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1. Sayer


من ورشة مع المغنية الأثيوبية Minyeshue بالأسكندرية كلمات - عمر مصطفى الحان وغناء - دينا الوديدى شكر خاص محمود صيام - هانى بدير - حسين سامى - عصام السحارتى

nothing at of , which is


  • Published: 2016-05-25T17:49:35Z
  • By G JONES

collaboration with @sayerbass

nothing at of , which is

6. Champagne Drip - Oni (Sayer Remix)

  • Published: 2016-12-08T19:09:20Z
  • By Sayer
Champagne Drip - Oni (Sayer Remix)

Remix I did for @champagnedrip forthcoming on his @saturaterecords EP out 12/13!

nothing at of , which is

7. Sayer & Bleep Bloop - Dukes

Sayer & Bleep Bloop - Dukes

Read More: Sayer @sayerbass Bleep Bloop @bleep-bloop RUN THE TRAP

nothing at of , which is

8. Sayer & Bleep Bloop - First of All

  • Published: 2016-06-20T17:56:36Z
  • By Sayer
Sayer & Bleep Bloop - First of All

New one I made with my dude Download it for free here: Art by Gary Paintin:

nothing at of , which is

9. Human Error Mixtape

  • Published: 2016-04-19T18:05:43Z
  • By Sayer
Human Error Mixtape

19 unreleased Sayer beats I've been working on over the winter including collaborations with TRACKLIST: Event Horizon Human Error Ride or Die Vials Seven w/ G Jones Calcifer Copmuter Opia Selkie w/ BOATS Abasi First of All w/ Bleep Bloop untitled w/ Proko Black Hoodies Recidivist Who Runnin Em w/ G Jones Energy w/ Ethan Glass Graverobber Charcoal w/ ONHELL Starscraper w/ NastyNasty

nothing at of , which is

10. Recidivist

  • Published: 2016-06-09T18:48:18Z
  • By Sayer

ENJOY! Download Here: Incredible painting by Free Rolando Edit by me Support Sayer:

nothing at of , which is

11. Mad Zach & Sayer - Reverse Mechanics [Out now on Saturate Records]

  • Published: 2015-04-30T18:37:29Z
  • By Sayer
Mad Zach & Sayer - Reverse Mechanics [Out now on Saturate Records]

Collab I made with my dude Mad Zach, forthcoming on his EP "Quantum Shock" out via Saturate Records May 5th!! FOLLOW THEM! Amazing artwork by Thomas Wahle Bandcamp link will be up here on Tuesday for all your free downloading needs.

nothing at of , which is

12. Bleep Bloop X Sayer - Baka {NEST HQ Premiere}

Bleep Bloop X Sayer - Baka {NEST HQ Premiere}

new with free dl: premiere via @nesthq Art by Gary Paintin

nothing at of , which is

13. Sayer & Ethan Glass - Energy

  • Published: 2017-06-07T18:41:52Z
  • By Sayer
Sayer & Ethan Glass - Energy

Made this one with my friend @ethanglassmusic Free DL link here: ENJOY!

nothing at of , which is

14. Father Funk - Sayer What? [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Father Funk - Sayer What? [FREE DOWNLOAD]

FREE DOWNLOAD: Diggin' this release? Your word spreading 'Comment', or '❤', and/or click of the 'Repost ↻ Button' are all warmly welcomed. Many thanks in advance. SR HQ. :) It’s Scour Records’ one year anniversary! Twelve months ago we released Scour Cream Volume 01, so to mark the occasion we thought we’d hold a Hunger Games-type celebration, unfortunately none of us are very good with weapons or murder or being murdered. An Olympics style celebration seemed a little over the top, It’s A Knock Out was on the cards but our budget ran out after making one large shoe for the Bulgarians. So we’ve scaled it down, come round to ours and have a proper party, old school fancy dress styleeee! All the party games are prepped - pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, kiss chase, naked twister, finger the angry fox, trampoline darts on poppers, all the big ones! The party sideboard is prepared! Vimto for the gents, cherryade for the ladies, Babycham for the hardcore fetishists. Bombay mix, cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple, vol-au-vants (hopefully filled with whatever made Kerry Katona go all fruity) Anything missing, hmmmm….of course! An assortment of nuts and some party tunes! All wrapped up in a free 4 track goody bag for each and every one of you to take home! Father Funk rocks out the bubble perm and comes strutting through the front door like a funky white brother. Who’s he come as? Mika? Kevin Keegan? No silly! He’s come as Leo Sayer! Leo fires a bazooka in through the porch and shoots two AK47’s like he’s trying to kill every mother in the room. Apparently he likes his men like he likes his coffee (with milk and two sugars) Pimpin’! Is that Prince tucking into the Jelly and Ice Cream? ha! Yes! It’s Warp9! Top costume!, really would prefer it if you didn’t try and make our doves cry though…they really don’t like to see your starfish impression… The Phunk Junkies need no encouragement to crack the pearls out, before you can say ’Sir Very Elton of John’ they’ll be in a wig and heels, have the lippy on and be sashaying down the hall towards the toilet. RuPaul? Lilly Savage? Oh hell no, those legs can only belong to Dame Shirley Bassey. Hang on a sec, sorry about this….LEO! GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF THE FOX!! it’s not time yet! Father! Leave the Phunk Junkies alone, it’s not that kind of party! Put the guns down! Oh for God’s sake! Take your goody bag and go! We need a plunger, a SWAT team and a vet, pronto! Father Funk SoundCloud: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Leo SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter: Warp9 SoundCloud: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: The Phunk Junkies SoundCloud: Facebook: Scour Records Website: SoundCloud: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Scour Archives: Artwork by Morphosis: Promo blurb by Fat Harry: Mastering by Warp9: Want to support my music? Click here to donate via PayPal:

nothing at of , which is

15. Black Hoodies

  • Published: 2017-10-10T18:19:47Z
  • By Sayer
Black Hoodies

First single off the Human Failure EP, out 10/24!! DL LINK: AMAZING ARTWORK BY DAVID DIVTECH:

nothing at of , which is