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1. Terrordisco Summer Mixtape 2009 -

  • Published: 2009-07-28T18:01:52Z
  • By iheartrvk
Terrordisco Summer Mixtape 2009 -

Terrordisco Summer Mixtape 2009 Jienat - Ruovgga Jieava (Rune Lindb¾k Edit) / Public Enemy - Bring The Noise Royksopp - Happy Up Here (Datassette Remix) The Turtles - SJEFEN (Todd Terje edit) Phil Collins - I'm Not Moving (Idjut Boys Edit) Loverde - Iko Iko Hermigerfill - Dans Dans Dans Betty Botox - Is It S'ex Yr After Greg Wilson - Booty Dance Street Choir - Workin' Tony Underground - Oops The Party Steelers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You (Todd Terje edit) Barry Mason - Body (Faze Action Edit) Whitest Boy Alive - Courage / Rockers HiFi - Push Push / Scientist - Plague of Zombies Street Corner Symphony - Symphony For The Devil (Harvey's Drums) Royksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Davide Rossi Re-interpritation) Royksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Joakim Remix) Usura - Open Your Mind Juan Maclean - One Day Dr. Kucho - Patricia Never Leaves The House (Dr. Kucho Remix) WhoMadeWho - Raveo SL2 - DJs Take Control Simian Mobile Disco - Synthesize / Jamie Foxx - Blame It / Shocking Blue - Love Buzz / Adamski - Killer

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2. Johnny Blackouts - Boozehound EP (Whiskey Pickle)

  • Published: 2012-02-09T21:42:55Z
  • By 8DPromo
Johnny Blackouts - Boozehound EP (Whiskey Pickle)

1. Broken 2. Broken (Walter Jones Remix) 3. Topshelf 4. Skrewhead Johnny Blackouts’ Boozehound EP is an orchestral stupor through dark city streets. It’s an ivory-suited John Travolta stepping out with his Saturday night swagger and a pocketful of psychedelic fever for the disco. Colors change with every footfall. Unsuspecting horns blare out of alleyways. Crumpled men nestled betwixt rusty trash cans raise their heads momentarily, spurting out humanity’s wrongdoings. But the walk continues just as it started - easy, undisturbed, embracing adventure around every corner. Johnny Blackouts’ Boozehound EP is flawlessly structured to complement a rich and heavy population of sounds, generating the bloodline of an animated metropolis. Elevating in effect, "Broken" harmonizes organic, woody sounds with the whizzes and whirs of the future. Blackouts’ track is headstrong and undeniably rousing - an ideal accompaniment for the journey outward. Walter Jones knows you want more woodblock. In his take of "Broken," the DFA recording artist adds a sprinkle of boom-snap, neatly reigning the cornucopia of the original into a candy-covered Tootsie Roll center. Grand sweeps and key-filled crescendos heighten the Jones’ experience. In "Topshelf," red and blue lasers turn away from each other, slicing through the fog. There are ripped t-shirts and flashes of patent leather canvas purple eye shadows and hot pink cheek streaks. The white-clad outsider wipes the whiskey from the corners of his mouth, as a malformed David Lynch character does a sideways tip-toe across the room, and a saxophone laments in the distance. Chained together by a golden thread, "Topshelf" is a cinema of soundscapes. Johnny Blackouts spares no expense when it comes to cerebral coitus. Laden with jarring samples and a frenzied tempo, "Skrewhead" ties up the Boozehound EP nicely. The peppy stroll around the way peaks with an intoxicating tempest of sounds.. Nick Warren - "This is excellent music. Will support."Mixmaster Morris - "Sparkly!"Recloose - "The Walter Jones remix bumps!"Q-Burns Abstract Message - "Totally down with 'Broken.' Rousing business for the dancefloor noggin."Fine Cut Bodies - "Love the dirty disco vibe."Mystic Rock (This Is Not An Exit) - "This is clearly tailor made for my night. Exotic, ecstatic, psychedelic, totally other."Acid Ted blog - "Brilliantly sprawling, cosmic, and epic." Additional support from Erol Alkan, Ajello, Rune Lindbæk, Sleazy McQueen, Gavin Hardkiss, Makossa & Megablast, Horse Meat Disco, Andy Ash, Dave Cosmonaut, and 6th Borough Project. Available now from Juno Download and Beatport Label and Artist Links:

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3. Various Artists - Discofobia (Whiskey Disco)

  • Published: 2011-08-26T21:54:28Z
  • By 8DPromo
Various Artists - Discofobia (Whiskey Disco)

