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1. (cut)HD Dubstep - Instrumental Core - The Angels Among Demons (

(cut)HD Dubstep - Instrumental Core - The Angels Among Demons (

Songs to play before soccer games.

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2. System Overload - Army Of Hardcore 2014 Promomix #9

System Overload - Army Of Hardcore 2014 Promomix #9

The legendary X-Mas Mayhem on 6 Areas ! More than 80 International Hardcore Acts from Countries like: Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, USA, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Germany will lead the strongest Army of Hardcore Ever! Show the World that you are a true Hardcore Fanatic, spread the Word, share it and invite your Friends to this Event ! Line Up: MAIN 1: Evil Activities * Korsakoff * Tha Playah * Re-style * Noize Suppressor * Mad Dog * Art of Fighters * Javi Boss * Outblast * Anime* Thorax * Quitara * The Sickest Squad *The Beat Controller * Masters of Noise * Tensor & Re-Direction * Brawler & Striker * Hosted by: Tha Watcher MAIN 2: (HARD & FAST): Partyraiser * F-Noize * Destructive Tendencies * Andy the Core * Bartoch * Unexist * Thunder * System Overload * The Punisher * D-ohmycid * Hardbouncer * Apathy * Pzyco Beat Project * Hosted by: Syntax Mc & ADK FRENCHCORE/TERROR: Dr. Peacock * Subversion * Pattern J * Noisekick * The Vizitor * Gabba Nation - Beagle & Miss NightKat * Terrorclown * Sillysickcore * SRB * Hozinotik * Critical Storm EARLY HARDCORE: Rob Gee * Dune * Waxweazle * Critical Mass * Darkraver * The DreamTeam (SPECIAL 2 HOURS SET) * Promo * Radiate * G Town Madness * Paranoid * Omira * X-Treme * Hosted by: Mc Buddha FOOTWORXX: Sandy Warez * Richie Gee vs Ohmicide * X-Mind * S'aphira * A-Kriv * Deterrent Man * Hellter Skellter * Vinylraider ft. Mc Goner * System 3 * Sei2ure * Dither ALL STYLEZ AREA: The Trapper * Kaaden * Evolution * D-Razor * Lil'k * Kay Dee * Maniac * Synchron-X * Mad * Djuke * B-Side * Delusional * H.U.D.S. * S-kill * Morbius * Intoxicator * Ysiss Info: Date: Thursday, 25.12.2014 Location: Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfeld 23, 46047 Oberhausen (GER) Doors: 20:00-07:00 h Presale : € 39,95 (ex Presale Fee) Doorsale: € 45,00 Minimum Age: 16 Years (people from 16-18 Years need a parental advise, You can download it at our Website: Important: ID card is always required!!! Merchandise Shop: Webinfo: // Infomail: [email protected] Presale Points: Ticketscript E-Tickets: (Only € 1,00 Presale Fee per Ticket / Nur € 1,00 Vorverkaufsgebühr pro Ticket) Eventim: 1500 CTS/Eventim Ticketpoints in Germany and Online at Paylogic : 400 Primera Stores in the Netherlands Bustrips: Germany: West/South Germany: E-Mail: [email protected] North/East Germany: E-Mail: [email protected] Austria: Belgium: Mario Talboom Mail: [email protected] Wallon Tours [email protected] France: Trip & Teuf : Festimove :

