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1. June The Girl - Same (Audio)

  • Published: 2018-01-21T13:09:41Z
  • By jejek9
June The Girl - Same (Audio)

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2. September 16 (Prod. Russ)

  • Published: 2018-07-20T03:42:47Z
  • By Russ
September 16 (Prod. Russ)

it all comes back to love... LYRICS : I don’t know why we even tried this in the first place But it all comes back to love Yea it all comes back to love I been tryna do my best in the worst way Cuz it all comes back to love Yea it all comes back to love Met back in our twentys Ex wife wanted money You still wanted me Back then but now you do not love me No affection No respect It's been too long since a check Came my way Not the same Ever since my fathers death No excuses yea I know I been tryin I been trying June I'm fine kids I'm fine I been lyin I been lyin So much pressure I can't sleep Everything about me aching It's so hard to accept my kid bringing home the bacon I'm at fault I'm a loser best believe I've heard it all From the girl of my dreams that I married in the fall And I get it your resentment yea it's justified But I've had enough of arguing I've had enough of crying I know that you're mad but you were mad when I was paid too I'm feeling helpless I just hope our love saves you It's been over twenty years recognize our blessings Even tho that we can barely co exist for more than 20 seconds I don’t know why we even tried this in the first place But it all comes back to love Yea it all comes back to love I been tryna do my best in the worst way Cuz it all comes back to love Yea it all comes back to love I love you Jim the way you grin the way you make me laugh The way you helped me raise 3 angels Wouldn't take it back I think you're a genius That's why I be stressing you CEO CEO I expect nothing less from you That's a compliment I know that I should show more gratitude for you I know my attitudes been so poor But so have we But this is deeper than a bank account I know that I got pent up shit I know I need to work it out Russell takes me traveling He just does our balancing He knows that you're strong Meanwhile he knows that I'm unraveling He's not taking sides Trust me he says that you're right He's just tryna help us both He don't wanna see us fight It rained when we got married And you know I love the sun I know I blame you for things outta your control but you're the one that I love (I’m sorry, I love you) I don’t know why we even tried this in the first place But it all comes back to love Yea it all comes back to love I been tryna do my best in the worst way Cuz it all comes back to love Yea it all comes back to love

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3. June The Girl - I Say Love - Daily Shoes Remix - Free DL

June The Girl - I Say Love - Daily Shoes Remix - Free DL

this track on youtube: Magical music June the girl: FB: Official video: Daily shoes: FB: soundcloud:

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4. Dirty Freek ft. Jamie Lewis - Forget The Girl (Vocal Mix) [ApartmentSixtyThree] **OUT 23rd JUNE**

Dirty Freek ft. Jamie Lewis - Forget The Girl (Vocal Mix) [ApartmentSixtyThree] **OUT 23rd JUNE**

OUT 23rd June

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5. 3 Prèludes, Livre 1: I. La fille aux cheveux de lin

3 Prèludes, Livre 1: I. La fille aux cheveux de lin

La fille aux cheveux de lin is a musical composition by French composer Claude Debussy. It is the eighth piece in the composer's first book of Préludes, written between late 1909 and early 1910. The title is in French and translates roughly to "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair". The piece is 39 measures long and takes approximately two and a half minutes to play. It is in the key of G♭ major. The piece, named after the eponymous poem by Leconte de Lisle, is known for its musical simplicity, a divergence from Debussy's style at the time. Completed in January 1910, it was published three months later and premiered in June of that same year. The prelude is one of the most recorded pieces of Debussy's, both in its original version and in subsequent various arrangements.

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9. Rival Consoles – I Left The Party

