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1. Noisia Radio S01E01

  • Published: 2015-06-26T14:44:49Z
Noisia Radio S01E01

With Noisia Radio we hope to build a platform where we can play a wider range of music than we would in a club environment. It allows us to give some insights on the music we're feeling and releasing, as well as keeping our fans up to date more frequently and in a more accessible way than just by playing a show near you once a year or via the occasional video or message on social media. Listen to more episodes and subscribe: Tracklist: Noisia & The Upbeats - Mouthbreather [VISION] Lockjaw - Obsidian [INVISIBLE] Moody Good - Witness The Fuxness [OWSLA] Icicle - Neutralize (Joe Ford Remix) [SHOGUN AUDIO] Losco - IMPO [SOULECTION] OZ - Psychosis [CO-LAB] Neonlight & Wintermute - Influx [BLACKOUT] Spectrasoul ft. Joshua Idehen - Kutchi [SHOGUN AUDIO] [ID] - Uranus [INVISIBLE] Noisia - CSGO Main Theme [UNRELEASED] Two Fingers - Adrians Rhythm [DIVISION] Hybris - My Stars [INVISIBLE] Disprove - FRQNCS [EATBRAIN] Posij - Techplant [CRITICAL BINARY] Noisia - Banshee [VISION] Phazz - Insomnia [FREE] Stakka & Skynet - Decoy [UNDERFIRE] Noisia - De Uil [UNRELEASED CLIP] Hypoxia ft Hyqxyz - Suspicious Minds [EATBRAIN] Current Value - Cotton Punch [INVISIBLE] Clarity - Parallels [HORIZONS MUSIC] Kasra & Enei - Inside The Box [CRITICAL] Sofie Letitre - Slip [DIVISION]

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2. Noisia Radio S04E15 (2000s era D&B)

Noisia Radio S04E15 (2000s era D&B)

In this week's Noisia Radio we give you no exclusives, no premieres, none of that. We're paying respect to our favorite drum and bass from ten years back and older. These are some of the tracks that we listened to most, and that influenced us most. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: Get the ‘Hello Person’ T-shirt: Follow Noisia: Instagram Soundcloud: Spotify Youtube Kemal & Rob Data - Star Trails [AUDIO BLUEPRINT] 2000 Bad Company - 4 Days [BAD TASTE] 1999 Commix - Be True [METALHEADZ] 2007 Teebee - Human Reptile [SUBTITLES] 2000 Stakka & Skynet - Decoy [UNDERFIRE] 2000 C4C & Fierce - Carrier [QUARANTINE] 2003 Kemal - bleed [NEGATIVE] 2000 Calyx - True Identity [METALHEADZ] Ed rush & optical - Medicine (Matrix Remix) [VIRUS] 1998 Gridlok - Tricks [VIOLENCE] 2004 Black Sun Empire - B Negative [BLACK SUN EMPIRE] 2002 Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix) [VIRUS] 2002 Ed Rush & Optical - Bacteria [VIRUS] 1999 Ed Rush & Optical - Fixation [VIRUS] 1998 Stakka & Skynet - Pathogen [AUDIO BLUEPRINT] 2000 Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix) [BARCODE] 2008 Future Prophecies - Magnetic [SUBTITLES] 2004 C4C - Peep Show [VIRUS] 2001 Konflict - The Beckoning [RENEGADE HARDWARE] 2000 Matrix & Fierce - Climate [METRO] 2000 Dom & Gridlok - Moodswings [DOM & ROLAND] 2005 Sinthetix & Kemal - Ultraviolet [OHM RESISTANCE] 2006 Universal Project - Vessel [VIRUS] 2002 Matrix & Fierce - Tightrope [METRO] 2000 Ed Rush & Optical - Lifespan [VIRUS] 1998 Pendulum - Masochist [BREAKBEAT KAOS] 2004 Phace - Brainwave [SUBTITLES] 2005 Audio - Warehouse [FREAK] 2006 Technical Itch - The Rukus [PENETRATION] 2002 Fresh & Dj Trace - Mutated (Version X) [BREAKBEAT] 2002 Limewax - Agent Orange [L/B] 2007 Ram Trilogy - Titan [RAM] 2000 Arcane - Polygon Sea [AUDIO BLUEPRINT] 2001

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3. Noisia Radio S04E16 (Co-Hosts: Skrillex & Sevdaliza)

