAD THE NEWLY REMASTERED SINGLE AT

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