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3. #02 - .NET Core RC2

  • Published: 2016-05-18T03:17:25Z
  • By Lambda3
#02 - .NET Core RC2

Discussões em: No terceiro episódio do podcast da Lambda3, ainda sem nome (enviem sugestões), o pessoal fala sobre o recém lançado .NET Core Release Candidate 2 (RC2): o que há de novo, o que muda, e o que esse release significa. Esse episódio foi gravado e editado na correria pra liberar logo em seguida ao anúncio, podem haver pequenas arestas. ? Feed do podcast: Pauta: O que foi lançado (dotnet cli, tooling, –native adiado, Templates, Tooling funciona com RC1, EF Core2) O que muda? (Console app, Suporte IIS, commands não existem, etc) Azure support Migrando RC1 -> RC2 (Tooling-Preview1, ASP.NET Announcements repo, etc) Docker, Linux, OS X Debugging VSCode C# .NET Standard Links citados: Anúncio do RC2 no blog de .NET Repositório de announcements no Github Docs do ASP.NET explicando como migrar do RC1 para o RC2 .NET Platform Standard Participantes: Giovanni Bassi @giovannibassi Mahmoud Ali @akamud Victor Cavalcante @vcavalcante Vinicius Quaiato @vquaiato Créditos das músicas usadas neste programa: Music by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 –

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4. #46 - ASP.NET Core, .NET Core e .NET Standard 2.0

  • Published: 2017-06-02T15:03:50Z
  • By Lambda3
#46 - ASP.NET Core, .NET Core e .NET Standard 2.0

Nessa edição do podcast discutimos as novidades do primeiro preview do ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, e .NET Standard 2.0. Se você quiser entender de uma vez por todas o .NET Standard, explicamos ele bastante no começo do episódio, também discutimos melhorias do tooling, da linha de comando, e no .NET Core em si. Esse episódio sai colado do episódio técnico anterior, sobre as novidades do Build, que é onde o preview foi anunciado. Se você ainda não ouviu, corre lá! Feed do podcast: Feed do podcast somente com episódios técnicos: Feed do podcast somente com episódios não técnicos: Pauta: Visual Studio 2017 Update 3 Preview Suporte a side by side sdks .NET Standard 2.0 Conceituando .NET Standard Aumento da API compat shim Outros .NET Core 2.0 Runtime store VB Live Unit testing Outros ASP.NET Core 2.0 Aumento de desempenho Single Package Microsoft.AspNetCore.All Tree shaker / package trimmer New templates New web host config (Create default builder) Config in DI Razor pages Um único middleware de auth Outros Links Citados: Issue no Github do ASP.NET que discute o fato de que o ASP.NET Core pareceria não mais suportar .NET Framework Benchmark do TechEmpower Analogia em C# pra explicar o .NET Standard Participantes: Abner das Dores – @abnerdasdores Giovanni Bassi – @giovannibassi Mahmoud Ali – @akamud Victor Cavalcante – @vcavalcante Vinicius Quaiato – @vquaiato Edição: Fabio Damasceno – @fabiodamasceno Créditos das músicas usadas neste programa: Music by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 –

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5. Dmitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike - Tremor (Kill The Noise Tremeowski Edit) - Net_Core edit

  • Published: 2014-05-03T23:22:04Z
  • By Net_Core
Dmitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, Like Mike - Tremor (Kill The Noise Tremeowski Edit) - Net_Core edit

This is not my creation i've just only sampled the original track Thumbs up for my cat! :D NEW DOWNLOAD LINK HERE!!!!