Noisia Radio S04E16 (Co-Hosts: Skrillex & Sevdaliza)

Noisia Radio this week: Skrillex and Sevdaliza join us as guest hosts on this episode. New music by Mefjus, Skrillex, The Upbeats, Joker, Bop, and more.. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: Get the ‘Hello Person’ T-shirt: Follow Noisia: Instagram Soundcloud: Spotify Youtube Noisia Tour Dates Mefjus - Sinkhole [VISION] Dimension - UK (Skrillex VIP) [DIMENSION] The Upbeats & Truth - The Pack [DISCIPLE] Circuits - Drench [CIRCUITS] Unglued - Ghetto [HOSPITAL] Fre4knc - Red Shadow [INVISIBLE] Joker - Anamorphic [KAPSIZE] Benny L - Old Days (Ft. Pastry Maker) [DRUM & BASS ARENA] QZB - Ornstein [CRITICAL] AntiNegative - Raindance [DIVISION] Killill - Nemesis [YOUNG GUNS ] Mesck - Doomsayer [DUB] Shyun - Twisted [CRITICAL] Annix & Teddy Killerz - Uppercut [DUB] Malux - Glue Worm [GET HYPE] Razat - Distortion [SATURATED] T.I. - Switches [CO-LAB] Sevdaliza - Soul Syncable [TWISTED ELEGANCE] Exept - Shadows [METHLAB] Ankou - Heretic [SOUND MUSEUM] Bop - Untitled Pattern 56 [MED SCHOOL] Cavalier - Warping [ALPHA PUP] Oliver Yorke - The Gift [COSMIC BRIDGE] Opus. & Loudcutta - M-80 [ENCRYPTED]

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4. Noisia Radio S02E06 (incl. Ivy Lab guest mix)

Noisia Radio S02E06 (incl. Ivy Lab guest mix)

We have a guest mix by Ivy Lab to celebrate the release of the first Division various artists EP and this weeks exclusive is a heavy new tune from Prolix. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Get Division VA EP 001: Ivy Lab Guest Mix Icarus - Ride This Train (Ivy Lab’s 20/20 Remix) [WARNER] Alix Perez & Ivy Lab - Stop It [CRITICAL] SHADES - Dogstar [BANDCAMP] Graves & ASKA - There Are No Penguins In Alaska [SOUNDCLOUD] Untitled - Untitled Untitled - Untitled Danny Scrilla - Obeah VIP SHADES - One Knock [BANDCAMP] Stray - Eazy Boy VIP [EXIT] Noisia & Ivy Lab - Possession [DIVISION] untitled - untitled [DUB] Krust - Cloaking Device (Fracture Remix) Fixate - Focus [DUB] Levrige - Stutter [DUB] Rascal - 555 [DUB] Prolix - Nature of Reality [SHOGUN] Noisia & Phace - program (AWE Bootleg) [SOUNDCLOUD] Bl4ck 0wlz - Fake [INVISIBLE] Whynnel - Yozora [SOUNDCLOUD] Signs - Ketama [DNB FRANCE] Tsuruda - Tuffshit [SOUNDCLOUD] C4C & Fierce - Carrier [QUARANTINE] 2134.mp3 Question Time Noisia & Spor - Falling Through [VISION] I Am Legion - Intro [DIVISION] Nymfo - Marching Machines [DISPATCH] Brokenchord - Orion [BLACK ACRE]

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5. Noisia Radio S03E33 (Noisia DJ Set At Glastonbury 2017)

Noisia Radio S03E33 (Noisia DJ Set At Glastonbury 2017)

