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1. Brody Leven

Brody Leven

On this episode of Rauthenticity we talked to Brody Leven, an adventure skier, and outdoor athlete who specializes in storytelling. He combines his drive to be outdoors with his passion for the environment, utilizing his career as a platform for good. We are so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to discuss his journey from Ohio to Utah, how he navigates having an atypical job, and how he chooses to live his most authentic life.

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2. Sarah Riley

Sarah Riley

On this episode of Rauthenticity we sat down to talk to Sarah Riley about the creative process, her passion for pottery, and general life curiosity post graduation.

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3. Emma Mankin

Emma Mankin

Rauthenticity is a community of young creatives. This is a place for you; for the creative who lives life authentically. The creative who wants to put something out in the world that will leave it a little bit better. For the creative who is starting now. On this episode we interview Emma Mankin, a creative who specializes in creating unique safe spaces for fostering connection and a birthplace of meaning.

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4. Lizzie Steimer

Lizzie Steimer

On this episode of Rauthenticity, we sat down with Lizzie Steimer - poet, photographer, and all-around creative. Lizzie recently graduated from college and made the move to Brooklyn, NYC to push forward with her creative aspirations. She also co-founded a powerful social media campaign called #HalfTheStory, which we got to talk to her about in this interview. We hope this conversation inspires you to create something beautiful in your own life today. Enjoy!

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5. Maggie Scanlon

Maggie Scanlon

On this episode of Rauthenticity we sat down with Maggie Scanlon, the founder of Eujean, to talk about creating a brand while in college. Eujean provides people with custom painted jean jackets -- a wearable piece of art. Beginning as a summer idea, Maggie bloomed Eujean into a budding and growing company. With inspiration from her parents, childhood, places, and admired brands, she's building her own unique style, one jean jacket at a time. We dive into what it is like to balance a variety of passions, creating while in college, and the power of the people who pour into us.

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6. Thomas Brag

Thomas Brag

Thomas Brag is one of the co-founders of Yes Theory, a group of four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. They challenge themselves by saying “yes” to adventures that force them to break out of their comfort zone. Our conversation broke through a barrier of vulnerability and said “yes” to opening up.

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7. Ally Wallace

Ally Wallace

Ally Wallace is a painter and teacher based in Houston, TX. We talked all about her creative process and finding the challenges that come with making a living while being an artist. We also went off on a deep tangent to chat about our mutual love for Chip and Joanna Gaines, Magnolia, and fixer upper. Ally also formally welcomed us into this weird wacky thing called adulthood, and for that, we are so grateful.

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8. Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis has always been inspired by the power of words. After graduating college and delving into the unknown, he realized that he could be a catalyst in helping galvanize people to share the power of words with each other. We sat down to talk to him about his inspiring organization called @carwindowpoetry + the heart that goes into being a poet.

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9. Chelsea Dickey

Chelsea Dickey

Today we sat down with Chelsea Dickey. A small business owner in Burlington, North Carolina, Chelsea is the owner of Southern Glen, an artisan boutique featuring creations from over 30 local artists. We talked about the importance of building community, what it’s like to be a young business owner and the magic that are airplants.

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10. Jared Fryer

Jared Fryer

Today on the podcast we have Jared Fryer, the founder of Cinema Jam, a community of directors, producers and film freelancers centred around a private monthly event. As a network of professionals in the film industry, Cinema Jam provides educational and job opportunities through their social media channels as well as their online magazine The Spread. After going to UCLA, Jared moved to London, England, where Cinema Jam finds its roots today.

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11. Zoom Horvath

Zoom Horvath

Zoom Horvath founded Live A Great Story to inspire poeple to live their best lives and share their stories with the world. He has created an amazing community of humans that serve as reminders for all of us to live out the lives we believe we're meant to live.

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12. Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas takes plain walls and turns them into inspiration. This week on the show we sat down with him and talked all about his incredible non-profit Beautify Earth who's mission is to inspire art and social responsibility through painting incredible murals all around the world.

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13. Hannah Durbin

Hannah Durbin

Hannah Durbin is the living embodiment of the word resilience. Three years ago she was fighting for her life during an intense battle with anorexia, but today she is thriving in her recovery. Hannah has used her passion for helping others through their own recovery, whether that be with anorexia or any other inner demons, to create a blog and social media platform dedicated to uplifting and inspiring others. She is incredibly vulnerable with her community and we deeply admire her for her courage. It was an honor having her on the show!

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14. Taylor Saxelby

Taylor Saxelby

Today on the show we sat down with Taylor Saxelby, a badass creative fueled by faith and focused on fashion, travel, and lifestyle. We talked about everything from her first passion for dance to navigating the often intensely competitive world of fashion in LA. Taylor is incredibly kind, driven, and all around just a stunning human inside and out. We are stoked to share her story with you all today!

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15. Lauren Biegler

Lauren Biegler

Lauren Biegler is a social entrepreneur and the cofounder of Journey, an impact travel company that encourages people to actively and positively engage with the communities they travel to. We are grateful to have learned more about her journey from Mashable to Journey, going from a desk job to an adventure-based career.

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16. Sarah Nininger

Sarah Nininger

Sarah Nininger has been involved with the Ugandan based non-profit Action in Africa since she was 15 years old. Now at 27, she is the President of the organization and just recently moved back to the U.S. after living and serving in Uganda for the past four years In this episode, we dive into the beauty of following passions, the importance of self-care, and the gift of people who support us unconditionally.

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17. Alex Radelich

Alex Radelich

Alex Radelich takes kindness to a whole new level. After watching a movie several years ago, he was inspired to perform random acts of kindness more often. He founded the organization Explore Kindness to encourage people to infuse kindness into their daily lives. Alex lives in a decked out Explore Kindness RV, where he and his co-founder travel all over the country performing random acts of kindness.

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18. Arielle Estoria

Arielle Estoria

An artist familiar with the immense power of words, Arielle Estoria builds community by sharing her own struggles through her favorite medium -- poetry. Arielle is a spoken-word poet, speaker and storyteller. On this episode, we talked about the vulnerability that goes into sharing our own art.

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19. Casey Catelli

Casey Catelli

We met with Casey Catelli, a California based portrait photographer and producer, who currently works on the photo team at AirBnb. On this episode we discuss the grey zone of transition and what it means to be a creative during times of change.

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