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1. Remember When

Remember When

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2. Episode #27 Impractical Jokers, Bad Wolves - Remember When And Fear

Episode #27 Impractical Jokers, Bad Wolves - Remember When  And Fear

We talk about Impractical Jokers TV Show and Comedy Tour, Bad Wolves - Remember When (video & story), Fear and more. Brunch Box Food Truck Links Twitter Website Bad Wolves - Remember When Bad Wolves Interview About Remember When Bad Wolves - Zombi Acoustic Impractical Jokers Video

nothing at of , which is

3. D-Sisive with Wolves | The Weird One

  • Published: 2014-08-12T16:12:14Z
  • By D-Sisive
D-Sisive with Wolves | The Weird One

Wolves = D-Sisive+Muneshine,+Ghettosocks,+Timbuktu+Bix. producer: Bix mixed: Tim 'Timbuktu' Wallace recorded by Tim 'Timbuktu' Wallace @ FUN, Toronto, Canada. from the album Wolves | - I'm a pretty big Weird Al fan. A childhood hero I never abandoned, unlike most groups I grew up listening to. I will always check new Al music, but couldn't give 2 shits what Aerosmith are up to. Yankovic has staying power in Christoff Village. I lost my mind when Funny or Die released a trailer for a Weird Al biopic, starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Patton Oswalt's Dr. Demento made it a masterpiece. I sent the link to every friend I have and, sadly, was not met with my own enthusiasm. I felt alone and cold. Myself and the Wolves boyz were working on our album at Timbuktu's studio. When we're not writing, we're laughing. Shit talking. I remembered the trailer and pulled it up. The boys loved it. They got it. They got me. I can't remember who's idea it was, but someone suggested naming a song after one of the lines from the trailer. We all agreed and made one of my favourite songs. The Wolves album kind of fell on deaf ears, which is a shame because it's pretty fucking amazing. The link is above. You should check it out and buy it. And watch the Weird Al biopic trailer here: - twitter|instagram: @DerekChristoff

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  • Published: 2014-01-20T23:58:52Z
  • By Sam Botta

Now David Floria is the most sought after expert in the U S when purchasing art pieces in the $1 million or more range. Recommended reading today: Victor has written a 25-page masterpiece. Lots of open space exists on each page, so you can complete the reading in 25 minutes. Stop putting it off. Get the book right now. Find it here: If you cannot afford the price of this book, it's time to give it up and settle for continuing in the protection of the mundane. Give up self-imposed limitations: Find David Floria: Forr and Floria: A merger of galleries and aesthetics in Aspen | STOP APOLOGIZING for yourself. Take it from someone that was severely shy, morbidly obese and a virgin for the majority of this life. We put your comments into a simple word counting app, and found that you apologized no less than three times. Of course the culture creation industry has embedded the ‘men should apologize’ mandate into everything popular for decades. MOST men in the world (on average) have your same height. This ’ ’ ″‘ you mention only matters on popular online dating sites. They have membership of > % women. And remember, there are a lot of men here that are contacted by agencies women pay thousands of dollars to – men pay $ – so they can meet THE man. Are the men all > ′? Nope. You’re a nice guy, that’s a constant. No matter how much you change, you still have the will inside that keeps you the good person you are. Are you still ‘you’ even though you learned to tie your shoes? It’s not natural for you to know how to tie your shoes. But if you spent your life with shoelaces flopping around, people would often be bothered. Should I wear my old jeans (size U S) since that would be the ‘me’ I was? Or, is it better that I wear the size jeans that fit now? Practicing concepts you’ve learned in Rollo’s book doesn’t change the person you are… it brings you closer to your purpose on earth at this time. Your morals are not going to decline. You wrote “You might think I’m” … STOP THAT. Remember the words of Tim Ferriss: “F*ck ‘em. There are no statues erected to critics.” Stop assuming people are thinking this or that. That’s like walking into a room hearing voices thinking people are making fun of only you like in this scene from ‘Man of Steel’ F wBC k See the description to find how you are NOT genetically predisposed to this ‘beta’ you think you’re trapped in. Be confident and sure of what you say. If you’re wrong, it’s ok. If there are haters, I’ve had plenty, it’s a compliment. Practice confident body language when you walk into a room and when you’re typing comments here. It works. You wrote, “she suggested I was a narcissist” yet she is married to an “itinerant musician, who smokes joints all day and lives off her savings!” Exclamation point Muttley! She has convinced you of how “terrible” life is. That’s hilarious because she CHOOSES to stay in that marriage! Muttley it’s sooooo terrible with her sexy, aloof, fun, exotic, mysterious, husband with a delicious international accent (and she can’t resist that he’s an artist) husband that has an addiction she’s sure she can FIX. She enjoys him and the drama of it… and she’s convinced you otherwise. She’s NOT your friend. Stop being the best listener and shoulder to cry on in the world. TIME is the most valuable gift you’ve been given, and the time invested in this ‘beautiful’ woman – let it go. Stop ‘cold turkey’ NOW. Invest TIME in YOU so that soon you’ll not be the ‘friend’ of the future “beautiful” woman you attract, you’ll be the one she wants. Millions of men have read this post, and you’re one of the small percentage that doesn’t assume he already knows the stuff in Rollo’s book (less than $ U S). That alone puts you in a better place than the ones you seem to be apologizing to here. I do not understand how anyone could come to this blog and deprive himself of Rollo Tomassi “The Rational Male” book. Now that you’ve taken the step millions of men reading this post haven’t, remember Richard Branson. He said, “The best way of learning about anything is by doing.” Do it. never married late twenties and early s women could start to panic, and this panic could spread to younger women The Culture Creation Industry has remained hidden, yet its work operates in a collective ‘spared no expense’ way. It doesn’t matter what it cost, money is no object. It will roll out technology, mind-blowing talent and concepts that are so wonderfully advanced, mass panic will be delayed. In the ‘Jenny Erikson’ narrative, you see the new definition of marriage. She loves him, marries him (a few more steps here) then writes about how he’s a bad man. She’s a christian, people change, God forgives and that’s that. She refers to A-List celebrities and top music performers. She explains that their words and songs back up her feelings. It’s all about feelings and experiences after all. The panic is diffused in creating tribes of others that have ‘been through’ the same plight. There will be no shortage of attention given so that the panic will not feel like panic. The Culture Creation Industry will continue to pump out the illusions and fantasies that give just enough hope. From “The Hunger Games” “President Snow: Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. Spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.” Culture Creation Industry has given Jenny Erikson a career. She delivers such hope in today’s The Stir ‘So Ben Affleck is just about the sweetest husband ever. In a recent interview, he said that his wife Jennifer Garner is the “most important person’ in his life.” alpha nice insta coming zendayamaree old cancer evil tag kuwait james being together nike mahone most zendaya group week whatever faz sure fazza en dwyanewade play paul give same san v francisco victoriassecret let haha twitter keep treysongz they're animal bless dont first heres creation beast teachings remember told which everyone gf home country men barbie live q cool ss g r help ashley lets long team look popular dunk fashion birthday too cherokee normal person los dr comment girl kingjames omg everybody art find don seahawks friend believe women against kimheenim it's rollo chauvinist followers baby must i'm such culture photo christianity shot things cup austincarlile tweet crazy mileycyrus edited better brother move spongebob nothing system via ciara victorias fc getting mind loves fit word bin wait perfect l vs clips set down miss throwback water walk feel dance share 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  • By Prisma :3

