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THIS BEAT IS NOT MINE AND I DO NOT OWN IT, THE INSTRUMENTAL IS 'BRUH', ASSOCIATED WITH LIL DICKY. THIS IS A NON PROFIT PROJECT Recorded and Mastered By Joey Barone at Studiolation Lyrics; How you topping the cream of the crop And dropping the semen when shots fired And pied pipers retiring Cyphers So notches on the belt be porous as pornography Sonar in me will lead you to the promise land Im Promising democracy No more egress You stuck with me Checks and fuck me B Dmx Tree top like aspestos Check it out And bodies demolishing Tarnishing copies it's ornery Desire admiring Ire and higher than piracy Hours supplying Denying a plea for equality Sci-fi signs hard line steppers Doomsday preppers, decode letters And Baby pleas, ring out So devout The last words could never seem to creep out You reach out Your handlers turn to hammers as you beat down And screech out Your nature, paper, wavers as you freak out Sleep now But loaded as a cassidy Malady, Sicker than average salary, Valiently I take Usain bolt flow I smash boundaries Half calories Taking piles of these Other rappers an Dispose of them properly Know he a prodigy Honestly gotta be Flow like it's cursive Let em Know it's curteous Verge of bursting out of his clothes Like a man engorging on the vertebrae He throws down The towel He holds out the vowels He pro-lapsed And now focused Loco motive A burden You poking a metaphorical Opiate And it's more than a phobia I'll dismember your fingertips Send em all to your coroner Slaughter ya, but don't talk no Carne asada So stay hakuna mataata Timon I toss em all ensalada You know it's yung T-bone in this Smashing all the gals in the back of a brash cabin I'm attacking all you staggering addicts I catch slacking You hash tagging I slash paladins Be at rest, when I Ash loud and then Flash countenance Know my plan is vindictive Yeah It's Mr. New Age Jam Breaking walls, fuck your neighbors I'm the Kool-aid man I make Tang And take aim But who's the shooter? Two into the noodle hide the body in the soup, like He out of control And he only eating niggas if you bag em to go oh A methodical drone Only nigga with the pot and the gold at the end of the bow

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2. The Return of the Glass Heart (Prod. P-Shar Productions)

The Return of the Glass Heart (Prod. P-Shar Productions)

WATCH THE LYRIC VIDEO FOR "LIBERTY OF THE BEAST" HERE: NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO: Alpha Riff - Superhero Swag feat. Brie Nicole Crain: Get Music: SoundCloud (Free Tracks): Reverbnation (Free Tracks/Tracks for Purchase): Bandcamp (FreeTracks/Tracks for Purchase): Interact: Facebook: Twitter: Mixtapes: D.O.R.K.: G.E.E.K.: N.E.R.D.: Credits: Pshar-productions - Huge thanks to all of my friends who sent in sound files to make this entire song happen! In order of appearance: - Amanda: "You're not alone" - Brie: "Because you've healed our hearts" - Willis: "It's mighty Willis tanking time!" - Erica, Ashley, Brian, Jesse, Andreas: "I will always be here for you." - Jesse: "Taunt it away from Alpha!" - Willis: "Yo, stand back, Alph. I got this!" - Jesse, Ashley, Mike, Willis, Brad, Amanda: "We're gonna take the bastard down! For Alpha!" If you sent in a file and it didn't get added, it may have been due to a clipping issue or a sound issue I couldn't remedy! I'm really sorry! Lyrics: Intro: (Wind)(Walking)(Heavy breathing) There it is. Just like he said. I think this is a bad idea. I think this was a really bad idea. I stand at the rim of his cave Enslaved, powerless, but brave Facing the beast all alone With only a staff and some stones To recover what I own The glass heart that he stole Chorus: It's solitary This battle that I carry When it reaches into your chest And plucks your life from its nest I couldn't ask anyone to help me Divin' deep into places the sun doesn't reach Empathic, no fighting skill, a shattered will And there he stands, flaming nostrils Red eyes and solid armor A chanced dishonor Just to take him I would have to be smarter But I'm healer, impossible to be a killer And in just a moment I'll feel My life bleed as I drop to my knees in defeat Amanda: You're not alone. We'll face it for you. You be our healer and we'll be your steel. Brie: Because you've healed our hearts, it's only right that we get yours back for you. Verse 1: I look up at a shining warrior Clad in the finest armors A friend, a champion, mother Sister, and then In a semi-circle around me are the rest of them: wizards, paladins, rogues, bards, druids, on a whim And they move before me to face the beast within To do battle so that I will win A man weak willed, big heart taken from him A Kinman stood before me as they began and said I'll be the last line of defense, he won't get past this And then the warrior A Miller She, the Black Knight, and Willis (It's mighty Willis tanking time) took turns with each strike Attacking exposed flesh and blood types That Ash Bomb and Roxie had pried from tight scale lights And for each swipe, I healed, took all pain in sight (I'll always be here for you) I stand here, beaten, battered but not alone It may be my heart, but look around, they've shown That these warriors, regardless of the make up Would do anything to protect including the very take up Chorus: It's solitary (Taunt it away from Alpha) This battle that I carry When it reaches into your chest And plucks your life from its nest I couldn't ask anyone to help me (Yo, stand back, Alph. I got this) Divin' deep into places the sun doesn't reach Empathic, no fighting skill, a shattered will Verse 2: And then the wizards, Mr M, Merlin, B Up Conjure flames of distraction, a magnificent three up The Bubbly, LD Neaves, and Alex from Chi-city Dole out potions to protect, rejuvenate, keep it roasting, looking pretty But where we would be if not for the inspiring Sounds of the bards Shar-Shar and the lovely BNC B Ward and J Dal, lifting spirits, keep standing tall As long as I'm healing, draw the pain in, I won't let you fall Not at all That's when she appeared and came near Out of the darkness, clothed in white, up to my ear And with a soft voice, this is what she said You don't have to do this alone until you're dead I'll split the pain with you We can heal together, too Share misery, break through it, make everybody happy, happy, happy (We're gonna take the bastard down! For Alpha!) Bridge: In the final moments of the battle Andre and D Neaves expose the dragon's weak knees And as one, the warriors fell upon it And slew the beast together, restoring my honor Chorus: It's solitary This battle that I carry When it reaches into your chest And plucks your life from its nest I couldn't ask anyone to help me Divin' deep into places the sun doesn't reach Empathic, no fighting skill, a shattered will Outro: The beast is dead and I walk forward I retrieve my glass heart off its pedestal Open my chest and place it back where it belongs And when I turn around, they all smile at me, nod, and disappear Yo, this may have been a fabrication of the truth But everybody mentioned has stuck with me through and through They've protected my glass heart with everything that they knew And I love and respect them with everything that I do So I hope that one day in the future I can love myself as much say you guys love me Because you're everything… I mean that

