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1. Noisia Radio S03E14

Noisia Radio S03E14

Noisia Radio this week; we celebrate the release of our Outer Edges Remixes album with Posij, The Upbeats and Moody Good on remix duties. Stream / Download: Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Follow Noisia Radio on Spotify: Noisia - Sinkhole (Posij Remix) [VISION] Noisia - Collider (The Upbeats Remix) [VISION] Noisia - Get Deaded (Moody Good Remix) [VISION] Current Value, Optiv & CZA - Ghost Nation [C4C] Agressor Bunx - Ninja [EATBRAIN] Shield - Copenhagen [CART] S.P.Y. - Alone In The Dark [HOSPITAL] Getter - Inhalant Abuse [SHRED COLLECTIVE] State Of Mind - Choker [EATBRAIN] Toronto Is Broken - Go Halves [SUB SLAYERS] Vorso - Needle [FLEXOUT] ChaseR - My Vision [IGNESCENT] Shades - Chiron (Shades Remix) [1985] RedPill - The Pulse [NEUROFUNKGRID] Enei - Wolfpack [CRITICAL] Fearful & HyroGlifics - Le’Wonk [FLEXOUT] Dawn Wall - Mantis [INTEGRAL] Signs - Paper Bag [DIVISION] Dub Frequency - True Love [LISTENER SUBMISSION] Prophet - Endgame [RENRAKU] Bungle - Eclipse [31 RECORDS] Bombardier - She [TERRA NULL]

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2. [CART04] Shield - Copenhagen (Noisia Radio S03E14)

[CART04] Shield - Copenhagen (Noisia Radio S03E14)

We're back! And this time we proudly present our first Various Artists EP, 'Across The Board' due to be released April 21st! Here's our first preview: Shield – ‘Copenhagen’ The dane himself delivers his usual blend of trippy basslines, while the swing from the drums keeps the ears busy throughout the whole track. The chords from the intro appears every now and then and gives the track a soulful touch and drive. Quite unorthodox, it all ends with a jazzy solo played on some analogue keys, leaving the listener hungry for more. Massive thanks to @Noisia for constantly supporting our tracks! Tracklist: 1. Shield - Copenhagen 2. Balatron - Way Back 3. Monty - Sharp Teeth Follow @dj-shield Follow @cart-records Artwork by @Alvarado aka #KarlitasWay

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3. noisia radio S03E14

noisia radio S03E14

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4. ChaseR - My Vision (Noisia Radio - S03E14 cut) OUT NOW!!!

ChaseR - My Vision (Noisia Radio - S03E14 cut) OUT NOW!!!

BEATPORT EXC: 21st Apr 2017 WORLDWIDE RELEASE: 5th May 2017 Follow ChaseR on: - Soundcloud: @chazzik - Facebook: Follow Ignescent on : - Soundcloud : @ignescentme - Facebook: Press Release CAT: IGNT011 01. ChaseR - Digital Jungle Space 02. ChaseR - My Vision What an incredible year 2017 has already been for Ignescent Recordings, an imprint who month after month has delivered a fine selection of cuts that prove what a competing force they are within the drum & bass world. The next single from stalwart ChaseR is no different, once again bringing the sounds which made Russia so notorious on the circuit across two perfectly packaged sonic slabs. Ignescent Recordings has provided a spotlight for the newcomer, helping him to enjoy the ascent into notoriety many high-profiled producers have enjoyed before him. And with the labels assistance, it's looking to be an even higher climb, as his production standard certainly stands the test. ‘Digital Jungle Space' moves out on clambering drums and pounding pads, dragging you further and further into a climatic drop before allowing you to freefall through its wheeling rhythms. A hook suddenly grasps you, driving you in even deeper and not allowing you any escape. ChaseR presents an unapologetic, manic look through his field of musical vision, proving that he's not a producer to dip into lightly. You can imagine ChaseR doing damage in Europe's rowdiest clubs, packing heat through speakers that have helped to define the darker edges of drum & bass. ‘My Vision' takes you down a more futuristic route, with carefully strung out atmospherics and blares of metallic instrumentals. Bit by bit the record begins to wind up, with a clanking melody that rises and falls across its composition. Suddenly ChaseR throws you into all out anarchy, not once reaching for the breaks and instead smashing you through crunching snare. It's a completel diversion from any of the more commercial sounding formations drum & bass offers and that's what has made ChaseR so relevant in today's dance music sphere. He refuses to conform, which is something that shines through his releases on Ignescent. Just like their artists, Ignescent Recordings are willing to break the mould and this single does exactly that. The neuro-inspired theme which runs throughout ChaseR's music draws together lovers of tech design and hard-hitting beats. Together, ChaseR proves he's unstoppable, especially with the flooding tides of similar minds across the scene. #ignescentme