EDIT: FUCK COPYRIGHT AA !!!...full version + mp3 here = I LOVE MELANIE MARTINEZ AAAAAAAAA and i want to cover a lot of songs by her !!!! when i get 600 followers i'll upload a special track !!! >w< so just wait for it (soon =w=) this was a test but i finished so i asked mora for help with the mix and here it is !!! i hope you liked it .w. Mora's comment: "this reminds me of my parents' sex jokes regarding big bad wolves" Base By: ????? (sorry i can't remember... was a test i erased everything) EDIT & TUNE By: Me Mix By: Moralix @idk-mora (thank you meme'am

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6. Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter

What happens when the big bad wolf falls in love with the little lamb? A fish and bird may fall in love But where could they build their nest? Do you really think we could make it right? Giving birth to a storm each time your eyes meet mine And I remember you praying on your knees In the old church yard under the falling leaves I was looking through the willow trees I moved steps in order to reach you but heavy chains wrapped 'round my feet Take my evil heart, I offer it to you Watch it beating while my skin turns blue Make sure it'll be safe once your silver bullet hit my head One last sip from the Devil's cup then rest your head on my empty chest (We invoke thee, Queen of queens A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia Come to us in all our dreams A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia) But baby you can't love a beast without getting hurt Wolves need to run free God knows that I tried to keep it captive There are so many wounds to heal and love is the medicine Take my evil heart, I offer it to you Watch it beating while my skin turns blue Make sure it'll be safe once your silver bullet hit my head One last sip from the Devil's cup then rest your head on my empty chest (We invoke thee, Queen of queens A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia Come to us in all our dreams A-ra-d-ia A-ra-d-ia) Those blue veins all over my face They look like mountain streams Those rifts on my heart They serve to let the light in One day winter will come with the force of an army It'll turn me into a fawn Time is our worst enemy

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7. SNS 811

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SNS 811

SKRATCH N SNIFF ROCK MIX Show #811 (the Weekend of August 24/25) Playlist: Johnny Cash - Hurt (Mike Czech Blend) Incubus vs. Lupe Fiasco - Are You In Superstar (Mike Czech Remixxx) Five Finger Death Punch - Sham Pain RHCP vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home California (Mike Czech Remixxx) Beartooth - Disease Ghost - Rats Alice In Chains - Again (Club Mix) Puddle Of Mudd - Livin On Borrowed Time (Mike Czech Remixxx) Rob Zombie - Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (Photek Straight Remix) Disturbed - Are You Ready Snoop Dogg feat. The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix) Skindred - That's My Jam Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. E-40 - Tell Me When To Go Baby (Mike Czech Remixxx) Hyro The Hero - Bullet Cypress Hill - Superrstarr (Mike Czech Remixxx) Foo Fighters - Something From Nothing (Mike Czech Redrum) Breaking Benjamin - Torn In Two Jay-Z & Linkin Park - Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer From Ashes To New - Crazy Three Days Grace - Infra-Red Finger Eleven vs. Franz Ferdinand vs. Skid Row - Paralyzer Take Me Wild (Mike Czech Remixxx) Linkin Park X Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes Three Days Grace - Break (Mike Czech Remixxx) THE FEVER 333 - (The First Stone) Changes [feat. Yelawolf] Saving Abel vs. MIMS - Drowning Move (Mike Czech Remixxx) Bad Wolves ft. Diamante - Hear Me Now Five Finger Death Punch vs. The Game - The Bleeding One Blood (Mike Czech Remixxx) Five Finger Death Punch - Remember Everything (Mike Czech Remixxx) Godsmack - Bulletproof

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8. Mindful Cyborgs - Episode 9 -Data Exhibitionist and Open Sourcing Contemplative Computing

Mindful Cyborgs - Episode 9 -Data Exhibitionist and Open Sourcing Contemplative Computing