Rival Consoles – I Left The Party

THIS TRACK IS FOR FREE DOWNLOAD. Please spread the word. PREMIERED on The Royal Channel as part of the Big Dance Royal Flashmob outside of Buckingham Palace on May 9; aired on BBC News, SKY News and The Telegraph Online. “The dancers clicked their fingers, stamped their feet and shook their bodies to a mix of funky beats” SOUNDCLOUD showing their love & support for this viral: CD/DOWNLOAD now also available directly from the Erased Tapes Online Store:  RIVAL CONSOLES – KID VELO The New Album. Released Track by Track, Week after Week. 11.4.-27.6. 2011  ABOUT THIS ALBUM VIRAL CAMPAIGN: London-based purveyor of intelligent dance music Ryan L. West aka RIVAL CONSOLES returns with his sophomore album KID VELO, released track by track over the course of 11 weeks. Every Monday will see a new album track being streamed exclusively from just one online portal connected to one exclusive online store, before going global on Fridays. ‘With brains supposedly adapting to online networks and attention spans reduced to 140 characters at a time, this is bite-sized music for a bite-sized world.’ – Robert Raths, founder of Erased Tapes Records 'I like them all actually, they are all different. Stand out tunes are S.P.K.R.S. and I Left The Party .. and I love the Insides remix he did for Jon Hopkins' – Rob Booth, Electronic Explorations The campaign kicked off on April 11 and will cumulate in the official album release on June 27, 2011. The album launch will be celebrated with a London show on June 23 at The Nest in Dalston w/Frog Pocket + Deadfader Ticket Link:  WHAT HAPPENED SO FAR: TRACK 1: KID VELO – EXCLUSIVE STREAM via Drowned In Sound on April 11: 'There are a few labels which you can just trust. Erased Tapes is possibly one of them. One of their lot in Rival Consoles is doing something relatively novel and streaming a new track from his forthcoming record Kid Velo in various places across the internet over the next 11 weeks. We've got the VERY FIRST track and it's actually really, really good' – Drowned In Sound TRACK 2: INTO THE HEART I – EXCLUSIVE STREAM via The Line Of Best Fit on April 18: 'Rival Consoles is the geekiest band name of all time. It is lucky, then, that the music is so consistently entertaining. His second album, Kid Velo, is being released one track at a time over the course of 11 weeks, courtesy of TLOBF favourites Erased Tapes. We are very happy to have ‘Into The Heart’, the second track from that record, as today’s exclusive Song Of The Day' – The Line Of Best Fit 'Exuberant electro burner' – Boomkat TRACK 3: S.P.K.R.S – EXCLUSIVE STREAM via The 405 on April 26: 'It's bloody HUGE. Can you imagine hearing this at full blast? It's so intense it would probably blow your eyebrows off' – The 405 TRACK 4: AMIGA – EXCLUSIVE STREAM via Mixmag on May 3.  ABOUT TRACK 5: I LEFT THE PARTY On track five of KID VELO we see our imaginary character passing through an electronic landscape ala 8-bit Björk in the music video for Hyperballad. West continues to describe the making of his sophomore album: ‘With I LEFT THE PARTY I learned to reduce things to bare essentials. There's a nostalgic sadness in this song, which always hits me. First the breakdown, which becomes incredibly intimate and quiet, and then the build, so basic yet powerful, it creates this classic feeling of a story.’ Whether KID VELO left the party with or without the girl of his dreams is up to the listener to decide… Coinciding with Rival Consoles I LEFT THE PARY single release, the Dance: Urban Practice programme at the University of East London, in partnership with Big Dance, are producing a high-profile Flash Mob at one of the most famous monuments in Central London on the morning of Monday, May 9, 2011. Featuring a musical score as diverse as Queen through to Michael Jackson, Rival Consoles I LEFT THE PARTY will open the surprise dance event. Keep your eyes peeled. Video footage will go viral the same day on SKY News, BBC and the Royal YouTube Channel.  ALBUM CREDITS: Dedicated to Rebecca Molloy All music composed by Ryan L. West Artwork designed by Robert Raths Photograph by Rebecca Molloy Mastered by Nils Frahm at Durton Studio Berlin ℗ © 2011 Erased Tapes Records Ltd. All rights reserved. Follow Rival Consoles and Erased Tapes on Twitter and Facebook: More info:

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12. The Girl With Golden Hair (Extended Version)

The Girl With Golden Hair (Extended Version)

BUY "The Girl With Golden Hair" ON BANDCAMP: If you like italo disco, euro disco, as well as eurodance music, you're gonna love June! "The Girl With Golden Hair" is the first single by June Saturday taken from the forthcoming first album "Forever June" coming out in 2018. Soon available on iTunes, Google Music, Spotify, Deezer and much more in 170+ countries worldwide. Written by Chris Hurts and June M. Varga. (P) + (C) 2017 Chris & June Music. ATTENTION COLLECTORS! The single will be released as Maxi-CD and 12" Vinyl limited editions with bonus tracks. Chris & June Music CONTACT: [email protected] FOLLOW US:

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14. 알 수 없는 비밀 (Sonatine)- Loona 1/3

알 수 없는 비밀 (Sonatine)- Loona 1/3

LOOΠΔ 1/3 [Love & Evil] LOOΠΔ is a K-pop group building its own view of the world. Six members of LOOΠΔ, HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, and JinSoul, have been introduced, and the unit of LOOΠΔ 1/3, composed of HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, and ViVi has been announced to the public so far. LOOΠΔ 1/3 has released [Love&Live]. Filled with sense of youthful love, ‘Love&Live’ was an album to express their palpitating emotions in the boundaries of contemporary K-pop girl group music of 2017. A month later, LOOΠΔ 1/3 releases [Love&Evil], a inverted version of the album [Love&Live]. As suggested by the word ‘Evil’, which is reversely-spelled word from ‘Live’, [Love&Evil], which was planned beforehand during production, is filled with pain and worries in the process of love, in the opposite characteristics of the prior record. “Is love something sweet? Or is it something cruel?” It might be a question too difficult for young girls to answer yet. The title track ‘Sonatine (알 수 없는 비밀)’ takes the encounters of love away towards the adolescence of the girls. While ‘Love&Live (지금, 좋아해)’ was a typical K-pop girl group track with lovely emotions, ‘Sonatine (알 수 없는 비밀)’ mesmerizes the audience with mystical melodies unexpected for a K-pop girl group. The intro track ‘Love & Evil’ produced by SWEETCH materializes a girl who is lost alone in a dark forest. With the piano played in Accelerando, the girl runs away deeper into the forest. Four girls then gather to sing a ‘Sonatine’ to cast an arcane spell of love. The album continues with a newly released track, ‘Rain 51db (비의 목소리 51db)’ which is an homage to the first generation K-pop girl groups, S.E.S and Fin.K.L. It also shows their love towards themselves, trying to revitalize the sentiments of the golden era. Like ViVi’s previous attempt in ‘Everyday I Love You’, LOOΠΔ 1/3 time-travels back to the 90’s, with the question of “what if LOOΠΔ was created in the 90’s?”. They then raise their innocent and pure voices up as if ‘Rain 51db’ is the original soundtrack to an animation film with a storytelling, singing that they have “dreams that they do not wake up from.” HeeJin meets HyunJin, who goes to the same school in the same grade. HaSeul is a warm friend who is like a mother to YeoJin. ViVi, an android who can’t speak Korean very well introduces JinSoul in Hong Kong. Each member’s character is pronounced vividly. Is story of love that 1/3 girls tell ‘Love&Live’ or ‘Love&Evil’? A new member will be announced in May to build up a new view of the world. The girls of May, June, and July will be of another unit. The girls who are lost in the forest have gathered here. Can they save YeoJin?

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15. June Saturday - The Girl With Golden Hair (Radio Version)

June Saturday - The Girl With Golden Hair (Radio Version)

June Saturday - The Girl With Golden Hair (Radio Version) Written and produced by Chris Hurts and June M. Varga. (C) & (P)2017 Chris & June Music Digital Maxi Single : June Saturday - The Girl With Golden Hair 2017 Chris & June Music Label : Mondo Tunes June Saturday : One And One Music :

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16. 001 A1 (sample)

