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1. 【shiraru】(La La Land OST) Ryan Gosling - City Of Stars (Pier)

  • Published: 2016-12-09T13:52:34Z
  • By shiraru
【shiraru】(La La Land OST) Ryan Gosling - City Of Stars (Pier)

Piano track taken from : I've been really stressed lately and I just want to sing a little to blow off some steam, ahahahaa...I found this song from "La La Land" trailer while browsing YouTube, and this movie looks really beautiful, wow! I'm personally excited to see this movie, and I'm hoping it would play in my country. :D Also, so sorry in advance, since I got braces, I can't whistle again. I know, strange it may seems, I really can't whistle anymore, so I can't do the whistle in the beginning of the song... :( Hope you enjoy this cover as much as I did recording it. Do drop some feedback, it's highly welcomed! Thank you for listening :D

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2. 【Maaya】 (Mary Poppins OST) Julie Andrews - A Spoonful of Sugar

【Maaya】 (Mary Poppins OST) Julie Andrews - A Spoonful of Sugar

Recently I binge-watched Julie Andrews movies, and I love every second of it XD XD XD Her voice is just maaaarvelously beautiful! And she's very gorgeous too, and I think she's more gorgeous now :D Well and then I attempted to sing one of her signature songs. This one is from "Mary Poppins", and this was the song Mary Poppins sang in order to get the kids to tidy up their room. And umm...forgive my awkward English accent and pronunciation, I can't seem to get the English tone right, so I just give up *sigh in defeat* (...and it's not like I can get American accent right either //hides). And I realize after I record this...I'd be a bad nanny since I sound too kid-ish hahahahhhh XD I did this one in shiraru too, but I don't sound warm enough for this song, it was 'too stern'. Despite all that problem, I enjoy recording this one, the song itself is very uplifting, and fixing my bad mood XD For those who maybe don't understand what I'm singing, here's the lyrics : [Spoken] In ev'ry job that must be done There is an element of fun You find the fun and snap! The job's a game [Sung] And ev'ry task you undertake Becomes a piece of cake A lark! A spree! It's very clear to see that A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down The medicine go down-wown The medicine go down Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down In a most delightful way A robin feathering his nest Has very little time to rest While gathering his bits of twine and twig Though quite intent in his pursuit He has a merry tune to toot He knows a song will move the job along - for A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down The medicine go down-wown The medicine go down Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down In a most delightful way [Interlude] The honey bee that fetch the nectar From the flowers to the comb Never tire of ever buzzing to and fro Because they take a little nip From ev'ry flower that they sip And hence (And hence), They find (They find) Their task is not a grind. A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down The medicine go down-wown The medicine go down Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down In a most delightful way ------------------------------------------------ Hope you enjoy this cover, and feedbacks are highly welcomed!! :D

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3. 【shiMaaya】 Frozen - Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

【shiMaaya】 Frozen - Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

*Pemanasan IFFS 2013 //gakgitu* Because the OSTs of this movie has been playing in my mind numerous times since I watched the movie XD And this song is just really precious, uuuuuu... ;;; u ;;; I really like how it illustrates the beginning of the story :D I tried to sound distinctive on every part, but I don't think I get most of them right, especially the 9 year-old Anna. When I tried to deepen my voice to get that pre-teen voice, I ended up sound too I just gave up ahahhh~ XD And I slipped on some pronunciation, uuuuh...I have to practice more!! Heheheee~ And yes, the instrumental is vocal-removed, but I think it's clean enough, so I decided to use it XD

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4. 【Maaya】(Piano Ver.) 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) - からくりピエロ (Karakuri Pierrot)

  • Published: 2013-02-01T10:32:06Z
  • By shiraru
【Maaya】(Piano Ver.) 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) - からくりピエロ (Karakuri Pierrot)

Do watch the video! : Because this has reach the download limit, you can download it here if you want : Oggeh~ seperti yang di-request oleh Kilmi Beybeh, yang Karakuri Pierrot piano aku upload :D Yang versi lainnya mungkin kalo aku nggak aku upload ntar malam berarti besok, karena ada beberapa bagian yang harus diperbaiki lagi. Huahaha, emang sih, janjinya habis ngurusin entri UtaCha, tapi mumpung yang ini lebih gampang mix-nya, yang ini dulu deh diselesai-in, yang UtaCha masih bingung arrangement-nya. :D -oOo- Oggeh~ as requested by Kilmi Beybeh, I uploaded the piano version of Karakuri Pierrot :D I might upload the other version by tonight or tomorrow, there are some parts that needed to be fixed. Huahaha, I did say that I'd do the other version when I finished my UtaCha entry, but this one is easier to mix, so I plan finish this first, the UtaCha one...I'm still confused on arranging it. :D