Noisia Radio this week: The live recording from our show on the Arcadia stage at Glastonbury 2017. Recorded & Engineered by Jonnie Parker. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: Get the ‘Hello Person’ T-shirt: Follow Noisia: Instagram Soundcloud: Spotify Youtube Noisia & Phace - ID MRSA - Bio Weapon Intentionally Deleted Current Value - Descent Tech Itch - Critical Switch - Hochi and Inflitrata remix Richie Brains - Tantrum Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix) Mefjus - Continuous VIP Ivy Lab - Planebeats Noisia & Phace - Drawback - Annix Remix James Marvel - Trump - Doctrine Remix LestR - Closure Must Die - Hellcat (Annix Remix) Signal - You Do You The Doors - Break On Through Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady Halogenix - Blej Noisia - Straight Hook Prestige - Drugs Doctrine - So Did I Mark Knight ft. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix) Chee - Futile Condition Noisia & Mefjus - ID Kemal & Sinthetix - Ultraviolet Brain Crisis - Camatcho What So Not - Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix) SPY - Alone In The Dark Break - Who Got Da Funk Current Value - Impact Lowriderz - Moving Images Intentionally Deleted Current Value - Periodicity Noisia - Diplodocus (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place Eprom - Koummya Aphex Twin - Windowlicker Tame Impala - Let It Happen Noisia - Collider Noisia - Tentacles Noisia - Running Blind Konichi - Contraband Black Sun Empire & Neonlight - Abduction Decimal Bass - Work For Nothing Noisia - Sinkhole (Posij Remix) Bou - Poison Noisia - Asteroids VIP Noisia - Voodoo (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) Kim Wilde - Kids In America Kanine - Detonate Dimension - UK Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix) Current Value - Deadly Toys Noisia - Get Deaded Noisia - Get Deaded (Moody Good Remix) Noisia - Tommy’s Theme (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) Woolymammoth - Prasak Missy Elliott - The Rain Noisia - Surfaceless (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) Noisia - Dead Limit (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) Limewax - Agent Orange Noisia - Dead Limit (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix) SURF ROCK OUTRO

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6. Noisia Radio S04E52 Best Of 2018

Noisia Radio S04E52 Best Of 2018

Hello Person, merry Christmas! Hope you'll enjoy our selection of Noisia Radio favourites of this year! Noisia Radio Best of 2018: Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: Get a Noisia Radio T-shirt: Follow Noisia: Instagram Soundcloud: Spotify Youtube Camo & Krooked - Ember (Noisia Remix) [MOSAIK] Spectrasoul - Untitled Horn [ISH CHAT] Mefjus - Ringshifter [VISION] Noer The Boy - Apex Chase [DIVISION] Neonlight - Bitcoin [BLACKOUT] T.I - Dye Migration [SOUPED UP] Marauder - Hades [DIVISION] Joe Ford - Where Is The Sun [SHOGUN] Noisia & The Upbeats - Shibuya Pet Store [NO SLEEP TIL] Razat - Vampire [DIVISION] Proxima - Wubba Lubba [INVISIBLE] Limited - Buss It [BIOLOGICAL BEATS] Urbandawn - Sleeping Awake [HOSPITAL] Noisia & Two Fingers - Dzjengis [DIVISION] Signal & Synergy - Duster [INVISIBLE] Abstract Elements - Join Us [INVISIBLE] Halogenix - Blej VIP [CRITICAL] Noisia & Phace - Deep Down [VISION] MRSA - Push Me Down The Stairs [INVISIBLE] Eprom & ZEKE BEATS - Humanoid 2.0 [DIVISION] Pendulum - Hold Your Color (Noisia Remix) [EARSTORM] Bleep Bloop & Tsuruda - Tremors [ALPHA PUP] Mefjus - Sleazebag [VISION] Samba - Tsss [DIVISION] Noisia & Prolix - Asteroids (Noisia Remix) [VISION] Kije - Morze [DIVISION] Mefjus - Sinkhole [VISION] Howitzer - Blackjack [DIFFRENT] Mefjus - Pivot (Camo & Krooked Remix) [VISION] Noisia & Former - Cleansing [DIVISION] Culprate x Ghostek - Run [BANDCAMP] Levitate - Shatter [DIVISION] Noisia & Former - Pleasure Model [DIVISION] Arigto - Calculated Feelings [DIVISION]

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7. Noisia Radio S04E34 (Eprom & ZEKE BEATS Takeover)

Noisia Radio S04E34 (Eprom & ZEKE BEATS Takeover)

