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  • Published: 2017-09-03T20:18:08Z
  • By Fathz

FATHZ - PRIMELOOPS Derechos Reservados por PRIMELOOPS Download for free on The Artist Union

nothing at of , which is

3. The German Ü Rock Mixtape - Slipknot, Rammstein, Metallica, ...

The German Ü Rock Mixtape - Slipknot, Rammstein, Metallica, ...

M Y P L A Y L I S T J a c k Ü - M i n d & S n o o p D o g g M a j o r L a z e r - G e t F r e e f e a t . A m b e r ( W h a t S o N o t R e m i x A l i A s - H o o d i e x C h u c k s (E s k e i 8 3 e d i t) K C R e b e l l - H e n n e s s y M a r s i m o t o - W e l l n e s s M a r t e r i a - O M G M a r t e r i a v s D I P L O - O . M . G . , E x p r e s s Y o u r s e l M a r t e r i a - K i d s [ K I D S I M I U S R E M I X M a r t e r i a - K i d s K . I . Z . - H u r r a d i e W e l t g e h t u n t e r f t . H e n n i n g M a y M a r t e r i a - A l l e s V e r b o t e n ( f e a t . c a s p e r ) T h e P r o d i g y - V o o d o o P e o p l e S S I O - N u t t ö ö ö e d i t P a p a R o a c h - L a s t R e s o r t D i s t u r b e d - D o w n W i t h T h e S i c k n e s D i s t u r b e d - D e c a d e n c e E m i n e m - B e r z e r k M e n W i t h o u t H a t s - S a f e t y D a n c e Y e l l o w C l a w - D J T u r n I t U p L i l J o n - G e t L o w L i l J o n f t T y g a - B e n d O v a O T C - H e r i t a g e J o h n n y G o o d - M u c h a c h o S a l t s h a k e r b l e n d e d i t Ra g e A g a i n s t t h e M a c h i n e - G u e r r i l l a R a d i o T h e O f f s p r i n g - W a n t y o u b a d D J K a t c h - T h e H o r n s T h e O f f s p r i n g - W h y d o n t y o u g e t a j o b Y e l l o w C l a w - D a n c e f l o o r C h a m p i o n S u m 4 1 - F a t L i p ( M i l k N C o o k i e s L a k e H o u s e R e m i x M a j o r L a z e r & D J S n a k e - L e a n O n ( f e a t . M Ø ) D J S n a k e - M i d d l e ( F e a t . B i p o l a r S u n s h i n e D r . D r e - T h e N e x t E p i s o d e f t . S n o o p D o g g ( S a n H o l o R e m i x ) D r a k e - F i n d Y o u r L o v e (D J B E K Z e d i t) D r a k e - F i n d Y o u r L o v e ( T i m G u n t e r R e m i x ) T h e C h a i n s m o k e r s - R o s e s F t . R O Z E L i n k i n P a r k - I n T h e E n d M a r t i n G a r r i x - A n i m a l s C u t t i n g C r e w - D i e d i n y o u r a r m s e d i d N i c k i M i n a j - S t a r s h i p s D a f t P u n k - O n e M o r e T i m e F o o F i g h t e r s - B e s t o f T i t a n i u m G u n s N ' R o s e s - S w e e t C h i l d O ' M i n e K i d C u d i - P u r s u i t o f H a p p i n e s s B i n g o P l a y e r s - R a t t l e F u n F a c t o r y - D o h W a h D i d d y R a m m s t e I n - K e i n e L u s H u d s o n M o h a w k e - T h u n d e r B a y D r a k e - T r o p h i e s S k r i l l e x A n d D i p l o - F e b r e z e D o n o t s - W e ' r e N o t G o n n a T a k e I t M a d s e n - D i e P e r f e k t i o n M e t a l l i c a - S e e k a n d D e s t r o y S l i p k n o t - D u a l i t y S l i p k n o t - B e f o r e I F o r g e t B o n e C r u s h e r - N e v e r S c a r e d S N A I L S - D i r t y R a x x x F l o s s t r a d a m u s - M o s p h i t H E R O E S X V I L l A I N S - F L E X S t e v e A o k i , D i p l o & D e o r r o - F r e a k J u s t i c e v s S i m i a n - W e A r e Y o u r F r i e n d s C a l v i n H a r r i s - S u m m e r ( D i p l o & G r a n d t h e f t R e m i x ) R L G r i m e & W h a t S o N o t - T e l l M e L i s t e n t o k a i - D i p l o R e v o l u t i o n F l u x P a v i l i o n - I C a n t S t o p E d S h e e r a n - C o C o ( B e n E s s e r R e m i x )

