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1. Heart UK ReelWorld Jingles 2014

Heart UK ReelWorld Jingles 2014

You can hear a cut by cut breakdown of the package and others at where you can also get in contact with the ReelWorld team to discuss your station's production needs.

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2. Heart UK ReelWorld Jingles 2015

Heart UK ReelWorld Jingles 2015

Heart get more ReelWorld jingles The Heart Network, the UK’s number one commercial radio brand, has a new package of ReelWorld jingles on air this week. The station, which reaches 8.9 million listeners every week, has added to the jingles that went to air in 2014. The jingles are on air at the 22 stations in the UK’s Heart Network and include sung versions for Scotland and London and well as mixes for shows like Club Classics. You can hear a montage of the jingles here and follow ReelWorld on Twitter @reelworldeurope Elsewhere in Europe ReelWorld has recently finished new jingles and branding for 104.6 RTL Berlin, FM104 Dublin, Radio Zet Gold Poland, Norway’s Radio Norge Soft, as well as imaging for BBC Radio 1Xtra.

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3. BBC Radio 1Xtra ReelWorld Top Of Hours 2015

BBC Radio 1Xtra ReelWorld Top Of Hours 2015

BBC Radio 1Xtra gets new sound from ReelWorld MediaCityUK based ReelWorld have been responsible for re-imaging the sound of BBC Radio 1Xtra after successfully winning the opportunity earlier this year. The new imaging launched this week and the creative is a joint venture between radio jingle and audio branding company ReelWorld and long term collaborator Ben Marks of Substance B Media. The imaging package delivers a unique and authentic sound for the station which fuses the station's music policy with VO and vocals from Urban talent. ReelWorld composed original themes covering various 1Xtra musical genres as the foundation of the package. The end result is exciting, authentic, energetic and above all extremely musical. Ben Marks is Creative Director at Substance B Media: "Such a unique station deserves a completely unique approach to imaging and I've literally been in fanboy heaven. Working with ReelWorld's composers on the music and sound design, writing lyrics with Ragga MC's, vocal sessions with Grime artists, talk about having your cake and eating it. I've been gorging on gateaux since we began this project!" BBC Radio 1Xtra reaches over 1 million listeners every week and the playlist includes an eclectic mix of Urban music including hip hop, R'n'B, grime, drum and bass and Afrobeat. ReelWorld European Managing Director Anthony Gay "This is ReelWorld's first successful BBC tender so it marks a bit of a landmark in our company's history. The project has been a huge thrill to work on and we're very proud to be supporting such an iconic radio station." This demo features the Top Of Hour themes - an extensive selection of mixouts and presenter IDs were delivered alongside the hour openers. Last year ReelWorld were responsible for a new jingle package for Heart, the UK's most successful commercial radio brand, and earlier in 2015 launched the new sound of Belgium's number one radio station, Radio 2.

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4. Heart UK ReelWorld Jingles 2017

Heart UK ReelWorld Jingles 2017

Heart UK have refreshed their station sound with a jingle top up from the team at ReelWorld in Europe. The UK's biggest commercial radio network has been airing ReelWorld jingles since 2014 and the new sounds compliment the existing package. The 2017 themes feature mix outs for every breakfast show across the UK as well as mixes for iconic features like The Time Tunnel. Earlier this month Heart launched a new station called Heart 80's which is also airing new ReelWorld jingles. The ReelWorld team are currently in Amsterdam for Radiodays 2017 where you visit them on their big red bus to hear more of their recent work.

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5. You Control ReelWorld Europe is coming...

You Control ReelWorld Europe is coming...

Challenge ReelWorld to #makegreatradio On Thursday May 15th ReelWorld are opening up the doors to their Production Vault service and challenging programmers to put their imaging talent to the test. Whatever the production need — a new breakfast promo, station sweeper, music imager, branded intro — ReelWorld want to make it specifically for your station. ReelWorld European Managing Director Anthony Gay said: "The team are always up for a challenge and the idea to spend a day focused on making imaging tailored to European stations came out of a meeting at the end of last year fuelled by bourbon and jet lag." For one day only the ReelWorld producers will be turning their attention to building bespoke content for stations across the continent using the ReelWorld Production Vaults - and, it’s all for free. European Production Manager Andy Jackson commented: "At the last go we counted 315,263 different pieces of audio across our ten Production Vault formats. The service already makes it easy to make great radio and get high quality imaging on air quickly. For one day we'll even do that last bit for you!" Anthony Gay added: "Everyone likes free stuff but fantastic free stuff is hard to resist. I expect it's going to be a busy day for the whole team. We've ordered a crate of Red Bull, a load of cake, and a masseur to help it go well." For those not in the know ReelWorld Production Vault comes in 10 different formats including CHR, Rock, Hot AC, Urban and Classic Hits. The subscription based service is the world's leading topical, constantly updating, radio imaging library and features promo shells, branded intros, sweepers, sound design, music beds and more, allowing stations to personalise imaging quickly and easily. The Production Vault websites were recently updated with new features and functionality. Production Vault is already used by leading radio brands across Europe including NRJ, Kiss UK, KRONEHIT, 104.6 RTL Berlin, and FM104 Dublin. Interested in taking part? Producers and programmers can e-mail [email protected] with a brief and your station Voice Over to be added to the list. Official radio station e-mails only please. You can follow the progress and hear audio on May 15th on Twitter @reelworldeurope using #YouControlReelWorld or through this Sound Cloud page

