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A clip of the original score soundtrack from the new upcoming feature film "PATIENT SEVEN" starring Michael Ironside, William Mark McCullough, Jack Plotnick. Music written by Jojo Draven.

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3. Delhi government orders magisterial inquiry into the death of a seven-year old dengue patient.

Delhi government orders magisterial inquiry into the death of a seven-year old dengue patient.

Delhi government orders magisterial inquiry into the death of a seven-year old dengue patient; Union Health Minister directs Centre's hospitals in Delhi not to deny treatment to suspected dengue patients.

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6. Patient Sixty-Seven

Patient Sixty-Seven

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8. patient sections (for seven)

  • Published: 2013-04-18T12:07:23Z
  • By domlash
patient sections (for seven)

Patrick Farmer (bandoneon), Bruno Guastalla (cello), Dominic Lash (contrabass and composition), Tim Parkinson (piano), Michael Pisaro (electric guitar), Stefan Thut (cello), Paul Whitty (harmonium). Recorded 10th November 2012 at the Holywell Music Room, Oxford, by Bruno Guastalla. Mastered by Dominic Lash.

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11. Project Pablo "Closer" - Boiler Room Debuts

Project Pablo

Who better to kick off the inaugural release of SOBO [Sounds Of Beaubien Ouest] than Patrick Holland, best known as Project Pablo. Affiliated with the Canadian Riviera's 1080p troupe, as well as Seb Wildblood's Church and Lone's Magicwire – Holland now adds Beaubien Dream as the fourth instalment to his 12" series. The Beaubien connection comes from Montreal's Rue Beaubien, of which Holland is a resident. SOBO is headed up by fellow longstanding citizens of the Beaubien Ouest hood, Arbutus Records and their extended family – of which Holland is an instrumental part. An initial teaser of the EP's opening "Closer" was aired publicly during Holland's BR London set back in October, as well as his NTS appearance with Lone and Gabriola earlier this year. Now, after a patient seven-month wait, we can finally wrap our mitts around it in its entirety. Alongside its two subsequent components, the track acts as a homage to Holland's home. With its distinctive Dx7 melodies, jingly percussion provided by bells (of the cow variety amongst others) and an insatiable groove growing lazily throughout – "Closer" is instantaneous happiness. Catch Beaubien Dream in full on 3rd June via SOBO.

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12. Music Concert in Darjeeling in aid of a Kidney Patient

Music Concert in Darjeeling in aid of a Kidney Patient

Diwaskar Chettri from Darjeeling is telling us about a initiative by youths "Artists for Change". He also tells us that AOC is street jamming everyday at Chowrasta, Darjeeling to raise funds for a kidney patient and that a concert is being organized on 29th June featuring bands from outside Darjeeling.

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13. Jingle Bells (Christmas Cover)

Jingle Bells (Christmas Cover)

Our version of the Christmas classic, 'Jingle Bells'! This is a cover we did purely for a bit of fun in the spirit of the holiday season. It's available for FREE download - so be sure to pick it up and jam it for Xmas! DISCLAIMER - Please don't take us too seriously on this one! - Thanks for all the support we've gotten as a new band in 2014. lyrics [CHORUS]: Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way; Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh O'er the fields we go Laughing all the way Bells on bobtail ring' Making spirits bright What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight [CHORUS] A day or two ago, The story I must tell I went out on the snow, And on my back I fell; A gent was riding by In a one-horse open sleigh, He laughed as there I sprawling lie, But quickly drove away // [CHORUS] credits released 15 December 2014 Produced/Mixed by MKS Guitars Produced/Engineered by Bryce Kariger at Rigerous Recording Mastered by Bryce Kariger at Rigerous Recording

