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1. Daniel Wilson - Will You(OSEB Edit)//dl in description

  • Published: 2014-01-15T22:51:36Z
  • By OSEB
Daniel Wilson - Will You(OSEB Edit)//dl in description

A edit I did of a beautiful song from Daniel Wilson! PS - soundcloud downloads are over, you can now go here:

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3. Hermitude - Ukiyo [Oseb Flip]

  • Published: 2014-05-12T14:25:28Z
  • By OSEB
Hermitude - Ukiyo [Oseb Flip]

A bootleg flip I did cause it was sunny outside! [download mah stuff HERE ]

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4. Lil' Kim - how many licks? (OSEB NYE dar tudo remix)

  • Published: 2014-12-31T18:39:58Z
  • By OSEB
Lil' Kim - how many licks? (OSEB NYE dar tudo remix)


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5. Låpsley - Painter (valentine) [OSEB Remix]

  • Published: 2014-03-21T16:17:20Z
  • By OSEB
Låpsley - Painter (valentine) [OSEB Remix]

My remix of a beautiful track by Låpsley : D

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7. OSEB - You Don't Exist

OSEB - You Don't Exist

Salutations! Aujourd'hui, Monster Jinx est fier de présenter la compilation “Vernissage”. Looking to introduce them to the world, and give their affiliation to the Monster Jinx crew official status, we gathered 4 tracks of the soon to be released debut albums of our new Quatre Mousquetaires — Ghos† WΔvvves, NO FUTURE, OSEB and Polido. This compilation offers a glimpse into our backstage and showcases a little of our near future… listen to it, download it, pass it around, play it… and you can even tell us “hurry up with my damn croissants!”. polido: Ghos† WΔvvves: NO FUTURE: OSEB: Monster Jinx: Artwork: Sebastien Alfaiate

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8. Oseb

  • Published: 2013-07-15T19:14:17Z
  • By ierakla

Beso Kalandadze Sampled

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12. OSeb-Anthem


This is a hip hop beat used as a sample by O.Seb producer and a rapper.

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13. YUNG LEAN |Lido| - Gatorade (OSEB Remix)

  • Published: 2014-08-18T13:59:44Z
  • By OSEB
YUNG LEAN |Lido| - Gatorade (OSEB Remix)

I love all versions of this song so I decided to do my own : D

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14. Su Na - Meridian (OSEB Remix)

  • Published: 2014-11-13T15:58:22Z
  • By OSEB
Su Na - Meridian (OSEB Remix)

I really like @sunabeats and this EP is pretty dope, check it ->

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15. OSEB - Bau

OSEB - Bau

@osebastieno The world is quietly hoping for this future — this dyspotian version of society we suddenly found ourselves living in — to cease and be replaced by another era. Basically, everyone is sick of the future — or, at least, what the future turned out to be. So we took it upon ourselves to find another version of the impending. Realistically, we couldn’t shoot presidents and end shady world orders. Therefore, we did some Monster Jinx music under this idea. Could another present be found by searching for another version of the current future? Trust us, that banner did fly. Damn, even Frank Nitt of Frank n Dank ended up joining us. And that’s the way ROXO 3 came about — mainstays of the label brought their game and a few new or seldom seen faces surprised us with some fire. Take a listen! Monster Jinx, 2017 Artwork: Laro Lagosta (

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17. OSEB - Aftermath

OSEB - Aftermath

Download + Cassette here: @osebastieno ROXO, the Hip-Hop and Electronica reverse mitosis compilation series is back. 13 new purple landscapes — some sculpted by musical wars, others blooming with trippy flora — come to you courtesy of the Monster Jinx label. This second installment of the ROXO series features pretochines, NO FUTURE, DarkSunn, dgtldrmr, Spark, OSEB, Raez, Ghost Wavves and Roger Plexico and they all come laser beams blazing.

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