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2. R O S A L E S ⎪ S U N N Y T O N I G H T

  • Published: 2012-11-05T22:41:26Z
R O S A L E S ⎪ S U N N Y  T O N I G H T


nothing at of , which is

6. F E T H U S U N N I G E D H

  • Published: 2014-04-12T22:14:36Z
  • By EHA
F E T H U S  U N N I G E D H

nothing at of , which is

7. pªtch #33: uFold_stereo_bOrgs

pªtch #33: uFold_stereo_bOrgs

Sine wave > two uFolds > two Borgs. Being played by a Doeper a149-1 + Sports Mod + Maths Careful of your speakers/ears...i'm also testing out a new plugin limiter!!!!

nothing at of , which is

8. pªtch #25: aZimutH_aND_STG_WavefolDer

pªtch #25: aZimutH_aND_STG_WavefolDer

Testing the panning on the intellijel azimuth module and running an AFG sine through the STG wavefolder. bit of echoboy and altiverb along the way

nothing at of , which is

9. pªtch #24: phonogene_& a_piston

pªtch #24: phonogene_& a_piston

A day old MakeNoise Phonogene & a Piston Honda

nothing at of , which is

10. pªtch #21: beauty_Hertz Donut

pªtch #21: beauty_Hertz Donut

Got my Hertz Donut back after a long hiatus... This is the first thing i did with it since switching it back on. (Distorts a little as it hits tape too hard).

nothing at of , which is

11. pªtch #38: spORts_moD_and_PGMx4

pªtch #38: spORts_moD_and_PGMx4

more toppobrillo sports mod fun. involving the synthwerks PGMx4 too. plus toppobrillo multifilter.

nothing at of , which is

13. pªtch #2: glitch DSP

pªtch #2: glitch DSP

Anti-Osc going into Borg2 going into Z-DSP. Z-DSP getting modulated by uLFO. E350 doing basic tune on top (unfiltered).

nothing at of , which is

15. pªtch #5: cLøCk_KiNG

pªtch #5: cLøCk_KiNG

macbeth + e350 + drums. go get yourself a macbeth!

nothing at of , which is

16. pªtch #19: cwej_fsh-1-fun

pªtch #19: cwej_fsh-1-fun

Modules used: Malekko Anti-Osc Makenoise Maths Doepfer a-174 Cwejman FSH-1 Cwejman VCA-4MX Just having fun...nothing too complex... enjoying the beautiful tones of the cwejman.

nothing at of , which is

17. pªtch #1: bells belles

pªtch #1: bells belles

Obligatory bell patch :) AFG triangle + AO triangle into Ring Mod + Maths & Envelator doing a straight up rhythm. Z-DSP doing delay duties. Bit of Toraverb reverb added.

nothing at of , which is

18. pªtch #12: E350_number.tree

pªtch #12: E350_number.tree

Two passes of an E350. 1st pass is the drone being FM'd occasionally by the Noisering. 2nd pass is the bell like sequence, again E350 sequenced by Maths. E350 in Bank A.

nothing at of , which is

19. pªtch #9: random. noodle.

pªtch #9: random. noodle.

can't remember the patch. whoops. the Noisering was definitely used at some point. got another drum loop in there.

nothing at of , which is