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1. Gucci Cologne (prod. 8mc)

Gucci Cologne (prod. 8mc)

art by me mixed & mastered by me produced by @8mc lyrics chorus gucci cologne im on my own no time for a snake no time for a clone gotta watch my back u get stabbed by yo bro woah hook bands on me now now they gon come round im flexin like wow they asking me how to copy my sound they copy the style dont copy my style cant copy my style verse got bands in the backseat baby watch ur step, new leather seats baby all these xans in my system make me crazy cash flow, bands coming in lately designer shawty wanna spend some bands w me i be flexin, gucci cologne, on me n this aint the same party im sippin on this lean mix the xans up w the codeine i got hella drugs on me bridge if u wanna fw me then fw me i just wan some xans n ya company keep a bad bitch on the side of me n i got designer on the side of me chorus/hook verse money on me, i aint worried bout nothing designer on me, kno that i am always stunting keep a xan tucked in my wallet, if i need that thotties hit me up but ion really need that no time for a fake hoe, give me fake love if u playing games, i cant stay for very long chorus

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2. Pockets 👖💵 (prod. @ashyprophet)

Pockets 👖💵 (prod. @ashyprophet)

lyrics hook: i hear she only really want me for my bands ima have to skrt off on you, meet yo friends i be flexin all designer, chasing bags you hit my number, but do not mean to brag she only want me for the bands up in my pocket she only want me for the clout i told her stop it its in my pocket, they in my pocket she only want me for the clout i told her stop it verse: blue bands, blue bands all i ever seen designer punk fit, lookin like the offspring oriental shawty, coming straight from beijing ima menace, but i still got both my angel wings im in the back, off-white make the angel's sing i gotta flex up, im tryna do some major things money bags, yea im tryna cop a diamond ring she a super soaker, good thing i know snorkling all this guap in my pockets i cant feel a thing all these xans in my pocket make me double think that you chasing clout, n tryna snatch my only chain only want me for my bands, aye, should i repeat hook

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3. Transactions 🧩 (prod. @mixedmatches)

Transactions 🧩 (prod. @mixedmatches)

Hook: two tone glock with a laser beam, attachment pull up to the block he ain’t want no, action all about the talk why you always, acting cut em in half now he look like a fraction two tone glock with a laser beam, attachment put em ona xan slipped up, distraction lookin at my bank n it’s full of transactions when u in the trap better know subtraction Verse: if u step up to the plate don’t test me i jus re-upped, got the weight don’t text me ball out, at neimans hit the mall w my boo new cold, new season n I’m colder than you i be spending reckless i ain’t buying a few i get a new pair of shoes i stack it up to the roof i be flexing daily i designer my waist i get new Cartier shades i run it up while in place Hook Verse 2 hop out the benz ion wan no friends i get the cash know i get bands im so high, but i ain gon land off two xans, finna do a handstand money come in different colors toucan sam he ain’t want beef, red-dot forehead G-lock up ima tote my bag pull up designer baby know i flash Hook

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4. Spectrum (prod. phew)

Spectrum (prod. phew)

/// FEARLESS /// 02.02.18 /// prod. @whoisphew chorus: i just want ya love why you always so extra could you come here ion really wanna text ya can't top me, on top of the spectrum x2 hook: all this, money, come and, go i just, get it, and i, go all these, bitches, come and, go i just, get it, and i, go verse: blast off take a flight in a rocket ufo, u know i got the sauce yeh goin after money, show me all the profit know yall talking bout me, all about the gossip snakes in my grass know i had to cut that all this guap in my pocket know i got that steppin out the house know i flex all black came up, all uh sudden think i lost track why u call me i aint got no time u dont wanna put me down when i call u mine always show love, still u give no shine why u wanna call, baby lost all time chorus hook

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6. Rich Bitch - @SifeTheIndigo (@ProdRyuk)

Rich Bitch - @SifeTheIndigo (@ProdRyuk)


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9. Designer ft. @704Texako (prod. lostboy)