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5. 【shiraru】 秋赤音 (Akiakane) - Flashback (Piano Version)

  • Published: 2013-09-05T15:05:10Z
  • By shiraru
【shiraru】 秋赤音 (Akiakane) - Flashback (Piano Version)

[Copy-Paste from YouTube since I'm lazy like that XD] YouTube link (English subbed one coming soon!) : No copyright infringement intended. I only own my voice. Hello~ it's been too long since I uploaded something to YouTube, ahahh XD I finally have finished my final project, gone through the final presentation and today, I officially have been graduated from my university, yaaaaay!! XD Well, even though I still have some university administration to finish, I still want to sing something in my genderbend's voice, hehehe~ :D :D: D And then!! I happened to stumble upon this beautiful piano version of Akiakane's Flashback. I'm a fan of her and this song and even though the piano version is not for "Flashback", but it goes really well with some of the parts. :D I raised the pitch by 5 and sing using shiraru. I know it should be a very soft and gentle but I tried to take a different approach, eheheee~ I hope it works well XD So, I hope you enjoy this cover~ suggestion and constructive criticism are highly appreciated :D :D :D

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6. 【shiraru】 秦基博 (Hata Motohiro) - 「ひまわりの約束」 (Himawari No Yakusoku) ~piano Ver~

  • Published: 2014-12-21T05:32:43Z
  • By shiraru
【shiraru】 秦基博 (Hata Motohiro) - 「ひまわりの約束」 (Himawari No Yakusoku) ~piano Ver~

Youtube Ver (With 2D Doraemon Anime AMV, still manage to bawl my eyes out ;;; 3 ;;; ) : Piano track taken from : I just saw the 3D movie this week, and as expected, I was bawling my eyes out. Aaaaah…Doraemooooon!! You’re a part of my childhood, I grew up with your anime since I was in pre-school until now, the movie is really a sweet goodbye…even though I don’t want to say goodbye, uhuuuuuh… ;;; 3 ;;; I decided to cover it with piano version, because honestly, I like the sound of piano for this song, it brings out its melancholiness, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I did singing it, feedbacks are highly welcomed! :D

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7. 【shiraru/Maaya.CLOSED】 Planning to do a(nother) voice meme, now taking questions :D

【shiraru/Maaya.CLOSED】 Planning to do a(nother) voice meme, now taking questions :D

Jadi iya...karena di akun pertama ( @shiraru ) udah 500+ followers dan dirikyu juga bingung mau nyanyi apa karena kondisi badan lagi nggak bagus habis perjalanan panjang kemarin, ya ngomong aja-lah, sebagai bentuk terimakasih, hueheheheee XD Silahkan minna-san, kalo mau tanya-tanya, mau dare juga boleh, pake bahasa inggris atau indonesia, silahkaaan~ tapi jangan kejam-kejam yah, saiyyah kan orangnya pemalu~~ //diinjek

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9. 【shiraru】{Acoustic} 山崎まさよし(Yamazaki Masayoshi) - One More Time, One More Chance

【shiraru】{Acoustic} 山崎まさよし(Yamazaki Masayoshi) - One More Time, One More Chance

This was requested by @mahendrasulistyo Acoustic Instrumental Taken From : yochan1983 ( ) Pitch +1 since I still can't hit that low ;;; n ;;; I think the song shines more in acoustic form, so I did it in acoustic :D Forgive the volume at some part, I want to get that rough acoustic effect so I just let some of them go really loud or soft, well, my room's acoustic helped too I guess, heheheee XD I really enjoy making this one though, I don't know, maybe because I'm kinda bias to anything Makoto Shinkai-related XD Hope you enjoy this cover as much as I did when I record, and oh, feedbacks are highly appreciated! :D

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10. 【shiraru】{short} Beyonce - Sweet Dreams (Acoustic Version)

【shiraru】{short} Beyonce - Sweet Dreams (Acoustic Version)

This song's melodies are just beautiful...I want to sing it even though it's short. I'd like to finish this if I have some other free time, but I don't know...we'll see... XD

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11. 【AKC:J4CK4SS】 "Kiss" Dara ft. CL (2NE1) // COLLABORATION COVER

