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4. Swimmers

  • Published: 2015-10-01T08:18:43Z
  • By Punky Bow

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5. iBossa


CAULDROANTED is a punky, drum centric techno adventure featuring Eva Menon, Italian Extrasolar poetess, synth ace David Harman, Bassist Andy Duke, and Dave Barbarossa, drummer with Adam and The Ants, Bow Wow Wow, Republica, Chicane, Beats International etc. Difficult to characterise in one heading, Cauldronated inhabit a world of their own making, somewhere in between rock, synth pop and trance. Dave Barbarossa came to prominence as the percussive bedrock behind the original Adam And The Ants. Dave emerged from the independent underground (Dirk Wears Whites Sox, Derek Jarman's Jubilee) to international mainstream pop stardom with Bow Wow Wow, managed by Malcolm McLaren and styled by Vivienne Westwood, He then moved on to dance innovator with such iconic acts as Beats International, Adamski, Chicane and Republica. Invariably challenging convention, Dave’s latest musical adventure is the effervescent amalgam of audacious punk energy, primal percussive passion and cutting edge, head rush techno that is Cauldronated. Once heard, never forgotten, Cauldronated is a striking live band that effortlessly combines the energy of punk with the visceral punch of techno, danceable beats with social commentary

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6. Roots Rock Reggae Show #9

Roots Rock Reggae Show #9

SELECTA BRU's Roots Rock Reggae Show #9 Greetings world! I hope you enjoy my 9th episode. you will Notice i had a lot of fun making this one! I take you through a trip down memory lane in this episode, as well as I get to some REQUESTS from the listeners, and of course i play you some Fresh New Tunes, and this episodes BIG UP section, i BIG Up The Turf President BUSY SIGNAL! Dennis Brown - Rub a Dub Garnett Silk, Charlie Chaplin, Cocoa Tea - Every knee shall bow Garnett Silk - Everything i got Garnett Silk - oh me oh my Garnett silk - Love is the Answer Freddi Mcgregor - Cant stop loving you Morgan Heritage - Down By The River Buju Banton - Bobby Reds Bounty killer - Smoke Da Herb Barrington Levy - Broader Than Broad Barrington Levy, Cutty Ranks - Looking my love Beres Hammond - One Life To Live Half Pint - Greetings Junction Riddim Lustre Kings Prods. Bobby hustle - Chatty Mouth Lloyd Brown - Get It right Jahdan Blakkmoore - For the Children Perfect - the people we are Johnny Osbourne - We Steppin Midnite - I people Angela Hunte - Crazy is as crazy does Hempress Sativa - Still Surviving Lutan Fyah - up in the hills Pressure - Who You Are REQUEST SECTION General Degree - Pianist Bob Marley Medley - Punky reggae party, Easy Skanking, Jammin, Three Little Birds Alborosie Ft Kymani Marley - Zion Train NEW STUFF Alborosie - Poser Inner Circle, Chronixx, Jacob Miller - Tennemant Yard Cecile - Ruff You Up Big Up Section 30 min Mix of all BUSY SIGNAL!

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7. 03 El rap del arriba y el abajo.

  • Published: 2012-05-18T15:46:26Z
  • By CURSI
03 El rap del arriba y el abajo.

El rap del arriba y el abajo (Fabián Krut / Diego Drexler). Grabado, Mezclado y Masterizado por Diego Verdier entre Julio y Marzo de 2012 en “La Mayor”. Montevideo, Uruguay. Tomas de baterías realizadas en “Del Pozo” con la asistencia de Braulio Burgueño y Nicolás Otten. Montevideo, Uruguay. Tomas adicionales realizadas por Diego Drexler en “El Mariscal”. Montevideo, Uruguay. Post- producción de audio y ediciones digitales: Diego Verdier y Diego Drexler. Drum doctor y asistencia para la grabación de baterías: Nicolás Souto. Back-line: Rafael Lezama, RMIX. Cuerdas y Accesorios: KBZ Groove. Cursi son: Fabián Krut: voz y coros. Diego Drexler: bajo y coros; voz y e-bow en “Como un Lucero”. Sergio “Toto” Núñez: batería, percusión y coros. Guitarra eléctrica en “Punky con sponsor”. Pedro Alemany: guitarras eléctrica y acústica. Músicos invitados: Javier y Juan Olivera: trompetas y fliz cornos / Sebastián Jantos: percusiones / Martín Paladino: hammond, piano y clavinet / Arrajatablas flow club: rapeos / Diego Viera y Alberto “Pichón Crosta: coros. Montevideo Music Group 2012. Producción ejecutiva: Diego Martínez, Federico Marinari y Ernesto Muñoz. Prensa: Sibyla Trabal – [email protected] - Cel.: 099 106959. Cursi 2012

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8. 2017.04.07 -- Prague, CZ [FORMULE dU Midi]

2017.04.07 -- Prague, CZ [FORMULE dU Midi]

Possibly the last Road Tone from/for my home away from home for the last year, I decided this image I snapped of the front of café Chez Marcel I passed nearly every day while in Prague needed due attention. A lightly funky techno intro, some punky glitch, a full-on meltdown after the break, then a long ambient bow to wrap things up. All music and cover photo and design by Tomorrow's Man.

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