001 A1 (sample)

ARTIST: WA WU WE TITLE: WA WU WE 001 LABEL: WA WU WE FORMAT: 12” (VINYL ONLY) CAT.NO. + BARCODE: WWW001 880319666810 RELEASE DATE: 16TH OF JUNE 2014 WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION: KOMPAKT DISTRIBUTION -------------------- Wa Wu We is new label and artist alias from Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue); meditation, improvisation and dance are key words for this. -------------------- Release note: Wa Wu We; The Drum of Life. Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a little house with her mother and father, right next to a deep forest. Like all children, the girl was full of curiosity and full of life. The curiosity opened doors to amazing imaginary worlds in almost everything she met on her journeys trough the woods. One day when the girl was playing in the forest she came to a small glade. It was a peaceful summers day, sunbeams were shining through the canopy and there were songbirds in full throat all around. In the middle of the glade was a big stone, covered in moss. In the middle of the stone there was a hollow which gave it the shape of a big bowl. The night before, a great storm had swept through the forest and the stone bowl was full of rain water. The girl climbed up the stone and looked down into the water. The surface was completely still and in the water floated a purple star, shining so brightly it almost dazzled the girl. She jumped down from the stone, amazed by what she had seen and also a little bit scared. What was it? Could it harm her? The storm had also torn some old branches from the big trees. She picked up two of these branches and went up to the stone again. As before, the purple star was shining in the bowl. Cautiously, the girl touched the surface with one of the branches, and instantly a beautiful tone rang out. The tone was so alive and resonant that the girl couldn’t say if she had heard it or if the tone was actually part of herself, so deeply did it seem to resonate within her body. The girl touched the surface with the second stick and another, deeper, tone was heard. This tone too seemed to absorbed her, but this time in a slightly different way. She closed her eyes and could sense parts of her body she couldn’t remember ever feeling before. When she opened her eyes, she could see that the star was shining even more brightly than before, creating a hovering light above the surface of the water. The purple light coming from the star was not outside her, she could feel the light shining within her, as if the star and the light were everywhere and everything. Slowly the girl started to play with the sticks on the surface, each strike on the surface creating a new tone and a new wave of light, building up a song of sound and light. The sound was making the girl dance and the light was lifting her from the ground. Floating several meters above the stone, the girl noticed that she was not alone. The glade was full of different kinds of animal, all moving to the song, in unity but each one in a different way. The trees, the flowers, the clouds in the sky, yes everything was pulsating and vibrating together with the rhythm and melody. She was the sound, she was the light and in its vibration she could feel the animals, the trees and everything else. Suddenly she disappeared. She was everything and she fell through eternity. The next day when the girl returned to the glade, the rain water in the hollow was gone and she couldn’t see any star. But still, deep inside, she felt the unity of the dance and when she looked around at the trees, the flowers and the birds in the sky, she could sense that they were all part of this deep knowing. --- For as long as I can remember, my mother has been telling stories. Her sharing these stories with me helped me to find ways to open doors to creativity. My mother is still a little girl, wandering through the woods. Now with grey hair and a slower pace to her walk, but still with the same vibrating force of imagination and the same love for the stories that comes to her. One of the stories she told me was about a little boy finding a very special drum in the forest, a magical drum filled with the power of dance. The drum helped the boy find his own dance and creativity, and to awaken joy and happiness when sharing it with others. The sort of joy and happiness that give us and the people we meet strength to investigate life; investigate the endless creativity that we all are part of. Let the drum of Wa Wu We be heard, let it be played and let each of us dance the song of life, moment by moment. In the dance we can express what is now and get a direct experience of ... This! ... where there is no separation; where there is just for us to be.

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17. ETF Presents. DJ Of The Month - Markus Schulz Mixed By Dj Crespo (January 2012)

  • Published: 2012-01-17T01:11:49Z
  • By Djcrespo
ETF Presents. DJ Of The Month - Markus Schulz Mixed By Dj Crespo (January 2012)