Designer ft. @704Texako (prod. lostboy)

im chasing cash all the time you always hitting my line im flexing up on a grind u cannot tell me im lying i might designer my toes i might just fuck all yo hoes im chasing all the cash im flexing up on a grind verse: (sife) im chasing after these bands these people dont understand im tweakin off of these xans my bby say "i can't stand" u need 2 come get yo mans he talkin shit on the gram they act like snakes in the grass don't come round me if u lack i got these bands in my lap im tryna make it all stack i came up, now they all mad i flexed up, now they all mad (i flexed up these ppl mad x3) hook verse: (texako) i'm chasing cash all the time i never keep you in mind i'm always going behind i can't trust no snakes, no lie i'm chasing, n i'm racing to yo place (yea) where i belong got the clip, three, gold clip w me we gon hit (uh), bitch shout, made me fall i can't fuck w u, if u can't fuck w me put that on the gang, there no trust in me ever since i came up, niggas wanna go on niggas try to shoot me down but i shot back i'm chasing to yo place now put a couple glocks, to yo face man n these niggas hate, feel like shizowu pull up on the block show em what that heater do i'm chasing, all the time i'm chasing, on my ride i chased it my whole life i chase it by tonight (tonight) hook

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10. JVLES - Change ft. sifetheindigo (prod. Jeff Gordon x ivsir)

  • Published: 2018-01-13T04:37:47Z
  • By ivsir
JVLES - Change ft. sifetheindigo (prod. Jeff Gordon x ivsir)

follow them! : @jvlesx @sifetheindigo

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11. Came In (prod. regulus)

Came In (prod. regulus)

hook came in, sauced up with designer bags lil shawty, say she mine damn i wan her bad speed off, in a subie i be goin fast i'm all in, never broke i ain't going back verse jumping off the porch i don't need ya help now whatchu talking bout people never held down money coming in, i ain't got no pains except from sitting in a chair all day more designers bags to put around my back i count it up till my fingers feel attacked i ain't got knack for math but i add it up thousand in my pocket and i still ain't got enough hook verse i've had enough gotta focus on a money path gotta chase a bag baby know i'm chasing that i ain't chasing you baby you a waste of breath i came up, came down, now i'm somewhere in between i just need the bills need em blue and green ten twenty fifties all that i can read and i keep the hundreds all on me whatchu need baby, tell me, tell me what do you need

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13. @sifetheindigo - Ride (prod. Franco LaFlare)

  • Published: 2017-04-12T23:45:48Z
@sifetheindigo - Ride (prod. Franco LaFlare)

a new hit single from your favorite country singer @s-i-f-e

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14. Hate - @SifeTheIndigo (@ProdRyuk)

Hate - @SifeTheIndigo (@ProdRyuk)


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15. Focused (prod. @calibaset & @taymasterchef)

Focused (prod. @calibaset & @taymasterchef)

lyrics hook x2 money on my mind so i gotta stay focused money on my mind i ain't taking clout tokens chasing that guap sipping that drop i'm off a xan chasing a bag verse gotta stay focused money my motive im chasing all this guap and i'm running the motor lil shawty want a thrill told her hop on the coaster n i be spitting fire yea i'm hot like a toaster i got designer letters all on my belt i'm chasing guap i get it all by myself i don't need anyone, i don't need no help i run it up, i'm only worried bout wealth i'm making cake, i feel like i am chef don't try to call the shots, u is not the ref money mission, but this guap is a test life a bitch, but i put her to rest i'm flexin up i don't need anyone else i'm chasing guap gotta get it by myself hook x2

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17. 24/7 (prod. @whoisphew)

24/7 (prod. @whoisphew)

last song im dropping until the tape is completed lyrics came wit a stick came wit a glock thirty the mag it hold a lot i need the cash i need the guap all of my homies they still on the block i do not show attention to thots i need the money i need the knots i need the loot gimme the bag so many drugs feelin jet lag ballin' at neiman's spendin' a bag flex on the gram designer the brand i cannot fuck cause she is a fan spendin' this money i dont got a plan look at my jewels say im the man i will not change dirty like dan im after racks im after bands chasin' the money u know that i ran ballin' at saks i spent a bag i get the pack know that i brag hit up the plug he never lag smokin' on cookie smokin' on thraxx i get a half i get a swish never a zig smokin' a cig smokin' on strong smokin' on fit 24/7 know what it is im at the crib know i where i live if u need work bases hit i cannot fw a basic bitch i need the money no basic shit x4 24/7 know what it is

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18. @sifetheindigo - Bape On Me (prod. MessiahBeatz)

  • Published: 2016-11-08T21:13:12Z
@sifetheindigo - Bape On Me (prod. MessiahBeatz)

@s-i-f-e prod @messiahonthebeat

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