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3. Dorian meets Nibenay on the field

Dorian meets Nibenay on the field

A lone figure strides from Rajaats side of the field. Dorian growls "It's Nibenay." He turns to Libra, says nothing but slowly nods before walking to meet him. Nibenay and Dorian stop ten feet from each other. The Paladin removes his helmet and lets it fall to the ground, he nods to it and and says "So you know it's me." Nibenay laughs "As if anyone else would be stupid enough to face me alone." A very small, confident smile breaks on Dorians face "I looked for you on every battlefield, never seemed able to find you." The Sorcerer king spreads his arms "What better place than here, in front of everyone?" He lowers his arms and smiles fiendishly "I want everyone to know how you died. Sir Dorian Lightshield, Paladin of the Silver Flame. Died on his knees." The smile leaves Dorians face as quickly as it came. His left hand draws his longsword and he brings his greatshield to bear with his right. "Come on then, show me the power you traded your honour for. But fair warning, I'm not a Gnome." Nibenay nods curtly and forces on both sides of the field feel a magical tingle in the air as he throws his hands forward, unleashing a writhing mass of black flames that scorch the sand as they pass over. Dorian plants his feet and covers his body with his shield. As the column of flame strikes it he averts his eyes from the heat. He begins sliding backwards from the force of the attack, first a foot and then another. With a grunt of pain he quickly sidestep he moves out of the path of the scorching beam. With an inhuman roar that echoes through the desert, Nibenay looses a blast of fire from his mouth, it distorts the air as it flies towards his recovering opponent. Dorian is able to get his shield up in time, but as the blast connects with it, it explodes into a black cloud that he is unable to avoid inhaling. He coughs loudly and some blood sprays out of his mouth onto the sand. "Poison? Cowards weapon..." He holds his shield up again and charges towards his foe The sorcerer flings his arm sideways in a dismissive manner, spraying a wide arc of liquid fire and calls out "What does it matter? Once you're ash, you'll be spread to every corner of the desert." As the blobs of fire strike the shield Dorian ducks low without breaking stride, dragging the globes along the sand to extinguish them. He closes the distance to Nibenay and raises his sword and brings it slamming down diagonally at the sorcerers collar bone. Nibenay smirks as the blow connects in a shower of sparks. The solid hit is deflected to one side by platinum tinted dragon scales that suddenly sprout from his skin. "Three steps ahead of you." He says tauntingly as he slams a fist into Dorians heavy greatshield, crumpling it like paper. "And now you can't hide." Dorian drops the shield and grips his longsword with both hands. Silver flames ignite along the blade as he swings it vertically with a powerful shout. With a casual expression, Nibenay catches the sword in one hand he keeps his eyes locked on Dorians as he slowly bends the blade sideways, warping it beyond use. The heat from his hand leaving scorch marks in the steel. Stepping forward, Dorian releases the weapon "Bad idea, friend." He intones as he launches his gauntleted fist into the jaw of Nibenay. Upon impact there is a crack of thunder and the sorcerer shrieks as his jaw is set alight with flames. He falls to his knees and raises his hands but nothing happens, he looks at them in shock as the holy flame burns his face, searing his skin. Dorian draws the greatsword off his back and raises the weapon over his head, bringing it down in a final downward slash to remove his foes head from his shoulders. As the sword swings down Nibenay gathers his strength and catches hold of the Paladins wrist, wrenching it violently in his hands with a loud sickening crack making him drop his weapon. Nibenay stands, the leather mask covering the lower portion of his face falls away as the straps burn, revealing a reptilian mouth and scales. As he pants Dorian is able to see a mouth full of yellow, sharp teeth. He looks on with shock as he clutches his shattered wrist. The Shadow king tries again to summon a spell but nothing happens. He hunches over and large leathery wings sprout from his back, he jumps aloft and his wings take him away from the two armies, and away from whitesun. "You've traded more than your honour...Nibenay... What have become."

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