nothing at of , which is

4. dance4theMoney


Tracklist: 1. 4the$theythrow - AnthemATL 2. ► 12 FREE TRAP DRUM LOOPS!!! [30mb] - P R I M E L O O P S Performed with Mixvibes Cross DJ for Android

nothing at of , which is

5. adba


Tracklist: 1. INFECTED ► HYBRID TRAP DRUMS! - P R I M E L O O P S 2. ABBA_-_S.O.S._1975_(High_Quality)_128_16842960 - Performed with Mixvibes Cross DJ for Android

nothing at of , which is



Just a little mix I did. Enjoy. The piano loops used in this mix are from:P R I M E L O O P S. The link to the soundcloud track is: -Any feedback is greatly appreciated!-

nothing at of , which is

7. FFdddFddddddddddFFklkidjfhfdkfhlajsdfldkjdkl


ID3 bWTIT2 April 1stTALB  Hype City SoundtrackTYER  1993PRIV  PeakValue 6 PRIV  AverageLevel } TPE1  Neutral Milk HotelCOMM h engiTunNORM 000002B0 000002A4 000005D6 000005E2 0000EA77 000138AE 000024F9 000021BD 0000EAA5 0000EAA5 APIC ªK image/png ‰PNG  IHDR í   ÚÖðV gAMA ÙBÖO¡ pHYs  gŸÒR $tEXtSoftware QuickTime 7.0.4 (Mac OS X) â-> tIMEÖ5 {3 IDATxœ\¼y”dçuö­o­½º«÷éÙW ö A€ ’")’ÖF)%%–ul)ÑqœÈ(Îñ9É9–œÇ¡Žku$R"i2âAØ˜ f03Ý=Ý=½V×¾¼ý}KîWMþ!÷ ÝÕU¯Þû¾{˽÷þ…GŸ¹Hä¯}þWþÖ¯"n£V_ô;¬VqÑnX1û)E­ Ô[email protected]ÔGþt>Sãn!”ÅQÓ:Ó–ÜHœŒ[¡2Ó+w¨ã¹:T"lq…µ& M…–oܤ/EŸ,ã ¬l$¥ÙrÁåAŽ¤/ŸÆ~Š¸ é6JÇ‚ã¼¹Bôž=³Œ'[email protected]Ø¡´@Æ:Û¸M±RØGS5ëhYrœtÐ÷þÓó÷Ö‹m—}ç÷¿ðùûî[F·EˆdqªÒB8ûí^¾šÄ¯ >:›+oþã_ùÙOýì\µ0RBÊ4WßýÁ+ô§5cÕž:ª~éã÷¶PñÿüÒ¿ÿÂUÏK~ÿü½8Š¿þ•ï]}k%Cœ'Ÿ:záÉÞÿ·;«7Öî8:¬Xbq~¦Ù4ÇÏÅ=µÒÏ=pÏgyÐ;s é1jʸK“m®^J:t­‡F¡Õ³ÉÝ•B=Ú(?|lÖ²œŽ£®÷ ôÅ÷ZoÄ"Ï¡gXc¢¾´ÒRÉ®a¸ ­£ÌÖ°3Rª~O–JçBÚ|Áÿ4¦¾Ã°7ð ËC U“/Ji©T€Ë”y®¤d„)‡8˜ø¡,»ž°óí‚"”êå#s¿òù_xæ¿ù „á ÍÍ1eŽè.6µ-Û º?þÎלèÄý\¬=x®‹è?þÝÿûÒw¿Z°|Bõ/ä¿ÿ‡ÿÒ®Õáuʼšs…F$ûêevýz^©Ð^=± «d„˜–Ô©-y‹[‹÷ FP¢Z¹ 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8. Breathe


Thank you for listening to this song. It's taken from the album "Audiotronic Traveller" (2007). Electropop, melodic, dance and '80s sound influences... someone said there are beats of Depeche Mode too :) Please support me and tell your friends who may like my music! • official website with FREE music download: • follow me on Soundcloud @lespattes • like me on Facebook ***** BREATHE No long black For breakfast No surprise For something new No deep sorrow to feel No deep joy to feel I wish I were Somewhere else Where I can breathe A life that sometimes Sleeps too much Pretending to forget People, places And their faces It hurts, it hurts my heart It s gone it s gone too far ***** Backing vocals by Amber Johnston

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9. 5W1SH3R - DUBST3P - Live demo - 12.2010

  • Published: 2010-12-18T05:42:39Z
  • By 5W1SH3R
5W1SH3R - DUBST3P - Live demo - 12.2010