From the tropics comes Whiskey Disco, a sneaky re-edit label bent on dredging the decanter for diffident dancefloor genius from latent disco perpetrators. It's loosely connected to Sleazy McQueen and his assorted cohorts.Whiskey Disco #9, Discofobia, teams four edits from Perishable Vertebrate and Rayko. The former, a mysterious individual you may know from somewhere else if you're in the know, kicks the A side off with a great dub-out of D-Train for “Failing To Get Under,” a very energetic slow jam. Next up, “Glazed Dog” is a real Honey Puppy! Synthetic percs, singalong vocals and a wicked break make a great chain reaction. On the B side’s “Discofobia,” Rayko brings the dub for this pitched down cheese pop. Everyone knows the album cover for the original but no one has heard the single sound so right. And then ... hey dancefloor, watch out! B2 arrives with the Rayko Dragon Soul Edit of“I Got Your Number.” We definitely don't suffer from Discofobia here. Tooli (Local Talk Records) - "Whiskey Disco, what can I say... Been following the label for quite a while and it's always great to discover a new release. This release should have a warning sign: Do not play unless you want to spend the next hours on the dance floor doing some serious damage to your hips. Five stars from me!" Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) - "'Failing To Get Under' and 'I Got You Number' are both great and will be playing for sure." Monsieur Monod (Sleazy Beats Blog) - "BOOGIE! I have a major soft spot for Whiskey Disco. Love the boogie feel of 'Falling To Get Under' and the wonky 'Discofobia' in particular. I can't wait to try this out." Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - "Tasty ... sloppy ..... messy!" Cuki (Red Bull Music Academy Austria) - "Yes, quite like these little beauties. Slo-mo house disco business is always welcome. 'Discofobia' has that really nice Kid Creole feel to it." Rune Lindbæk - "Cool!" Joshua Ferguson (Dialogue, Inc) - "While the nu-disco scene gets more and more homogenous, populating the airspace with more and more watered down house beats and redundant arpeggios, disco edits remain a vibrant part of the alternative dance scene. This batch is no exception. Can't wait to drop the digi-needle on 'Failing to Get Under' this weekend." Whiskey Disco releases are available from Juno Records.

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4. Kohib - Make Fire: The Remixes (Beatservice Records)

  • Published: 2011-11-17T22:23:42Z
  • By 8DPromo
Kohib - Make Fire: The Remixes (Beatservice Records)

Beatservice is pleased to present Kohib, known to his friends as Øivind Sjøvoll from Sortland in the north of Norway. He has been an important part of the club-scene in the town of Tromsø since 1997, first as a DJ, later as a club organizer. In 1998 he started the legendary club Yaz'n with a few friends. It was Norway's smallest club, but famous for its sweaty funk nights. Øivind had his musical debut with the band Parliavox in 2001, mixing funk and jazz with electronica/house elements. He started his solo electronica production in 2003, and had his recording debut with the track "Truger" on the Prima Norsk 3 compilation in 2005. Kohib is the name of Øivind's mostly instrumental electronica / house / dub project which performs live in collaboration with Simen Justdal from TANK design on the visual side. Kohib released his debut album Make Fire in 2010 on Beatservice. After the release of the album, several friends from the Norwegian electronic scene were asked to create reinterpretations of tracks from the album. Some where planned as singles, some where done just for fun, and now they are collected on one big EP.This sampler highlights four of the nine tracks found within the Make Fire - The Remixes set. First, you'll find Oslo producer Støyvind with a snappy, poppy take on "Push Me Down." An electronic disco bass line drives Støyvind's mix as a punchy house music beat points the way to the floor. The funky synth work recalls an almost 80's sound which is offset by the modern processing of the catchy vocal phrases. A club-ready winner. Next up, the beardy duo of Frisvold & Lindbæk (that is, Kåre Frisvold and Rune Lindbæk) are well informed in what happens when dub, techno, and Balearic sounds collide, and their wonderfully sprawling remix of "Tales From A Nomad" brings further evidence. This cosmic jam session rides a disco thump into the sunset as echo trails float astray through the stereo field. The result is a percussive, brilliant head-trip for the dance-floor. Producer/DJ Dennis Jr., who we last heard from with the release of his acclaimed Elektro Donkey album, re-builds "The Fang Song" into a smooth syncopated jazzy groove. His signature low-slung bass guitar riffs and genuine feel for remixing vocals set his mix above the norm. Its nu-disco sound is anchored by a pulsating, rhythmic shuffle making Dennis Jr.'s contribution a truly unique sounding cut. Finally, Boska (who recently released an EP on Mental Overdrive's Love OD label) brings "Push Me Down" to super-charged broken beat territories with his radical remix. The word “Askefast” found in the remix name refers to the ashy conditions that grounded airplanes after the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, and this version flows with its own lava-launched intensity. The wild treatments on the vocals, the whizzing electronic sounds, and the fiery bass lines will surely turn heads and move feet on the club floor. It’s an energetic close to an exciting sonic package. Nick Chacona (Mood Music / Hector Works) - "Love it! Frisvold & Lindbaek Remix is the one, but the Dennis Jr. Remix is hot, too." Giom (Lost My Dog) - "Wicked stuff! I love the Stoyvind Remix. Will play." James Flavour (Dirt Crew) - "Heavy thing, that Frisvold & Lindbaek Remix. Top!" Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Great release. Spacey!" Ilya Santana - "The Frisvold & Lindbaek Remix is a very nice trip on delays, a rolling bassline, and effects well used." Rob Mello (Classic Music Company) - "I'm liking all the mixes here." Deepchild (Trapez / Opossum Records) - "Slinky, low-slung excellence! All very very nice." Social Disco Club (Bear Funk / Mindless Boogie) - "Great remix from Frisvold and Lindbaek!" DJ Tomas (ForwardEver Blog / XLR8R) - "Those huge bass riffs and fat drums really give the Kohib project weight and depth. Solid tracks all around." DJ Morpheus (Freezone / Radio Campus) - "All the remixes here are top! Excellent stuff, indeed." DJ Firefly (WRCT FM, Pittsburgh) - "Love that funky stuff! Favorite track by far is the 'Tales From A Nomad' remix - killer bassline, super-catchy drums, and the dubby echoed stuff on top is fantastic. Definitely want more like that one!" Available now from Juno Download and Beatport

