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1. Premiere: Reinier Zonneveld "Things We Might Have Said (feat. Cari Golden)"

Premiere: Reinier Zonneveld

Reiner Zonneveld´s album "Megacity Servant" will be released on September 23rd via Oliver Koletzki´s Berlin based Stil vor Talent label. In anticipation of this album get a taste of it with our premiere of "Things We Might Have Said (feat. Cari Golden)". Pumping Groove meets purring voice with a clear message. Head to review: Buy this track on Beatport: Read more about Reinier Zonneveld in our current (German) issue: Am 23. September wird das 16 Tracks umfassende Album „Megacity Servant" vom Niederländer Reinier Zonneveld auf Stil vor Talent erscheinen. Im Vorgriff darauf könnt ihr hier die Premiere von „Things We Might Have Said" (feat. Cari Golden)" hören. Ein Track, der mit pumpendem Groove und säuselnden Vocals genau richtig kommt, um als Soundtrack für den Herbst herzuhalten. Zum Review: Kauft den Track auf Beatport: Mehr zu Reinier Zonneveld in unserer aktuellen Ausgabe:

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2. PREMIERE: Carl Cox & Reinier Zonneveld & Chris Coe - Inferno (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]

PREMIERE: Carl Cox & Reinier Zonneveld & Chris Coe - Inferno (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]

@carl-cox @christopher_coe @filthonacid DO IT NOW

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3. PREMIERE: Reinier Zonneveld & Cari Golden - Bending The End (Original Mix)

PREMIERE: Reinier Zonneveld & Cari Golden - Bending The End (Original Mix)

Filth on Acid is excited to welcome Cari Golden for a new collaboration with label honcho Reinier Zonneveld. "Bending The End" is the second track they recorded together and the follow up of the enormous hit "Things We Might Have Said", which was one of the biggest electronic hits of 2016. That being said, Cari and Reinier wanted to bring something new to the table and started with a white canvas when composing "Bending The End", and because of that they ended up taking a totally different direction. This time the track comes in two variations, the melody centred original mix and a dancefloor orientated 4AM mix. The original mix starts out with a throbbing, deep Moog bassline, and a round, deep bassdrum, while at the same time blending soft, haunting effects and a fragmented, distorted melody. Cari Golden's voice, deep and beautiful, comes in and sets the mood for a hypnotic slow burner. The bassline initiates a subtle chord progression and delicate production skills elevate the mood of the track. Powerful but stripped back drum programming along with short bursts of white noise bring impact for the dancefloor. A long breakdown starts the orchestra by three of the big classic synths - Oberheim, Moog and Juno - and pave the road for unimpeachable ear candy with Cari's angel like voice as the centerpoint of the attention. All the elements come together and form an indisputable peak; without building up too obvious. In the vein of bending the end to the beginning again, the track's outro ends as it started: deep and delicate. The second version in the package - 4AM Mix - has a definite peaktime feel to it. Powerful driving drums and a heavy bed of sub bass kick lead the way to the introduction of looped elements of Cari's voice. Colossal, bassy stabs hint to original in a disrobed way. Long synth notes lying somewhere between bass and melody introduce the harmonies of the original during the breakdowns and translate it to demanding dancefloors in a profound way. Early feedback (in random order) Monika Kruse: does reiner ever sleep? nice track again! Victor Ruiz: Reinier is on fire!!!!!!! Karotte: original and 4AM mix are great. love it. Gabriel Ananda: Nice one! I am not exactly an vocal fan, but its really well made and a nice track. thanks Sasha Carassi: good stuff! Umek: top work Oliver Koletzki: 4AM mix is amazing!! Coyu: 4AM mix sounds good Noir: Nice tracks guys ;) Chus & Ceballos: Beautiful vocal, great production! thanks Franky Rizardo: Supporting

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6. Reinier Zonneveld LIVE @ Stil Vor Talent Festival Hamburg (MS Dockville) 09 - 07 - 2016

Reinier Zonneveld LIVE @ Stil Vor Talent Festival Hamburg (MS Dockville) 09 - 07 - 2016

Tracklist: 100% Reinier Zonneveld productions Watch the stream on Be-At TV:

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7. Hard Gaan (Live Cut)

Hard Gaan (Live Cut)

studio version soon :)

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8. Coyu & Reinier Zonneveld - My Head Is On Fire (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]

Coyu & Reinier Zonneveld - My Head Is On Fire (Original Mix) [Filth on Acid]

The third instalment of the special collaboration series "Cocktails" brings us the big cat Coyu together with label head Reinier Zonneveld. Big kicks, heavy drums, trippy vocals and a screaming 303: this is Filth on Acid. "My head is on fire Show me desire Fuck your head on a flyer Your god is a liar"

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9. Reinier Zonneveld - Sharp Bust

  • Published: 2016-01-29T18:35:39Z
  • By THUMP
Reinier Zonneveld - Sharp Bust

Dutch producer and DJ Reinier Zonneveld is racking up accolades about as fast as new fans are losing their shit to his far reaching beats. Having already released on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label and the ever-influential Traum Schalplatten, Zonneveld’s latest, an EP titled Rushchamber, is out on the increasingly important Stil Vor Talent, an imprint run by tastemaker Oliver Koletzki. The 3-track EP captures the variation Zonneveld is known for and kicks off with “Sharp Bust,” a careening, pure techno number with detuned horns and whirring rushes. The titular track 2, “Rushchamber,” weaves in groovier house influences in the beat, and “Flatchat” levels off somewhere in the middle. The collection reflects the wide palate that Zonneveld, who was raised on classical music, brings to the studio.