Over 30 tracks. Lemme know what you think. Track List (out of order, will fix soon): 1. H i d e & S e e k ( R o k s o n i x R e m i x ) 2. H U L K - N a s & D a m i a n M a r l e y - P a t i e n c e ( H U L K R e m i x ) 3. D i z z e e R a s c a l & A r m a n d V a n H e l d e n - B o n k e r s ( D o o r l y R e m i x ) 4. S t e v e A o k i - I ' m i n t h e H o u s e F e a t . z u p e r B l a h q ( H e r v e ' s B u r n i n g D o w n t h e H o u s e M i x ) 5. 16 b i t - J u m p ! 6. J a k e s - S c a n n e r s 7. M a n L i k e M e - L o n d o n T o w n ( D o o r l y R e m i x ) 8. C a l v i n H a r r i s - I ' m N o t A l o n e ( D o o r l y R e m i x ) 9. F u g a t i v e - S u p a f l y ( T e k - O n e R e m i x ) 10. A u d i o B u l l y s - O n l y M a n ( J a k w o b R e m i x ) 11. T h e P r o d i g y - T a k e M e t o t h e H o s p i t a l ( R u s k o R e m i x ) . 12. D o c t o r P - S w e e t S h o p 13. T e k - O n e - B r o k e n S t r i n g 14. D J F r e s h - H y p e r c a i n e ( N e r o R e m i x ) . 15. D r u m s o u n d a n d B a s s l i n e S m i t h - R U R e a d y ( D u b s t e p M i x ) 16. T h e Q e m i s t s - D e m N a L i k e M e ( S u b s c a p e D u b ) 17. T h e O n e H u n d r e d - B r e a k M e D o w n ( T e k - O n e R e m i x ) 18. T c - W h e r e ' s M y M o n e y ( C a s p a R e m i x ) . 19. B o r g o r e - I n a T r o u b l e 20. B o r g o r e - G o T o B e d 21. D J F r e s h - F i g h t . 22. B . Y . O . B . & J M a j i k & W i c k a m a n - S a v e M y L i f e ( D u b s t e p M i x ) 23. D r e a d z o n e - G a n g s t e r ( T r o l l e y S n a t c h a R e m i x ) . 24. S l u m D o g z - F o r A l l T i m e . 25. S e k k l o w - B e A l r i g h t 26. B a r 9 - P i a n o T u n e 27. E x a m p l e - K i c k s t a r t s ( B a r 9 R e m i x ) . 28. N e r o - I n n o c e n c e . 29. D J F r e s h - G o l d D u s t ( F l u x P a v i l i o n R e m i x ) . 30. N u m b e r n i n 6 - G a r b a g e 31. F r e e s t y l e r s - C r a c k s ( F l u x P a v i l i o n R e m i x ) 32. 4 0 0 D a m a g e P o i n t s

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10. FreedoM & Happiness Mix049: ToMi - Primavera En Ibiza

FreedoM & Happiness Mix049: ToMi - Primavera En Ibiza

Hi everybody, Time to vibrate positive energy again..!! Listen to my newest mixtape from my FreedoM & Happiness mix sersies: quality house music to effect mind and mood. Enjoy these funky and swinging club & house tunes and get in a feel good mode. tracklist: 01. Gorgon City - Zoom Zoom (Feat. Wyclef Jean) 02. Nora En Pure - Freedom Lives Within 03. Rene Amesz, Ferreck Dawn - Rosie 04. Franky Rizardo - Same Man 05. Gabriel, Castellon - Fegato (Original Mix) 06. Crystal Waters, Richey Profond - Gypsy Woman 07. Skitzofrenix, Simon Kidzoo - Mikumi (Original Mix) 08. Federico Scavo, Provenzano - Folegandros 09. Jon Cutler - It's Yours 10. Block & Crown, Pete Rose - The 4 Letter Word (Soul) (Original Mix) 11. CamelPhat, Elderbrook - Cola (Franky Rizardo Remix) 12. Nora En Pure - Waves 13. Endor - Snake Charmer. 14. Shorty - Vazilando (Kryder & Eddie Thoneick Remix) 15. Funkerman & Enlery - We Got The Love (Original Mix) 16. Oliver Heldens, Ida Corr - Good Life (Kryder Extended Remix) 17. Block & Crown, Chris Marina - Is It Love 18. Joe Stone - Make Love 19. James Hype, Kelli Leigh - More Than Friends (Illyus & Barrientos Remix) 20. David Tort, Markem, Yas Cepeda, Ella Loponte - Stranger Love ToMi

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