SHOW 9 -Data exobitionist, open sourced contemplative computing & follower bankruptcy HOSTS: Klint Finley Chris Dancy GUEST: Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Book: The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues, and Destroying Your Soul *****SHOW NOTES***** The duality of tech being fetishized and pathologized are we in a holy war for information? The argument that tech does good and bad is the agency it grants the technology. Why did you write this book? Nicholas Carr- The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains When you live in a world where you stare at screens for 12 hours a day, it's easy to think the screens are the problem. Raw brain power vs. Self Discipline We are all cyborgs and it is the great challenge of our lives is to become mindful cyborgs rather than mindless cyborgs. The individual is in charge of managing their own tech choices. The problem with tech is not that it's addicting, it's poorly designed. Business models are about sucking up attention, it's like asking wolves to be vegetarians. Aaron Levie on Twitter Big news is going unnoticed. What does August 2014 look like for social media? Declaring follower bankruptcy? Contemplative practices 800 and 200 BC as a response to globalization. Is the problem the networked tools vs. solitary tools? Contemplative Technologies go open source. END OF PART 1 of 2 ****OPRAH MOMENT**** Five free copies of "The Distraction Addiction" *****TOP STORIES***** Crowdage (Kiva meets the data economy)- Asking 2000 people to give up their personal health data. - BIOBEATS - "Adaptive Media" "Our technologies learn about you from your biometric data and adapt to help you live a more engaging, healthier life." *****WORD OF THE WEEK***** Contemplative - expressing or involving prolonged thought. *****VOTE***** Help Send Chris and Klint to SXSW 14 - *****EVENTS***** Buddhist geeks August 16-19 Boulder (Mindfulness) Singularity University - Executive Program October 5-12 Quantified Self Oct 10-11 San Francisco SXSW : March 7-16, 2014 *****THANK YOU / FIND US***** AARON JASINSKI: Artist work for the mindful cyborgs ROSS NELSON: Brown Hound Media for mixing FACEBOOK: GOOGLE PLUS:…97482352220770025 TWITTER: SOUNDCLOUD: ITUNES: STICHER RADIO: *****TRANSCRIPTION***** Mindful Cyborgs - Contemplative living in the age of quantification, augmentation and acceleration, with your hosts Chris Dancy and Klint Finley. CD: Welcome to Mindful Cyborgs Episode 9. Mr. Klint, do I feel your presence through the ether? KF: Hi there. How’s it going? CD: Good. Klint, we’ve had so many interesting people. We gave away a trip to Buddhist Conference last week where they’re going kind of teach me to be Buddhist and work with contemplative technology and speaking of contemplative technology, boy, did we land a doozy today. You found this guest. Why don’t tell me a little bit how you found our guest and introduce him, if you don’t mind? KF: We have Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. I’m sorry if I mispronounced your name, Alex. He’s the author of “The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues and Destroying Your Soul” book that’s just out from Little Brown Books. Welcome to the show, Alex. ASP: Thanks very much. It’s great to be here, Klint. CD: My favorite part of the whole title “destroying your soul”. Can we start there? Because there does seem obviously ... I’m just going to get right into the meat of this, Alex. Your book is inflammatory on a level. Yes, I don’t know. I haven’t read anything this good in such a long time. That being said, I can see your book being used as a weapon by people who think tech is destroying families and ripping apart communities and also being used by people who feel that tech is enriching and empowering people’s lives. I can see both people waging the holy war with this book. ASP: You can say that both sides are equally right and wrong, I mean in the sense that you can make the same kind of argument about fire or lighting or any other number of technologies that have come to be ubiquitous parts of our lives that we use almost unthinkingly. They become what sociologists refer to as [00:02:37] technology, ones that are omnipresent, whose use we cannot think about very much and therefore become incredibly powerful. Now, I think that sort of the argument that technology does these things: drives families apart, makes us more connected, impoverishes our soul, allows us to be more spiritual. I think that the objection I have to that is the agency that grants the technology and one of the things that I want to argue and that I want readers to have a stronger sense of is that while it’s certainly the case that technology can exacerbate problems or they can be designed to encourage or to nudge up those behavioral economists who have put it to have certain kinds of habits rather than others or have defaults that are set to encourage us to engage in some kind of behavior. The reality is that technologies creators efforts to make us unaware of the fact that these are systems and devices over which we still have a measure of control and over which we can exert agency and choice is ... I think that’s a critical realization to maintain in today’s world and so I would say that the technology may enable all kinds of good and bad things, but that it’s still critically important to remember that ultimately we are capable of making choices about how we use them. CD: Two things here. Let me slow you down a little bit here. Literally, we could replace some of the terminology in this book and release it in 1800. ASP: Yes or 1500. CD: Good. I want to make sure that I understood what I read. You’re driving me crazy because I just want to just go and just start debating you in this. I agree with you. I guess I’ve got a million questions I want to ask you. Just this thing what you just said I only have one question that’s like I have to know, why did you write this book? ASP: Why did I write this book? That’s an excellent question. First of all, I’ve spent at this point half of my life or so trying to understand people and technologies and the worlds they make. I started out as an historian of science and technology looking mainly at 19th and 20th century British and American history of technology. For the last dozen or so years I’ve been technology forecaster and futurist which means that I’m asking all the same kinds of questions that I was asking when I was looking at relationships between printers and astronomers in 19th century, photography and astronomy but I’m just asking them about the future rather than the past. The more immediate answer to the question why did I write this specific book was that like a lot of projects, intellectual projects that people get really passionate about, it kind of came out of a crisis. A few years ago after working at a think-tank dong a lot of scenario work for many different clients that involved reading huge amounts of stuff online, jumping from project to project, doing a lot of travel, I was really feeling cognitively very stretched in. I was still doing pretty decent work but I was really starting to worry about having serious like memory issues, the kinds of stuff that Nick Carr talks about at the very beginning of his book “The Shallows”. CD: You physically felt that the technology was literally changing your mind, I mean you were forgetting things. ASP: It certainly was part of it. CD: Again, you can’t make this stuff up in real life, can you, Alex? I was just at a professionals - oh shoot, I’ll just say it. I was at my esthetician. I’m older and I’m sensitive of my nose hair - I’ll just go there - and she said to me, “Chris, I’m retiring” and I said, “Why?” She goes, “I need to teach and I have an opportunity to teach” and I said, “Well, that’s good. That’s wonderful. You’ve been doing this for twenty-some years.” She goes, “But I have to. I know you really to. I just want to tell you, I feel like I’m becoming brain dead.” I said, “What do you mean?” She goes, “All I do is I work on people every day and I do my different services” because she does facial services also, that kind of stuff. She goes, “But I’m starting to forget stuff.” My question to you is, do you