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Three years in the making, Symmetry - the project that began as a conceptual tangent between Glass Candy, Chromatics, Mirage, & Desire's more abstract sides - finally sees its release this month. Themes For An Imaginary Film is two hours of claustrophobic cinematic bliss compiled for Painters, Writers, Photographers, Designers, Cruisers, Night Walkers, & Dreamers. Adrenaline drips thick like syrup across a horizon where memories become blurred scenes behind the windshield & yesterday's faces fade as the road strobes to aggressive rhythms. Romantic melodies linger in the rearview mirror as chimera bells saturate the electric fog that's slowly rolling in. Over the span of thirty seven tracks, Symmetry embraces the elegance of European noir cut with a lean & violent American razor. Directly in your face & breathing down your neck one minute, & escaping beyond the night sky the next. The attention given to color & detail on these recordings is more graphic than musical. More visual than aural. With no flashy virtuosity to clutter the mood, the album's pulse thrives on the empty pockets of space left in the wake of throbbing bass & the faint flicker of electro candlelight. Minimal, strict, & always in motion, there's an oppressive overtone throughout the record that winds itself tight as a clock. Johnny Jewel & Nat Walker (Chromatics & Desire) give us propulsive moments that are more rhythm based than Pop, & less reliant on a lyrical presence than their other projects. A lot of computer screens have flashed rumors of Jewel's synthesized score for Nicolas Refn's Drive this year. Symmetry isn't his score for Drive. These tracks date back to 2008 when Jewel was working on Farah's Into Eternity album. Some of the other tracks are the first things Jewel & Walker worked on in Montreal before Desire was up & running, & while Chromatics was in hiding after the success of Night Drive. As Jewel says: "We were just spending all night in a trance with not enough sleep, exploring space, rhythm & tone." With repetitions in theme like hi hats dressed as stopwatches, and bass lines mimicking the pumping of blood, the statement of Symmetry is in the understatement. Dueling themes permeate & mirror the entire album. Feminine / Masculine. Space / Density. Bass / Treble. Tension / Release. Love / Isolation. Taking cues in texture & ambiance from Amercian composers John Cage, Morton Feldman, & Glenn Branca, while applying the more cascading & visual concepts of European composers Maurice Ravel, Gyorgy Ligeti, Erik Satie, & Karlheinz Stockhausen. We hear all of these elements through the veil & color of analog synthesizers & rhythm machines from the early 1970s, resulting in the suspenseful & patient territory pioneered by the hands of John Carpenter, Claudio Simonetti, Wendy Carlos, Klaus Schulze, & Krzysztof Komeda. Symmetry is not Pop. Stripped it to its most primitive & visceral core, this is music written for picture. Your life is the film & this is the soundtrack. Themes For An Imaginary Film Recorded April 2008 Through May 2011 Musicians Johnny Jewel / Piano, Synthesizer, Treatments, & Rhythm Machine Nat Walker / Sequencer, Synthesizer, & Drum Adam Miller / Guitar Ruth Radelet / Voice Achille Vettessi / Orchestral Percussion Simone Adonai / Bassoon Petrovka Makarov / Cello Adriana Esposito / Viola Track Listing 01. Introduction (3:03) 02. City Of Dreams (2:33) 03. Over The Edge (5:37) 04. The Nightshift (0:51) 05. Paper Chase (3:29) 06. Outside Looking In (2:07) 07. Midnight Sun (2:29) 08. Behind The Wheel (5:29) 09. Thicker Than Blood (3:37) 10. A Sort Of Homecoming (3:33) 11. Winner Take All (3:29) 12. Death Mask (5:35) 13. Jackie's Eyes (3:33) 14. The Fading Faces (2:15) 15. Mind Games (3:13) 16. The Maze (3:59) 17. Threshold (3:13) 18. Flashback (3:57) 19. Blood Sport (3:41) 20. The Hunt (2:49) 21. Survival Instinct (2:53) 22. Hall Of Mirrors (4:11) 23. Eulogy (2:57) 24. The Messenger (3:57) 25. Love Theme (1:55) 26. Through The Gauntlet (3:41) 27. Ghost Town (4:25) 28. Cruise Control (3:24) 29. Wave Goodbye (0:63) 30. Magic Gardens (2:05) 31. An Eye For An Eye (2:03) 32. The Point Of No Return (5:55) 33. Cremation (2:53) 34. The Nightshift Reprise (1:03) 35. Memories Are Forever Part (3:01) 36. Echoes Of The Mind (1:21) 37. Streets Of Fire (4:53) Total Driving Time 2 Hours 37 Seconds

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15. Patient Sixty-Seven (2014 Teaser)

Patient Sixty-Seven (2014 Teaser)

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16. Gustavo Bling

Gustavo Bling

The debut single from Patient Sixty-Seven, (29th June 2014 - Debuting at #4 on the iTunes Metal charts) Available NOW on iTunes & Bandcamp: - iTunes Please check out and - if you dig the track - it would mean alot if you could support us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! --- ---- DIY/Independently recorded & released

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17. Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich, read by George Newbern

  • Published: 2016-07-09T05:25:39Z
  • By PRH Audio
Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich, read by George Newbern

