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1. Questions [Demo]

Questions [Demo]

It's You I need in this life, It's You I need to hold on to. Without You it ain't worth living for a thousand years. Without You it ain't worth, going through this life. Chorus: You're the answer to the questions, You're the answer to this life. You're the voice that whispers to my ears, "I am here with you." When I go astray, and I lost my way, You bring me back into Your light again. I give my praise to You Immanuel, My comforter and my protector. © 2006 Sang Valte

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2. Home Town [Demo]

Home Town [Demo]

Hometown I look at the news, I read down the lines, So many words I wish I didn't see. So many killings, so many broken hearts, So many broken dreams, It breaks me down to cry. Chorus: Makes me think back about the days when I was young, When, in the nights, we used to play out in the street. Only God knows if those days will ever come back. But I'll keep on praying, though nobody seems to care, Because its my hometown, And I still love it anyway. (Because its my Lamka town, and I still love it anyway). Is there a chance? even just a little bit? That you could think but once, See what you're fighting for. Then may be you will understand, And may be we can make a change, Our motherland is crying out, It ain't no pleasant sight. © 2006 Sang Valte

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3. Pianna Gam [Demo]

Pianna Gam [Demo]

Sian in piaksa, pupa' satsa. Tuun leh zua lenna, kilbang ka khanna. Singta-te pan ngalliang-te humbitsa, Tu in melma piandang in Zogam zeelsuak e, Singdang hilou, singta siamsa hilou; Tualsung siamsa, tual doh-ai neekgukna hi. Vaimang henkol pan zong suakta-lou a, Henkol dang but beh, henkol naubang pomlai, Niang-leh-tai in nun in na nuam, Saltang hihlam zong phawkman selou maw? Na laizom-te sung gilkial a, Na tunnu Zogam tulpaan in zeem e! Ka-tu ka-ta kankhiak na ding, Khangsawnte luahding, siambang sinna ding, Ka sannem toh ngabang ka lenna ding, Saltanglou Zogam a Siangmang biaktheihna ding in, Angmasial sal tanna pan suakta ni, Zogam hong paal na ding, tua bek in palbang nang hilou hiam?

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4. Sanglou Aw [Demo]

Sanglou Aw [Demo]

Demo music recorded in 2008. I haven't had the time to really work on it. Anyway, I thought I'd just upload it here so that I don't lose it. Vocal, Keys & Synth: Sang Valte Drums: stevekid Guitars & Bass: Joey Zorina Lyrics: Zankhaw mial ah hong sam, Nanga ding thilpiak nei chi, Mite theihlouh in hong pia ning chi. Sesum phungching hong guan ning, Kuadang engnawn kei ni chia, Machiang suanlou a na nungtolh leh. Chorus: Tongdam naubang sanglou aw, Vabang pil nang - na mite lametna. Sesum in khawngkei ni e, Tunnu Zogam, sisan a leisa hi. Gam khuaizu bang khum zong, Hemlam simthu hi, Tongdam naubang sanglou aw. Na nuntakna tomchik hi, Pham lechin na sesum mang ding. Selung in na geel ngei hiam? Na gam a di'n ginom in, Natu-nata luah ding hi, Khangthu a bangchi a gelh na ut? Zankhaw mial nuai a hong sap a, Nanga ding sum hong tawi chiang'n, Na selung in khatvei geel lai aw. Na gam a di'n ginom in, Natu-nata ma khual in, Na damsan bang hihiam chih thei in. © 2008 Sang Valte

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5. Khattang In [Demo]

Khattang In [Demo]

Khattang In - with Akina, Hayashi Khattang in na vang hong sial ing, Sial zatam toh gaal hong don ing, Na sakmel etlawm ka mitkha ah thaam den. Sunni tum in, solkha hong tang, Solkha vak nuai lungzuan ka sial, Ka tongpeleng toh nang ngaihna laa sa zel ing. Ka selung ah ka geel zel a, Bang simthu leel in, bangchi leel leng, Sulkik simthu leel in kasiang n'ong zuan diam? Selungguk a ka geel, zailaa'n awi ing, Tuibang gawm ding simthu leel ni. Chorus: Khattang in lunzuan ka sial. Khattang in ka nui theilou. Khattang in nang hong ngai ing. Khattang in, khattang in. Khattang in ka heina pan in, Na heina mun gaal hong don ing, Na simthu lelte ka bilkha ah dai loulai. Zankhua sawt zong in laikhun pan, Nang hong sial in maimit siing maw'ng. Taikhua vaal dong sinlai gubang hong zen chia. Gibang khenni kum kivei zong, Nang ngaihna kiam nailou lai, Ke'n k'ong sialbang in kei n'ong sial sam hiam? Tuibang gawmkik ding ni hong tun ma, Ka zailaa in hong awi lai ning. © 2008 Sang Valte

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