Help! I can't find my way out! This week we've got Eprom and ZEKE BEATS taking over a full episode in honour of their release on Division. At the end of the show they elaborate on the process of making the tracks as well! Eprom & ZEKE BEATS Humanoid 2.0: Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: Get a Noisia Radio T-shirt: Follow Noisia: Instagram Soundcloud: Spotify Youtube Noisia Tour Dates Eprom & ZEKE BEATS - Humanoid 2.0 [DIVISION] Eprom - Pineapple (ZEKE BEATS Remix) [EPROM MUSIC] A$AP Ferg - New Level (Eprom & ZEKE BEATSEdit) [DUB] ZEKE BEATS - Devastate [BUYGORE] G Jones & Eprom - Hysteria [ILLUSORY] ZEKE BEATS - Yuck [DEADBEATS] Eprom - ID ZEKE BEATS - The Mammoth [DUB] Eprom - ID ZEKE BEATS - ID Eprom - 666ACID [ILLUSORY] ZEKE BEATS - Dispatch [ZEKE BEATS] Eprom - Hurricane [RWINA] WSN - Beautiful (ZEKE BEATS Remix) [COUNTER] Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D. City (EPROM Remix) [UMG] ZEKE BEATS & Dirty Audio - ID Eprom - Beats Of Babylon [RWINA] ZEKE BEATS - Danger [SATURATE] Shades - Chiron [ALPHA PUP] Foreign Beggars - Toast (Zeke Beats Remix) [PAR EXCELLENCE] ZEKE BEATS - Meltdown (Bassnectar Edit) [TERRORYTHM] Shades - Third Gate [1985] ZEKE BEATS & BeauDamian - Faux Bourdon [BITBIRD] Eprom & ZEKE BEATS - Soundboy Funeral [DIVISION] ZEKE BEATS & Blanke - Chaos [BUYGORE] Shades - ID Danny Drive Thru - Virtua Ante Up [FAT CITY] Eprom & ZEKE BEATS talk through the Humanoid 2.0 Ableton Project

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8. Noisia Radio S01E14

  • Published: 2015-09-25T15:20:43Z
Noisia Radio S01E14

This week we’ve got Thijs (aka Thys hehehe) taking control of Noisia Radio, as Nik and Martijn have traveled Down Under to DJ. Expect an episode that’s maybe a little weirder than usual: Thijs has taken the chance to select a lot of dark and subliminal tunes, and some futuristic hiphop-influenced bass music as well as the usual contenders. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Decimal Bass - Work For Nothing [PLAYAZ] Alphie & Halpe - Fake [FREE] Data & Keza - Surveillance [INSIDE] Fracture & Chimpo - From Early [METALHEADZ] Mono/poly - Crypto Bell [HIT&RUN] Was A Be - Carcosa [SUBTITLES] Mr Explicit - Cringe [DREADUK] Noisia & Hybris - Crystalline [INVISIBLE] Ivy Lab - Shamrock [20/20] Noisia - The Tower [DIVISION/INVISIBLE] Kid Kanevil ft Ocean Wisdom - Ewok [Par Excellence] Sofie Letitre - Home - Thys Remix [DIVISION] Angel Zero - Laroux [SUBTITLES] Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted [CRITICAL] Doctrine - Airlock [INVISIBLE] Donny - Symptomless Coma - Current Value Remix [BARCODE] Clay - Ascond [FREE] drifter downtempo 2.mp3 Sofie Letitre - Home - Think Twice Remix [DIVISION]

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9. Noisia Radio S04E50

Noisia Radio S04E50

Noisia Radio this week: we premiere ‘Ground - Swindle’ taken from Outlines 3, out Dec 21st, and a track from Thys's score for ‘Sleeping Beauty Dreams’. More new music by: Kije, Signal, Insideinfo, M.Justa, Thing, Jubei, and we’re playing you two Ed Rush & Optical classics, taken from the Wormhole album. Enjoy! Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Listen to the Noisia Radio playlist on Spotify: Get the ‘Hello Person’ T-shirt: Follow Noisia: Instagram Soundcloud: Spotify Youtube GROUND - Swindle [INVISIBLE] Halogenix - Vex [CRITICAL MUSIC] Kije - Morze [DIVISION] InsideInfo - Lost It [INSIDEINFO MUSIC] Mefjus - Together (Signal Remix) [VISION] Herzeloyde Ft. Hapa & Tsuruda - Inverted Bumps [BANDCAMP] Exept & Sinic - Kernal Panic [METHLAB] Black Barrel - Singularity [DISPATCH] M.Justa - Reason [PLASMA] Ed Rush & Optical - Fixation [VIRUS] Hadley - Feeling [THIRTYONE] Thing - Spice It Up [THIRTYONE] Dutta - Burger Ting [CRE8DNB] Monuman - Sasquatch [INSPECTED] SubMarine - Xertz [1985] Tiedye Ky - Dune Diver [SATURATE] Jubei & Tyrone - The Saboteur [METALHEADZ] SINNF - Contagion [FOREST BIZ] Mateba - CTS [SOFA SOUND] Ed Rush & Optical - Compound [VIRUS] Thys - Overcome [SLEEPING BEAUTY DREAMS]

