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1. Pein - Lamnam Mo muna Utak mo Peter Bago Mag-rap

Pein - Lamnam Mo muna Utak mo Peter Bago Mag-rap

para sa tarantadong naghaman na e diss ko xa wahahaha...ikaw ang na una kaya pinagbigyan kita

nothing at of , which is

2. Schamanisch


nothing at of , which is

3. Schamanische Macht

Schamanische Macht

wenn mann genau hinöhrt kann man zwischendurch obertöne höhren (:

nothing at of , which is

5. OHM


nothing at of , which is

6. Leader Of Men Nicklback By Beda

Leader Of Men Nicklback By Beda


nothing at of , which is

10. Acid Pein

Acid Pein

nothing at of , which is

12. Live Work Work Work Die by Corey Pein, audiobook excerpt

Live Work Work Work Die by Corey Pein, audiobook excerpt

Listen to an excerpt of Corey Pein's LIVE WORK WORK WORK DIE audiobook, read by author. A scathing, sardonic exploration of Silicon Valley tech culture, laying bare the greed, hubris, and retrograde politics of an industry that aspires to radically transform society for its own benefit. This enlightening audiobook is a must-listen for anyone interested or involved in the tech industry. At the height of the start-up boom, journalist Corey Pein set out for Silicon Valley with little more than a smartphone and his wits. His goal: to learn how such an overhyped industry could possibly sustain itself as long as it has. Determined to cut through the clichés of big tech - the relentless optimism, the mandatory enthusiasm, and the earnest, incessant repetition of vacuous buzzwords - Pein decided that he would need to take an approach as unorthodox as the companies he would soon be covering. To truly understand the delirious reality of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, he knew, he would have to inhabit that perspective - he would have to become an entrepreneur. Thus he begins his journey - skulking through gimmicky tech conferences, pitching his over-the-top business ideas to investors, and interviewing a cast of outrageous characters: cyborgs and con artists, Teamsters and transhumanists, jittery hackers and naive upstart programmers whose entire lives are managed by their employers - who work endlessly and obediently, never thinking to question their place in the system. In showing us this frantic world, Pein challenges the positive, feel-good self-image that the tech tycoons have crafted - as nerdy and benevolent creators of wealth and opportunity - revealing their self-justifying views and their insidious visions for the future. Indeed, as Pein shows, Silicon Valley is awash in disreputable ideas: Google executive and futurist Raymond Kurzweil has a side business peddling dietary supplements and has for years pushed the outlandish notion that human beings are destined to merge with computers and live forever in some kind of digital cosmic hive mind. Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist affiliated with PayPal and Facebook, is now an important advisor to President Trump and has subsidized a prolific blogger known by the pen name Mencius Moldbug who writes approvingly of ideas like eugenics and dictatorship. And Moldbug is not alone. There is, in fact, a small but influential - and growing - group of techies with similarly absurd and extremist beliefs who call themselves the "neoreactionary" vanguard of a "Dark Enlightenment." Vivid and incisive, Live Work Work Work Die is a troubling portrait of a self-obsessed industry bent on imposing its disturbing visions on the rest of us.

nothing at of , which is

13. 1563 - Derek Davison: Trump's War on Civilians & Cory Pine: Silicon Valley's Dark Enlightenment

1563 - Derek Davison: Trump's War on Civilians & Cory Pine: Silicon Valley's Dark Enlightenment

Bill O'Reilly accuser on Bill's unwelcomely vigorous dating tactics. Derek Davison (@dwdavison9318): How Trump is different regarding civilian casualties in conflict areas. The nonsensical love affair of the Trump-supporting 'anti-war' crowd. The wishful thinking of Trumpist foreign policy with respect to Moscow and Tehran. Cory Pein (@coreypein): Silicon Valley's dangerous myths and how they synergize with the current political regime. The Dark Enlightenment as the tech manifestation of Red Pill philosophy. Bannon as a prime example. Peter Thiel and Milton Friedman's grandkid as fans of a blog by 'Mencius Moldbug' that argued for monarchy and that black people were better off under segregation. On the fun half - Bernie sits down with Jane Mayer to talk campaign finance and tells Boston Dems that the democratic party lost more than Trump one, Trump wants Kushner to run the government, Chelsea Clinton doesn't think she's the best person to run for office in 2020, an Australian senator still thinks gay people can change who they are attracted to, and your calls and IMs. Support todays sponsors:, and enter code 'Seder', MeUndies dot com slash MAJORITY, and Starting on April 1!! Get 30% off of the MR Coffee blend at with coupon code MRSPRING.

nothing at of , which is

14. I Want My Flying Car

  • Published: 2018-09-12T08:17:32Z
  • By DJ QAnon
I Want My Flying Car

I Want My Flying Car Featuring completely un-authorized samples of The Majority Report with Sam Seder, including the vocals of Michael Brooks (as Peter Thiel) and Corey Pein. Also includes vocal samples of episode 1159 of The Joe Rogan Experience (featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson). Samples the Jetsons Theme Song (composed by Hoyt Curtin), and The Flying Car of 1949, a public-domain news report (which can be found at

nothing at of , which is