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1. Rasen Lyrics

Rasen Lyrics

In the darkness below, I found my cellar deep inside of me. Frail my bones were, constrained. Injection, the gateway to my veins. Forged in the circles of the drained. I fought, the spirit locked in

2. Rasen Lyrics

Rasen Lyrics

Iki toshite ikeru mono subete nanno tameni ikiteiru no? Hito wa naze umareta no? ima no boku ni wa mada kotaerarenai... The devil that resides deep in the forest is capable of human beings Onto it�

3. Rasen Lyrics

Rasen Lyrics

Atashi no dokoka de Nanika ga kieuse Sabitsuita ikari wo Tebanasou to shiteru *Atashi wa tori ni nari Zattou wo tonde yuku Mayoi wa hane ni nari Subete wo furikitte yuku Life My life My fr

4. Rasen Lyrics

Rasen Lyrics

Aijou nikushimi yorokobi kanashimi no uzu Subete to HISUTERIKKU na yoru wo tomete Kitto tada miteitai dake Kitto tada koko ni itai dake Kitto tada miteitai dake Kitto tada soba ni itai dake

5. Rasen Lyrics

Rasen Lyrics

Shidarezakura ni kasuka tadayou tsuki no akari ni shimiru fue no ne Sore wa yasashiku sore wa kanashiku yami to mazarite ko ni naru Tooku haruka ni nemuru ano no hito wo tsutsunde Iroase kieta kiset

8. In War Lyrics

In War Lyrics

You take what you get, what you really don't need. Next to a poor child whose feet won't stop bleed. My faith in humanity fades day by day alongside his fate. This poor childs dreams, now in oceans ha

9. Dawn of Light Lyrics

Dawn of Light Lyrics

A newborn has reached our realm. And an old life is thrown away. In the light of a dark sun we welcome our new friend. In time she will throw it all just to comprehend. The last thing they say gettin

10. The Umbilical Cord Lyrics

The Umbilical Cord Lyrics

Mother, can't you see that I'm okay? It hurts in my heart to see your eyes Close that morning. Different from all, You put me through life with patience. Now that it's gone, there's a hole in the dark

11. Wings of Dragons Lyrics

Wings of Dragons Lyrics

The gateway's open. They've heard their call. Thunder among the mountains. The rain has yet to fall. The sky has darkened. Our army's small. Our days are counted. The end of all. I remember herds Of

12. I, the Wolf Lyrics

I, the Wolf Lyrics

Pain and peril, mutation of me. Alone I've dwelled in the dark surrounding me. Chained in hell by the new one in me. It found a way from hell defiling my dreams. Afraid to lose control of it all. Afr

13. The Haste to the Pyre Lyrics

The Haste to the Pyre Lyrics

In the end of it all There's no chance of being Another you or me, still we're trying To be so different from all, we forget ourselves Our closest, my friend. We're sliping away. Before the end, ther

14. Obsession Lyrics

Obsession Lyrics

Pain you feel, the only sense that's real. The anxiety turning worlds surreal. You've faced the dark, you bear the demons mark. At the edge of insanity, we almost do fall. When you're finally back he

15. Sun of All Lyrics

Sun of All Lyrics

Sun of all, the brightest star Shines on all, but the shadows are Calling me, inside the forest Of the conquered minds. The prison in me blocks. Mind repeats, its images Of blood and tears, exploitin

16. Svartport Lyrics

Svartport Lyrics

I've faced the serpents one true king. The claimers one true god. Insidious ways he takes When hunting his next prey. Death, you'll wait. For the time has not come yet. Death, you shall wait. For I a

17. Du hast den geilsten Arsch der Welt Lyrics

Du hast den geilsten Arsch der Welt Lyrics

[Hook (Sample)] Ich halte die Welt an, die Zeit steht still Du bist das einzige, was ich will Ich fühl' dein Haar, deine Hand, dein Gesicht Es ist eine Seele, die zu mir spricht Du bist der Song

18. GENOM Lyrics

GENOM Lyrics

Aku naki kokyuu machinami no kageri wa akaku Rasen no dooru doko ni ikitai Azayaka na tejou ashioto wa komayaka ni sadamerare Ayatsuru kiki sore sura mata shihai no kikyou masaka no ito Hachi

19. Rasenchu Lyrics

Rasenchu Lyrics

GARASU yuuenchi futari hana o tsumu murasaki sora biroudou ichirin mata ichirin mawaru kanransha sore wa rasenchuu tengoku iki no ressha kogoeta te o tsunagu kagen no tsuki terasareta kimi no

20. Wir Leben Immer...noch Lyrics

Wir Leben Immer...noch Lyrics

Hagen Nina Unbehagen Wir Leben Immer...noch wir wandern bloss und nackt in die unendlichkeit wir schweben auf dem pfade in die ewigkeit wir glauben was wir wissen und wir fuerchten uns wohl weil wi