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1. A Samurai's Death

A Samurai's Death

Spring is coming, so be prepared for some uplifting Beats! Enjoy!

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2. A Samurai's Funeral

A Samurai's Funeral

The lost Soul of the fallen Samurai has finally found its peace... The body was brought back to its mother where it was honoured and buried. The whole Town was left in a deep state of Melancholy, accompanied by Anger towards the unfaithful killer! -to be continued

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3. Waterful Paradise

Waterful Paradise

Inspired by The seas !

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4. Dream Island (10 thousand Special)

Dream Island (10 thousand Special)

Many thanks to all the listeners and supporters: you just made my day ! The least I can do is to feed you hungry bastards with new beats, so there you go: Dream Island ! Free Download ! Enjoy !

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5. ichoir (100.000th Special)

ichoir (100.000th Special)

This is for YOU, the listeners, A big special for reaching over 100.000 plays !

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6. Monguul: A Samurai's Killer

Monguul: A Samurai's Killer

Big Beat, quite different from the usual stuff, but it was a lot of fun making it ! The Saga continues : A group consisting of the best Samurais headed east to get revenge for their beloved childhood friend. As they arrived, they promptly met a group of mongols. A bloody fight was inevitable. Having advanced techniques and weapons, the Samurai didn't stand a single chance ! As the last Samurai tried to full fill his duty to die in honour by his own sword, Monguul grabbed his neck and strangled him to death. In unspeakable pleasure he looks down at the dead bodies and breaks out in laughter ..... Thank you for listening !

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7. Moon Face

Moon Face

Back at it again. Been composing a lot of music lately, unfortunately a lot of mediocre ones too. As I want to share only quality music with you, my beloved friends and fans, may i present : MOON FACE ! (add me on snapchat to see what i'm working on

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8. Deadman's Horse

Deadman's Horse

Another straight HipHop Beat !

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9. Rick0 James - A Samurais' Death

Rick0 James - A Samurais' Death

Sweet bass in this, i like it a lot!

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10. Watersplitter


Spiritual Successor to "A Samurai's Death" A small story about an ordinary magician and his everyday life as a watersplitter.

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11. Decisions


Enjoy free Folk !

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12. The Funeral Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Funeral Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Did a little more aggressiv remix of "A Samurai's Funeral", had lots of fun making it ! Enjoy Peops !

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13. Feelings for Scam

Feelings for Scam

How would you like your love showed down your throat?

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14. No Dog's Soul

No Dog's Soul

Rick0 James proudly presents: The Wasteland remixes ! This very first lo-fi Beat is presented by no other than Three Dog himself. I'm currently sampling a ton of original Fallout tracks and sounds; This one is rather uplifting and happy, but there will be more authentic Beats released very soon !

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15. The Definition of Boombap

The Definition of Boombap

I just love straight boombap without gimmicks !

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16. Snake Style

Snake Style

CHOP CHOP CHOP / Snake Style - watch out for the hideous snake -FREE DOWNLOAD

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17. KneipenBlues


This one's for my grandfather !

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18. Galactic Beach

Galactic Beach

Something to warm you up from the inside to endure those freezing winter days. 84bpm reggae-like song, hope you enjoy it !

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