think she’s actually kind of mistaking her phone addiction for staring at someone’s eyebrows when she’s plucking them out? ASP: I think that there are all kinds of reasons people start having memory issues or a feeling like they’re slowing down. When you live in a world in which you’re staring at screens for 12 hours a day, it’s really easy to come to the conclusion that the screens are the problem. CD: That’s very profound. ASP: Realistically, I was at a point in my professional life where I had done the same thing two or three times and I was in my mid-40s which is the classic time to start thinking you got early onset Alzheimer’s or some other kind of issue. In my case, it really was a kind of perfect storm of things. The technology was certainly part of it that it wasn’t the only thing. So I started trying to figure out is there a way to deal with this. For someone who had spent his entire life of succeeding on the basis of essentially raw brainpower as opposed to things like self-discipline and good work habits the idea that your mind is flipping like Hal at the end of 2001 is pretty terrifying. So, I started meditating. CD: So far you sound like a mindful cyborg. ASP: Well, yes, absolutely. I think that we are indeed, Chris, I would say we are all cyborgs and the great challenge of our lives is to become mindful cyborgs rather than mindless cyborgs. CD: First time I’ve ever heard someone say we’re all cyborgs was Amber Case. KF: We’re entangled with our technologies. I really like that the term “entangled”. You emphasized that the individual is responsible for managing their attention and that you can’t just buy something off the shelf that’s going to “fix you” but at the same time you talk about how the design of technologies can pose problems. For example, you wrote that the problem with too many devices today is not that they’re too engaging or addictive, the problem is that they’re poorly designed. I wanted to ask you, to what extent do you think designers are responsible for implementing contemplative computing? CD: Nice. ASP: I think they should be more thoughtful about it. I’m afraid though that for too many companies their business models really depend upon being able to suck up as much of your attention as they possibly can. It’s a little bit like asking the wolves to be vegetarian. There are certainly things or even relatively simple things that, let’s say, social media app designers could do that would assist users of being less distracted. For example, setting initial the defaults on notifications, turning it down from 11 which is what most everyone seems to do which is notifying you when anything on this system happens that is vaguely related to me send me a text message about it. Every time I install an app I have to go in and turn all that stuff off. I think it’s one small example of how in their own way of media companies and technology companies are kind of addicted to distracting us. They see that as right now as a way to build up their user base to get more hits, to get more screen time, to justify the development of these expensive mobile social apps and generate more data that they can use to then resell to advertisers. KF: Generate more data to find out better ways to distract in other words. ASP: Exactly. I think that the phrase, it’s an instantiation of the concept of the attention economy that is, I think, really of ultimately unsustainable and for all of its claims to be customer focused, is customer focused in the way that the shark is focused on the fish. CD: I know the term attention economy. This is more like an attention depression. Again, if I just look at just online. I look online behavior. You go back just 9 months ago someone like Aaron Levie was getting re-tweeted 100 to 300 times for one of his little smart comments. Today, that number’s about half. His comments aren’t less interesting but I’m noticing that people are just skipping it which is making him and other people like him just like more rabid about getting back to that unattainable level when it was manageable. You know what I’m talking about, Klint? KF: Yes. Well, I’ve seen a couple of examples recently where somebody who works at a company tweeted out not huge major news but significant news about their company that didn’t end up getting picked up on when, I think, 6 months to a year ago and certainly a year and a half, 2 years ago, those tweets would have led to a dozen different publications running a news story about that piece of information. CD: That’s my point. I mean, Alex, in one year, let’s just go out 12 months, let’s pretend it’s August 9th, 2014. I don’t see any of this sustainable. ASP: So, you think of sort of stuff like Twitter based marketing or... CD: Twitter or anything social, I see a mass exodus back to paper magazines within 2 years. ASP: We’re going to see the bursting of the bubble of the attention economy. CD: Yes, because when I deal with people it just seems like to me they’re like where they made an attempt before, they’re more conscious about getting new content out than consuming the content in front of them. I call it the buffet attention span, right? Take all you want but eat all you take, right? It’s like filling a bookshop full of books you’ll never read so you look smart. More people share stuff to kind of dictate who they are and define themselves from a psychological standpoint than they actually read this stuff they’re showing you. If they were to click on it, they’d realize it was a dead link. I just literally don’t see how this is sustainable. Just yesterday Klint said he wanted to un-follow everybody. KF: I was going to ask. So, Chris, I know you don’t follow very many people. You follow like 60 or 70 people or something? CD: 30. KF: 30! CD: 30 people. KF: Thirty people. Okay. Yes, that day when I said that I did go through and I tried to un-follow as many people as I could and I felt like I un-followed so many people and it was really hard to go through my whole list. I was just like I got to cut this down because I had over 400 people that I was following and so then it was all over. I was thinking maybe I got this down to like less than 300. 250 is what I was thinking I might have gotten it down to and it was only like 340 still what I’m at now. I’m curious, Alex. How many people do you follow and do you have any thoughts on how to pair that sort of thing down? I guess I’m asking you for some more specific, less philosophical questions. ASP: The first answer is I’m not sure how many people I follow. I think it’s in the 300 something but it’s not a number that I have looked at in a long time. I will un-follow someone if they are clogging up my Twitter stream. People who it turns out that have post a lot of stuff that isn’t particularly interesting or relevant. These people are far less interesting than someone who will post a couple of times a week but will point out pretty interesting things. Yes. There is that Scottish saying, “Say but little and say it well.” when you got several hundred people in your Twitter stream, the more of them who follow that kind of rule the better. So, really that’s the only real life follow in terms of who to take off. CD: You follow 410. I just looked. ASP: Oh, thank you. KF: One other thing I wanted to ask you about, Alex, it was one of the more surprising things in the book to me was that you pointed out that contemplative practices seem to have started somewhere between 800 and 200 BC as a response to colonialism, global trade and urbanization. That actually does kind of bring us back to that idea of the technologies that causes this sort of problem aren’t hammers and bows and arrows but they’re network technologies like social media comes back to that comparison of urbanization and economics and so forth. I would have thought those practices would still have developed much, much earlier in history so I was wondering if you’d talk a little bit about the research you did in that area of the history of contemplation. ASP: There’s not a huge literature on this yet, I mean people definitely are working on it but I think that what’s distinctive about that period which historians of religion refer to as the Axial Age is that it’s the first