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1. Bonita Apple Bomb

Bonita Apple Bomb

Damien, Ali, and Vlad sit down to get in the conversation about the web series Money & Violence and the traditional look of media versus the power of content and storytelling in the budding DIY age, an iPhone burning through a Brooklyn kid’s back pocket at school and whether Vlad is an Apple apologist or not, and Common’s recent remarks about people of color moving away from the past and focusing on love from here on out. All that and a lot more, so check it out. Follow @dlemoncomedy @mrmuhammad @LaughingVlad and @StandUpNYLabs Watch live on DailyMotion, Tuesdays at 6:00pm:…y-labs-live_fun Keep up with the conversation on Facebook: Check out all the other podcasts on this network at

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2. #140: Ocean Meat with Owen Smith

#140: Ocean Meat with Owen Smith

1- Media for Money 2- Trump Women trump women 3- Here a gun there a gun but nowhere near me a gun 4- Stay in school kids 5- Ocean Meat 6- Our gaps are OK....This is ‘Merica dammit

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3. Show 63 - Owen Smith (LIVE)

Show 63 - Owen Smith (LIVE)

Owen Smith was, until a few days ago, the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. In this exclusive and wide-ranging interview, Owen tells Matt about how some strange animals dominated his early political life, the nickname his battlebus got and his departure from the Shadow Cabinet. You can follow Owen here: @OwenSmith_MP You can follow Matt here: @mattforde For tickets to Matt's nights at the Soho Theatre, other tour dates and the Political Party go to:

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4. The Naughty Show #108: Owen Smith's Bubble Guts Take Us There

The Naughty Show #108: Owen Smith's Bubble Guts Take Us There

Owen Smith joins Sam, Gareth & Vicky to kick off Black History Month! Owen is a writer on Whitney, Everybody Hates Chris and Are We There Yet? and was voted Most Likely to Succeed by his graduating class. Sam & Vicky recap The Gay Naughty BathHouse Show & Gareth’s sexy rasp talks Failosophy. Owen talks about his stand-up career, DC, Notre Dame, black rooms, joke thieves and funding his own comedy special. Sam divulges his Mariah Carey conspiracy theory. Call the throat plumber - who wants some GaytorAIDS?!? Kathleen Turner, 9 in the p’s.

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5. Tectonic Penthouse

Tectonic Penthouse

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6. Shy Fx Ft Liam Bailey - Soon Come (Shy FX Remix)

Shy Fx Ft Liam Bailey - Soon Come (Shy FX Remix)

Great tune in true Shyt fx Fashion!¬!!!!!!!

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7. Owen Smith

Owen Smith

Integration is over as the Champs welcome black comedian Owen Smith, who is best known for his appearance on Conan O'Brien and The Ruckus on Comedy Central.  He talks with the Champs about his four years at Notre Dame, black people behaving differently around white people, and why women don't want to date comedians.

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