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1. Tagträumer


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2. Ramain Wayne “RAID”

Ramain Wayne “RAID”

Ramain Wayne “RAID” Official Audio out now!!! Produced by Ziggyonthekeyboard #GLERIDDIM

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4. Buba


Piano piece by DJ Raid

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5. Raid (prod. Lsow)

Raid (prod. Lsow)

Raid (Official Music Video): LDN. Copyright © 2015 Lsow. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2015 HOUSEOFPHARAOHSLTD. All Rights Reserved

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6. Tamo


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7. Crankin 90's

Crankin 90's

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8. Effortless


A moment of calm and inner peace is what we crave. It does not come that often, but when it does it's just plain beautiful. This tune is a soundtrack of sorts for all such carefree moments, fleeting, yet eternal. It's not about everything having to be perfect; it's about how we feel. I feel this while making music and I arrive at that point where it's no longer me doing it, it seems to be happening on its own, no thinking, no analysing, you just listen and feel. It's a kind of "nirvana" that doesn't come only through artistic creation. It may happen any time, when you are just plain happy, laying in bed with your girl, while sunlight pours in through the shutters, summer breeze gently caresses the curtains and Chet Baker plays the trumpet. Or when you're sitting with your friends, share stories and enjoy good food. Moments of calm when you feel one with all things and people around you.

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9. Closure


Just as we opened the box in the beginning, it is now time to close it. This track does not mark the end, just rounds up the album and the period of my life when I made it. I've been a turntablist for over 15 years, but I've only been composing and playing the piano for a mere third of that period. With this, I close the beginner's phase of my musical creation. For years I've been collaborating with many musicians, composing music and recording scratches, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. But it is now, with the completion of this album, that I feel well rounded and finally free to move on, not only musically, but also in life. We all need closure, we need a point in our lives where we face our mistakes, realize what we want from our future and turn a new page and go.

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10. Bridges


Human relationships can be very complicated. We love a person who lies to us, we hate someone who tells us the truth, just because the truth hurts. We tend to forgive people who've hurt us five times over, only if the sixth time they show some semblance of loyalty and some illusion of friendship, yet some people we begrudge the tiniest mistake. I'd always rather build bridges, than burn them, but in time we have to learn to tell who really is deserving of the effort and who is not. For some of my people I'd single-handedly build bridges many miles long, whereas others are not worth the push of the button to blow them up. I am very lucky to have people in my life who love and support me truly and unconditionally. This song is dedicated to them.

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11. Morbis Tree

Morbis Tree

Watching a loved one suffer a debilitating illness is an experience I would gladly erase from my life and memory. Each of those days lasted an eternity and I wanted them to end as soon as possible, to just go to bed and sleep and, for just a brief spell, not live that life and that reality. To escape in any way I can. As Maynard would say: “One more medicated peaceful moment”. But the thing that hurt the most were the questions with no answers, the absurdity of it all: why such a horrible thing happens to such a wonderful and gentle person. I cannot find solace in the phrases “it’s God’s will” or “it’s destiny” and the one thing that comes to mind is how unfair all of it is. I feel cheated. And so life goes on, and you eventually realize that being cheated is a part of life, but you never seem to fully come to terms with it.

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12. The only one... of many / Jed(i)na od mnogih

The only one... of many / Jed(i)na od mnogih

Soundtrack from the play "Nightmare investigator" Muzika iz predstave "Istraživač noćnih mora"

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13. Muk


We live in a generic era. Food chains makes us eat the same stuff no matter where we are. Society makes us believe that we have to behave and dress in certain ways and try to achieve rather shallow goals to fit in and to be accepted. As life becomes more and more generic, the same happens with music. Copy paste chord progressions, song structures and lyrics that are suited for generic emotions. This becomes painfully obvious when the radio is on and same songs keep playing over again; radio stations with a rotation of maximum 400 songs. Songs with the same "hit pattern", made with the ambition of raking in vast amounts of cash, offering nothing in either artistic or aesthetic terms. Pure kitsch, music that will, in time, turn its consumers into people devoid of personality and will continue to engulf any remaining beauty to the point where it is no longer important whether we are playing a radio station or just radio static.

nothing at of , which is

14. No Empathy For The Machines

No Empathy For The Machines

Empathy is a good thing, though you may not always have it easy if you have too much of it. Say you adopt three stray cats, or spend half an hour chasing a spider around your flat just so you can let it out in the open, or you spend money, time and energy on people and their real or imagined problems. It may all be worth it in a long run, but it would certainly have been much easier to turn on the "ignore" mode at times and that's probably why  empathy is hard to find these days. Selfishness, greed, hatred and anger are tempting and hard to control, and they are without exception destructive. Yet there are people to whom I would not hesitate to direct all my hatred, anger, even violence. People who consciously spread pain, hurt, diseases and death for profit and personal gain. “Machine Men with machine hearts”, just as Charlie Chaplin brilliantly said it in his speech in "The Great Dictator".

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