time that contemplative practices stopped being a secret. They stopped doing things that are for initiates that are part of ... It’s the first time that we begin to see people like Buddha arguing that these are and should be accessible to everyone. That they’re open, they’re public sort of in a sense that they go from or they continue to the network metaphor they go from being proprietary to being open source. Anyone can do them. Anyone can improve upon and add to them. It’s actually not something that I draw out of a book but because ... well, funny story, I didn’t notice them. You’re exactly right that the world is becoming more networked at this point. That’s the thing that’s distinctive about it. CD: It’s going to be really problematic when all the network devices in your house ignore you. Yes. Linda Richman of the networked house “talk amongst yourselves”. Literally the first day I come home and my robot vacuum cleaner is having a cigarette with the washing machine. [inaudible 00:17:53]. Let’s get us some news. You guys want to jump on some crazy news because I think I’ve got news that would just twist this whole conversation in half? KF: All right. CD: The company that I found online through a Quantified Self Forum called Crowdage. Basically, I went into Quantified Self Forum and said hey, come to our website. The first 2,000 people to opt in your Fitbit data to us via API you just clicked a button and your Fitbit was connected to their system. We will give you the results too within 3 days. They had 2,000 people opt over all the health data so that they could see how other people were living. I called it Kiva Loans meets the data economy. Again, it’s Kinsey on a whole new level. Do you guys have any opinion about the 2,000 people who raced to hand over their sleep data so they could compare it to someone else? KF: The first thing that comes to mind is that sort of data does become more useful when you can compare it to somebody else when you can compare your data against yourself there’s a certain amount of utility in that like, okay, this is a normal knife for me but it does seem like anything would be more useful it’s networked. CD: How many people kind of get an infographic from this survey and by the way I was one of the 2,000? How many people are going to use the infographic they get from this to share with their friends? There’s this thing called Zuckerbergs wherever we are we try to share twice as much. To me it’s not a sharing. We have an under intimacy problem. We have no concept of intimacy with ourselves in respect to our data. KF: Yes. We are such exhibitionists now. CD: Completely. Alex, do you have any opinion on people exploiting their personal data? In this case, I opted in. No one took it from me. I opted in. How do you feel about that? ASP: I think if you go into it with your eyes open at least as reasonably open as they can be after you read the licensing agreement, then you’ve got to make your own choices. Personally, I tried a couple of like life logging systems like saga and a couple of others and things. They really haven’t grabbed me all that much maybe because I’m not a very good quantifier yet. CD: I happen to be a very good quantifier. Ask Klint. The key to it is low friction, right? I have to do no work - none - and I have to get value for that. At what point are the devices not the distraction but our actual output from the devices? At what point is it not the Ferrari but the exhaust? ASP: I think it is really interesting that these days there is the assumption that if you measure something the next logical natural thing to do is to share it and it’s really interesting how quickly that they can hold. I would also point out there isn’t ... I don’t know if there’s anything inherently let’s say creepier or stranger about sharing your sleep data with a company that analyzes sleep data than there is having your credit card company have intimate knowledge of your transaction history. CD: I don’t think it’s that much creepy. What shocked me was how fast they got 2,000 people to go to a site they’ve never heard of and handed over. You could not ... I mean if this were just sheer marketing data: someone in a mall asking people to take surveys, they’d be king of that company for that type of response. ASP: Right. Well, so presumably people think they got something out of it. CD: I think there’s going to be a distraction. There’s going to be a distraction addiction part 2 about people distracted not to the devices but to their own data. It’s kind of like my brother said when he was young and he used to go “There’s nothing like your own brand.” I’m like “That’s disgusting, Chucky,” but I’m starting to think people live for their own exhaust. Second wild crazy personal data story: company called BioBeats has out couple of apps now that basically they’re calling it adaptive media. It basically it listens to you, it listens to your body and watches your surroundings and creates music or in one case creates music from you in your activities, so if you’re dancing, the music is created from your movement. In the other case it actually analyzes where you’re at and makes suggestions for you to listen to things. So, personalized adaptive entertainment based external going out or internal coming in depending on what you need based on your actual bioness, so how warm is your skin, how fast is your heart beating or how focused is your brain. We talked about that last week. There’s a company called Melon who has this head wrap and they give you geolocation for how focused you were in Central Park versus Time Square, the distraction addiction. What about people using technology applications or devices to have them assist them to create new things around them? ASP: Well, as the world’s worst dancer, I’m still stuck on the idea of a system that’s trying to rely on movement to create music. Not having experimented with the system my initial impression based on looking at sort of the webpage sort of interesting science experiment, is it music, someone who would play the occasional musical instrument, I would set the bar a little bit higher for constitutes even ambient music. However, if you could do something more interesting and serious with it which is sort of like a next generation where you were able to have sensed kind of play your body rather than playing an instrument, there might be something cool there. CD: I think you hit on something brilliant. How many people would opt over that application data for that company to make them all do the Thriller dance? We won’t have flash mobs. We’ll have app mobs, right? You literally take over a mall, right? And everybody will do it. Sure. Will I get free ice cream? Sure, I’ll dance. Boom, all your phones are vibrating. Your haptic shoes are making you twist around like a robot in crack. So, we’ve got some events coming up, Klint. We got Buddhist Geeks in Boulder. Very contemplative technology group, Mr. Alex, if you’re interested and that’s August 16th through 19th. Singularity University, if you want to swallow a bunch of sensors and monitor your calories, October 5th through 12th for the executive program. The Quantified Self Conference with everything in those two people, October 10th and 11th in San Francisco, and then of course our page for South By Southwest, Klint, it should be out soon, shouldn’t it, before we put a vote? KF: Yes. CD: It should be up. I think South Bys are going to get it up soon, but South By is March 7th through 16th. Alex, thank you so much. We’re going to give away five copies of Alex’s book. This is part 1 of the show. Part 2 we’ll give away some more books too. I’d like to think Aaron Jasinski our artist for our Mindful Cyborgs. Ross Nelson, Brown Hound Media for our mixing and editing and there’s a lot on this show. You can find us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter for all the stories we talk about in this episode and all the ones we just like and of course you can find Mindful Cyborgs on iTunes, SoundCloud, and starting this week Stitcher Radio. Thank you so much, guys, and I will see you in a few weeks. KF: See you, Chris, and thanks for being on the show, Alex. ASP: Oh, you bet. This is a lot of fun.