For readers of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks comes a propulsive, haunting journey into the secret history of brain science by Luke Dittrich, whose grandfather performed the surgery that created the most studied human research subject of all time: the amnesic known as Patient H.M. “Oliver Sacks meets Stephen King in a piercing study of one of psychiatric medicine’s darker hours. . . . A mesmerizing, maddening story and a model of journalistic investigation.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review) In 1953, a twenty-seven-year-old factory worker named Henry Molaison—who suffered from severe epilepsy—received a radical new version of the then-common lobotomy, targeting the most mysterious structures in the brain. The operation failed to eliminate Henry’s seizures, but it did have an unintended effect: Henry was left profoundly amnesic, unable to create long-term memories. Over the next sixty years, Patient H.M., as Henry was known, became the most studied individual in the history of neuroscience, a human guinea pig who would teach us much of what we know about memory today. Patient H.M. is, at times, a deeply personal journey. Dittrich’s grandfather was the brilliant, morally complex surgeon who operated on Molaison—and thousands of other patients. The author’s investigation into the dark roots of modern memory science ultimately forces him to confront unsettling secrets in his own family history, and to reveal the tragedy that fueled his grandfather’s relentless experimentation—experimentation that would revolutionize our understanding of ourselves. Dittrich uses the case of Patient H.M. as a starting point for a kaleidoscopic journey, one that moves from the first recorded brain surgeries in ancient Egypt to the cutting-edge laboratories of MIT. He takes readers inside the old asylums and operating theaters where psychosurgeons, as they called themselves, conducted their human experiments, and behind the scenes of a bitter custody battle over the ownership of the most important brain in the world. Patient H.M. combines the best of biography, memoir, and science journalism to create a haunting, endlessly fascinating story, one that reveals the wondrous and devastating things that can happen when hubris, ambition, and human imperfection collide.Advance praise for Patient H.M.“Patient H.M. tells one of the most fascinating and disturbing stories in the annals of medicine, weaving in ethics, philosophy, a personal saga, the history of neurosurgery, the mysteries of human memory, and an exploration of human ego.”—Sheri Fink, M.D., Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Five Days at Memorial “Dittrich explores the limits of science and the mind. In the process, he rescues an iconic life from oblivion. Dittrich is well aware that while we are the sum of what we may remember, we’re also at the mercy of what we can forget. This is classic reporting and myth-making at the same time.”—Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin “This book succeeds on every level: as a fresh look at the most famous patient in medical history, as an exposé of our dark history of psychiatry and neurosurgery, and, most powerfully, as a deeply personal investigation into the author’s past. And yet it’s still a page-turner that reads like a thriller.”—Susannah Cahalan, author of Brain on Fire “It felt as if I read this book in one breath. Patient H.M. is a fascinating, powerful investigation, a matryoshka doll of nested stories about the past and present, remembering and forgetting.”—Michael Paterniti, author of The Telling Room

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18. luvsick (intro)

luvsick (intro)

