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4. ☆lil skyscraper☆ - hatɇ me nøw until førever 🌧 (Prod.Guala Beatz)

☆lil skyscraper☆ - hatɇ me nøw until førever 🌧 (Prod.Guala Beatz)

lyrics: you dont love me baby thats chill , you were wrong , bet you sing along to my songs , on your tv , see your new boyfriend wants to be me , how he rap how he trap like me , tattoos all over his hands like me , oh hes sad made him mad like me , say I wasn't that bad I see , but now you see me on the go , always on the road , people at my show , never thought id be here , now im here so now you know , now you hate me flexing when im flexing on my own how you cant believe it that I made it all alone , now your sad , sorry that your mad , money from your dad , still want what I have , bitch I wanna jag , cant take what I have , burn it while I spend it , so it never leaves my place , I promise youll see me everyday never leave your room , and you probably act the same , full of all your lies , god im tired of you face , hate me now , until forever I swear it makes me better , I think about you everyday , I hope you die , x2

nothing at of , which is

5. Dear Santa

Dear Santa

nothing at of , which is