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SIA ID : SHE IS ALL THAT channel ID test ver.

2. EVOLUTION, TCS: CHANDELIER by Sia (covered by Kawehi)

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EVOLUTION, TCS:  CHANDELIER by Sia (covered by Kawehi)

14 DAYS LEFT TO BE A PART OF EVOLUTION: HAPPY SUNDAY FUNDAY YO!!!! I'm back with a new video! As a part of every Kickstarter project I do, one of the incentives is that I'd cover a song of your choice. It's a great way to get to know my fans and what they're listening to. I'll be starting my cover series for ROBOT HEART next week, but I wanted to kickstart my current project this week called EVOLUTION with a tune that I enjoy. I think Sia is rad...and that is all. She's that don't even need an explanation. Be a part of EVOLUTION: Say YO!: Say YO on Twitta: @iamkawehi Hearts and shit, Kawehi

3. tyler + angela | your love

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tyler + angela | your love

"your love lifts me up like helium, your love lifts me up when i'm down down down" Since this is my last Tangela edit, this is going to be a bit long. I'm so proud to have been rooting for these two since early July. I always joke that I manifested it, but in actuality, the undeniable chemistry was always there, I just happened to notice it. I always thought they were going to get together after the show if things never happened in the house. But they did, and we all got to witness their beautiful love story and individual self-growth. I picked this song because of the lyrics. The conversation Tyler had with himself was real, genuine, and so human; I think we've all been there once in our lives. To see him be worried about Angela broke my heart, but knowing that she was completely in love with him and excited to see him made me so happy for him. I'm so happy that they found one another, I wish them nothing but success and happiness. My favorite thing about them is how much they cherish one another, they both feel so lucky to be one another and they treat each other as such. I'm gonna miss my two calm souls on the Live Feeds, but I'm so excited for them to start their new chapter, away from the stress of Big Brother, and embark on whatever the world has to offer them. I can't wait to watch these two take on the world. To everyone who's watched/liked/commented/supported my videos, THANK YOU. I legit made the first one because there wasn't enough Tangela edits out there, I've messed around with making videos, and was like BET I'll do it. The reception, the kind messages, and everything in-between has been soooo kind. Ya'll are the best. I never though I'd be making videos about a damn showmance, but here we are. I loved making them. Moral of the story: Find someone who feels lucky to be with you, so that they cherish every day with you. Find someone who makes you giggle, glow, and blush. Find someone who makes you a better person every day. Find someone who's love can lift you up like helium. song: Helium by sia couple: tyler/angela from bb20 i own nothing, all copyrights given.

4. Il padrone delle ferriere (Itala Film, 1919)

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Il padrone delle ferriere (Itala Film, 1919)