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9. EPM Podcast #64 | Andrew Red Hand

  • Published: 2014-12-19T16:33:30Z
  • By EPMMusic
EPM Podcast #64 | Andrew Red Hand

Whilst we just about recover from South London Ordnanace's EPM Podcast we now welcome the dark electro, bass and techno of Romania’s finest, Andrew Red Hand with EPM Podcast 64. Starting with a slow burn electro mix that takes in Gesloten Cirkel, Anthony Rother, Versalife, Drexciya, Suburban Knight, BMG and even the Balanescu Quartet’s take on ‘The Model’ he cranks things up a notch in the final half an hour as techno takes over with DJ Bone, DJ Skull, Scan 7 and Ultradyne joining the throng before the mix closes out with the more house styled production of D’Marc Cantu. A self-taught DJ, producer, uncompromising warrior of the underground, Andrew Red Hand has always tried to avoid the obvious trends and hype, an attitude that made none other than Aaron-Carl name him ''the Romanian Underground Resistance himself''. Born in Iasi, the second city of Romania, he's one of the first generation of DJs in town and he was there at the beginning of the underground scene in 1997 at VIP club, one of the very few clubs in the country that promoted electronic music at that time, where he learned the art of mixing and played occasionally. In the following years he organized countless events with guests across the country in different clubs, such as club Imperium where he became resident, fighting with the power of sound against the new trends that flooded Romania. In 2002 he made the first ever broadcast, live techno mix at a local radio. As a producer Andrew Red Hand is signed to 6 record labels from Detroit: Matrix Records, Twilight 76 Records, Databass Records, Cratesavers International, Detroit Techno Records, 6ONE6, as well as Belgium's Melodymathics & 8311 Music from Bulgaria. His musical productions fuse together the soul of his native town Iasi, known as 'the spiritual capital of Romania' with the futuristic electro, techno, acid sound, being characterized, in fact, by a free, no compromise exploration of electronic music, unique and groundbreaking in his country, Romania; His sound is often compared to the Detroit sound, some of his early tracks being considered by Claude Young and not only as ''true Detroit spirit music''. His music got support from the likes of Anthony Shake Shakir, Alan Oldham, DJ Bone, Terrence Dixon, Detroit Techno Militia's DJ Seoul, DJ Godfather, Sean Deason, Thomas Barnett, Mysterious Mr O of Detroit Grand Pubahs, Dave Clarke who charted and played it in his famous ''White Noise'' radio show as well as in 2008's Awakenings set, Body Mechanic in his ''Detroit Promo'' radio show, the DJs of the esteemed Global Funk Radio, New Detroit Radio ... Being a versatile skilled DJ, his sets are a musical journey, one of a kind in Romania. He plays music that stands the test of time, regardless of trends, hype or fads, starting with Detroit techno, electro/techno bass, ghetto tech, soulful jazzy house to Chicago's acid, raw jacking house, timeless classics and some other international cutting-edge electronic music too. As you will soon find out… ANDREW RED HAND LINKS Facebook Page - Soundcloud - Discogs - Youtube - EPM Podcast 64 - Andrew Red Hand Tracklist Andrew Red Hand - Underground Resistance Radio UR Intro Danny Daze feat. Translucent - Beatdown (Erika’s Spaced Up Remix) Gesloten Cirkel - Zombie Machine (Acid) Nrsb-11 - Shadow Corp Andrew Red Hand - Haze De-Stress Ekman - Sharada Anthony Rother - Schopfer Morphology - Zilog Z80 Andrew Red Hand - From Ecstasy To Agony Versalife - Below The Horizon Drexciya - You Don't Know Seldom Seen - Catwalk Suburban Knight – Elimination Balanescu Quartet - The Model Bmg & Derek Plaslaiko - The True Story Of A Detroit Groove Vidrio vs Gosub - Excelsior (Vidrio Remix) Ultradyne - Lost A1 DJ Bone - I Do DJ Skull - Power Scan 7 - The Resistance D'Marc Cantu – Grey Q&A with Andrew Red Hand 1. Was the track selection of your mix a relatively easy process? Not at all! Au contraire, I may say it was a pleasant pain. I am very careful as to what I play and these days it is very hard to find some new music comparable to the quality of the one that I grew up listening to. I admit that I am quite picky, but I'd rather play some music with substance, regardless of the year it was produced, than to pollute with some up to date nonsense, just for the sake of being actual. 2. Growing up in Iasi, Romania, what were your first experiences of electronic dance music? In terms of discovering music it was a rough process as in the communist era all that you could find there was only music made here, which was not all so bad, but you had lots of propaganda music as well. My father had a friend who recorded some reel to reel tapes with all sorts of great international music that I was messing with on our Russian Majak reel to reel player. Then after the 89 revolution we had plenty of music on cassettes but mostly it was commercial crap but I found some good ones over the years too. As the home internet arrived late here, I was recording from Viva's Housefrau & Berlin House, 94-95 TV shows and MCM's techno on VHS and then on cassette tape - haha. I discovered a lot of high quality stuff, there I first saw Carl Craig or DJ Hell mixing and I learned a lot of great music as well. Then we gathered at club VIP in 97, where our underground movement started and I had access to great music, Berlin Detroit - A Techno Alliance CD comes up now in my mind. In terms of ''clubbing'', we here in Iasi were one of the first cities in Romania who had the guts to promote electronic music back in the day. In the early 90s we had a bar called ‘Cocktail’ here where some future to be DJs were playing music on some CD players & turntables. It wasn’t until 95-96 when there was a club called ‘Nr 1’ where the resident DJ held a few house/techno parties that I attended. The rest of the nights there were commercial dance music. All the underground movement started at VIP club in 97 and I had the chance to be around. We were a handful of people but I think that those were the most honest and sweet local parties ever. Then in 2000 we had a great club named ‘39’, that was the first club in the country that had 2 rooms, techno being played in 1, house in the other. Those were the heydays of high quality music being played out here. Then trends invaded and the destructive order begun and it continues to this day... 3. How has Romania changed since the 1989 revolution? Do you remember life under the Communist regime? Romania has changed since the 89 revolution, whose flame started in my city Iasi btw. The main problem is that our revolution was kind of stolen, the dictator Ceausescu has been killed in 89, after almost 50 years of communism, but not after his Security and others unknown killed more than 1100 people and injured more than 3500. His political slave Ion Iliescu, a former prime secretary of the communist party in my city came into power immediately, sadly. So after that we started to have a democratic regime built by a communist with his close friends. And here we are after 25 years, we have a brand new president which is from the German minority. He is being accused of involvement in international traffic of our Romanian children and who, as former mayor, took care to return illegally, among others, the former Gestapo headquarters to his German association. Nazi? At the bottom, they're all the same communist mofos rotating themselves with their new-born puppets. I never voted, I don't want to legitimize their destructive system and I don't want to hurt my people! 50 years of Communism were enough, I guess at least 50 must pass in order to clean their mess. Yes I remember life under the communist regime, mofos made me a pioneer too for the few years until the revolution. I was even advanced as a group commander too haha. And the first teacher was beating the hell out of us with the ruler on the hands. But I could not be brainwashed and I don't forget! I was lucky enough as my mother worked in the grocery store and I had food, but I saw lots of people suffering from hunger. When Ceausescu introduced the food ration to pay back the money from those economic terrorists called IMF, I started to see rows of like 50 people standing in cold winters at 5 AM for 1 kilo of milk everyday! And most of them there were old folks. There was a specific list and little amount of food a family could get with that card. You had to shut your mouth, not criticize the regime or elsewhere you were beaten to death if someone would tell the police. Lots of people were thrown in jail and killed. People including my mother were forced to go to China-like parades for the dictator and his retarded wife. And even after this criminal times the true Romanian spirit still lives on, has resisted. People were still thinking free and making fun of them quietly. And the baddest thing the Communist mofos did to me is to kill my dearest person, my everything, my mother! In the early 90s in the days of the former communist mofo Ion Iliescu, there was no blood control in the dirty hospitals and everyone could donate without a check. And when my mother needed a transfusion they inject her a contaminated one with Hepatitis C, basically they sentenced her to death. This year, after a long time and brave fight, my dear mom has died! And there were thousands of similar cases! So I invite anyone to come and find out what our nation is all about but don't miss the villages! You'll find hard-working warm people with huge souls and positive spirits and a quite a beautiful country as well. Not as the false international media depicts us, showing mostly the criminals, beggars and all that. That's not the real Romania! 4. Why has the music of Detroit had the biggest impact on you? Because they're the creators of this marvelous thing called techno! Their creativity doesn't stop at techno though, they took so many genres to another level, being straight techno, electro or even house etc. Not to mention Motown and the multitude of talented artists in a lot of music. In terms of pushing the boundaries Detroit artists are the kings! There is something special in that area. I know there have been some hard times for them over the years, but I guess that it helped in the end, I've noticed that struggling forces you to be more creative. And a way of escaping may be by doing music, you can get out mentally at least. You need to have a lot of talent and vision to make a track like ‘Night Drive’ in 1985 and today, after almost 30 years, to still sound like tomorrow. After all, I think the test of time is the most feared critic and making music that can stand it is any artist's goal. Detroit guys did it successfully. It's a dream come true for me to release music on their legendary labels and working with them always inspires me to do more than I normally can, so I am always very thankful and greatly honored! But I am quite sad sometimes to see some of them adjusting their sound more or less to the trends, I am always expecting from Detroit music that amazes me, not predictable or trendy. 