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2. Ali Khan - Saathiya

Ali Khan - Saathiya

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3. [FREE] Young Thug Type Beat 2017 - Regal [Prod @Travzki]

  • Published: 2017-02-21T23:09:44Z
  • By Travzki
[FREE] Young Thug Type Beat 2017 - Regal [Prod @Travzki]

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6. T.I. feat. Young Thug and Young Dro - "Peanut Butter Jelly" [prod. by London On Da Track]

  • Published: 2016-05-13T23:52:03Z
  • By Rapstarrz
T.I. feat. Young Thug and Young Dro - ">

- ARTIST(S) : T.I. feat. Young Thug and Young Dro - TITLE : Peanut Butter Jelly - PRODUCER(S) : London On Da Track - ALBUM : Da' Nic - YEAR : 2015 - LYRICS : [Pre-Hook: Young Thug] Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly Peanut butter jelly, no deli I got money, check the store credit Don't do nothing unless you know they did it Sleep in Paris, watch it happen [Hook: Young Thug] I'm having bread, I'm keepin' bread I'm gettin' fast like a track, mil I want that Baby that cap's for the feds That ain't your ho, don't tell all the secrets I don't give no damn bout no nigga I don't give no fuck bout no nigga, I promise, I promise I throw me some ones on these bitches I stack them hundreds to the ceiling, they over there runnin' I look like I came from nothin' And I look like I came for somethin' and I'm comin', I want it Yeah, I drink on that lean And I smoke on that dope til I motherfuckin' vomit [Verse 1: T.I.] Run up that check, give a fuck bout that shit I guess I go to jail if I want that lil bitch They kept me with my strap on my own, that lil bitch I don't answer no questions, want speak with my lawyer Tell your boss I said where my phone call, that's it A lot of nigga shit, talkin' you don't ever get paid Remember me, I've been bout it, dealin' out the 10th grade Ridin' round in my homeboy Buick With a tool in the unit We'd go to school, eat lunch Cut school, get back to it, nigga Listen nigga, this the Bankroll Mob If you can't go hard then you can't come here Let me make somethin' clear If you lookin' for a sucker well it ain't none here Look we got artillery for days, we can spray from here Hit your ass on the side of the face somewhere On the side of the road, let you lay somewhere [Hook: Young Thug] [Verse 2: Young Dro] Okay, big paper If I'm hungry, I eat 100 dollars then shit paper Sick flavor Got the white double mint twin with me on Simpson, (?) Swag impeccable, peckin' a heck of them, cases federal I'm a felon, don't throw it off, I need medical Oh you regular, terrible, soft, and lame, etcetera And I don't want one ho nigga, I wanna a plethora Twenty bricks in the regal Pullin' up at the ridge, extended heater Death threat, I got this shit on I'm untouchable man I got this shit on Nigga you die soon as I say okay My whip? That's strawberry Yoplait I got a chopper on the charger You put a little gas in it, that motherfucker blow about 4 days Niggas broke And I've been leanin' on Ac' all in this bitch And I've been smokin' on gas all in this bitch Pullin' up at the light no tag on my shit AK hit everybody in the stomach, pussy nigga shit Bag all day [Hook: Young Thug] [Verse 3: MPA Duke] I got the bread Ya'll bitch'll give me the head Fuck her on the sofa, not the bed Hit that lil bitch from the back And I take out with your pack And I'm not givin' it back I done lost all my respect Don't drink no red, we pour Act Sippin' on lean, it's so crazy I ride out that second, I swear I don't know how to act [Verse 4: Young Thug] Keep it goin' Energizer bunny, I'm so-so with these carrots My bitch the baddest, but she not your average She so, so arrogant, woah Her titties calcium, my booty calories And both of 'em squish me, God damn we sandwiches I do this shit for my momma Take off with your pack and keep runnin' I'm not the Birdman but I'm stunnin' I flip that bitch like a omelet I've been with ya from the start I did that shit from my heart I'm so so so sorry I hurt you And I see the scar but you know I'm retarded [Pre-Hook: Young Thug] [Hook: Young Thug]