UNA SDEGNOSA MENICHELLI STRETTA TRA NOBILTÀ DI SANGUE E NOBILTÀ DI CUORE: COSA SCEGLIERÀ? Regia/Director: Eugenio Perego – Fotografia/Director of photography: Antonio Cufaro - Interpreti e personaggi/Cast and characters: Pina Menichelli (Clara di Beaulieu), Amleto Novelli (Filippo Derblay), Luigi Serventi (Duca di/Duke of Bligny), Lina Millefleurs (Atenaide Moulinet), Maria Caserini Gasparini (Marchesa di/ Marchioness of Beaulieu), Myriam De Gaudi ( Derblay), Isabel De Lizaso - Lunghezza originale/Original lenght: 1670 m – Didascalie/Intertitles: Italiano/Italian – Visto censura/ Censorship certificate: 14016 del 1/3/1919 – Prima Visione Romana/ Première: //1919 Filippo Derblay, un uomo di umili origini, è divenuto, grazie al suo lavoro, padrone di ferriere. Egli è segretamente innamorato di Clara, la figlia del Marchese di Beaulieu, che dopo la morte del padre ha perduto tutta la sua fortuna. Clara è fidanzata col Duca di Bligny, un suo cugino vanesio. Dopo aver saputo che la cugina è improvvisamente caduta in disgrazia, il Duca preferisce fidanzarsi con Atenaide Moulinet, un’arrampicatrice sociale e figlia dell’industriale Moulinet detto il “Re del Cacao”. Per vendicarsi, Clara accetta di sposare Filippo Derblay, nonostante lo consideri un parvenu e lo disprezza. Ma Filippo, che pur amandola profondamente, non tollera di essere umiliato, riesce a dimostrarle quanto sia sbagliato il suo preconcetto e a conquistarne, alla fine, il cuore. Tra gli aspetti più coinvolgenti del film, da un lato l’interpretazione intensa dell’ormai grande diva Pina Menichelli e dall’altro una fotografia di altissimo livello anche nel catturare spazi dal vero, come le notevoli immagini della fabbrica e degli operai alle macchine. Il video è il riversamento della copia restaurata nel 2005 dal Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino in collaborazione con la Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna ( 35mm, positivo, poliestere, 1516 m, 75’ a 18 fps, colore, didascalie italiane, muto. Il restauro è stato realizzato presso il laboratorio L’immagine Ritrovata ( THE IRONWORKS OWNER Filippo Derblay, a young man of humble birth, became, thanks to his job, the owner of the ironworks. He is secretly in love with Clara, the daughter of the Marquis of Beaulieu, who lost all his fortune. Clara is engaged to the Duke of Bligny, a vain cousin of her. After learning of Clara’s financial disgrace, the Duke prefers to engage to Atenaide Moulinet, a social climber and daughter of the industrialist Moulinet, the “King of Cacao”. To get revenge, Clara agrees to marry Filippo Derblay, despite she considers him an upstart and she despises him. But Filippo, who loves her deeply, can’t tolerate to be humiliated, will prove how much her prejudice was wrong and, at the end, he will win her love. Among the most captivating aspects of the film, the intense performance of the great diva Pina Menichelli and the high level of the photography, that captures spaces from life as the remarkable images of the factory and the workers at the machinery. The video is a copy from the film print restored in 2005 by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema in collaboration with the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna ( 35mm, positive, polyester, 1516 m, 75’ at 18 fps, colour, Italian intertites, silent. The restoration was carried out at the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory ( LEGGI LA SCHEDA DI RESTAURO / READ THE RESTORATION REPORT: (IT) (EN) SITOGRAFIA / SITOGRAPHY: Sul film/About the film:

5. Lowertown Reading Jam: May Lee-Yang presents works in progress by multidisciplinary artists

Lowertown Reading Jam: May Lee-Yang presents works in progress by multidisciplinary artists

