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1. SUNP0016.WAV


There are times in life when we are abandoned, set adrift, left completely alone...and we hope and pray for help and we become more and more isolated in life.... We may believe God is Gone... is he ? or is it simply another harsh lesson ? The Song... " When God is Gone"

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2. SUNP0019.WAV


We all learn to accept and deal with the bad stuff in life... and in doing so we invite more of the same... at the same time... we don't know how to deal with good stuff... in a responsible way... thus it bears no fruit.. When something good happens...rejoice... and say "Yes-More" the universe just might hear you.....

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3. SUNP0066.WAV


Rough cut of a New Tune... C- AD Vargas 2017 ](For those who have lost someone) "I'll Miss You"

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4. SUNP0021.WAV


A song for a 5 year old girl with no parents in the Philippines

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5. SUNP0014.WAV


Song written while watching the simple joy in a German Shepherd's eyes.. while doing nothing more than chasing a ball in the field.. In this sometimes complicated life... anyone..can learn a lot from a dog.. Simple 12 string tune...for a dog... named "Mishka"

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