Egypt Trance Family Presents. DJs Of The Month - Markus Schulz Mixed By DJ Crespo This mix is for promotional purposes only. Please respect the hard work and copyright of the featured artists; you can buy most of the featured tracks from You can follow Egypt Trance Family; -on Faceboook: -on Twitter:!/EgyptTranceFam You can follow DJ Crespo: -on Facebook: -on Mixcloud: -on Twitter: Track-list: 1- Markus Schulz feat. Justine Suissa - Perception (Crespo's Intro Edit) 2- Markus Schulz Pres. Dakota - Katowice (Original Mix) 3- Markus Schulz feat. khaz - Last Man Standing (Original Mix) 4- Markus Schulz feat. Ana Criado - Surreal (Original Mix) 5- Reverse - Absolute Reality (Arty Remix - Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) 6- Markus Schulz Feat Angelique Bergere - Lifted (Original Mix) 7- Markus Schulz - Future Cities (Intro Mix) 8- Joop - The Future (Markus Schulz Remix) 9- Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller - Rotunda (Original Mix) 10- Markus Schulz - Rain (Original Mix) 11- Markus Schulz - Fly To Colors (Markus Schulz Big Room Remix - Edit) About Markus Schulz: Members: Markus Schulz Genre: Trance | Progressive | Electronica Label: Coldharbour Recordings | Armada Music Location: Miami, Florida | Berlin, Germany Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: My space: You Tube: Itunes: Beatport: Biography Introduction: Over the last 10 years Markus Schulz has fused the individual musical identities of progressive, house & trance into his own creative, now inimitable hybrid sound. Through a unique alignment of headlining DJ sets, Armada and Coldharbour label output and his highly prominent Global DJ Broadcast radio show, he’s spearheaded a sea change revolution in the US trance scene. This success has been reflected in weekly sets played in front of many tens of thousands, a GDJB listenership up in the millions & one Beatport chart-topper after another. Following several highly ranked positions, in 2008 Schulz broke into the Top 10 of DJ Mag’s Top 100 chart. He’s remained there for the last four straight years (polling #9 in 2011) and now stands as the busiest international DJ playing out of the United States. Early Years: Born in Eschwege, central Germany, Markus emigrated to the United States. Age 13, his dance music awakening came during the grip of the country’s then-nascent breakdance scene. His early production and DJ career roughly tracked that of the second Stateside House explosion and he caught his first production break in 1993 when he remixed Sagat’s ‘Why Is It? (F** Dat)’ for FFrr. Markus’ freshman production release followed in 1994 with the 6-track ‘Plastik Trax EP Vol 1’. Throughout the mid to late Nineties he continued to accrue acclaim with a range of releases on numerous luminary U.S. labels. In 1998 he recorded ‘You Won’t See Me Cry’ for Plastik Records (his first label), which was picked up by the UK’s Eve Records and became his first non-domestic release. Markus Schulz - The DJ: Through his natural audience affinity, flawless key-mixing and innate tune selection, he has wowed crowds in every major metropolis. Schulz’s DJ career has run largely parallel to that of his productions. In the early noughties, having concentrated on the hinterland between trance & progressive, he began to reach audiences further and further afield. In 2004 he was signed to the David Lewis Productions agency (home to the World’s No.1 DJ Armin van Buuren) and his career took another big step forward. Now a regular fixture at the world’s biggest & most famous clubs, arenas and festivals, he lays down his unique trance-progressive vision on a weekly basis. In Europe, he’s smashed Trance Energy, Nature One, Dance Valley, Sunrise, Tomorrowland, Transmission & Pleasure Island; worked tent-pegs loose at Creamfields; gridlocked Global Gatherings all around the world and twice played all-night 8hr solo sets at Armada @ Amnesia in Ibiza. Stateside the colossal Ultra, Electric Daisy & Nocturnal Festivals have all felt Schulz pressure and yet further afield still he’s engineered floor uproar in China and Australia. He has polled 4 consecutive years inside DJ Mag’s world’s top 10, ranked as world’s #2 in the Trance Addict, FTB & Trance Podium 2010 charts and won Best