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1. Nimbasa CORE

Nimbasa CORE

10/8 @PixelDiskette sent me an album cover on Twitter!! Free downloads to all who can come up with a better comment than "Haha, D.O.N.'T.!" lyrics: you don't even get it you don't even want to how could i just leave you loving you as i do how could i go and quit, knowing we're the right fit wearing you like new shoes thinking that i can't lose ooh, i only want your body ooh, i only want your body ooh, i only want your body ooh, i only want your body you're just like the last one too much work and no fun like you've just forgotten eden's fruit is rotten man in all the pictures he knows how to please her you don't even care, even care, even care, even care ooh, i only want your body ooh, i only want your body mmm, mmm

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2. Modal Shanghai

Modal Shanghai NOW THERE'S A LINK TO BANDCAMP, so you can get it for a dollar that might otherwise be sent on something stupid and useless, like food, water, and shelter. You're encouraged to post comments because I like to read them and sometimes they creep me out, so that's fun too. this is a song for my boyfriend of the week, Medic. YES I'M SERIOUS u wanna fite m8?? Some people express their devotion through shitty fanfiction. I do that but also this. ~*~*~*~ Fun Production Anecdote ~*~*~*~ Me: *recording* Jello: We've got a lot of livin' to do! ♪ Like from Bye Bye Birdie. Did I get it right? Me: no ~*~*~*~ End Fun Production Anecdote ~*~*~*~ Brief Q&A: Q: Why is the album artwork so creepy? A: Art is hard and I was being RUSHED! BY! A CERTAIN SOMEONE! WHOM I WILL NOT NAME!! BUT I WILL LEAVE YOU THIS CRYPTIC CLUE!! ELLO-JAY APOCALYPSE-AY!!

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3. Theories


IT'S A VOCAL TRACK!!!!! Watch as I flounder to belt before giving up on it. Actually you can't watch because it's audio and I deleted all the bad takes because that's how a final product works! GOTCHA!! My mouth trumpet also makes an appearance towards the end. I hope to be a professional mouth trumpeter one day. For lyrics and to buy this FINE track (it's alright) and its instrumental with your hard-earned moneydollars, visit me at Bandcamp!

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4. G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kane

G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kane

this was on my penguin flashdrive! I had made it for a school project and forgotten about it!! lels that lovely vector is by

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5. Pristine Murder Of Fantastic Rabbit Syndrome

Pristine Murder Of Fantastic Rabbit Syndrome

I cosplayed as Irisu at Anime Midwest this year! Irisu Syndrome as a Touhou boss in lazy medley format. It sounds rushed because (it is and) I'm sick and had this lying around and strung it together last minute. Also happy like +800 followers party hard These have been swapped. This is the one without SFX but you can get the SFX one here: Sound effects by ZUN! THIS IS AN ARRANGEMENT OF SONGS FROM THE GAME IRISU SYNDROME that were done by WATSON HAVE A GREAT DAY!! =D

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POCKY POCKY MR. SWEETIE BABY YOU ARE MY SWEETIE I GIVE YOU SOME CANDY I WANT YOU TO DANCE AT THE DANCE WITH ME WHEN YOU KISS ME MY HEART FLY 'CAUSE YOU ARE SO KAWAII YOU MAKE MY HEART DANCE LIKE A BUTTERFLY Jello needed some amv-like song for ten seconds for his newest video! Feel free to use it in your projects! I dedicate this song to MY Mr. Sweetie, Deidara. Obvs Sounds from and

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7. [League of Legends Fan Song] Ionian Lullaby

[League of Legends Fan Song] Ionian Lullaby

♥ Eedo369 ♥ Benjamin Scheffer ♥ Stephon ♥ Kanosis ♥ Gabriel Gomez ♥ Skald ♥ Anonymous ♥ guys do you think jhin likes me

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8. When You Outgrow Me (Ft. Caleb Hyles)

When You Outgrow Me (Ft. Caleb Hyles)

Special thanks to our sponsors: ♥ Nick J ♥ Sechesín ♥ Eedo369 ♥ Kanosis ♥ Gabriel Gomez ♥ Unknown ♥ Your name could be here if you join my Patreon! Why a Patreon? Because the virtual guitar in this song was $99. *On sale.* This is the song from STIB Rick and Morty ( since a lot of commenters were asking for it. I don't know why it kinda sucks The vocal melody/lyrics are by Brendan Blaber Vocals by Caleb Hyles ( Instrumental by ME!!

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9. [Dream Vs. Dream OST] The Slow Elevator and the God Who Answered 0.01

[Dream Vs. Dream OST] The Slow Elevator and the God Who Answered 0.01

Here's the fixed version of that song you people like. Picture is by Ses!

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11. The Face of Mercy

The Face of Mercy

Special thanks to these AMAZING SPONSORS! ♥ mopyouup ♥ Kanosis ♥ Gabriel Gomez ♥ Andrew K ♥ Alex S ♥ Stephon ♥ Skald ♥ I'm holding the download to this song HOSTAGE!! Donate $2+ to my cool Patreon for cool people and you can download this song to use in your projects! Top 3 reasons to donate: 1. Im cute 2. ??? 3. I fell out of bed this morning and possibly sprained my ankle. I am good at being an adult! :)

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12. off - PEPPER STEAK! (love letter mix)

off - PEPPER STEAK! (love letter mix)

Based off of this: from the popular French RPG MAKER game "Off," a funny little title that's recently been taking our tumblr ecosystem by storm. Seriously, what the hell happened? EDIT: this arrangement also appears on the OFF Extended Soundtrack! I did not know this but my friend sent me the link. awesome!

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13. Frontal Assault!

Frontal Assault!

The song is CC0 with some gr8 free sci-fi sounds from SoundMorph. The album artwork is from the RMN Soundcloud.

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14. good job detective!

good job detective!

cool detective song from my cool new visual novel about my cool new friends i am workin on (the visual novel not the friends lolz!!), Pizza Game!! Remember, sounds is for everybody, NOT juts somebody...

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15. Red Candles

Red Candles

This is from the same project as the last thing I uploaded! I really want to make a puzzle game so naturally I do the soundtrack first and don't actually focus on the game development at all

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16. [デュラララ!!]] Genie in a Bottle

[デュラララ!!]] Genie in a Bottle Izaya hasn't married me yet. :(

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17. You're Killing Yourself

You're Killing Yourself

💛 Nick J 💛 Skald 💛 Eedo369 💛 Kanosis 💛 Gabriel Gomez 💛 Anonymous 💛 Are our wonderful $10+ sponsors that make sounds like this possible! You can support your local plasterbrain at This song is............ a work in progress. I don't envy sound engineers... in-your-face dance music is hard to mix! ;( OH! I forgot. You can get the shooting star sound effects in this from my Freesound!

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18. Shmeile Vs Saibi FIGHT GO

Shmeile Vs Saibi FIGHT GO

The ULTIMATE BATTLE BETWEEN SABITSUKI AND SMILE! Probably for a boss fight for Dream Vs. Dream, because otherwise I will have just been slacking off. Edit: I uh why does this have so many views? aight cool beans

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19. Big Brother's Empire

Big Brother's Empire

Dream Vs. Dream OST! Theoretically a mood piece for Smile's big entrances. It seems to be a combination of Smile's insidious antagonism and the way Sister exalts him. I mean that's just my head-canon but yes okay. If you squint and turn your head a little you can vaguely hear my similarly eschewed remembering of Smile's original themes. The picture is one of Kippersnack's portraits for Dream Vs. Dream. You can keep up with the Kardashians, or at least their potassium-fortified distant kin* here: *lie

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