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1. Utada Hikaru - Passion ~after the battle~ (FFmusic Dj Bootleg Mix) (Kingdom Hearts 2)

Utada Hikaru - Passion ~after the battle~ (FFmusic Dj Bootleg Mix) (Kingdom Hearts 2)

This is a remix of Utada Hikaru's Passion from Kingdom Hearts 2

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3. Utada Hikaru - Passion ~after the battle~ (æro's Changing Future Mix)

Utada Hikaru - Passion ~after the battle~ (æro's Changing Future Mix)

Remixes by me under both my progressive and uplifting aliases.

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4. Sanctuary Orchestral & Piano Arrangement (Kingdom Hearts II) - From 'Reflections of Another World'

Sanctuary Orchestral & Piano Arrangement (Kingdom Hearts II) - From 'Reflections of Another World'

'Sanctuary (From "Kingdom Hearts II")' is the second track from the orchestral disc of 'Reflections of Another World', a 20-track album of arrangements of video-game music by Laura Platt. Download this track and the rest of Reflections of Another World: iTunes ► Spotify ► Google Play ► Beautiful album art by Val Choung! ► 'Passion ~after the battle~' was originally composed and performed by Utada Hikaru as part of 'Kingdom Hearts II's original soundtrack. Follow me! Twitter ► Facebook ►

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5. Chill Nights Mix - Vol. 3

Chill Nights Mix - Vol. 3

Another Chill night installment filled with covers, remixes, inspired, or original scores from some of your favorite video games. Rest easy to this mix! *Track listing* -Schala's Theme (vocal remix by Supershigi) [Chrono Trigger] - [Ori and the Blind Forest] - Up the Spirit Caverns Walls (feat. Tom Boyd - [Ico] - Castle in the Mist - Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Junkie XL mix) [Mirror's Edge] - Yoko Shimomura - Dearly Beloved (Famizen Liquid Dubstep Remix)[Kingdom Hearts] - [Final Fantasy X-2] - Eternity Memory Of Lightwaves - [Rayman Legends] - When the Wind Blows - Sun Araw - Horse Steppin' [Hotline Miami] - Gutham - Island Settlers - [Final Fantasy X HD Remaster] OST - Besaid Island - Awitw - Gates of Heaven - [Shining Force Neo] - Ruins of Oblivion - [The legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask] - Song of Healing (dj-Jo Remix) - Beatriz Martin - Off to Sleep [Child Of Light Original Soundtrack] - Ellen McLain - Still Alive [Portal] - Crystal Castles - Magic Spells - [Nier] OST - This Dream - [Mass Effect] - Uncharted Worlds - [Xenosaga Episode I] OST - U.M.N. Mode - Olivier Sirois - Sky Chase Zone Remake [ Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ] - [Final Fantasy XIII] - Atonement - [Papo & Yo] - Liberation (La Muerte De Papo) - Utada Hikaru - Passion (after the battle) [ Kingdom Hearts II]

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6. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Greenday] - William Morano COVER

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Greenday] - William Morano COVER

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is a song by American punk rock band Green Day, recorded for their seventh studio album American Idiot (2004). Reprise Records released "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" as the second single from American Idiot. The song's lyrics were written by lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, and composed by the band. In popular culture: Covers This song was covered by Japanese-American singer Hikaru Utada acoustically with a guitar during an internet broadcast in December 2005; a video of it can be found. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is sung first and then fades into "Passion" (After the Battle version) from the Kingdom Hearts II original soundtrack. A Gottfried Helnwein painting titled "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" features James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and other celebrities, and is a spoof of the famous Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks. In the 2005 VH1 Storytellers program featuring Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong stated that the title of the song was "nicked" from Helnwein's painting; however, Armstrong was apparently referring to a different Helnwein painting featuring James Dean. A live version of the song can be found on Bullet in a Bible, the 2005 live album of Green Day performing on June 19 that year at the Milton Keynes National Bowl. Bluegrass band Cornbread Red did a cover of the song on a tribute album to Green Day Pickin' on Green Day, while the German choir Gregorian did a cover, on their Masters of Chant Chapter V album, in the style of a Gregorian Chant. Mark Mallman covered this song on his MP3-only compilation release Outtakes Vol 1. The song is also featured in Green Day's musical American Idiot, sung on the cast recording by John Gallagher Jr., Rebecca Naomi Jones, and the rest of the company. Usage in media: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is also featured in the movie trailer of Lords of Dogtown (2005), starring Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch and John Robinson. In an episode of the MTV series When I Was 17, Ashley Fink reveals that "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was a favorite song of hers. The song was sung by Dwight Shrute and Andy Bernard in the episode "Secret Santa" of the sixth season of The Office. - Credits: Username: KellyValleau

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7. Ben Acosta - Ideology (6 - 21 - 14)

  • Published: 2014-06-22T07:07:19Z
  • By BenAcosta
Ben Acosta - Ideology (6 - 21 - 14)

This mix is one that's been brooding for a long time. It was supposed to be my Salty Tranwrecks #3 set, but it never saw the light of day. Lately I've been dabbling in other genres, that aren't trance. "Ideology" brings me back to before I played tons of genres, I was so focused on being a strictly just a Dance Music/Trance DJ. This is a call back to when I would start slow, and continuously build up BPM to a huge track at the end of a set. I can still make it happen, but Trance, in the grand scheme of things isn't a genre that I can get a lot of gigs with, and is not as popular as other music these days. As for the music selection, it starts off with progressive trance, I threw in a bit of progressive psychedelic trance to spice the mix up a bit. And some trance classics that should get the nostalgia going. It all ends up with one of my favorite tracks of 2013, "Mechanical Tears". At least half of the music you hear in this mix was free, downloaded right here on soundcloud! So please follow the artists you like! Tell them you heard it here! Take care and enjoy! -Ben 01. Andain - Ave Maria (Code Duello Bootleg) 02. Holden and Thompson - Nothing (Ad Brown Mix) 03. Airwave - Oyama (Terra Ferma Remix) 04. Rinster - Out of The Water (Nick Thompson's Ibiza Sunrise Remix) 05. Utada Hikaru - Passion - After the Battle (FFMusicDJ Mix) 06. Mike Mikhjian - The Girl from Detroit 07. Mike Foyle vs. Signal Runners - Love Theme Dusk (Daniel van Sand Remix) 08. Accadia - Into the Dawn (Mike Mikhjian Remix) 09. Akira Kayosa and Firestorm - Reflections (Eldritch Project Remix) 10. Porter Robinson - Spitfire (Bjorn Akesson Remix) 11. Marc Simz - Forbidden City 12. Dogzilla - Without You (Simon's Dead Dog Remix) 13. Paul Van Dyk - Another Way (Club Mix) 14. Vibrasphere - Sweet September (Alter Nature Remix) 15. Corderoy - Mechanical Tears (Club Mix) Artwork available at

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