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6. ReelWorld Europe Power Intros Montage December 2013

ReelWorld Europe Power Intros Montage December 2013

Here's a few of the custom intros we've created for Fun and Radio Scoop in France this month.

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7. ReelWorld Star FM Latvia Jingles

ReelWorld Star FM Latvia Jingles

ReelWorld Europe are delighted to welcome another station to the family! Here's a taster of our new package for Star FM Latvia. With vocals recorded in Latvia - this is a re-sing of our package for Radio 538 in The Netherlands. Check out if you think it could be the new sound of your station!

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8. KTU ReelWorld Jingles 2014

KTU ReelWorld Jingles 2014

We raised the bar in Europe earlier this year with Radio Scoop 2 and now it's time for the US to hit back. This is WKTU 2014 from ReelWorld! In the city that never sleeps 'The Beat Of New York' never stops. CHR jingles, designed to pair perfectly with today's biggest hits. Hear the full package, theme by theme, mix out by mix out, at For more info about our WKTU 2014 jingle package click for details now

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9. Kiss FM UK ReelWorld Imaging Summer 2016

Kiss FM UK ReelWorld Imaging Summer 2016

Radio imaging we’ve been creating for the guys at Kiss, the beat of the UK, over the last few weeks…

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10. The Sound Of Reelworld Europe 2015

The Sound Of Reelworld Europe 2015

This is the Sound of ReelWorld in Europe in 2015...

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11. Heart ReelWorld Imaging 2018

Heart ReelWorld Imaging 2018

Heart UK turn up the feel good with ReelWorld The UK's biggest commercial radio network, Heart, have updated their station sound with a jingle and imaging re-fresh created by the team at ReelWorld in Europe. The Global station has been airing ReelWorld jingles since 2014 and the new sound includes more creative imaging elements as well as the distinctive Heart sonic logo. ReelWorld Managing Director Anthony Gay commented: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to support the evolution of the Heart brand with this new audio branding. Our team had a lot of fun with the freedom the brief offered and the end result is filled with surprises whilst the signature Heart sonic logo still punches through.” The Heart branding package follows on from new ReelWorld created jingle packages for BBC Radio Scotland, SLAM! in The Netherlands, and Sydney’s 2DAYFM. The ReelWorld team also created this year’s BBC Radio 1 Summer Mixes.

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12. You Control ReelWorld Europe 2015 highlights

You Control ReelWorld Europe 2015 highlights

A few highlights of 2015's You Control ReelWorld Europe

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13. Los 40 Spain ReelWorld Jingles 2014

Los 40 Spain ReelWorld Jingles 2014

Hola Spain! ReelWorld jingles land on Los 40 Spain's numero uno music station, Los 40 Principales, has gone to air this month with a brand new sound from ReelWorld. The package is based on ReelWorld's recent jingles for WKTU New York and Radio Scoop in France and mixes rhythmic themes with softer compositions mirroring the musical evolution of the Los 40 brand. The jingles were recorded at ReelWorld's European HQ at MediaCityUK near Manchester which is fast becoming the venue for audio creativity. Los 40 Programme Director Toni Sánchez said: "The work ReelWorld did for us is fantastic and the result is brilliant. Really, congratulations! The presenters, listeners and all the Company Directors agree the jingles are fantastic, sound great on air and congratulate us for the change in sound." The legendary radio brand is consistently Spain's number one music station and reaches over 3.2 million listeners every week. The Prisa Group station has been on air for almost 50 years in Spain and has a number of sister stations elsewhere around the world, mainly in South America. The comprehensive jingle package includes 12 main themes, 2 breakfast show themes, 2 Top of Hours alongside mix outs for the chart and the individual presenters. ReelWorld European Managing Director Anthony Gay said: "This is a monster jingle package for a huge worldwide radio brand. I'd like to thank Toni, Juan Carlos, and the entire team for trusting us with their on air branding." You can hear a taster of Los 40's new ReelWorld sound here.... and stay up to date with ReelWorld's activities in Europe through Twitter @reelworldeurope The new jingles come straight off the back of ReelWorld delivering a new sound for Heart FM, the UK's number one commercial radio station. To hear more and to discuss how ReelWorld could help your on air branding visit or speak to the team at the UK Radio Festival next month.

