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1. Apparat ft. Soap & Skin - Goodbye (Sieren Edit)

  • Published: 2014-06-14T17:34:04Z
Apparat ft. Soap & Skin - Goodbye (Sieren Edit)

an older and slightly different edit...

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2. Sieren "Blue Memories"

  • Published: 2013-02-21T23:07:51Z
  • By XLR8R


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3. Hundred Waters - Murmurs (Sieren Remix) [Free DL]

  • Published: 2015-03-10T08:38:45Z
Hundred Waters - Murmurs (Sieren Remix) [Free DL] - Murmurs (Sieren Remix) [] via TSUGI: Part of Skrillex Selects 3/12: The Moon Rang Like a Bell (Remixed) | Beatport |

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5. Robot Koch And Savannah Jo Lack - Heart As A River ft. Delhia De France (Sieren Remix)

  • Published: 2017-03-30T06:27:05Z
Robot Koch And Savannah Jo Lack - Heart As A River ft. Delhia De France (Sieren Remix) - Particle Fields Reimagined [Trees & Cyborgs, 2017]

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6. RSMIX014 - Sieren

RSMIX014 - Sieren

Our DJ mix series makes a comeback with Apollo Records artist Sieren at the controls. He's got a new Apollo EP out very soon. Tracklist: Untitled Sieren - Ascension [Apollo] Yves Tumor - Limerence [PAN] Prismic - Dubtitle [Orbos] Untitled Farron - Par 2 (Simo Cell Remix) [Shaw Cuts] Troy Gunner - Concern From Afar [GUNNER] Untitled Sieren - Slinger [Apollo] Hatti Vatti ft. Echo Ranks - Great (Andy Stott Remix) [On The Edge] Blondes - Quality of Life (Struction Remix) [R&S Records] Meeting By Chance - Snail [Apollo] Sieren & Synkro - Lost You [Apollo]

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7. Sieren - Ascension EP

  • Published: 2017-08-22T11:12:40Z
Sieren - Ascension EP

SIEREN ASCENSION EP Label: Apollo • Apollo are proud to welcome Sieren, AKA Matthias Frick back to the fold with his new Ascension EP. • Features collaboration with fellow Apollo artist Synkro A software engineer at Ableton by day, Sieren’s love for UK influenced bass music and field recording and experimental soundscaping resulted in his Apollo debut ‘Static Polymorphism’ a masterly EP of spaced out street-rave soul. Now returning with the five track Ascension EP, Frick has tightened and toughened up his sound somewhat (see the caustic bass glower of ‘Slinger’), augmenting his starry eyed wonder with a firmer percussive underpinning and more driving tempos. However still present are his preternatural grasp of emotion and atmosphere that marked him out as one to watch - perfectly underscored by the heartbreaking beauty of the title track. Fellow Apollo cohort Synkro AKA Joe McBride was instrumental in the curation of Sieren’s debut Static Polymorphism EP on Apollo, hand picking the tracks, as well as road testing them in his DJ sets. This time McBride goes one further, collaborating with Frick on the track ‘Lost You’ to memorable effect - the beautiful pads and ghostly piano are a perfect synergy of their complimentary skill sets. This is richly textured and intricately programmed post-bass music that is sure to satisfy fans of Burial, dBridge, Akkord with its soulful sincerity and warmth. Track listing 1. Tailored Mistakes 2. Slinger 3. U8 4. Lost You (ft. Synkro) 5. Ascension More:

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8. PMC106 - Finest Ego | Faces 12" Series Vol. 4 - Lomovolokno / Sieren Snippet