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10. Noisia Radio S02E02

  • Published: 2016-01-08T15:58:31Z
Noisia Radio S02E02

We're proud to premier our collab with Ivy Lab today, and we've got a great follow-up as well: brand new music from Calyx & Teebee! Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Noisia & Ivy Lab- Possession [DIVISION] Calyx & Teebee - Stray Bullet [RAM] Malux - Turbine [BAD TASTE] Herzeloyde & Tsuruda - Nefarious [SOUNDCLOUD] Qbig & Zenith B - Heptine [FLEXOUT] Agressor Bunx - Rhodium [EATBRAIN] ESQ - Js [SOUNDCLOUD] Mako (Feat. Villem) - String Section [METALHEADZ PLATINUM] A-Cray - Untitled Hybrid Tune [AUTHENTIC] Audeka - Drizzt’s Nightclub [CALIBUR] Tsuruda - Tierra Prima [DIRT FIRST] Dub Elements - Grand [VIPER] Noisia & The Upbeats - Blindfold [NON VOGUE] Amon Tobin - Ruthless [NINJA TUNE] Signal & Abstract Elements - Cymepek [CYBERFUNK] Fracture & Deft - I Just [EXIT] Bad Company - Dead Side [BC] Kaelin Ellis - 10K Strangerss [SOUNDCLOUD] roller ouderwets emo neuro10.mp3 Nathan Fake - Black Drift [CAMBRIA INSTRUMENTS]

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11. Noisia Radio S01E13

  • Published: 2015-09-18T14:46:59Z
Noisia Radio S01E13

This week we take you from Silent Witness via Mongolian beats, all the way to Sofie Letitre. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Silent Witness - High Flyer [BAD TASTE // METHLAB] Ivy Lab & Emperor - Pepper [CRITICAL] Felix - 4Grantd [RECORD RECORD] Ed Rush & Optical feat. Ryme Tyme - Long Stay [VIRUS] Noisia & Phace - Program [VISION] Araatan - French Kiss [RECORD RECORD] Fre4knc - Fender Bender [CRITICAL] Audio - Headroom [VIRUS] C Y G N - Vision Nocturne [FREE] DJ Hazard - Death Sport [PLAYAZ] Octane & DLR feat. Script - Set Up The Set [DISPATCH] Cern - Tiamat (VIP) [DISPATCH] Sam Binga feat. Romaine - Greatest Distance (Ivy Lab Remix) [CRITICAL] mucus blues kort.mp3 Black Sun Empire - B Negative [BLACK SUN EMPIRE] Disasterpeace - Puzzle [FEZ OST] Posij - Lasercat [DIVISION] Hybris - Night Boss [INVISIBLE] Amoss & Arkaik - Sinkhole [HORIZONS] Sofie Letitre - Home [DIVISION]

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12. Noisia Radio S02E17 (Incl. The Upbeats Guest Mix)

Noisia Radio S02E17 (Incl. The Upbeats Guest Mix)

The Upbeats take over for the first half hour in this week’s Noisia Radio, their voices might sound a bit different than usual. In the 2nd half we play you 2 new exclusives, and Nik found a handgrenade. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: The Upbeats Guest Mix: Ivy Lab - Slinky The Upbeats - Elevator The Upbeats - Dungeon Calyx & Teebee - Takes one to Know one My Nu Leng - Soul shake (1991 remix) Spectrasoul - SM1 Fracture - I Just Alex Perez & Ivy Lab - Stop it The Upbeats - Dr Kink Kemal - Bleed Aggressor Bunx - The Curse Posij - Hunger Rockwell - Please, Please, Please Spectrasoul - 4URGH Aggressor Bunx - Infinity The Upbeats - Doom Bad Company - Blind The Upbeats & Ivy Lab - Pharaoh The Upbeats - Falling into place ARKTK - Sea Monsta [DIVISION] Abstract Elements - Curcuma [INVISIBLE] Limewax - HLR [PRSPCT] Fat Cap - Make Me Feel [COUNTERPOINT] easy listerine.mp3 Question Time Inward, Hanzo - N-talk [C4C] X&G, Ray Ray - Closer Ft. Josh Pan [SOUNDCLOUD] Stakka & Skynet - Clockwork [UNDERFIRE]

