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2. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith(Epique Remixed)

Lay Me Down - Sam Smith(Epique Remixed)

Got Soul? Turn up the Volume Now. (No Copyright Infringement Intended.) All rights go to Sam Smith & Epique's sick beat tho. Couldn't skip this beat. Caught up between wrong and right. Indecisive Good intentions bad decisions. Criticism I don’t care about opinion all I no is one thing (one thing) I wanna be regardless what they say I wanna see. You I know i couldn't get a clue, such a fool hopeless romantic. heart in these hands kneeling before you Thru all my mistakes I just wanted to get one thing right (right) and if I mess up tonight, real and true me and you can turn off the lights. Off In a different plain. Lost in imagination caught up in an indifferent situation Recollection of a beautiful painting imprinted behind my third eye the vision of real and true in the reflection of you Seek the Lord and I will Find you in virtue outstanding Qualities so perpetual Fell from grace thought I lost the truth You can feel it to before dawn’s light I know you see me to subconsciously everything i do

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