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14. KIIS 2018 ReelWorld Jingles

KIIS 2018 ReelWorld Jingles

KIIS 2018 from ReelWorld. The Next Sound of LA's #1 Hit Music Station.

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15. KRONEHIT ReelWorld Jingles 2018

KRONEHIT ReelWorld Jingles 2018

Austria’s KRONEHIT kick off 2018 with brand new jingles from ReelWorld featuring the new slogan “Mehr Geile Hits”. KRONEHIT Project Manager Thomas Wollert commented: “As the lead on the project I was looking for a new custom jingle package which reflected the current music styles and what our brand stands for. Working together with ReelWorld was a great choice again. Fast communication, precise implementation of every given task and great results. Contemporary jingles with fresh vocals - really impressed!” The custom package features 14 newly composed themes as well as news and utility elements. KRONEHIT Programme Director Rüdiger Landgraf: "In an audio market that’s becoming more and more competitive, audio branding is more important than ever. ReelWorld took our briefing and made it sound great - even exceeding our expectations of what was possible. No matter if one listens in our own KRONEHIT Smart App, FM, Alexa or a connected car - with the new package KRONEHIT is more competitive on all platforms. Tune in - and check it out!” The new package has had instant impact in the world of audio branding and has already been snapped up by a major market station in Australia. ReelWorld Managing Director Anthony Gay said: “KRONEHIT is a fantastically crafted and targeted brand with a clear vision. To support Rudiger, Thomas and the team with their goals has been a huge honour. This package really kickstarts our 2018 and there’s a lot more to come!” This week ReelWorld also confirmed their presence at the Radiodays Europe conference in Vienna this March where they’ll be a key partner of the event. The team are looking forward to sharing the latest creative as well as listening to the needs of broadcasters around Europe. Sadly the jingle bus won’t fit in the conference centre so they’ll be leaving it at home this year! To discuss how ReelWorld can level up your station sound this year contact the team via

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16. Star Radio ReelWorld Jingles

Star Radio ReelWorld Jingles

A bright new Modern AC jingle package for stations that want to put the fun, sizzle and sing-a-long back into their radio imaging! AC stations shouldn’t have radio jingles that sound out of date and this package packs contemporary production values alongside warm and uplifting musicality. With powerful news and utility beds, plus a stand out breakfast theme that’s hard to ignore, this jingle package is the complete station branding solution. This package is now on-air in Germany, on 95.5 Charivari. Here it in German here - To discuss how ReelWorld could support you with new jingles for your station, contact us via the website -

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17. ReelWorld Europe Power Intro Montage October 2013

ReelWorld Europe Power Intro Montage October 2013

A sampler of some of the bespoke intros we've done for stations in Europe over the last few months.

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18. ReelWorld Christmas Jingles 2015

ReelWorld Christmas Jingles 2015

A montage of Christmas jingles from ReelWorld on air across Europe in 2015.

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19. KRONEHIT ReelWorld Jingles 2015

KRONEHIT ReelWorld Jingles 2015

Austria's KRONEHIT launches a new custom jingle package from ReelWorld. The Vienna based broadcaster worked hand-in-hand with the ReelWorld creative team on the package to mark a new era for the radio station. KRONEHIT Project Manager Thomas Wollert led the creative collaboration: 'The ReelWorld teams in Europe and Seattle took a great amount of time to understand our objectives and the sound we wanted to achieve. Whether via video calls or face to face meetings in Vienna, nothing was too much trouble. Erik and his team are jingle making rock stars and this is the best jingle making experience I've ever had!' The new sound forms part of a wider KRONEHIT refresh with the station also launching a new '10 in a row' feature at the same time backed with a EUR 10,000 guarantee. ReelWorld Music Director Erik Huber led the composition of the new package: 'From start to finish, this was an enormously fun project to work on. We love partnering with clients who have a compelling and forward-looking vision for their brand and Thomas and the entire KRONEHIT team approached this project bringing their enthusiasm, fresh ideas and a willingness to explore new possibilities for the sound of the station. The end result represents a fantastic new on-air image for KRONEHIT and is an achievement we'll be proud of for a long time to come.' The package consists of 13 custom themes, a top of hour, and a variety of utility beds making it the total station branding solution. KRONEHIT Programme Director Rüdiger Landgraf is excited about the new sound: 'Being above the noise is essential for every brand. Once again ReelWorld have helped us reach the next level.' The new package replaces ReelWorld's Triple Kiss jingles which have been on air since 2013. ReelWorld's European Managing Director Anthony Gay said: 'Working with Thomas and the team at KRONEHIT continues to be a total pleasure. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and share our obsession for perfection. I hope we can play a supporting role in their future success.' KRONEHIT also subscribe to ReelWorld's Production Vault CHR - the constantly updating online imaging library - for sound design, music promos, and branded intros along with other regular imaging updates. Check out the KRONEHIT demo here and listen to the full package, theme by theme, at

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