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DUB + GRIME + DANCEHALL = GUNSTEP Tracklist: 1. Kasm x Seed Organizaton - At His Majestys Side 2. Metric Man x Son of Kick - Revolution A Rekick feat. Regal Raymond 3. Wiley - Saw it Coming 4. Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat 5. Joker - Digidesign 6. Skream - Check it (feat. Warrior Queen) 7. Elephant Man - Vampires and Informers (Kush Aroras Crypt Dub) 8. Elephant Man - Nah No Get Away 9. Voicemail - Nah Go Get Away 10. Wayne Marshall x Esco x Fambo - Top Class 11. Sean Paul - Riot feat. Damian Marley 12. Beenie Man - Ganja Fi Bun 13. Mega Banton - Some Boy Fi Know 14. Idonia - One Motion 15. Buju Banton - Look Out Fi Dem 16. Mavado x Ward 21 - Baby Shotta 17. Vybz Kartel - Proper Thing 18. Assassin - Gunshot a Beat 19. Busy Signal - Man a Thug 20. Mavado - Dreaming 21. Vybz Kartel - When Last Unnu Pray 22. Mavado - Nuh Chatta Ting 23. Mr Peppa - Gangsta Guerilla 24. Tony Matterhorn - Goodas 25. Beenie Man - King of the Dancehall (Redz Remix) 26. South Rakkas Crew - Champagne Bubbles Riddim 27. Beenie Man - Wine Up Mi Gyal 28. Rage - Champagne 29. Dixie Cups - Iko Iko (Groovematic Moombahton Edit) 30. Aaliyah - One in a Million (Cam Jus Moombahton Remix) 31. Mavado - House Cleaning 32. Buccaneer x Blaxx - Blackout Riddim 33. Vybz Kartel - Picture This 34. Sean Paul - Bounce it Right There 35. Buccaneer - Gimme Some More 36. Mr. Vegas - Bruk it Down (DJ Class RMX) 37. Orange Hill x Vybz Kartel - Gunshot 38. Bunji Garlin - Carnival Tabanca 39. Mr Vegas x Aaron LaCrate - Whining Machine 40. 187 Lockdown - Gunman 41. Mr. Lexx - Clap 42. Mega Banton x Delly Ranks - Pon Di Corner 43. Silverlink x Badness x Jammer - The Message is Love (Mumdance Remix) 44. Dubblestandart - Chrome Optimism (Liondub BK Steppers Remix) 45. Big Seac - Nah Nah

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8. NIVEAU+ ft. Mr. KIRA

  • Published: 2015-05-28T15:48:42Z

Lyrics Verse 1 : BOB LARY 7it trabbina rjal Kberna wast rjal 3refna belli rojla machi kalma katgal rojla matmelmelch wakha te7 jbal 7it chmayt kimchiw m3a lwa9t kib9aw ghirjal l9ba7a dial regal 7afna d'ial khatar Mer7ba FSbata Lcarwa jiw 20 wrak fkhatar Mc Kassoul niveau 7imar machi wld lblad ntaya btard Dayrin bia ghir lmrad yamma rawda yamamatar Goddam Lmic Katwelli maj7oum f zan9a ntaya da3if kat9ba7 ghi m3a walidik m3a satat katwelli alif anfrek anaya bla sif katrappi ghir f ssef 3teni 10 lmyoun bach ngheni tanaya bondeef Refrain f7al chi sata wellit kan3ifek mchargé lsani ghantiri fk 7alef brabbi tanjibou fk yamma f 3aynk yamma nifk PAPA madwich lakhawi jibk wakha 9ari aji nfidek wld nas nwelli s7aybek tkhrej 3l tre9 zebbi fidek Verse 2 : Mr.KIRA Wahed wahed wahed jouje. Flow dyalk mtel3o brouje. Hak trap mora trap jib 3chrank chkatshab nta wmziktek weste trab #nigga# hawa rja3e 3awtani. Sbabi howa lsani.#dope boy#swag boy#no boy. from the beginning i'm Hell boy. Jbed l AK chargi. tiri fhebo now mersy. sisi. Morsi mentalite of jay-Z khlik fl pain keck ach9erbek lchi Sam SNeak fuck this drama you don't blown her tsena lBig Mama #nigga kola o darso jbed chi masso ferge3e Ak tiri f hesso Fuck bitches this is what you like Fuck this Wolrd life one punch bla knife this is a new day i'm the boss nta s3aye one team one zone 04 dima foor nigga We live thug life like puc no wife I représent S.O Fuck the PO Dkhelte lgame game O Refrain f7al chi sata wellit kan3ifek mchargé lsani ghantiri fk 7alef brabbi tanjibou fk yamma f 3aynk yamma nifk PAPA madwich lakhawi jibk wakha 9ari aji nfidek wld nas nwelli s7aybek tkhrej 3l tre9 zebbi fidek OUtro : this is the black GANG my little Bitche Motherfucker

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9. 303 Dimensions 011 (August 2016)

  • Published: 2016-08-04T09:54:39Z
  • By refuge
303 Dimensions 011 (August 2016)

Refuge: 303 Dimensions 011 (August 2nd 2016) (DI.FM) i. Laurent Garnier - Sweet Mellow D [F Communications] ii. Regal - Impulsive Feelings [Involve Records] iii. Hardfloor - Who Took Da Box [Hardfloor] iv. Yello - Vicious Games (Hardfloor Club mix) [Platipus] v. Luke Hess - Direction [FXHE Records] vi. DJ ESP - A Plan For Survival [Acid Jack] vii. FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes (Josh Wink's Acid Dub Interpretation) [City Rockers] viii. Tevo Howard - Move (Original 12" Mix) [Hour House Is Your Rush Records] ix. Plastikman vs. Fuse - EXpanded [Plus 8 Records] x. Redshape - Funny Green Hat (Original mix) [Poker Flat Recordings] xi. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor mix) [FFRR] xii. Suspect - Stretched (Tevo Howard remix) [Thug Records]

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