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1. Cipta Bisa Dipasarkan - Efek Rumah Kaca (Cover)

Cipta Bisa Dipasarkan - Efek Rumah Kaca (Cover)

Covered my recent favorite song by Efek Rumah Kaca. There is something magical about this song and really love how the songwriter arranged all components perfectly. Hope I didn't mess up their song, this is just my own interpretation. Pardon the sound quality, I just moved out to another house and I think I broke my sound card. But anyway, enjoy it! Thank you Efek Rumah Kaca for the great song.

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2. Snow in Summer

Snow in Summer

Snow in Summer by Puti Chitara Released on 4th April 2015 Available on iTunes (starting 7th April 2015) Written and composed by Puti Chitara Producer: Puti Chitara Co-producer: Barlian Chrisna Yoga Recorded at ALS Studio Mixing/Mastering by Barlian Chrisna Yoga Acoustic Guitar by Zul Fikri Bass by Bona Ambarita Vocals are Puti Chitara Lyrics Got lost in confusion, surrounded by puzzles And you're there my saviour appears in so magically In the middle of the heat you have made my heart chills Just like what they always say, love will come eventually When you're falling like a crystal of snow in summer days Froze the tears, froze the fear slow and still As the wind blows and the sun showers down the warmth of love Take me home, take me home to warm and peace (Feel the heart in the frozen love, embrace the solitude)

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3. Sarsaparilla Dream

Sarsaparilla Dream

1st official single by Puti Chitara, 'Sarsaparilla Dream' 30.10.2013 Written and arranged by Puti Chitara Recorded at Music Lab Studio by Yoga Raditya and Syaelendra Studio Mix and mastered by Barlian Chrisna Yoga Piano and vocals: Puti Chitara Guitar: Satria 'Cepot' Tridasadana Bass: Saddam Wardany Violin: Adi Setyawan Cello: Dwitya Aziza Lyrics are available at

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4. If - Bread (Cover)

If - Bread (Cover)

Always in love with this song

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5. Himbauan Jiwa - Pahama (Cover)

Himbauan Jiwa - Pahama (Cover)

Covered one of my most favorite Indonesian song, 'Himbauan Jiwa' by Pahama (Bram Manusama and Diana), very beautiful and strong lyrics and I hope you enjoy it.

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6. Sakura Drops - Utada Hikaru (Cover)

Sakura Drops - Utada Hikaru (Cover)

Finally covered my most favourite song, 'Sakura Drops' by Utada Hikaru. It is one of the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Pardon my recording and voice quality, my desktop PC is attacked with viruses and having a lot of malfunctions. I made lots of lots of layers as you might know my favour in making songs. Thank you Hikki for this wonderful masterpiece. Enjoy!

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7. Gravity - Maaya Sakamoto (Cover)

Gravity - Maaya Sakamoto (Cover)

Another cover of my most favorite song written by Kanno Yoko and performed by Maaya Sakamoto for Wolf's Rain Closing Theme

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8. Stratosphere - Puti Chitara (Preview)

Stratosphere - Puti Chitara (Preview)

FULL VERSION AVAILABLE ON MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE A new single by Puti Chitara [STRATOSPHERE] 30.05.2016 Written and composed by Puti Chitara Lyrics by Puti Chitara

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9. P. Ramlee - Getaran Jiwa (Cover)

P. Ramlee - Getaran Jiwa (Cover)

Sorry for the really bad sound quality, i'm moving to a new software and still trying to figure it out! Anyway, covered one of my most favourite song since childhood, P. Ramlee's Getaran Jiwa.

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10. Album Teaser

Album Teaser

A teaser for my coming album that will be released soon!

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11. Januari Kelabu - Trio Bebek (Cover)

Januari Kelabu - Trio Bebek (Cover)

I love Guruh Soekarno Putra so much that I dream to have the chance to sing his song someday. This song 'Januari Kelabu' has always be one of my favorite GSP song. I tried to simplify the song but the chord progression is just so amazingly hard for me to follow and end up messing this beautiful song. But I tried my best, I love it and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do

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12. Haru No Maboroshi - Superfly (Cover)

Haru No Maboroshi - Superfly (Cover)

I would like to share another cover of my favorite Japanese song of all time, Haru no Maboroshi by Superfly. For me, this song is one of the best song ever made and this time I tried to make my own ballad version. Pardon for the bad quality.

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13. Goodnight Album Teaser

Goodnight Album Teaser

A short teaser for my upcoming second solo album 'Goodnight' which is officially released on 30th November 2016. Get it here: Check on my official website or other social media account for the latest update on my album.

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14. Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey (Cover)

Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey (Cover)

Trying to spend my leisure time recording a cover of my recent favorite song by Lana Del Rey 'Summertime Sadness'.

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15. putichitara

  • Published: 2018-01-30T01:17:12Z
  • By Farhan AR

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16. Putichitara


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17. putichitara


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18. Obsession


Just another experimental music, I wonder why the output sounds like this. A song about dying in obsession.

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19. Hallelujah, for it's christmas

Hallelujah, for it's christmas

music and lyric: Cabrini Asteriska Widiantini music arrangement: Puti Chitara i swear i said "peaceful" -> pisful, but why do it sound "paceful" LOL.. Sorry! but i hope you all still enjoy it.. HAPPY HIPPIE CHRISTMAS!! lyric: It's cold outside, but my heart feel so warm.. don't you remember babe, we have hot chocolate in out verandah.. watching blue sky, snow flakes wrap the street.. hear the sound of jingle anywhere, is the sign of our peaceful day.. i feel wind, whispering in my ears.. they said feel embrace of the angels.. no fear can limit our freedom.. feel the spirit, they're the key to our kingdom.. # Hallelujah, it's christmas everyone.. hallelujah, we've been freed to feel love.. hallelujah, magically happened to us.. happened to us..

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