PMC106 - Finest Ego | Faces 12

Digital version ➥ | | Limited edition 12" vinyl version ➥ | | | | Project: Mooncircle & Finest Ego have teamed up to establish a fresh new 12” producer series, entitled “Faces”. On every edition, you will find two different producers. Respectively, each producer will have their own record-side and unique cover artwork by the aspiring Bioniq, known for his surrealistic portraits, blending humans and technology. On our fourth “Faces” edition we are featuring the two ascending artists @Lomovolokno and @Sieren, presumably the two most unknown so far. Originally hailing from Krasnodar, Russia and Bielefeld, Germany, one was inspired by naive childhood memories of imaginative creatures seen floating in the nighttime sky, while the other looks into an uncertain future that holds the anxiety of a fresh start but also the ever present risk of failure. The artwork takes these motifs and implements them in a vision of technological enhancements of human capacities and evolvement, forming a futuristic symbiosis that enables for synaesthetic senses heightened to an subatomic degree. But it is unsure, however, if these augmentations can actually expand our human experience or rather amplify our solitary existence and emotional void while traveling across fantastic worlds and the universal vacuum filling the space between. Krasnodar, Russia: In the midst of grey soviet housing projects, a young boy enjoys playing and improvising his first little melodies on his parents piano. Always being inspired by the nature nearby the city - memories of peaceful springtime swimming sessions in the Black Sea come to mind – Lomovolokno grows up fascinated by machinery like samplers and the rapidly increasing possibilities of modern computers. Delving deeply into twisting melodies, building sounds and crossing notes leads his way to first field recordings resulting in an influx of elements ranging from waves of the sea, the wind, sand, crackling noises, banging and rustling becoming a part of his sound. Sieren is the maiden name of Matthias Frick’s mother and also his current alias under which he started to release his first free tracks in 2011. Rumor has it that he has a dark secret history of producing experimental techno, albeit his love for UK influenced bass music existed for more than one handful of years. It was not until recently that he began to make the most of his love for field recording and experimental soundscaping and is now throwing his full force into music, while simultaneously finishing a university degree in computer science and design before moving from small town to métropole to follow a new set of challenges and advance to the next stage of his life. Bioniq is an artwork designer, DJ and producer from St. Petersburg in cold Russia and Project: Mooncircle's special KGB agent. With his drawings he aims to create new horizons on paper and draws inspiration from historic tales, events of the present age but also possibilities the future might hold. Limited 12” vinyl for serious collectors, DJ’s and record addicts only! Mastered by Sven Friederichs. A&R: Gordon Gieseking & Malte Tarnow. Artwork by Bioniq.

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9. Fall (Sieren Remix)

  • Published: 2015-11-27T09:24:18Z
  • By Villette
Fall (Sieren Remix)

A beautiful and atmospheric remix by the very talented Sieren. Check him out @sieren

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10. Sieren b2b Zuurb - Ambient DJ Set (32C3 CCC, Hamburg)

  • Published: 2016-03-20T11:19:16Z
Sieren b2b Zuurb - Ambient DJ Set (32C3 CCC, Hamburg)

Sieren b2b at 32C3 Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg - 29.12.2015

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11. Decoded Sunday - Sieren

Decoded Sunday - Sieren

DM Cat. Number - DS034 Artist - Sieren Month - May Year - 2015 
Genre - Beach House Read More - Make sure you follow us at:

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12. KRTS 'Close The Closet Door (Sieren Remix)' (The Dread of An Unknown Evil - Project: Mooncircle)

KRTS 'Close The Closet Door (Sieren Remix)' (The Dread of An Unknown Evil - Project: Mooncircle)

FREE DWNLD (@KRTS 'Close The Closet Door - @Sieren Remix' - The Dread of An Unknown Evil - Project: Mooncircle) ➥ Limited colored 2LP vinyl version ➥ | | 
Digital version ➦ | | In 2011 we saw KRTS breaking free from the boundaries of NYC's five boroughs, releasing his first EP, Hold On, with the Berlin-based label Project: Mooncircle. The five tracks of Hold On represent the organic, heavily emotional and lively style of broken-beat, fusion jazz, boom-bap, and dubstep. With the end of 2012 comes The Dread Of An Unknown Evil, KRTS's first LP (limited, colored, double vinyl / uv-varnish print cover) for Project: Mooncircle. With bass-culture styles reflecting the darker side of everyday reality, the album explores themes such as fear, apprehension, doubt, angst, and sorrow, with the prevailing dread of an unknown and uncertain future—always there, peering around corners, waiting and watching. "Your Eyes" features Stevee Wellons — a soulful diva and KRTS's own mother — telling the story of lost loves and abandoned hopes. "Knuckle Under" is an immediate cinematic ride through the chaotic New York City underground, each bass line like an elbow to the shoulder, spinning you and pushing you down until it all turns black. "Something New" featuring sibling Jon Hairston on vocals, is a plea to love and the risks involved when we hold hearts back. The ten tracks of The Dread Of An Unknown Evil form an intimate LP from a musician battling to make it between cities, families, loves, losses, and futures — on to the next chapter.

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13. Sieren - Glitterbug

  • Published: 2014-10-28T09:29:16Z
Sieren - Glitterbug

Lost B-Sides

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14. Long Arm "The Branches (Sieren Remix)" (The Branches - Deluxe Edition - Project: Mooncircle, 2012)

