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1. Nightwave - Limelight

  • Published: 2017-11-28T10:17:02Z
Nightwave - Limelight

Glasgow's Nightwave returns to the dancefloor with new single "Limelight," a fresh, anthemic take on classic house and rave vibes (that also features her first vocals since Rustie's hit "Surph" in 2011). The fired-up, club-ready energy of "Limelight" is the perfect introduction to Nightwave's upcoming EP Sanctuary, out February 2nd on Fool's Gold.

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2. Transition ft A.M.O.R., Nightwave, Nancy Whang, Mamacita, Coco Solid (Underground Resistance cover)

  • Published: 2015-03-06T16:46:43Z
  • By Violet
Transition ft A.M.O.R., Nightwave, Nancy Whang, Mamacita, Coco Solid (Underground Resistance cover)

A cover of Underground Resistance's Detroit techno classic Transition made solely by women, in celebration of International Womens Day. This year's theme for IWF is "Make it happen" and this track that we all love and that influenced us deeply seemed like the perfect way to soundtrack our love for all women around the globe. Produced by Violet, vocals by A.M.O.R., Coco Solid, Mamacita, Nancy Whang and Nightwave in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Maori.

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3. Nightwave - Sanctuary

  • Published: 2018-01-09T11:06:20Z
Nightwave - Sanctuary

Following the release of the euphoric house anthem Limelight in November, Glasgow's Nightwave returns with her second single "Sanctuary"; the title track from her forthcoming @FoolsGoldRecs EP, out 02/02. Weaving a beautiful sonic tapestry of hypnotic, off-kilter, percussion-driven techno, Sanctuary perfectly solidifies the fresh sound across Nightwave's new EP, that sees her returning to her early club roots.

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4. Awesome feat. Rye Rye (Fool's Gold)

  • Published: 2017-03-22T22:02:34Z
Awesome feat. Rye Rye (Fool's Gold)

Nightwave teases her upcoming Wavejumper EP on Fool’s Gold (out April 14th) with the appropriately titled “Awesome” featuring Rye Rye. These two aren’t playing around; Rye Rye’s laid-back party bars are merely a prelude to a double-time, distorted 808 freakout like no other. @ComplexMag premiere: @nightwave808 @foolsgoldrecs

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5. Nightwave

  • Published: 2014-09-25T09:20:39Z
  • By Jordan F

Taken from Jordan F's highly anticipated debut album "Slipstream". Available now: iTunes - Amazon - Bandcamp - Jordan F: Rosso Corsa Records: Track written, produced and mixed by Jordan F Mastered at Liquid Mixes

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6. RA.638 Nightwave

RA.638 Nightwave

Acid and breakbeats from a Glasgow party starter. Read more here: @nightwave808

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7. Wavejumper (Fool's Gold)

  • Published: 2017-04-05T21:47:03Z
Wavejumper (Fool's Gold)

"Nightwave gets heavy on the title track to her Wavejumper EP (out 4/14 on Fool's Gold). "Wavejumper" is a true bass workout, taking the post-apocalyptic bleeps 'n bloops of a lifetime of club crushers - from eski grime to Detroit techno - and mixing them up with self-assured swagger. This is peak-time Nightwave, prepare yourself!" High Snobiety premiere: @nightwave808 @foolsgoldrecs

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8. FACT Mix 481 - Nightwave (Feb '15)

  • Published: 2015-02-02T15:45:32Z
  • By FACT
FACT Mix 481 - Nightwave (Feb '15)

Tracklist & full article: 100mph techno, footwork, booty and more. Born Maya Medvešek, Nightwave first started cropping up on our radar back at the end of the '00s, first with a series of dubs (and FACT comments!) under her past name 8Bitch, then a series of EPs on the Seed (Equinox, Astarte) and Slit Jockey (G41) labels. After changing her name to Nightwave, she returned with a succession of releases on Fortified Audio, Unknown to the Unknown and more. Nightwave's always been open about her love of hard, fast dance music - Underground Resistance, Funk, Deeon, Mills and the rest of the gods - but it's over the latter half of her discography where she's really let that come to the forefront. Her recent releases, mostly self-released through her Heka Trax label, have been her best to date, regularly hitting the 140-150bpm zone and featuring collabs with DJ Deeon and TT the Artist. Listen to 'Rave Hard' or 'Fire Hoes' and tell us that's not someone firmly in the midst of a hot streak. It's no surprise, then, that Nightwave's FACT mix - described as "the kind of stuff we play at my club night Nightrave and what my typical set sounds like I guess", is a ridiculous amount of fun, hurtling through old and new music at some rate of knots. Bangalter's mixed into MMM into Deeon. Rustie into Godfather into Jammin Gerald. Maribor into DJ Milktray into Finn. It features Mad Mike, UR and Plastikman's 'Spastik' within the first four tracks, but just at the moment where you think you might need to calm down, it throws you 'Pony'. Oh, and there's an absolute ton of Nightwave's own material too. Strap in. And if you don't like snare rolls, look away now.

