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1. Serendipity Lyrics

Serendipity Lyrics

A funny thing happened on my way to Costa Rica I saw a girl that I'd like to make my señorita She got feet up, she's drinking sangria Damn, that girl is fine! I tried to catch her eye But she was in

2. Serendipity Lyrics

Serendipity Lyrics

Tired of this endless motion sickness. Feeling dizzy and drunk. From this madness, from this madness. Paralyzed and breathless, I'm staring into emptiness I see my dreams disappear through my fingers.

3. Red Ribbon Army - Serendipity Lyrics

Red Ribbon Army - Serendipity Lyrics

Many people come and go through out life This constant revolving door Yet I'd never suspect you'd be the one to do this to me I should have sensed deceit from the moment our stars aligned Sweet serend

4. Serendipity Lyrics

Serendipity Lyrics

Here we are Once again Hello Hello Hello There's no pride in what I've done Hello Hello Hello They call it Serendipity I call it real being death me The waves are crashing... Catch your taste on my si

5. Sweet Serendipity (Single) Lyrics

Sweet Serendipity (Single) Lyrics

I ain’t got no car* And I've got one pair of jeans They’ve been stretched too far And now they’re weak at the seams I can’t say what’s next And I got nothin' up

6. Serendipity Lyrics

Serendipity Lyrics

Brave Combo Kiss Of Fire Serendipity *whistle* Your eyes across the room they did not smolder. You looked so young and fine i shrugged my shoulders I thought to myself, 'there's the door.' I'm pla