Long Arm

Limited gatefold 2LP vinyl version ➥ | | Digital ➥ | | When listening to "The Branches" it will stimulate diverse brain areas, creating short movies and stories in your mind's eye. From Soviet era hand-drawn animated fairy tales in winterly forrest-landscapes to narravites of urban struggle or even classical tales in dark and gloomy basement bars – let the record spin and your mental cinema flow. This album made it into the radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbs (XFM) as well as Gilles Peterson‘s “All Winners” show on BBC Radio 1, his personal list of favorites of the year 2011, alongside various other highly respected stations across the globe. For the 2012 winter season we decided to give "The Branches" a proper repress treatment, not only pressing a new batch for all our listeners that weren't able to acquire a copy yet but also spicing it up and making it a true collectors item for anyone that already owns a copy. Therefore, the – now gatefold – artwork / transparent 2LP vinyl version, originally drawn by Bioniq was colourized by Roman Pokrovsky and, besides everything being remastered and including new work from Long Arm himself, we also added a second vinyl with various remixes by on the one hand like-minded artists like Hidden Orchestra, Dday One and 40 Winks, with whom Long Arm also shares artistic relationships and friendships, and on the other hand more genre-overarching and experimental remixes from such acclaimed artists as Robag Wruhme, Sieren, Yoko Duo, Berry Weight, Empt and Speck from CYNE, which will surely make for a unique listening experience.

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15. 2016 #11: Sieren - 2016 Steps Backwards

2016 #11: Sieren - 2016 Steps Backwards

@sieren Style: Downbeats, Bass Length: 00:59:50 Quality: 320 kbit/s Tracklist: 1) Christian Naujoks - Little Dume [Dial] 2) Basic House -I'm Not A Heaven Man [Opal Tapes] 3) A/T/O/S - A Taste Of Struggle [Deep Medi] 4) Lapalux - Don't Mean A Thing [Brainfeeder] 5) Botany - Anchor [Western Vinyl] 6) Christian Löffler - Nil [Ki Records] 7) Youandewan - Something Keeps Me Real Quiet [Aus Music] 8) Sieren - Downpour [??] 9) Djrum - Space Race, Pt. 1&2 [2nd Drop] 10) Bop - The Backbone Flute [Hospital Rec] 11) Synkro - Recognition [Apollo] 12) Scuba - Three Sided Shape [Hotflush] 13) Bwana - Nami Swan [Somethinksounds] 14) Sieren - Rebase [Apollo] 15) Sieren - ??? 16) Sieren - ??? Alle der diesjährigen Kalendermixe finden sich hier:

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16. 2013 #13: Sieren - Kaminfeuermischwerk

2013 #13: Sieren - Kaminfeuermischwerk

Style: Bass Lenght: 00:54:26 Quality: 320 k/bits Tracklist: 1) Troy Gunner - Capacity [Demand Records] 2) Om Unit - Healing Rain [Civil Music] 3) Blossom - See The Light [Project Mooncircle] 4) Opti - Love Me [TheChemistry] 5) Sieren - Escape [Project Mooncircle] 6) Rain Dog - Regolith [Project Mooncircle] 7) Sieren - Staircase [dub] 8) Soosh - For You (Synkro Edit) [Error Broadcast] 9) Edmondson - Junot [ElectroMagneticFields] 10) Phaeleh - The Cold In You (Djrum Remix) [Afterglo] 11) Synkro - Nights Of Pleasure [Apollo] 12) KRTS - Sunrise Over Warschauer (Sieren Remix) [Project Mooncircle] 13) Seba - Forever [Combination Recordings] 14) Robot Koch - Calle Tiera [Project Mooncircle] Alle der diesjährigen Kalendermixe finden sich:

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17. Christian Löffler - Notes (Sieren Remix)

  • Published: 2014-04-13T20:08:24Z
Christian Löffler - Notes (Sieren Remix)

»After's remix it is now Sieren who put his hands on "Notes" from's last EP Young Alaska on« Out on Beatport exclusive 14th of August: iTunes - Whatpeopleplay - Juno - Amazon - and more..

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18. Injazero Mixxx *1* - Sieren

Injazero Mixxx *1* - Sieren

Our first ever mixxx comes from the very talented German producer Sieren Check out his interview on Indie UK: and enjoy! Tracklist: 1) Kiyoko - Archway [Samurai Horo] 2) Synkro - Falling [Apollo Records] 3) Foals - Spanish Sahara (Sieren Edit) 4) Roof Light - Around Here [Styrax] 5) Ultraista - Gold Dayz (Maribou State Remix) [Free DL] 6) Unknown Track [Dub] 7) Leon Vynehall - Butterflies [Clone] 8) Fybe:One - HeartBeats ft. Deft [Shades Recordings] 9) Me Succeeds - Rongorongo (Arp Aubert Remix) [Ki Records] 10) Kiasmos - Thrown [Erased Tapes] 11) Fybe:One ft. Zelda Marshall - Trace (Sieren Remix) [Shades Recordings] 12) Garden City Movement - Move On [BLDG]

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19. Sieren - Rebase

Sieren - Rebase

Taken from the Static Polymorphism EP - Released 11/11/16

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