  • Published: 2013-07-02T03:32:42Z
  • By shiraru

*because I'm lazy to write my own description now, I'll just copy-paste the ones on my YT desc. Do watch the video! Dara is so pretty there, and also..*coughLeeMinHocough* Ah. Never mind. : - 2NE1 투애니원 "KISS" COLLAB by J4CK4SS's Maaya and Jinyeon- I just wanna kiss~ I never wanna miss~ *sings* ► J4CK4SS (CL and Dara) CL → Jinyeon 「」 Sandara → Maaya 「」 In case you didn't know, J4CK4SS is AKC's permanent 2NE1 group. Hello~ Maaya here! *wave hands* This is a solo originally by 2NE1's Dara and CL, and we J4CK4SS covered it :D Let's give a big standing ovation for Jinyeon's fierce rap and allstarKPOPcollabs's mixing, you guys are awesome!!! And ummm...sorry for the video's audio, it's my first time editing a video that has a different audio than the .mp3, so it may sound cluttered at some parts. Please download the full audio (coming soon!) for better quality. :D Well, I think I said all that's needed so I hope you enjoy this collaboration :D Thank you for watching! - Maaya ► MP3 DL LINK → Coming Soon! ► ACAPPELLA → ► CREDITS Instrumental → Official from YG Audio Mixing → allstarKPOPcollabs ( Video Mixing → FluxionJunction Leave us a comment, and give us a thumbs up! :) Please support us and J4CK4SS who worked to make this collab possible! Look forward to future collaborations from AKC and J4CK4SS! - allstarKPOPcollabs - Original Song: KISS Original Artist: 2NE1_투애니원 Sandara Park ft. CL Original Album: To Anyone No copyright infringement intended! We do not own this song nor this video. Credits go to their rightful owners, YG Entertainment. We shall only claim the rights to each of the singers' individual voices. This is purely for fun, not for financial gain!

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12. 【Indonesian Fandub】For The First Time In Forever, Reprise (Untuk Pertama Kalinya, Reprise)

  • Published: 2015-03-18T13:51:24Z
  • By shiraru
【Indonesian Fandub】For The First Time In Forever, Reprise (Untuk Pertama Kalinya, Reprise)

Video of the mini fandub : Mixing and Scripting : shiraru / Maaya ::: CAST ::: Elsa :: Esteracia Anna :: shiraru / Maaya (this channel) Olaf :: Denisa -oOo- Script (Bahasa Indonesia) :

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13. 【Maaya】 Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da Ne (English Version)

【Maaya】 Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da Ne (English Version)

No copyright infringement intended. I only own my voice. YouTube Version : According to katethegreat19, this version is not the official lyrics. It was made by SacridiaDarque / daargit / TaoJenChan. Listen to her version here : I lost a quite close relative last week. She's younger than me and was sick since three years ago, but full of passion to live. Even until her last breath, she still managed to smile, no matter how much in pain she was, her father told me. To be honest, when I first heard that she's gone, I was just..."okay". But today, the sad feeling and emptiness finally sink in, and here I mourned. I dedicate this song to her, it might not be good because I didn't intend to do a good cover. I just truly hope she's in a better place. English Lyrics : Angel white of labyrinth blue Do you see me as I see you? Soft darkened eyes haunted by dreamless sleep Is it your ghost I see in the mirror? Reach out to touch me dearest dream of mine Open your eyes, say you're alright The glass shatters at the softest touch Is there a soul beyond the shards? Warm tears sting my eyes As all of these sweet memories flood back to me Reminiscing now The sun will set beyond the cruel mountain range I'll still be here (it's dark now without your light) Begging your heart to beat (sweet defiled angel, open your eyes) My existence is not the same (believe in me) Without you here... (believe that I love you) You shut your eyes and gave in to that light A beauty frozen in eternal night just when I realized the error of my ways you slipped between my fingertips I was a fool, I was stuck in such bliss Wish I could grant, you your first kiss Sorrow only grows if I try to forget you're an eternal part of me A sweet lullaby Clasping my fragile heart and whispering your name Soft embrace in my sleep Is this a dream or is it Yet another nightmare of thee Don't let this end (it's cold now without your touch) Wait on the other side (my beautiful angel, rest in peace) And I will slumber deep (just please don't let this die) I'll see you soon...

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14. 【IFSS 2013】 (VOCAMASH) Antichlorobenzene X Paradichlorobenzene

【IFSS 2013】 (VOCAMASH) Antichlorobenzene X Paradichlorobenzene

This is for "Indonesian Fandubber Secret Santa Event" 2013. The wish belongs to @Sayuko Her exact wish : "Halo Secret Santaku eehehehe =)))))) untuk IFSS kali ini aku ingin kamu nyanyi ""Paradichlorobenzene tapi di mix sama anticlorobenzene...jadinya nanti hasilnya harus begini ( >:D *evillaught*...o iya, suara nya bagian Rin harus se Moe genit ya~ terus bagian Len nya setampan mungkin =))))))) *eaaaa kayak mana itu* Nah, silakan di cek instrumental versionnya ayo lakukan demi aku santa :*” PS: Rei....itu kalo boleh sih, tp kalau g boleh mix saya minta yg anticholorobenzen aja yg dinyanyiin"" WARNING : Messy mixing, slipped pronunciation orz...and yes, it's Len's part on your left ear and Rin's part on your right. XD Mbak Sayuko...ini entri aku...mudah-mudahan suka, ehehee....lagunya satu aja udah susah, ini dua-duanya, di-mashup pula //cetar membahana badai banget! XD XD XD Maaf aku di beberapa bagian keseleo lidah, dan bagian Len-nya nggak semuanya 'ganteng' karena aku nggak nyampe ;;; n ;;; Oh iya, ini yang "Antichlorobenzene"-nya :