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6. Automapper for .NET Core

Automapper for .NET Core

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code guest Jimmy Bogard shares his perspective on Microsoft's basic object-mapper. Jimmy talks about the future of Automapper and support for .NET Core & .NET Standard. 00:57 EC: So I wanted to get you on the show today, because of a GitHub issue I saw on the MVC GitHub repository. And this GitHub issue is… It reads, “Basic object mapper for simple model view. View model property mapping.” And I have a feeling that you have some opinions about this, having one of… A very popular NuGet package for ‘.NET’ AutoMapper. And it’s been quite successful. And this, to me, it looks like it may step on your toes a little bit. So I wanted to get you to talk about kinda where you’re at and how this affects you. But before we get started, why don’t you give everybody a quick introduction of who you are and what you do, Jimmy? 01:56 JB: Okay. I guess I really write code for customers for a living. I work at a consulting company called Headspring out of Austin, Texas. And nearly all of the open-source stuff I work on, is just stuff that I build to help my clients. It’s just tools I wanted to keep using, and using, and using as we go from client to client. And so, almost everything that I write and use these days with open-source is stuff I’m actually using on client projects, that I don’t wanna lose when I go to the next client. 02:33 EC: And you have this tool called AutoMapper, which is an object mapping tool. Why don’t we give everybody a quick elevator pitch. What is an object mapper? 02:46 JB: Well, the basic idea is I have two objects that look pretty similar, and my general use case was I’m building web applications in ASP.NET MVC, typically. And I have a rich domain model that’s bound to the database in some way or another, usually with an ORM, like in any framework. But then, I had this other thing I’m using to show information on the web, either for showing forms, or also posting data from the web. And you have this general problem, and that’s your backend object is generally very rich and behavioral, and has a lot of things associated with it, but the thing you’re coming in from the web, is generally not. And you typically don’t wanna mix those two things together. So about… Gosh, eight or nine years ago, I saw this issue of when we’re starting out MVC, that we wanted to have these DTOs that we use for the MVC side and have these rich backend objects. But what would be the mechanism that we copy that information from the rich backend objects to the frontend dumb DTO objects? And I didn’t wanna do that all by hand, and I looked around, and saw there really wasn’t anything that did it for you automatically. And so, I created AutoMapper as a way to automatically figure out how to copy information from one object to the other. 04:12 JB: Probably a stupid idea. That didn’t seem that complicated, but there were a few things that I wanted to have out of the box that would help us out. One of the big ones was flattening, so if you have “” on your destination object, you could just have a single property, “foo, bar, baz.” And it would automatically traverse those associations, and figure out how to flatten that object for you. It handled nulls as well. If foo was null or bar was null, it’d be able to handle that as well. And the other big thing that I wanted to do, was make sure we could test it as well. So if I misspelled something or removed a property, I could just have one line of… Just check all my configuration is valid, and all the names match up, and there’s nothing missing. And if there is, go in exception, so it’s really easy for us to test, to say, “Make sure all my mappings are good.” Find out more at

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7. The .NET Core 2 Wave with Scott Hunter

The .NET Core 2 Wave with Scott Hunter

Will 2017 be the year of .NET Core? Of course it will! I sat down with Scott Hunter (Director of Program Management for the .NET Platform) on the Eat Sleep Code podcast to talk about all things .NET. Scott shared plans for an exciting year of .NET development including the .NET Core 2 Wave, which includes the .NET Core 2.0 release along with .NET Standard 2.0, adoption strategies, and Visual Studio 2017 tooling. 00:27 EC: Scott is the Director of Program Management for the Dot NET platform. This includes the Dot NET framework, Dot NET core and the managed languages. Scott, I’m glad to have you on the show today. 00:39 SH: Yeah, I’m glad to be here. Looking forward to chatting about Dot NET with you. 00:45 EC: Yeah. It’s a great way to kick off 2017, this being the first show of the year for me, appreciate you making time to do this, and we’ve got a lot of stuff going on in this new year with Dot NET, so this is a great topic. 01:00 SH: Yeah, it’s been… I joined Microsoft in 2007. I was a web developer, I guess is the best way to describe it. So, I was a web developer and I joined in 2007, and joined the ASP.NET team. And that was interesting because, as an external person, I walked in, going, “Hey, this ASP NET thing is gonna be this huge team.” And I remember walking in and I realized, “Oh my God. We only have like 12 developers, and three or four PMs,” and we had support staff as well. So the whole team was under 30 in size when I joined in 2007, and it’s… Externally, I think I was just imagining Microsoft, this huge company, that ASP NET was gonna be this massive team. But it was a great team because even though it was a small team, we got a lot of crap done because we… Everybody was super effective and everybody loved the platform, and I think we did more with a smaller group of folks than people would ever imagine. And a lot of things that we started back then in 2007 are the things that you see in Dot NET all up today. The ASP NET team was one of the first teams… I was gonna say in 2008, we started open sourcing ASP NET MVC for the first time, and then, by 2012, we had actually open-sourced the platform, all of the ASP NET platform by then. And now, look at Dot NET today, and we’ve got Dot NET core, and the entire Dot NET framework is open source out there. So, it was… Some of those things we did back in those days were the seeds that have grown and built a platform today. Continue reading at