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10. Noir - Obscurité (Reinier Zonneveld's Building Tension Remix) #11 Beatport Techno top 100 tracks

Noir - Obscurité (Reinier Zonneveld's Building Tension Remix) #11 Beatport Techno top 100 tracks

#11 Beatport Techno top 100 tracks Some feedback: Monika Kruse: amazing remixes here!!! Oliver Schories: I can’t remember any producer delivering so many high quality tracks and remixes in such a short period of time like Zonneveld did (and obviously does) in the last months. Christian Smith: grabbing the zonneveld remix. really good!!!! Karotte: both remixes are cool. like it. Einmusik: zonnevelds remix is nice thanks Nick Warren: 2 excellent mixes Eelke Kleijn: Both good remixes!! :) Oxia: Nice release! Ramiro Lopez: Reinier remix is my fave but both very cool. thx Riva Starr: Nice release, thanks! Tocadisco: great choice of remixers Animal Trainer: fantastic remix by Reinier Zonneveld! Sian: Super strong!! Citizen Kain: Love both remixes but i think the one of Reinier Zonneveld is the best for me to play in my set, thank you TAPESH: dope remix AFFKT: Super remixes

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11. Reinier Zonneveld Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

Reinier Zonneveld Boiler Room Berlin Live Set

► Reinier Zonneveld keeping the energy high with his live set at the Still Vor Talent showcase ► Follow us on SoundCloud:

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12. Premiere: Reinier Zonneveld - Move Your Body To The Beat [Filth On Acid]

Premiere: Reinier Zonneveld - Move Your Body To The Beat [Filth On Acid]

'Reinier Zonneveld is back with his first solo-ep since 1 year...' Read More: Follow: @reinier-zonneveld // @filthonacid Connect: When We Dip on Spotify - YT >>> FB >>> IN >>> TW >>>

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13. Premiere: Sharam & Reinier Zonneveld 'Ski'

  • Published: 2017-06-13T14:36:49Z
  • By Mixmag
Premiere: Sharam & Reinier Zonneveld 'Ski'

Filth On Acid label boss Renier Zonneveld launched his new collaborative series called Cocktail with one prior release, and now has called upon one half of Deep Dish and Yoshitoshi boss Sharam for his second official release titled ‘Ski’. Hypnotic and sharp from the get-go, ‘Ski’ is a slow-burning crowd pleaser that taps into crisp drums, classic analog synths and an absolutely chilling vocal. 'Ski', combining the best of both seasoned producers, is a teasing tune that slowly, but surely unravels into an undeniable peak set moment. 'Ski' is out on Filth On Acid on June 16. More info here:

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14. Reinier Zonneveld [live] @ Pleinvrees Festival 02.09.2017

Reinier Zonneveld [live] @ Pleinvrees Festival 02.09.2017

See you at 22 September 2018 for Platzangst at Thuishaven, Amsterdam. We invited our German friends from Ritter Butzke and 3000Grad. Seth Schwarz [live] ○ Giorgia Angiuli [live] ○ Finnebassen ○ Henry Saiz ○ Monolink [live] ○ Pauli Pocket ○ Rey & Kjavik ○ Marc Piñol ○ Mollono.Bass ○ Max Morel ○ Animal Trainer ○ Prismode & Solvane ○ Timboletti ○ Marc Holstege For more info check: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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18. Oliver Koletzki & Reinier Zonneveld - Cold Conquest (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki & Reinier Zonneveld - Cold Conquest (Original Mix)

Early feedback in random order: Pan-Pot: nice one Joris Voorn: Killer start, good luck with the label! Alan Fitzpatrick: Kickstreem is awesome Kölsch: Nice tracks here, especially 'Got Me' Monika Kruse: a bag of goodies! will play them all! Nicole Moudaber: I'm actually into everything here. Support! Karotte (Official Fanpage): top ep. top collabos. top first release on the label. James Zabiela: Love the A Side, that little auto tuned vocal sample does it. Noir: Dope collab ep. Victor Ruiz: Great package! Good luck on the label Reinier! :D Pig & Dan: Kickstreem & Got Me are BOMBS! ANNA: Kickstreem is the one for me. Got is really good also. Bart Skils: Congrats with your new label! Enrico Sangiuliano: yeeeeaaaaah Eelke Kleijn: Got Me & Cold Conquest are my favs :-) Wicked stuff. Congrats on the label as well ! Maceo Plex: thanks for the music! The first release on Reinier Zonneveld’s own imprint, Filth on Acid, launches a special EP-series, Cocktails Mix series, whereby Reinier Zonneveld collaborates with artists that influence him, both creatively and personally. Cocktails Mix I brings 4 different variations of tech to the floor. First up is Cold Conquest, featuring Stil vor Talent's head honcho Oliver Koletzki, together they deliver a peak-time track with lots of emotional and musical elements, while keeping a steady heavy rhythm section. Adding Gem’s labelhead Secret Cinema to the cocktail gives us a purist no nonsense techno banger perfect for dark rooms and dirty basements. For the third track on the EP, we see Reinier Zonneveld combined with Gabriel Ananda, showing their emotional and deep signature sound coming to the forefront, with mesmerizing melodies and brilliant synthwork. Perfect for a night closer or sunny open air. Finally the EP closes of with Matt Sassari and Reinier going all out with an extreme energetic bomb, featuring a machine gun like synth bass. Enjoy the filth (on acid)!

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