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15. 【shiraru】初音ミクDark (Hatsune Miku Dark) - crack

【shiraru】初音ミクDark (Hatsune Miku Dark) - crack

No. Not that kind of 'crack' cover or 'crack' drugs. The title is 'crack'. XD No copyright infringement intended. I only own my voice. ◆歌名:crack ◆影片來源: ◆詞、曲:keeno ◆畫師: 麺類子 ◆PV: ke-sanβ YouTube link : I recorded this for a currently running contest held by descentsubs. If you're interested in participating, please click this link below : And for the playlist of the contest, click here : Okay, so I've been debating whether I should enter or not, but after some thoughts, I decided to enter, since I really like keeno's song 'glow', and this is a really good chance to 'force' me to cover something in between my own busy-ness XD. But for this contest, I chose 'crack', because I became fonder of it every time I listen to it :D and I really like the lyrics! When I listen to it and read the lyrics, I can imagine the 'scene' and drown in my own imagination, hehehehe XD Yes, yes, I'm weird like that XD Oh and yes, I use my josei range because my mood has been mellow these days...and that got me thinking, what should I name her (my josei persona)? Shima-san maybe? Hehehehee XD //staaaahp The process of making this cover was one of the hardest for me. The harmonies were indistinguishable because of Miku Dark's 'misty' vocal, and I had to listen very carefully. But on some parts, I just went with whatever fits...and I really hope it fits, or at least not pitchy. I admit, I'm not that good at making my own harmonies, but I'm working on it, hehehee~ :D Well, I hope you enjoy this cover. Feedback and criticism are highly appreciated! :D Come on people, don't hesitate to throw your critic rocks at me XD XD XD I want to improve to be a better cover singer :D

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16. 【shiMaaya】 IA - 「Ib」-again -

  • Published: 2013-01-11T13:47:06Z
  • By shiraru
【shiMaaya】 IA - 「Ib」-again -

Music & Words : コウ Illustration : 茶々ごま & Vios Movie : Not-116 mylist/24089942 【Diarays】mylist/28691500 コウ @kou_diarays rins @rins_diarays ショウタロス @sho_diarays ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PV Video Cover : Habis main Ib beberapa hari yang lalu (paling susah bagian pas Ib sama Gary kepisah, huaaa~ disitu lama banget mondar-mandir), jadi kepengen nyanyiin lagunya. :D Yang bagian-nya Gary emang agak maksa sih, mana pas naik ke bagian dramatisnya kedengaran lain pula, kayak ada dua karakter cowok deh... *hela nafas* Aku masih harus latihan lagi biar bisa kedengaran natural. :D Kritik dan sarannya boleh banget minna-san~ :D :D :D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PV Video Cover : I've just played Ib a few days ago (the hardest level for me is when Ib and Gary forcefully separated, huaaa~ I walked around there a lot), I have the urges to sing the song. :D On Gary's part, I did strain my voice (to sound like a guy), but when the dramatic part came, my voice sort of if there are two male characters...*sigh* I still have to practice so it would sound natural. :D Criticism and feedback are highly appreciated, minna-san~ :D :D :D

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17. 【Indonesian Fancover】 Zootopia - Try Everything (Coba Semua)

  • Published: 2016-03-05T15:45:46Z
  • By shiraru
【Indonesian Fancover】 Zootopia - Try Everything (Coba Semua)

The previous track was deleted because I forgot one harmonies. This version is the updated one, and it's better than the previous one, of course :D Video Version (With Indonesian dan English Lyrics) : Have you watched Zootopia? If you haven't, you should! The movie is sooo good! The soundtrack is good too, that's why I decided to cover it in my language. The process of translating was pretty challenging for me. I tried to keep it as close as the original, but there are some things that were just not translated well, so I took some liberties and cut down some part to fit the syllables. It's a good thing this song is kinda repetitive in its lines, so the cut down part was kinda 'forgiven', I guess?? Hahaha... Also, you may notice I change one line's translation. The original one is : "I'll keep on making those new mistakes", it should be translated as : "Ku akan membuat kesalahan baru", which means "I will make new mistakes". I just feel it will feel more powerful and make sense if it's like,"Oh I may make a few mistakes. I may make them everyday, and that's okay.". Well it's how I interpreted it though :D I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I enjoy making them. Feedbacks are highly welcomed as always!

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