American DJ at the IDMAs in 2009. Coldharbour Recordings: Schulz’s sound notably came quickest to the ears of continental European DJs. Following the formation of the Armada group in 2005, Armin sought Markus out and asked him to start compiling tracks for a new vinyl series. The Coldharbour Selections EPs launched in 2004 (with the first 5 releases coming out on the already established Electronic Elements label). In quick succession they began to sonically impact on dancefloors and within 12 months Coldharbour the label was born. Named after Markus’ then-production base in London’s Coldharbour Lane, its output immediately brought a new angle sound to Armada. It also became a lightning rod for a new generation of prog-inclined producers - setting in motion the careers of (amongst others) Santiago Nino, Rex Mundi, Mark Otten & Niklas Harding. With 2005 under the spell of Coldharbour’s more sophisticated, minimal, but still melodic take on the prog-trance sound, Markus struck again with the first Coldharbour Sessions mix compilation. Such has been the success of the imprint that in 2007 it was joined by a sub-label, Coldharbour Red. This, in turn, was a launch pad for Marcus Schössow, tyDi, Glenn Morrison & Evol Waves and was the point of re-entry for early Schulz side-project, Dakota (*see section below). In August 2010 Coldharbour celebrated its 100th release with Markus’ cover of Cass & Slide’s ‘Perception’. Seven years after its birth, Coldharbour stands at the top tier of the world’s trance & progressive labels. M.S. Productions 2005 – 2009: Perfectly intersecting the quality/quantity axis, Markus’ own productions have been fundamental of components in marshalling clubbers and music lovers to his sound. Over the course of the last half-decade singles like ‘First Time’ & ‘Without You Near’ (2005), ‘Fly To Colors’, ‘Never Be The Same Again’ & ‘I Am’ (2007) ‘Perfect’ & ‘Cause You Know’ (2008) & most recently ‘The New World’ & ‘Do You Dream?’ have each played their vital part. Markus is also a keen production collaborator. In 2005 he famously teamed up with likeminded producers Gabriel & Dresden and Departure for ‘Without You Near’, did the same with Andy Moor on ‘Daydream’ and most recently on ‘Goodbye’ with Max Graham. The impact of all the singles has been catalysed by his studio albums ‘Without You Near’ (2005), ‘Progression’ (2007). M.S. Productions 2010 – 2011 - ‘Do You Dream’: In February 2010, Schulz completed principle recording on his third long-player, ‘Do You Dream?’ The 16-track album was released on June the 15th in many key territories. Its release prompted Tilllate Magazine to say its “sonic explorations went into every conceivable angle” & that the album was “energetic” & “exhilarating”. DJ Mag said “it guides (the listener) through dreamy ambient, downbeat chords, fist-pumping prog, house and trance, as well as the odd skipping breakbeat” and went on to say “it’s hard to see why you won’t completely adore this”. On April the 1st, 2011 the album’s remix edition was released. It included track remakes from heavyweights including Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate & Super8 & Tab as well as core Coldharbour artists like Tucandeo, Mr Pit and Mike Foyle. The remix edition was joined by Schulz’s first DVD release in May ‘11, which documented his ‘Do You Dream?’ world tour. Markus Schulz presents Dakota: Markus has only made rare use of pseudonyms throughout his career - seeing them only as valuable if they represented an outlet for something other than his ‘regular’ material. At the turn of the millennium he released 3 tracks (‘Swirl’, ‘Frozen’ & ‘Lost in Brixton’) under the Dakota alias. Over time the tracks became first points of contact for many new fans. In 2009 Schulz paid dues to that by resurrecting the guise, recalibrating its sound and directed his attentions to a whole album of material. ‘Thoughts Become Things’ was the result and it became a route diversion that branched out to embrace techno, house and other sub-genres. It swelled both Schulz’s fanbase and the range of DJ support for his music. The album justified 7 single releases that have included particular fan-favourites ‘Chinook’, ‘Johnny the Fox’, ‘Koolhaus’ & ‘Mr Cappuccino’. Such was its success