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5. Prophet - Endgame [Noisia Radio S03E14 RIP]

  • Published: 2017-04-07T18:49:56Z
  • By Renraku
Prophet - Endgame [Noisia Radio S03E14 RIP]


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6. Go Halves (Noisia Radio S03E14)

Go Halves (Noisia Radio S03E14)

Toronto Is Broken, now a firm favourite in many DJs record box’s, delivers once again with a monster 3 track EP. SXN takes no prisoners in this all out dance floor assault, heavyweight vibes that sit half way between Drum & Bass and Jungle – juts how we like it. Navigate brings the party vibes in a similar heavy fashion with it’s infectious riff and thunderous beats. Go Halves shows us just how diverse TiB can be, deep rolling vibes like you’ve never heard

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7. Noisia Radio S03E14 Shield - Copenhagen [CART]

Noisia Radio S03E14 Shield - Copenhagen [CART]

Hello again , i had to cut this track from Noisia Radio S03E14 its just awesome DOPE dnb... THIS IS NOT MY PRODUCTION if cut is problem ... i will immediately delete it from my profile if you will send me some warning

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8. Biz503 S03E14 - Alternative Transportation

Biz503 S03E14 - Alternative Transportation

Portland has long been considered a mecca for alternative transportation, with a sprawling public transit system and years of notoriety as a top bicycle commuting city. However, worsening traffic and an increase in road fatalities are coming head-to-head with Portland’s transportation ideals. In December of 2016, the city launched an initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities in Portland. that plan, called “Vision Zero,” focuses on street design, education and enforcement to make it safer to get around in Portland.  This Friday on Biz503, we’re looking at the intersection where transportation goals, partnerships and small businesses come together. Our panel this week: John Brady, Communications Director at the Portland Bureau of Transportation Elliot Njus, growth reporter at The Oregonian Romain Bonilla, Communications Director at The Street Trust This week's Biz503 hosts are: Mike Rogoway, business writer at The Oregonian, and Linda Weston, principal at the strategic consulting firm Rapporto. Thanks to Premium Websites for supporting Biz503! From "How Musicians Can Make it in the Music Industry" to "Craft Beverages," you will find past Seasons/Episodes of Biz503 at

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10. Tech Radio: S03E14 (8/13/14)

Tech Radio: S03E14 (8/13/14)

@markkoberlein is raring to go this week, perhaps only because it's @josh_millers last show, and he knows it needs to be a good one. (Okay, okay, @josh_miller fans, just the last show for a while. He has to change lives for a while.) @tjlytle tries to continue last show's discussion about what will be left for all of us to do once we automate and robotize everything - but as he and @spainb try to recap the last show, it quickly descends into what @markkoberlein and @josh_miller think about Jibo. Which, it seems, is not much. However, everyone - although no one actually rides a motorcycle - loves the idea of a helmet with heads-up-display. Then it's just a strange assortment of floating speakers, code road trips, and taco delivering bikes. @tjlytle points to an article in the latest issue of Make, that along with a Star Trek replicator would make the Jibo something @markkoberlein could get behind. In the end, everyone - even @josh_miller, who's used them - likes LittleBits.

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11. s03e14 Ponty Sky Ship

s03e14 Ponty Sky Ship

VHS Ponty Pool Old Boy

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