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1. Leo Leobons - Patuáde IFÁ (ohxalá Remix)

Leo Leobons - Patuáde IFÁ (ohxalá Remix)

@ohxala @leo-leobons Support: free download > EN Born in Rio de Janeiro, he was suspended for Xangô ogã at eight years old, which became the awakening to a life dedicated to liturgical percussion. At age of 19 he moved to the United States, where he would remain for 17 years, playing with great names of salsa, Latin jazz, and Afro-Cuban folklore. Back in Brazil, he played and recorded with several Brazilian artists, from Nando Reis to Monobloco, from Ramiro Musotto to Baby do Brazil, from Humberto Gessinger to Pavilhão 9, etc. His first solo CD, "Bá" was nominated for the Brazilian Music Prize, and is now preparing to release his second album, "RITUAL". PT Nascido no Rio de Janeiro, foi suspenso para ogã de Xangô aos oito anos de idade, o que se tornou o despertar para uma vida dedicada à percussão litúrgica. Aos 19 anos mudou-se para os Estados Unidos, aonde permaneceria por 17 anos, tocando com grandes nomes da salsa, do latin jazz, e do folclore afro-cubano. De volta ao Brasil, tocou e gravou com vários artistas brasileiros, de Nando Reis a Monobloco, de Ramiro Musotto a Baby do Brasil, de Humberto Gessinger a Pavilhão 9, etc., etc. Seu primeiro cd solo, "Bá" foi indicado ao Prémio da Musica Brasileira, e se prepara agora para lançar seu segundo álbum, "RITUAL". Download for free on The Artist Union

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2. Bloom - recorded at BR Open Air w/ Martha van Straaten, Lotte Ahoi, Caleesi uvm. at Polygon Berlin

Bloom - recorded at BR Open Air w/ Martha van Straaten, Lotte Ahoi, Caleesi uvm. at Polygon Berlin

“And so we are like flowers; and bloom only, when the sun, kisses us.” ― Kristian Goldmund Aumann Thank you all so much for a perfect Sunday. Thanks to,, and for the beautiful music. Thanks to all the people involved at Polygon Club and Garden for taking such good care and setting up the nice venue. Thanks to all the jugglers, hula hoop performers, massagers, icecream dealers, dancers and sun worshippers for coming around to share good times together. Thank you. I am still smiling.

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3. Word Electronic Vibe #1, by t.e.r.z.a.

Word Electronic Vibe #1, by t.e.r.z.a.

WEV is project that came to life after long time of exploring and gathering not just music but experiance. this is start of live 4h set @ Passengers Bar, Belgrade. thx to artist, you are amazing. Hooverphonic - 2Wicky Black Swan MRUX - In The Hold (Nonagon Remix) Nicola Cruz - Cumbia Del Olvido Ohxal? - Berimbal Regionau (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix) Kareem Ra?hani - Slower - Kareem & Kylie ? Cosmic Awakenings ? - Technotronic - Pump Of The Jam (Intiche Edit) Alex BdeM - Boot & Tax - Sazarde Gente Azamat - Summertime Bison - Familiar Stranger .night. ynfnd - In The Hold (History Of Colour Remix) Marginal Men & Ubunto - Baia?o De Antonio metabbana - na cabe?

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4. Soulful Bliss @ WAHA Continuum, Romania - 2018

Soulful Bliss @ WAHA Continuum, Romania - 2018

Opening of WAHA Continuum 23:00-01:00 Soulful Bliss (Origin Moves) 01:00-03:00 Esaunue (Colectiva Gazette/Cluj) 03:00-05:00 Martha van Straaten (Laut und Luise/Germania) 05:00-08:00 Prisma (Dark Prisma/Argentina) For downloads message me... Credits, thanks and love to Kenji Kawai, Bjork, Andrйs Oddone, Vataff Project, Kyrill Stefanov, chцko aba, [email protected], Mamazu, Alizarina, Kraut, Bachan, BirdZzie, Ibu Selva, Nicola Cruz, Huaira, Spaniol, Helena9999, Ka-lu, Barrio Lindo, Arutani, Rutan, Jati Div, The Watcher, Toulouse, Gustavo Santaolalla, Barbarella, Lokal Affair, Ghool, Haunted Water, Arleta, Kosh, MiRET, Federico Estйvez, Ohxalб, The Do, Martha & Ninze and Waha family

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