January 10th, 2011—The Saint Paul Almanac continues its year-round literary celebration of Minnesota’s capital city with the acclaimed Lowertown Reading Jams. The January presentation of the eclectic series, curated by May Lee-Yang, offers an intimate look at works in progress by multidisciplinary artists. The Reading Jam will be presented on Monday, January 10, 2011 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Black Dog Café, 308 Prince Street in Saint Paul. The Jams will continue on the second Monday of each month through July 2011. “I feel blessed to be surrounded by a community of artists from various disciplines and what I’ve found interesting is that, almost everyone I know is a writer. I know actors who write, dancers who write, performance artists who write,” says Lee-Yang. She noted that some of their writing eventually gets performed in public, in spoken word pieces or one-person shows, but sometimes they write things about which they are secretive: the five-year-old unfinished novel, a memoir, a collection of poetry, and the list goes on. “Perhaps they don’t share these parts of themselves because, like most artists I know, they are perfectionists who are waiting to be done with their projects. But I’ve always been fascinated by the unfinished tidbits, the ideas that are still in the process of being created, essentially, in works-in-progress.” May Lee-Yang curated an evening that features multi-talented people as they share works that have never been seen in the public sphere before. ABOUT THE ARTISTS Sun Mee Chomet has worked with the Guthrie Theater, Mu Performing Arts, History Theater, Penumbra Theater and many other theaters locally and nationally. As a playwright, her first play, “Asiamnesia,” was voted Best New Script of 2008 by the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She is currently working on a new play about her relationship with her Jewish grandfather. Chomet received her M.F.A. in Acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Earlham College. Reginald Edmund is a Many Voices Fellow (2009-2011) playwright originally from Houston, TX, where he was Artistic Director for the Silver House Theatre, as well as the founder and producer for the Silver House Playwrights Festival and the Houston Urban Theatre Series. Reggie was the inaugural recipient of the Kennedy Center Fellowship at Soul Mountain Retreat and the 2009 National Runner-up for the Lorraine Hansberry and Rosa Parks Playwriting Award. He received his MFA in playwriting at Ohio University under the guidance of Charles Smith. His play Southbridge, which was presented in May 2010 at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, AK, was named winner of the 2011 Southern Playwrights’ Competition. Edmund is a co-founding Playwright of The Unit Collective, a collective of playwrights of color. Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe is a poet, performer and video maker whose work includes: “Dirty the Bones—on being white and other lies…” performed at Intermedia Arts, and Bedlam Theater (and was accepted into The Los Angles Women’s Theater Festival) and “Death’s Daughter—a love letter, a prayer for Mama” that premiered at Pangaea World Theater in November 2010. She is currently working on a documentary about the late, great writer/thinker Paula Gunn Allen, and her video short, “Art Letter—For Gabrielle Civil” will premiere on Twin Cities Public Television this December. Julian Hines was born in the Twin Cities as a second generation Jamaican-American. Starting his artistry late in high school, he competed in drama and poetry forensics and founded his school’s first Step/Drill Team. He performs in various disciplines including dance, theater, and spoken word. In addition to his work mentoring inner city and south metro youth, Julian has shared and performed in local public venues, schools, theaters, colleges, and in Japan. May Lee-Yang is a playwright, poet, prose writer, and performance artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has been hailed by Twin Cities Metro Magazine as “on the way to becoming one of the most powerful and colorful voices in local theater.” Her theater-based works include “Confessions of a Lazy Hmong Woman”, “Ten Reasons Why I’d Be a Bad Porn Star”, “Sia(b)”, “Stir-Fried Pop Culture”, and “The Child’s House.” She has received grants from the National Performance Network, the Midwestern Voices and Visions Residency Award, the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Playwright Center Many Voices Program, and Intermedia Arts’ Naked Stages Performance Art Program. In her 9 to 5 life, she is the Interim Executive Director at Hmong Arts Connection (HArC). The Almanac has been hosting the monthly Lowertown Reading Jams since October 2009, and they have been steadily gaining in popularity as excited audiences spread the word about their powerful, shared experiences. The Jams provide an opportunity to explore and bridge the cultural and social breadth of the city of Saint Paul throughout the year. Each Jam is produced and hosted by a well-known writer or spoken word artist. Saint Paul “performance drawing” artist Lara Hanson interprets the readings using Japanese ink brushes. All Reading Jams are American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted. The entire 2010-2011 season of Lowertown Reading Jams will be presented at the Black Dog Café, a popular Saint Paul venue for spoken word artists, and a co-sponsor of the series. The Jams are curated by the following creative writers and agents for social change: Oct. 11, 2010 – Deborah Torraine Nov. 8, 2010 – Tish Jones Dec. 13, 2010 – Matthew Rucker Jan. 10, 2011 – May Lee-Yang Feb. 21, 2011 – Tou SaiKo Lee Mar. 14, 2011 – Carol Connolly Apr. 11, 2011 – Marcie Rendon May 9, 2011 – Desdamona June 13, 2011 – Melvin Giles July 11, 2011 – Diego Vázquez, Jr. ABOUT THE SAINT PAUL ALMANAC Recently released in its fifth edition, the Saint Paul Almanac features essays, poems, photos, maps, and listings of events, bars, restaurant, theaters, and other cultural venues within a datebook format. The 2011 Almanac features 129 works by 118 writers. These writers include literary giants, everyday residents, students, journalists, new Americans, and lovers of Saint Paul who live in other corners of the world. Writers interested in having their work considered for the 2012 Almanac have until March 1, 2011 to make a submission. Information on upcoming events, how to make a submission, and other Saint Paul Almanac news is available at