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9. Solid Steel Radio Show 18/3/2016 Hour 1 - Nightwave

Solid Steel Radio Show 18/3/2016 Hour 1 - Nightwave

Solid Steel in association with Serato (18th March) Our guest in Hour 1 is Nightwave, who moved from her native Ljubljana, Slovenia to London in her late teens and was selected for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2011. She has released music on Fortified Audio, Svetlana Industries, Local Action, Unknown to the Unknown and with Rustie on Warp. She recently had a track on The Umbrella compilation from Rinsed out of New York, which features in the mix and you can hera more at @nightwave808 . She told us; “It's a great honour for me to do a Solid Steel mix, so I wanted to include a bit of everything I love - from Chicago house, Detroit techno, old electro and ghettotech, to grime, footwork and juke, all with a few of my own tunes thrown in.” – Nightwave The Solid Steel website for track lists and archive shows. You can follow Solid Steel on Email [email protected] Go to Hour 2 here Hour 1 - Nightwave Glass Domain _ Interlock _ Pornophonic Sound Disc Legowelt _ Macho Gym _ Not On Label DMX Krew _ Spiritual Encounter _ Hypercolour ‎ Nightwave _ Moog Indigo _ The Umbrella DJ Deeon _ Hypnosis _ Dance Mania Novamen _ Bubblegum _ Murder Capital ‎ Tyree _ Dat Butt _ Underground Mistareez _ Curb Queen (Bleaker Remix) _ Super Kitchen Joey Beltram _ Fuzz _ X-Sight Records Kelela _ Rewind (Air Max 97 Mix) _ Warp T_A_M _ Watty (Tarquin Remix) _ Coyote Inkke _ Alien Workshop _ unknown Nightwave _ Snake97 _ unknown DJ Khalab _ Bognya (Clap Clap Remix) _ Wonderwheel Star Eyes _ Light Saber _ Moving Shadow Javascript _ Body Armour _ Knight​Werk DJ Nehpets _ La La La _ unknown Surgeon _ La Real (Blastto Edit) _ unknown DJ Funk _ Perk A Late This _ Dance Mania Nightwave _ Kiss Kat ft Ashnikko _ Heka Trax Technician _ Late Night Hype _ Databass Records UR _ I am UR _ Underground Resistance DJ Rashad _ Deep Inside _ Beat Records DJ Taye ft DJ Earl _ XTC _ Hyperdub Nightwave _ Birdland _ Heka Trax

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10. Machine Girl - Galatea (Nightwave Remix)

  • Published: 2014-09-04T15:28:50Z
  • By XLR8R
Machine Girl - Galatea (Nightwave Remix)


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12. Download: Nightwave 'Luxor'(Big Dope P Remix)

  • Published: 2013-12-16T16:49:23Z
  • By Mixmag
Download: Nightwave 'Luxor'(Big Dope P Remix)

Another exclusive courtesy of

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13. Download: Ill-Esha 'The Mirror' (Nightwave UKG Remix)

  • Published: 2015-10-05T11:58:38Z
  • By Mixmag
Download: Ill-Esha 'The Mirror' (Nightwave UKG Remix) Buy 'Hyperbolic Space Crochet - Remixes': Canadian producer and vocalist Ill-Esha released her 'Hyperbolic Space Crochet' EP back in May, a whirlwind of future-sounding bass whizzers. Think somewhere in between Rustie and the Soulection crew and you're almost there. With that behind her, she's following it up with a remix package on Seclusiasis, with Nightwave (pictured), funk-loving grime artist Mattwizard, label owners Starkey and Dev79 and more.

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14. Nightwave - Tarmac

  • Published: 2018-02-02T11:35:08Z
Nightwave - Tarmac

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15. Violet x Elles - So Let It Be House ft A.M.O.R., Alinka, Coco Solid, DEBONAIR, Nightwave

  • Published: 2016-03-08T02:38:23Z
  • By Violet
Violet x Elles - So Let It Be House ft A.M.O.R., Alinka, Coco Solid, DEBONAIR, Nightwave

A cover of Mike Dunns's Chicago house classic 'So let it be house' made solely by women, in celebration of International Womens Day 2016. All donations when downloading the track will go to Equality Now, an NGO that is fighting for gender equality around the globe. Check out their work here: Donate here: #PLEDGEFORPARITY Instrumental by Violet & Elles Vocals by A.M.O.R., Alinka, Coco Solid, Debonair, Elles, Nightwave Mixing & mastering by Shcuro & Photonz

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16. Nightwave - Fantazia

  • Published: 2018-02-02T11:37:28Z
Nightwave - Fantazia

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17. Premiere: Nightwave 'Acid Mouse'

  • Published: 2018-01-12T16:20:45Z
  • By Mixmag
Premiere: Nightwave 'Acid Mouse'

Nightwave is a DJ and producer whose skills don't lie in one area or sound: She's just at home making bass-focused weapons as she is acid and her latest release via Balkan Vinyl is a perfect example of her varying technique. With props from the likes of Jubilee and The Black Madonna, 'Acid Mouse' (taken from the 'Metro Jaxx' EP) is the sort of rowdy track you'd want to inspire full-scale uproar on a dancefloor and we're tipping this one to be in heavy rotation over the coming months. Unfortunately or should we say unsurprisingly, the vinyl has sold out already but you can preorder the digital version below, which drops on January 22. Digital & Vinyl preorder:

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18. Gregg Allman - I'll Be Holding On

  • Published: 2013-02-24T22:58:55Z
  • By nightwave
Gregg Allman - I'll Be Holding On

Black Rain OST - Michael Douglas

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