5. Your mix starts with an Underground Resistance Radio Intro. How did you come into contact with UR and what effect has their music and ideology had on you as a DJ and producer? Oh yes I did that intro by cutting and mixing some of Mr Banks' words for my three mixes I had the immense honor to do for Underground Resistance's Radio UR. I think it sums up two important messages that people tend to forget: to not allow yourself to be programmed and to ''kill'' the radio station, the major source of controlling everyone's mind. And I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they use it for one of their promo videos for their Radio UR. I came into contact with some of them since the myspace era and I think before that too but I finally met them when they came here in Bucharest at Rokolectiv in 2008 to perform as Interstellar Fugitives. I love this project! There was DJ Skurge, Jon Dixon, Cornelius Atlantis, Frankie Fultz (special shout out for making that lovely artwork for me) and my hero Mad Mike Banks. Great talk and amazing people. Mr Banks even had the amiability to take a picture with me, unmasked, while I was melting down! Haha. We all know he's not into pictures at all. It was the most inspiring and breathtaking experience ever. Like seeing the past present and future of Detroit's electronic music right in front of your eyes. I'll never forget when Cornelius aka Atlantis asked me to get him on stage, as the ISF plan was. I had covered my face with their famous scarf and wearing a home-made UR t-shirt, I got Cornelius on stage blindfolded as if I would have caught and handcuffed him, the Interstellar Fugitive. And then I let him go and the astonishing performance begun. Well their ideology wasn't new to me, I mean it was new in terms of how to apply it to music. When I found out about UR it was like a confirmation that I was on the right track as a DJ with my combat against the mediocre music that was being spread everywhere here in Romania. But the idea of (underground) resistance is old and I read about it on our people's resistance against the communism. When Churchill basically sold our nation to the communist Stalin, at the Yalta Conference, the newly arrived communists started to eliminate anyone who did not want to adopt their criminal vision and in order to resist, a lot of people had to retreat in the mountains. Tons of them have been thrown in jails for not giving up their beliefs and a lot of them managed to resist, while some were murdered sadly. As a producer their music influenced me in terms of opening up my horizons first of all. I think almost everything they released is quite amazing in terms of quality and depth and every time I play it, it gives me a sort of strength and touches me in a special way. UR is at the forefront of electronic music, no doubt. Their artist’s music stands the test of time and inspires so many people to do their stuff and push the boundaries as much as possible. I think the world needs more visionaries like Mad Mike Banks! And less loop players that push monitors onto their zombies…haha! 6. How is the techno / dance music scene now in Romania? Now? It's a circus world: clowns, clones and zombies. It wasn't always like that! On a large scale Romania did not find out about the greatest, the high end forms of electronic music sadly, like Detroit techno / electro, Chicago house or others. It's deeply buried in the low end ones. Here's why: prior to 2000 the few underground DJs that existed were playing what they wanted, mostly house, but it was free, quite diverse music and hence people were pretty open minded. When the progressive-house trend hit, most DJs quickly moved to it and so the destructive order had begun. No more diversity, the same crap all night. And as we know linearity is the death of creativity. When this thing so called minimal started to be in vogue, again the same DJs jumped on the bandwagon. Same sounds all night, ridiculous loops all over, no more advanced music. It's the same bad situation today too. So if anyone wants to ''thank'' some well known guys from here for this situation, they should start with the [a:rpia:r] guys who were part of this and spread this sub-mediocre music since its inception, the progressive-house era. And their clones too, who are spreading as well exclusively this mnml and its failed hybrids for ages. So Romania is dominated by trend-shifting DJs that would play any trendy music as long as they have cash in their pockets. They don't give a funk about the quality of music and its real impact on people. And so the level of knowledge of people regarding more advanced music is kept by these guys to a level close to 0, to their benefit. But sadly you can't live eating only burgers to McDonald's and listening to junk electronic exclusively. I think that the new young generations should hear first all the history and the greatest music ever made, before being bombarded with crap from everywhere. If you don't have some filters through which you analyze the music, then you'll believe that everything is good. In order to discern the high-end from the low-end you have to have some knowledge, otherwise there is a major risk of becoming a zombie follower. Many DJs have transformed over the years in audio programmers, false prophets of sound and people must be aware of that! They're like wolves in sheep's clothing now, ready to fool you with their crappy music, using their notoriety. And this is my mission, to inform and play to the people the greatest music that can inspire them as it inspired me, touch their hearts, brains and minds and raise the level of awareness in order to avoid becoming a zombie machine. No trends, hype, or BS... I think am I the only guy that has the guts to play some Detroit electro and even straight techno here or some raw acid, if you can believe... 7. Any production / release plans for 2015? Yes, I have some. I may say that doing music saved my life in 2014... So for 2015 I have a special EP dedicated to my dearly missed mother. I have the immense honor to release it on one of the labels I always greatly admired, Holland's finest MOS Recordings! It will be some house, techno, acid, funk, some church bells, rain, choirs, strings, etc... made with sighs, tears and sorrow. And I have an electro EP that will be out on my favorite underground label, Detroit Underground, the cool label of Kero. ''Inspiring Memories'' EP - 1 track dedicated to Underground Resistance that I named it ''Fugitive For One Night'', in memory of that magic night when I met them, and also a track dedicated to Bass Agenda (Nr 86), the great radio show where I had the honor to be interviewed this year by the good man Andy! And there will be some remixes on the EP too. I had the honor to do some remixes for some Detroit legends that are about to see the light: one for Sean Deason's classic ''The Shit'', which is the first electro remix for this hot classic, it will be out on his Morpheus Records, a sublabel of his iconic Matrix Records, where I had the pleasure to release my EP ''Life-Changing Experiences'' this year. Then a techno remix for Thomas Barnett's ''Lord Of The Sith'' that will come out on his dope Vissilusion. And a deep electro-funk remix for Niko Marks as well (tba). Also I made an electro track ''Robot Battles'' that will be out on a CD compilation with some great electro artists, on Remote Influence. I also did an electro remix for the Spanish Sbles3plex for their upcoming album on Fundamental Bass Intelligence, and an electro? remix for W1b0, out soon on Bass Agenda Recordings. 8. What’s the best way to keep warm in the cold winter months? Doing music. In winter I do a lot. Sadly the winters are not snow filled anymore as they used to be when I was a child. They were like in fairytales, beautiful, with a lot of snow, especially those at my grandparents! Now it barely snows, there were years with almost nothing and the temperature increased too, so the snow last for fewer days anyway. So I guess if someone will convince the biggest polluters USA and China to change then we're gonna have some amazing cold and snowy winters again. 9. Where does the tag ‘Red Hand’ come from? It's a real one, a red port-wine stain, a birthmark that I have on my entire left hand. I love it. I'm half man, half amazing ... so beware of the Red Hand haha! Perhaps the most famous is Mikhail Gorbachev's, he has a small one on his forehead. Actually the mark saved me from going to the army. I hate the army, especially if I have to do it with some former communists. Never! I was sent by the authorities to the military hospital so they can check the mark and after I was complaining to the doctor that according to our laws you could not join army if you had a major mark on your body and more than that I will not allow any post-communist mofo to mop the floor with me, he postponed me with 1 year. Pretty convincing. The next year they removed it from being mandatory, so I could raise them the middle finger laid back. In the meantime I have talked to a friend who knew some authorities and I was safe, with a pack of good coffee there would be no army for me haha. So I was covered anyway! 10. What is your all time Top 10? Wow, it's pretty hard to pick only 10. There are hundreds of pieces of amazing music that I love in many genres ! Ok, I'll name some that come up in my mind now. So in no particular order, except for position nr 1 & 2, which are perhaps the most well known Romanian musical masterpieces, done by 2 geniuses from my area of the country Moldova, first is Ciprian Porumbescu's - the Ballad for Violin and Orchestra. If someone wants to hear how the soul, the beauty and the pain of the Romanian spirit sound in one masterpiece, that's it. And then the Romanian Rhapsody by George Enescu, another timeless art of our nation. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, I love it all but part 1 is killing me! The most profound and haunting music ears can hear imo. I dig Wilhelm Kempff's interpretation and my good friend Matei S.'s ones too. He used to play at our National Theatre when he was a child and he really can transmit the message to the point of me melting down in the seat haha. Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 - as everyone knows, astonishing! Coming back to our electronic enviroment - Jeff Mills - Blue Potential, with Montpelier Philharmonic Orchestra, to me this is the next level of techno! I knew it ... I am amazed everytime I hear this concert, Gamma Player is f**king insanely goosebumping and extra-terestrial interpretated !! (3.5 on RA, roflmao) UR - Final Frontier - I can't pick one favorite track from Mr Banks as I love his music, but I think on this one angels came down to Submerge and played the strings with him or something. Best acid electro masterpiece ever, heavenly! Model 500 - Night Drive. I'll never get tired of it. One of Godfather's of Techno masterpiece, enough said ... Sade - It Is A Crime. I love Sade, her music is a medicine for soul. Bring her to Romania, fools! John Lee Hooker - Chill Out & The Healer. John Lee Hooker is my favorite blues man. And as he said ''Blues is the healer''! His music really helped me to get over a problem some years ago. Thank you Mr JLH! I regret I never saw him live. Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You - this is one of my favourite childhood songs. I remember when I was a kid a friend of mine got a cassette from abroad and we both fell in love with this, we played the hell out of that tape over and over again that day. And the list goes on and on... Ok so thanks much for the interview EPM! It is a big honor! Warm greetings from Iasi to everyone. And... beware of the Red Hand! You can subscribe to all of EPM’s podcasts via iTunes. For more information about EPM’s digital distribution and other services:

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10. Remember When

Remember When

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11. TLPoH - Episode 16 - Part 2 - [NOTD] is for .....

TLPoH - Episode 16 - Part 2 - [NOTD] is for .....

Here you go, lovely listener. Episode 16, part 2, for your listening pleasure. In this part we are joined by listener Jonathan Wilkinson to talk about Night of the Dead and Day of the Dead which are part of the Leeds International Film Festival. The movies discussed are: - a brief mention of HK Forbidden Superhero (not a horror and one to possibly avoid) - 100 Bloody Acres. Or is it 100 Acres of Blood? Boz can't quite remember. - Savaged gets, well, savaged in the review. - Various short films but the one you have to watch is Fist of Jesus which you can find here - - Do you remember the TV show Midnight Caller? On Air could possibly be the horror version of that. - Boz fell asleep towards the end but we are assured that They Will Outlive Us All is worth a watch. - Do Ryan Philippe and Tim Robbins play convincing horror characters? Watch Anti, dammit wrong movie. Antisocial is a zombie movie for the Facebook lovers, possibly. - The Battery sounds like an interesting one. Portable CD players. Remember those? They play a role in this one. - Jonathan walks out of The Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears. Boz will probably love this when he sees it! -More shorts to watch - this time it's Hunger, Rellik and Death of a Shadow you must see. - Sick of sparkly vampires? Try Chimeres for an interesting take on the genre. - And we round of the events with Big Bad Wolves. This is a discussion that is to be continued once Goggs and Boz get a chance to see it. Watch this space for a potential smackdown! - Jonathan also tells us we should watch Ghost Graduation which hopefully we can one day. If you would like to share any recommendations, thoughts or opinions with us then please, please, please send them in to us at: [email protected] or tweet them to @podofhorrors. Make sure you send your competition entries in as well. Trust us, you'll want one of the limited edition t shirts! All entries must be in by December 31, 2013. Until next time .......

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12. Episode 42 - - Independent Music From Soundcloud Users

Episode 42 - - Independent Music From Soundcloud Users

Sorry about the bad sound quality & edits this week! Remember to share your tracks with us, on our new forum ;) Or do it the old fashioned way and queue up on our Soundcloud feedback group. You can also register for our site here Thanks so much to the track selectors @Kpax313, @SJE-Music @lucky-one, @kelvynt Artists and tracks this week: Hello Dei - When The Light Is Off Synthesthetics - Zen Box Of Wolves - No Kisses Tourmaline Hum - Rip and Tear Audrey Vixen - Back Against The Wall Ft. Jamie Slater Tim J Rowe - Just The Wrong Time Our soundtrack as always @AFatFoe. Be sure to check out the artists pages and show them some love, they make music for you, remember? If you want to use any of this music, for anything, get in touch with the artists through the links :) Share us your music! and please share, reshare, favourite, etc... Share the love.

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13. GLaDOS: Remember when I told you that he was specifically designed to make bad decisions? Because I think he's decided not to maintain any of the crucial functions required to keep this facility from exploding.

GLaDOS: Remember when I told you that he was specifically designed to make bad decisions? Because I think he's decided not to maintain any of the crucial functions required to keep this facility from exploding.

by GLaDOS this content is provided by hear at text : Remember when I told you that he was specifically designed to make bad decisions? Because I think he's decided not to maintain any of the crucial functions required to keep this facility from exploding.

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14. Its Getting Hard To Remember The Bad Times When The Good Times Were So Good

Its Getting Hard To Remember The Bad Times When The Good Times Were So Good

Rough Recordings of some of Sincerely, Apollo's more polished songs.

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15. Remember the bad ol’ days when Clintons were in the White House? 10/19/16

Remember the bad ol’ days when Clintons were in the White House? 10/19/16

Today on The Chris Salcedo Show, Did Hillary Clinton break the law? Remembering the days when Bill Clinton was in office. Election fraud accusations...and more! The Chris Salcedo Show is live Monday through Friday from 3-5 pm ET! Listen for free on The Blaze Radio Network: Facebook- The Chris Salcedo Show Twitter- @ChrisSalcedoTX

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16. Walking Each Other Back Home

Walking Each Other Back Home

Well, there’s some scary stuff / In this old world / There’s grizzly bears / And there’s big bad wolves / There’s snakes that slither / And bees that sting / But we ain’t scared / Of none of them things / I’ll hold your hand, you’ll hold mine / We’ll make it back by dinnertime / It might get dark but we won’t be alone / We’ll be walking each other back home / Walking each other back home / We’ll be walking each other back home / Walking back home / The reason for fighting, I never did get / Something about a nuclear threat / When the bullets start flying / You tend to forget / Everybody thinks they’re on their own / Lost some real good men on that battlefield / All in all, it was a pretty rough deal / Turns out none of that stuff was even real / Now we’re walking each other back home / We’re walking each other back home / We’re all walking each other back home / Walking back home / I remember how strong / Your hand felt in mine / You were like a tree that I could climb / I loved you and you loved me / We were twined together in eternity / Now your hand is feeling small / But our love has grown so big and tall / And there’s a beautiful light / Pouring down through it all / And we’re walking each other back home / Yeah, we’re walking each other back home / We’re walking each other back home / Walking back home / Everybody needs some help / Along the way / A friendly smile, a kind word to say / Why, it happened to me / Just the other day / I was feeling so alone / A little boy came, took me by the hand / Finally made me understand / Every child, every woman / And every man / We’re all walking each other back home / We’re all walking each other back home / We’re all walking each other back home / Walking back home /

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17. What Do You Do When You Fall In Love With A Whore

  • Published: 2018-07-05T14:10:06Z
  • By perilous
What Do You Do When You Fall In Love With A Whore

lyrics: I woke up this morning really feeling it i put myself in thease shoes never really filling them always fucking act talk like im big Bad Buț i never put my head in the wolves Mouth man no i never blew down a mother fuckers house unless they come back talk shit man Fuck wtf I gunna do Theses scares scars stay like tattoos they do fade but they stay the same I remember every fucking thing that you said to me it never go away stay right there like it never changed it’s a chane mail you put this pain on me you put the weight on my back I ain’t never make a thing never made a noise never made a move but you always right there you were always the move the fucking pice that I needed can’t believe I fell in love with you what do you do when you fall in love with a whore ...(god damn)

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18. Remember when doctors told us FAT was bad for our health?

Remember when doctors told us FAT was bad for our health?

Back in the 1990s, doctors told us that all fat was BAD for our health, while pushing everybody to eat unlimited sugar because "sugar doesn't make you fat," we were told. Today, we know that advice was total nonsense, but it just goes to demonstrate how doctors and scientists can be completely wrong about health and nutrition, even when they insist they're right. Learn more at

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