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8. #90 - .NET Core 2.1, ASP.NET Core 2.1 e EF Core 2.1

  • Published: 2018-04-11T22:54:33Z
  • By Lambda3
#90 - .NET Core 2.1, ASP.NET Core 2.1 e EF Core 2.1

Nesse episódios discutimos as novidades da versão 2.1 do .NET Core, .NET Standard, ASP.NET Core e Entity Framework Core. Feed do podcast: Feed do podcast somente com episódios técnicos: Feed do podcast somente com episódios não técnicos: Pauta: .NET Core 2.1 Global tools Build Performance Improvements Minor-Version Roll-forward Sockets Performance and HTTP Managed Handler Span, Memory e amigos Windows Compatibility Pack Mais plataformas Novidades com Docker ASP.NET Core 2.1 Usando ASP.NET Core previews no Azure App Service Apresentando HttpClientFactory Improvements for using HTTPS Improvements for building Web APIs Introducing compatibility version in MVC Getting started with SignalR Introducing global tools Using Razor UI in class libraries Improvements for GDPR Improvements to the Kestrel HTTP server Improvements to IIS hosting Functional testing of MVC applications Introducing Identity UI as a library Hosting non-server apps with GenericHostBuilder Entity Framework Core 2.1 Lazy Loading Parâmetros em construtores de entidades Injetando serviços, proxies, etc Conversão de valores Group By com tradução no linq Otimização de subquery Seed Query types Include com tipos derivados Suporte a System.Transactions Novo OwnedAttribute Links Citados: Post sobre o ASP.NET Core 2.1 no blog da Microsoft Post sobre o EF Core 2.1 no blog da Microsoft Post sobre o .NET Core 2.1 no blog da Microsoft Participantes: Giovanni Bassi – @giovannibassi Graziella Bonizi Victor Cavalcante – @vcavalcante Vinicius Quaiato – @vquaiato Edição: Luppi Arts Créditos das músicas usadas neste programa: Music by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 –

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9. What's new in .NET Core RC2

What's new in .NET Core RC2

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, Jeff Fritz from Microsoft talks about the .NET Core RC2 release. Changes in the CLI, package.json, and the Standard Library are discussed. 0:00:00 Ed Charbeneau: This podcast is part of the Telerik Developer Network. Telerik, a progress company. [music] 0:00:11 EC: Hello, and welcome to Eat Sleep Code, the official Telerik podcast. I’m your host, Ed Charbeneau, and with me today is Sam Basu and Jeff Fritz. Morning guys. It’s Friday the 13th, how you doing? 0:00:24 Sam Basu: Morning. 0:00:25 Jeffrey Fritz: I’m terrified. What’s gonna go wrong today? Look out. [laughter] 0:00:31 EC: Now, I’ve got Sam here from Telerik. Sam, why don’t you give yourself a brief introduction for folks, let everybody know what you do? 0:00:40 SB: Sure thing. So just like Ed, I’m a developer advocate with Telerik. Advocates are evangelists, we really don’t do anything, we just talk about stuff and try to shy away from the really hard stuff. No, I’m just kidding. We try to stay on top of technology and especially on the Microsoft stacks, so I think it’s great to have Jeff on with us today, I think we’ve got some big changes coming and it’s exciting. So that’s me. 0:01:06 EC: And Jeff Fritz, you’re working with Microsoft now, why don’t you give everybody a quick intro as well. 0:01:12 JF: Yeah, hey there. I’m Jeff Fritz, I do work for Microsoft, I’m part of the ASP dot NET Developer Outreach Team. It’s our job to put together some of the content, manage some of the social interactions, the blog posts, the videos that you’re gonna see and use to learn more about ASP dot NET core dot NET Core. And I also manage the ASP dot NET web forums team. So I do a little bit of everything there for Microsoft. 0:01:41 EC: It sounds like you’re a really busy guy over at Microsoft these days especially with all of the new things happening with ASP dot NET and dot NET Core, so we wanted to have you on the show today to talk about those huge changes and the big release coming up. So why don’t we go ahead and start things off with just an overview, I guess, of what’s happening in dot NET land. Find the full transcript on Telerik Developer Network

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11. Implementing ASP.NET Core UIs

Implementing ASP.NET Core UIs

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, Scott Addie discusses the various options for creating UI components in ASP.NET Core. Scott talks about TagHelpers, View Components, and if Razor is still used in the ASP.NET Core.

