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1. Ep. 03 - The Odyssey

Ep. 03 -  The Odyssey

Hades, the dark and cold place, was where Odysseus and his crew had landed. Odysseus went to Hades where there were juicy pomegranates. When Odysseus and his crew approached the entrance, they found Scooby Doo gardening the entrance. They had snuck behind the dog and went down to the river Styx. Odysseus was there talking to Tiresias, trying to find the way home. When they were leaving Hades they went to Helios, Zeus’s Island. There were cattle on the island and the men were very hungry. The people who had killed the cattle were not very good. Zeus had killed all the men who ate the meat except for Odysseus.

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2. Ep. 02 - The Odyssey

Ep. 02 -  The Odyssey

Continuing the adventure of “The Odyssey”, Odysseus and his crew were trapped in the Cyclops’s home. Odysseus came up with a plan to feed the Cyclops cookies and milk so that he would fall asleep. Before the Cyclops fell asleep, Odysseus told him that his name was “Nun Yo Business” to protect his identity. While the Cyclops was asleep, Odysseus planned to blind the Cyclops with a giant pencil. His plan worked and the Cyclops was blind. The only other problem that needed to be solved was the porta-potty door was too heavy to open. Odysseus noticed that the Cyclops had a great pack of Paw Patrol dogs. He knew that the Cyclops would have to let them out sometime during the day, so Odysseus and his men hide underneath the dogs. Once again, Odysseus’s plan worked and he escaped the wrath of the Cyclops. However, Odysseus decided to tell the Cyclops his real name. What Odysseus didn't know, was that the Cyclops was Poseidon’s son. Sharing his name would majorly affect his journey home. Next the crew sailed to the Island of Circe. Everyone except Odysseus enters the home of Circe. Circe gives the crew enchanted food and turned the crew into pigs. Athena gives Odysseus herbs so that he would be immune to Circe’s magic. Circe agreed to turn Odysseus’s men back into humans if they stayed on the island with her for 1 year. Odysseus agreed to stay with her, however staying on the island was a setback in Odysseus’s long journey back home.

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3. Ep. 04 - The Odyssey

Ep. 04 -  The Odyssey

Odysseus wakes up on the beach of Ithaca and he doesn't know where he was at. He had to ask a couple men for directions because he was lost. He then walked up to a woman villager. That woman was Athena, she helped Odysseus with the location and the situation. All the men in his village where trying to steal Penelope, Odysseus’s wife. Penelope was trying to get the men to go away so she kept stalling. In order to stall the men, she started a contest. Odysseus was going to his castle and there was a sharp shooting contest. All of the suitors were making fun of him because he looked old and they thought he couldn't shoot the gun. He was the only one who could shoot that gun because it was a fingerprint gun. He shot the gun and he won the contest and had the suitors go to a cliff. He then frightened he suitors with a fake gun so they all got scared and jumped off the cliff. Odysseus went back to his castle and heard from Penelope that his son was looking for him. They then thought he was dead so they had a funeral. Odysseus and Penelope lived their lives peacefully for the rest of their days.

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4. Ep. 01 - The Odyssey

Ep. 01 -  The Odyssey

The famous legend stemming from Greek Mythology, “The Odyssey”, begins when Odysseus leaves Troy after he fights a war for 10 years. He is ready to set sail to see his beloved home of Ithaca once again. Odysseus and his crew meet their first obstacle when they land on the island of the Lotus Eaters. On the island, there is an unlimited amount of enchanted KFC. Odysseus and his crew spend one year on the island because the enchanted food had caused them to lose their perception of time. Athena (Siri) helps Odysseus and his crew get off the island. Next, Odysseus and his crew sail to the Island of the Cyclops. They find the home of the Cyclops, which is a giant porta-potty. The Cyclops was not very hospitable and he then ate three of Odysseus’s men. Odysseus and his crew are hopelessly trapped in the home of the Cyclops.

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6. Episode №15 "ZIONOV 10 to 100%" ( ZIONOV ND Podcasts )

  • Published: 2017-04-11T23:07:21Z
Episode №15

Hi Guys!!! This is ZIONOV ND and my show "ZIONOV 10 to 100%" !!! This is episode number fifteen !!! Now basically I will play for You popular and just interesting Drum & Bass music !!! I hope You like these changes !!! I wish You pleasant listening !!! Track List: 1. Maduk - Solarize (ft Logistics) 2. Sigma - Stay (Maduk Remix) 3. Ozmium - Dreaming 4. The Prototypes - Evolution (ft. Darrison) (Champion Remix) 5. Krewella & DISKORD - Beggars (Consouls Remix) 6. Kove - Bring Me Life (feat. Jonny Fears) 7. Zeds Dead - Me No Care 8. Muzzy - Calling Out (feat. KG & Skyelle) 9. The Morphism - Madness Shift (Davip remix) 10. LIU - DC Breaks Remix Download for free on The Artist Union

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7. Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Hardwell Remix) (HOA168 RIP)

  • Published: 2014-05-23T12:34:50Z
Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Hardwell Remix) (HOA168 RIP)

Hardwell presents Revealed Vol. 6 → Hardwell - United We Are (Album) → Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Hardwell Remix) Fellow Dutch #1 DJ and longtime Bingo Players supporter, Hardwell unveiled his latest remix for current single, ‘Knock You Out’ on one of the biggest dance podcasts in the world, ‘Hardwell On Air’ . The track premiered in HOA168 and comes off the five-track Bingo Players EP Knock You Out Remixes available on iTunes June 17th. The EP features additional remixes from Gorgon City, Champion and Flaxo. The Hardwell Remix is available on Beatport exclusively on June 2nd through Hysteria/Positiva Records. Hardwell debuts the song following the video premiere for ‘Knock You Out’ which debuted last week and is “an incredibly special song, as it was one of the songs Paul and I worked on together before he passed away,” said Bingo Players’ Maarten Hoogstraten. The video delivered with it a triumphant message about domestic abuse. The track is available for purchase now on iTunes. Download 'Knock You Out (Hardwell Remix)' now on Beatport: For more info check:

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8. ON THIS DAY - May 22nd

ON THIS DAY  - May 22nd

Joe takes a humorist look at the day's historical events. It's music to grill by, we play great music for your parties, or just listening in the office. Listen anywhere with a cell phone or and other mobile device with an internet connection. You can listen to Desert Radio AZ by using these apps on your streaming devices. We even have a request page that puts your request right into our music rotation. Desert Radio AZ is "Your Community Internet Radio Station." Checkout our website at And thanks for listening!

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10. 2nd Podcast of the 22 podcasts of Magnificence

2nd Podcast of the 22 podcasts of Magnificence

The Magnificent journey of the impacting people around the world with Magnificent words continues. join the movement. #22PodcastsOfMagnificence please share with the masses and lets spread the Magnificence. Don't forget to be Magnificent

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11. Lauter Unfug Podcasts #95 ND Catani

Lauter Unfug Podcasts #95 ND Catani

Lauter Unfug Podcasts #95 ND Catani ▬▬ Follow us ▬▬ …Website : …Facebook : …Twitter : …Soundcloud : @lauter-unfug …Resident Advisor : …Beatport : …Play Fm : …Mixcloud : Lauter Unfug …Instagram :

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