Free Download or Limited Edition Pink 'Otaku' Cassette SPOTIFY: APPLE MUSIC: BUY THE OFFICIAL DRUM KIT HERE: FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY FOLLOW ME ON SONGKICK Released by @grifotapes. Art by zomkashwak ( About I named the album 'Otaku' to poke fun at myself and my love for anime/Japan. It also falls in line with Lofi Hip Hop's obsession with the anime aesthetic. I always joke with my friends that I'm a step away from getting a body pillow. I also wanted to explore the stigma behind it and question its definition. I don't think people should judge each other so harshly. The album is inspired by many things: Anime (Mob Psycho 100, Re:zero, Cowboy Bebop, Golden Time, Durarara!!, Seven Deadly Sins, Neon Genesis Evangelion), TV shows (Freaks & Geeks, Stranger Things), certain genres like future (Quickly, Quickly, Lido), lofi hiphop (Knxwledge, sleepy eyes, O.S.L., ohbliv, bsd.u, SwuM, wuntwo, mt. marcy, Josh Hey, Beat Haus, Paxico Records, Stones Throw, dil withers, a.bee,), Funk/soul (Sade, Milton Wright, George Duke, Prince Phillip Mitchell), Jazz (John Klemmer, Shigeo Sekito, Larry Willis, John Coltrane), 80s/90s rap (Eazy E, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, AZ, De La Soul), 80s acid house (Phil Fearon & the Galaxy), and 90s/2000s R&B (Xscape, Musiq Soulchild, Lalah Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Silk). Certain rappers (Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, Earl Sweatshirt, Max B, Skepta/BBK, Lord Apex), certain albums (Blonde by Frank Ocean, Freetown Sound by Blood Orange, JEFFERY by No My Name Is Jeffery, P3 by PARTYNEXTDOOR), food channels and respective foodies/chefs (Munchies, Matty Matheson, Eddie Huang, Sean Evans, First We Feast's Hot Ones, Gordon Ramsay, Morimoto's 'Momosan' on Lex), and other things like Akai, reel to reel machines (Akai 1720w), cassette culture, Roy Woods, Rihanna, Rick Rubin, Sven Libaek, Zen Buddhism, and a lot of other things that inspired me in one way or another. The album art is done by zomkashwak ( and is inspired by a past muse.. I took the summer off to study beatmaking and this is the culmination of that effort. I would watch videos for seven hours a day every day of the week. I probably watched upwards of 300 hours of video tutorials from legends like Matt Weiss and Echo Soundworks. I also read the Art of Mixing by David Gibson. I dedicate this album to my family who continues to support and love me unconditionally — more than I deserve. Thanks to everyone who helped make this album, especially dylAn for getting the interlude in on time and ISBA for providing dope background vocals. Big thanks to Jux Chemist for the art direction/helping me find the aesthetic of the album. Thanks to the Grifo Tapes family for putting me on, sponsoring my broke ass, and for being patient with me haha. Thanks to Inner Ocean Records for pressing the tapes and big up to zomkashwak for providing the trill album art. Finally, thank you to the fans. You guys telling me you vibe with my songs is the reason I do this

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19. Escape - (Prod. Omito)

  • Published: 2017-11-11T17:05:05Z
  • By Skaa
Escape - (Prod. Omito)

Instagram: its_skaa Lyrics: You prolly won't understand it I never take it for granted My drive is on automatic I plan on living so lavish Reminded when just when I reminisce Life is something I cherish, Man it's crazy how as people we do it all for the status Post it up for the social it's really getting embarrassing we all tryna stay relevant Breaking out of our elements These thoughts arising just from blowing on the cannabis I'm always writing so just know that I would never quit Over horizons man I'm straight from where Manila is In speakers reaching to brown black and vanilla kids I know they plotting they just waiting to stop me They probably don't want me eating steak and wasabi Was tired of getting salary tryna get paper hourly I just wanted a lotta cheese Take her out for some Japanese Growing a money tree I just planted a lotta seeds Been generous and I put that on my philanthropy The good times is when I'm praying the most Celebrating my team win is when I'm faded the most Couldn't wait to spit this fire I was patient and cold I pray for my foes. Y'all couldn't put a date on my flows. But I still got lotta shit to prove Moving with a different view Hang around shooters that won’t hesitate to get rid of you Tell her I’m just tryna hit girl I ain’t really into you criticize but understand that I did what I needed to Don't come around if you was never with us My next goal is hitting seven figures Said I was done but I beg to differ We just play it safe and load up on some extra liquor Don't come around if you was Never with us My next goal is hitting Seven figures Said I was done but I beg to differ We just play it safe and load up on some extra liquor We had to find another way when the door closed Lotta mistakes you know you keep it real when your flaws show Now we pulling off what they all said was impossible back home Imma drop a couple mills on a condo Was hard to move like I was stuck in a box Dealing with some grudges I ain’t even talking to pops Was a lotta other shit that left me hurt to max But fuck it Imma go and hunt for the cash And that’s just really how it goes I been really tryna get it now Shooting for my goals and I feel I’m bout hit it now Said that I was ghost and I’m missing but I’m still around Wouldn’t make it close that’s just something that I really doubt Cos I made a vow we gon make it out the middle class Came from empty pockets now I’m bout to count a million cash Niggas taking shots I’m just chilling I don’t feel a threat How she kinda mad I ain’t replying when I read the text If you had it like I did you would prolly fold Royalty when I’m throwing on a versace robe If you aint’ talking bout getting the bag it’s adios It’s no debating you just gotta go I can’t lie was fascinated by fast cars and designer clothes Just tryna cop whatever mama chose And so I had to plant a seed sit back and watch a dollar grow This shit’ll turn into a pot of gold Dont come around if you was vever with us My next goal is hitting seven figures Said I was done but I beg to differ We just play it safe and load up on some extra liquor

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