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12. Trap City Mix 2014 - 2015 [Slander Trap Mix]

  • Published: 2014-12-31T17:25:34Z
  • By Trap City
Trap City Mix 2014 - 2015 [Slander Trap Mix]

Trap City Mix 2014 - 2015 [Slander Trap Mix] Free Download: YouTube Stream: ▶ Tracklist: 0:00 Galantis - You (Brillz Remix) 2:44 RL Grime - Scylla 4:11 PAPER DIAMOND X LOUDPVCK - WYLIN 5:15 RL Grime - Core 7:17 Slander - Vanguard 9:50 Boaz van de Beatz feat. Mr. Polska & Ronnie Flex - No Way Home 11:55 Snails & Antiserum - Wild 13:41 Yellow Claw, Diplo & LNY TNZ - Techno Ft. Waka Flocka Flame 15:49 Tomsize & Simeon - Jump 16:43 Kid Kamillion - Pump This Party 18:26 Aero Chord - BLVDE 19:45 Aero Chord - Surface 22:02 RL Grime - Valhalla 23:43 Bro Safari & UFO! - The Dealer (Milo & Otis Remix) 25:22 DJ Fresh ft. Ellie Goulding - Flashlight (The Insurgents Remix) 27:22 Torqux - Up My Slang 28:05 Grandtheft - Let Me Tell You Something (Feat. Jackal) 29:40 Massappeals & JiKay - 100 Million 31:08 heRobust - Party McFly 33:03 Dodge & Fuski vs Nick Thayer - Playboy (Barely Alive Remix) 35:56 Bro Safari & UFO! - Drama (Party Favor Remix) 37:45 Grandtheft feat. Keys N Krates - Keep It 100 39:11 Mia Martina - Beast (feat. Wacka Flocka 41:44 Autolaser - Cyanide 44:19 Dan Farber - Dreams 47:58 San Holo - Hiding (ft. The Nicholas) 51:28 Autolaser - I Need You 55:34 What So Not x RL Grime - Tell Me ▶ Support @SlanderOfficial: ▶ Become a fan of @TrapCity:

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13. Developer Digest .NET Core and NativeScript

Developer Digest .NET Core and NativeScript

Developer Digest shows are back! This week Ed and Brian cover the latest news in the development community including: ASP.NET Core, NativeScript and Angular.

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14. Joseph Woodward - Going Cross - Platform With ASP.NET Core

Joseph Woodward - Going Cross - Platform With ASP.NET Core

This talk will be a live demonstration and talk about .NET’s recent venture into native the cross-platform territory. I’ll begin by discussing .NET Core’s direction, then using a Macbook – demonstrate how you can get up and running, developing a .NET Core based web application on Linux,Mac or PC. Slides : [coming soon] Recorded at the TechExeter Conference 2016

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15. New In ASP.NET Core 2.1 with Daniel Roth

New In ASP.NET Core 2.1 with Daniel Roth

On this episode of Eat Sleep Code, guest Daniel Roth talks about the "live release candidate" of ASP.NET Core 2.1. I sat down with Daniel Roth at Microsoft Build 2018 to discuss what improvements are coming in the release, and there's a lot to talk about. It's an exciting release that includes a brand spanking new SignalR/Azure SignlR, easy integration with OpenAPI (aka Swagger), Functional Testing support, and much more. Daniel discusses some of his favorite features like HttpClientFactor and experimental frameworks like Blazor.

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