in July of 2011 he followed it up with the sequel – ‘Thoughts Become Things II’. Giving it their prized Album of the Month award, MIXMAG said “With ‘Thoughts II’ Schulz’s Dakota guise could be about to take centrestage”, while DJ Mag said it contained “lush riffs at a housier tempo” and was “epic stuff”. To date it has spawned 5 singles, ‘Sinners’, ‘Sleepwalkers’, Katowice’ and the AA ‘In A Green Valley’/’Saints’. The Global DJ Broadcast show: Now in its tenth year Schulz’s GDJB has continued to be a beacon for an always-growing throng of trance & progressive dance fans. Having begun life on Miami’s Party 93.1 station, it is now broadcast through and Sirius/XM satellite, the Global DJ Broadcast site and over 50 other FM stations around the planet. Based on a regular format, the first show of each month is a two hour long mix from one of Schulz’s rolling World Tour gigs - ones that have of late included Medellin, Columbia, St Petersberg, Russia & Amnesia in Ibiza. Subsequent shows in the month feature Markus mixing his broad-span pick of the current electronic dance music best for an hour (which includes the forum-voted Global Selection track of the week) followed by guest mixes from both established and up-and-coming DJs. Markus Schulz - The City Albums: Markus is also responsible for one of the longest running and most respected compilation album series in trance history. Kicking off in 2005 in Miami, its city-hopping concept has subsequently landed in Ibiza in ’06, Amsterdam in ’08 & Toronto in ’09. In 2010 it homed in on Las Vegas (for an album that Mixmag said: “managed the rarity of living up to the hype” and “ranked as his best yet”) and in February 2011 it returned to Europe to focus on Prague. Providing a microcosmic view of his sound, the albums have become cornerstones for fans CD & mp3 collections, with each new travelogue edition bringing in a fresh wave of supporters. Notably, the Amsterdam ’08 release was nominated for an IDMA award for Best Full Length DJ Mix (in the same year that Markus took home the trophy for Best American DJ). Remixes: Markus started his remix career in the early 90s with a 30-strong volley of high-profile reworks. Over the course of the decade he re-tooled the production works of Euro dominators like The Real McCoy & Technotronic, house masters & divas including Armand van Helden & Liz Torres, legendary Nineties icons RuPaul, Bette Midler & Sandra Bernhard and fully-fledged A-listers like Madonna (on Love Don’t Live Here Anymore). As the Millennium arrived he began to work on deeper, more intrinsically electronic dance fare... In 2000 he remixed trance innovator Pablo Gargano’s ‘Absolution’, PQM’s Renaissance classic ‘The Flying Song’ and Fatboy Slim’s ‘Sunset (Bird of Prey). Satisfied that he’d found the right dance strata to focus on Markus has gone on to rewire tracks by Oceanlab, Motorcycle, Dance 2 Trance, Cosmic Gate, Nalin & Kane, Kyau & Albert, John O’Callaghan, & Space Manoeuvres amongst many, many others. Albums Without You Near (2005, Armada Music) Progression (2007, Armada Music) Progression Progressed - The Remixes (2008, Armada Music) Dakota - Thoughts Become Things (2009, Armada Music) Do You Dream? (2010, Armada Music) Do You Dream? - The Remixes (2011, Armada Music) Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Thoughts Become Things II (1 July 2011, Armada Music) Markus Schulz Presents Dakota – Thoughts Become Things II (The Remixes) (13 Jan 2012, Armada Music) Compilations Coldharbour Sessions (2004, Armada Music) Miami '05 (2005, Moist Music) Ibiza '06 (2006, Moist Music) Amsterdam '08 (2008, Armada Music) Toronto '09 (2009, Armada Music) Las Vegas '10 (2010, Armada Music) Prague '11 (2011, Armada Music) Los Angeles '12 (2012, Armada Music) Singles 1998 Markus Schulz - You Won’t See Me Cry 1999 Dakota - Swirl 2002 Dakota - Frozen Time 2002 Dakota - Lost in Brixton 2002 Dakota - Jah Powah 2002 Dakota - Zero Gravity 2002 Dakota - Sunshine Yellow 2003 Dakota - Abandoned in Queens 2003 Markus Schulz presents Elevation - Clear Blue 2004 Markus Schulz presents Elevation - Largo 2004 Markus Schulz presents Elevation - Somewhere 2005 Markus Schulz featuring Anita Kelsey - First Time 2005 Markus Schulz and Departure with Gabriel & Dresden - Without You Near 2006 Markus Schulz featuring Carrie Skipper - Never be the Same Again 2007 Markus Schulz vs. Chakra - I Am 2007 Markus Schulz - Fly to Colors 2007 Dakota - Amsterdam 2007 Dakota - Progression 2008 Dakota - Hypnotic 2008 Markus Schulz featuring Departure - Cause You Know 2008 Markus Schulz featuring Dauby – Perfect 2008 Markus Schulz vs. Andy Moor - Daydream 2008 Markus Schulz - The New World 2009 Dakota - Chinook 2009 Dakota - Johnny the Fox 2009 Dakota - Sin City 2009 Markus Schulz - Do You Dream 2009 Dakota - Roxy ’84 2009 Dakota - Koolhaus 2009 Dakota - Steel Libido 2009 Dakota - Mr. Cappuccino 2010 Markus Schulz featuring Khaz - Dark Heart Waiting 2010 Markus Schulz featuring Justine Suissa - Perception 2010 Markus Schulz - Rain 2010 Markus Schulz ft. Jennifer Rene - Not the Same 2010 Markus Schulz - Future Cities 2011 Dakota - Sinners 2011 Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller - Rotunda 2011 Dakota - Sleepwalkers 2011 Dakota - Katowice 2011 Dakota - Saints 2011 Dakota - In a Green Valley 2011 Markus Schulz - Digital Madness Remixes 1993 Sagat - Why Is It? Fuk Dat 1993 The Movement - Shake That 1994 Glenn "Sweet G" Toby - I Can Tell 1994 Sweet Sable - Old Times' Sake 1994 Transglobal Underground - Temple Head 1994 2 Unlimited - Throw The Groove Down 1994 Sandra Bernhard - You Make Me Feel 1995 Amber McFadden - Do You Want Me 1995 Truce - Pump It 1995 Real McCoy - Come And Get Your Love 1995 Bette Midler - To Deserve You 1995 Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Going On 1996 Lina Santiago - Feels So Good (Show Me Your Love) 1996 Backstreet Boys - Get Down (You're The One For Me) 1996 Technotronic - Move It To The Rhythm 1996 Madonna - Love Don't Live Here Anymore 1996 Liz Torres - Set Yourself Free 1996 Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena 1996 James Newton Howard - Theme from ER 1996 Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Going On 1997 RuPaul - A Little Bit of Love 1997 Groove Junkies - 1997 Poe - Hello 1997 e-N Feat. Ceevox - That Sound 1997 Tilly Lilly - Roller Coaster 1997 Electronic - Second Nature 1997 Blue Amazon - No Other Love 1997 LNR - Work It To The Bone 1998 Cynthia - If I Had The Chance 1998 Vertigo Deluxe - Out of My Mind 1998 The B-52's - Debbie 1999 Everything but the Girl - Lullaby of Clubland 1999 Dream Traveler - Time 2000 Himmel - Celebrate Life 2000 Masters of Balance - Dreamworld 2000 Pablo Gargano - Eurogoal 2000 PQM - The Flying Song 2000 Aaron Lazarus - Your Time Will Come 2001 Pablo Gargano - Absolution 2001 Carissa Mondavi - Solid Ground 2001 Rouge - Jingalay 2001 Daniel Ash - Burning Man 2001 Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird of Prey) 2001 Luzon - Manilla Sunrise 2001 Book of Love - I Touch Roses 2002 Miro - By Your Side 2002 Télépopmusik – Breathe 2003 Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes 2003 Jewel - Intuition 2003 Karada - Last Flight 2003 Billy Paul Williams - So In Love 2003 Jewel - Stand 2004 Aly & Fila - Spirit Of Ka 2004 George Hales - Autumn Falls 2004 Solid Globe - Sahara 2004 Filterheadz - Yimanya 2004 Plastic Angel - Distorted Reality 2004 Clubbervision - Dream Off 2004 Kobbe & Austin Leeds - Fusing Love 2004 Airwave - Ladyblue 2004 Myth - Millionfold 2004 OceanLab - Satellite 2004 Piece Process - Solar Myth 2004 Space Manoeuvres - Stage One 2004 Deepsky - Talk Like a Stranger 2004 Whirlpool - Under the Sun 2004 Mark Otten – Tranquility 2005 Tomonari & Tommy Pi - C Sharp 2005 2005 Ridgewalkers - Find 2005 Departure - She Turns 2005 Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (The Child You Are) 2006 Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine? 2006 Eluna - Severance 2006 Yoshimoto - Du What U Du 2007 Kamera - Lies 2007 Andrew Bennett - Menar 2007 Joop - The Future 2008 Destination X - Dangerous 2008 John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky 2008 Rank 1 - Airwave 2008 Sia - Buttons 2008 Mike Foyle - Bittersweet Nightshade 2009 Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives 2009 Jester Music feat. Lavoie - Dressed in White 2009 Cosmic Gate - Sign of the Times 2009 Ferry Corsten - Brain Box 2010 Cosmic Gate - The Drums

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