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5. Colors Sound System - Director's Cut (Lunatic Jazz)

  • Published: 2012-02-17T18:25:06Z
  • By 8DPromo
Colors Sound System - Director's Cut (Lunatic Jazz)

1. Road Movement (Corsican Brothers Remix) 2. Road Movement (Original) 3. Steampunk Salvador (Stereo 77 Ricanstruction) 4. Steampunk Salvador (Original) Sao Paulo scene staple Colors Sound System is quickly evolving from a floor-rocking DJ duo to a more eclectic, risk-taking production team. Comprised of brothers Jota Wagner and Captain Wander, their tracks not only transmit house music feelings but include doses of funk, indie-rock, and Brazillian rhythms. They refer to themselves as "weird house music composers" as their tracks often veer off into psychedelic, swerving directions. This third release from Colors Sound System on their own Lunatic Jazz label, titled Director's Cut EP, is no exception. Two original tracks are present, backed by a corresponding pair of wild remixes. "Road Movement" goes the somewhat Balearic route, featuring organic elements, trippy but melodic guitar work, and high doses of "Brazilians' confused sense of urban beats" (their words). San Francisco beat burglars Anthony Mansfield and Sneak-E Pete (collectively known as Corsican Brothers) provide the remix, sounding like a bass-heavy stroll through darkened city streets. Equal parts slinky and sleazy, this mid-tempo groove fiend switches unexpectedly from a breakbeat bop to a four-on-the-floor cruise. The B-side cut, "Steampunk Salvador," introduces seven minutes of scratchy guitar, swirling hints of surreal sound, and a bit of sixties "Tropicália" feel. Exotic percussion and rhythmic bass hits drive the cut as its strange melodies drift in and out like some dance floor dream. Orlando's Stereo 77 (Research Deluxe / Plimsoll Records) continues his rising trajectory with a flavorful remix that capitalizes on the original's tasty percussion by adding heavy broken beats and an infectious latin vibe. The bass is booming here, signaling a hipster conga line to form around the edges of the nightclub. Ashley Beedle - "'Road Movement' original mix is a real beauty. Nice and leftfield!" James Flavour (Dirt Crew) - "Oh, this is so good! I can't wait to play that out. This release made my day!" Mixmaster Morris - "Stereo 77 Ricanstruction … chunky funky!" Chris Todd (Crazy P / Hot Toddy) - "The Corsican Brothers mix is out there! Unique." Severino (Horse Meat Disco) - "Musically very good, indeed!" Q-Burns Abstract Message - "Yep … the Brazilearic 'Road Movement' for me, and also digging the bump of Stereo 77's take on 'Steampunk Salvador.' Sweet!" Ulysses (Neurotic Drum Band) - "Four cool tracks. The Corsican Bros remix is my favorite but all are solid." Blair Stafford (Straightup Radio) - "Stereo 77 rocks my world. Can't touch him for remixes. Great Cumbia ... vibe right on!" Velanche (Urban Landscapes Radio Show) - "Really sublime and excellent originals: leftfield, adventurous, and nails it! The remixes are also pretty uncanny." DJ Tomas (Friday Night Session Radio Show, SF) - "The grooves are strong as organic coffee on this EP, great mid-tempo bubblers with superb textures and percussion." Gavin Hardkiss (Hawke) - "So f**king good!" Additional support from Rune Lindbæk, Ray Mang, Sleazy McQueen, Makossa & Megablast, Justin Harris (Freaks), Murray Richardson, Johnwaynes, DJ Harri (Sub Club), Recloose, Hardway Bros, Nacho Marco, and Tim "Love" Lee. Available from Beatport and Juno Download Label and Artist Links:

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