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13. Noisia Radio S01E09

  • Published: 2015-08-21T14:52:01Z
Noisia Radio S01E09

This week it’s Thijs and Nik as Martijn is on the road playing shows in Germany and Switzerland. We’ve got music from China and Japan, some weird game music, a Dirty Man, and lots of new drum&bass

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14. Noisia Radio S02E01

  • Published: 2016-01-01T16:58:20Z
Noisia Radio S02E01

Nik and Martijn are in Seattle, recording the first radio show of the year in a professionally soundproofed hotel room, while eating festive crackers. Also featuring a bunch of exclusives including Agressor Bunx, Shades and a new Division release. Happy 2016! Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Agressor Bunx - Dangerous Materials [EATBRAIN] Icarus - Ride This Train Ft. Aniff Akinola (Ivy Lab Remix) [FFRR] June Miller - Robots & Romans (Audio Remix) [RAM] Tsuruda - Zac’sdemise Mako - By Firelight [METALHEADZ PLATINUM] ARKTKT - Drownt In It Electric Cher - La Familia Signal - String Theory [CRITICAL] Shades - One Knock Noisia - Crank [VISION] I Am Legion - Choosing For You [DIVISION] Medasin - Always confused Nu:Logic - Watercolours Goldie Presents Rufige Kru - Dark Rider (SCAR Rmx) [RAZORS] Halogenix - Laugh Party [CRITICAL] 112 techno clicked in my brain.mp3 The Prodigy - Climbatize [XL] Current Value - Space Encounter [CRITICAL] Amon Tobin - Andrastea Contact [NINJA TUNE]

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15. Noisia Radio S01E07

  • Published: 2015-08-07T14:56:44Z
Noisia Radio S01E07

With all three of us back in the studio this week, we bring you an even more diverse selection, including the third exclusive first play of the Dead Limit EP with The Upbeats. Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Pre-order the Dead Limit EP here: Noisia & The Upbeats - Inverse [VISION] Current Value - Rocket Science [BLACKOUT] Tsuruda - Punjabi $lang [SOUNDCLOUD] Hypoxia & Doctrine - Carcosa [BAD TASTE] Hybrid Theory - Selecta [FOUR40] Neonlight - Extrasolar VIP [BLACKOUT] MYRNE - Croix [FREE] Konichi - Entrance [PLAYAZ] Fixate - Throwback Therapy [EXIT] Noisia - Running Blind [VISION] Monstro - Comme Des Garcons [NO TOMORROW] Foreign Beggars & Alix Perez - Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [PAR EXCELLENCE] Gydra & Mailky - 7 Circles [BAD TASTE] dont listen to him danny.mp3 [UNFINISHED] Josh Pan & Medasin - Hopes Up [FREE] Audio - Fathom [VIRUS] Kemal & Rob Data - Star Trails [AUDIO BLUEPRINT] Noisia - The Assembly [FREE] ID - Negative Dots [INVISIBLE] Emptyset - Plane [SUBTEXT]

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16. Noisia Radio S02E03

  • Published: 2016-01-15T16:01:22Z
Noisia Radio S02E03

After last week’s premiere of our collab with Ivy Lab, we’ve got another fresh cut off the forthcoming Division EP, this week it’s one by Signs. Nik has a pretty bad cough. ➕ Pre-order the forthcoming Division VA EP at Subscribe to Noisia Radio: Signs - Diesel [DIVISION] Signal - Shift [CYBERFUNK] AXON - STTR [INVISIBLE] I Am Legion - Sunken Submarine [DIVISION] Arp Xp - Five Black Forms (Hybris Remix) [AUTHENTIC MUSIC] Malaky & Satl - Her (Zero T Remix) [SOUL TRADER] Herzeloyde - Hott [SOUNDCLOUD] Homemade Weapons - Mind Control [WEAPONRY] Kursa - Apathy [BANDCAMP] Dub Head - Spaceship [DISPATCH LIMITED] Ivy Lab- Delirious [20/20]* T-I - Minimal Genocide [CO-LAB] Noisia - Facade (VIP) [RAM] Razat - Trip Slicer [SOUNCLOUD] Ed Rush & Optical - Fixation [VIRUS] CYGN - She Left Me [SOUNDCLOUD] Noisia & Phace - Micro Organism [NEOSIGNAL] roller ouderwets emo neuro HALFTEMPO.mp3 achteloos muisje.mp3 Current Value - Strange Peace [TECH ITCH] Jon Hopkins - Collider [DOMINO]

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