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1. HeartBrokeBeatz - Round III (feat. CardlinAudio)

  • Published: 2018-08-03T17:49:47Z
HeartBrokeBeatz - Round III (feat. CardlinAudio)

Welcome to the third installment of the HeartBrokeBeatz series. This mix is painfully honest. It was difficult to create. Although the story may involve a boy, it’s not about him really. It’s about my experience of falling for a fantasy, through my eyes...and my voice, along with @cardlinaudio, voicing the male counterpart. I can’t thank him enough for helping me bring my creative vision to life with his resonant and emotional vocals. If you’re ready to hear my truth, open your heart and press play. tracklist: 1. What We’ve Got ft. Flint Eastwood - Manatee Commune 2. Feel Good ft. Daya (OXILO Remix) - Gryffin & Illenium 3. Ohhh Baby - Flamingosis 4. Valley - Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei 5. Attached - Mickey Blue 6. snapchat (rad cat remix) - surfclub 7. caught up (feyde edit) - Kameron 8. Dft - Sakima 9. Are We a Thing? - Titus 10. 1 Night (feat. Charli XCX) - Mura Masa 11. Golden (TRAILS Remix) - SAINT WKND ft. Hoodlem 12. High (EDWYNN x TIKAL Remix) - Jesper Jenset 13. Beg (Prince Fox Remix) - Jack & Jack 14. more than I can give (feat. David Blank) - Kharfi 15. You Might Be (feat. Lils) - Autograf 16. Miss You (Vince Remix) - Clean Bandit ft. Julia Michaels 17. Crave You (feat. Giselle) - Flight Facilities 18. Nostalgia (Remix) - Victor Perry & Ryan Lee 19. Cruisin’ - Ronin 20. Maniac - Jhené Aiko 21. Cruise Control (Prod. by GLACEAZUKA) - Nu Lighter 22. Bliss w/ JEIVOS - Ftureable 23. Echoes - Solstis 24. Kerala - Bonobo 25. I Still Feel You - Dabin 26. Night 1 - ta-ku 27. Apologies - EHALE 28. ID 29. Lover I Don’t Have To Love - Bright Eyes 30. ID 31. esc (su na Remix) - BASECAMP 32. I Met This Boy - B JYUN 33. Roses - SAINt JHN 34. Blame - KYLE 35. Think Bout Me - Ebhoni 36. Bambi - Jidenna 37. Somebody Else - The 1975 38. Love Me Better (feat. Ariel Beesley) [Love Thy Brother Remix] 39. ID 40. Like It’s Over (feat. MNDR) [Howle Remix] - Jai Wolf 41. self control - stefan 42. At Sea - 3 Roses 43. Come and See Me (Cover) - SVNAH 44. Dusk - Kiran Kai 45. summertime sadness - calfana dreams 46. Idfc - Blackbear 47. firefly - zynn 48. Suits You - Jackum 49. invictus - sir john william 50. Conjure (feat. Floyd) - DOJO! 51. Shot for Me - Devon Baldwin 52. Boss - Pettros 53. Cowards - Raleigh Ritchie 54. Have You Ever (Brandy Flip) - KMB

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2. The Future Beats Show 182 Guest Starring Silly Syl

The Future Beats Show 182 Guest Starring Silly Syl

Welcome to The Future Beats Show 182 Enjoy your trip to the outer planets ➤ | | Onra - TFBS Intro 2 Stro Elliot - Marvin's Mood Parts 1 & 2 Rum·Gold - Where There's Smoke Moodblanc - Ingen (Medsound Remix) Tom Misch - Isn't She Lovely Zod1Ac - Lonely Planet 2Eye - Tellmewhutitis Tomcbumpz - Relajarse Seneca B X Admb - Pineapple Soda Soft Eyez - Lullaby W_ Ralph Castelli Burgundy - Everyone Molagon - The Fisher Queen Grumpysnorlax - Rare.Candy Cosmic Dust - Toonorth - Curious Tomcbumpz - Grow Forrest. - Sunday Meister Eder - Feel Right Elaquent - Come To Me Broken Clocks (J. Jackson Remix) Kurt Stewart - Intuition Meister Eder - The Ones Who Left Silly Syl For TFBS Listen To Silly Syl On @Trakliferadio: Www.Traklife.Com Live Channel Every Tuesday 6-7Pm PT For More Mixes And Song Reposts, Follow @Djsillysyl Facebook.Com/Djsillysyl Twitter.Com/Djsillysyl Instagram.Com/Djsillysyl Www.Djsillysyl.Com In Stride (Unreleased) - Sofasound Trust - Xander Redbone - Dontcry Special Friend - Luna Mae Skin (F. The Diamonds Are Black!) - Salute Calling You - Landyn We Ride (Bootleg) - Great Dane Late Night Vibe - Baegod & Sbvce Walk It - Pawn Rock The Boat (Chef Red Remix) - Aaliyah Suits You - Jackum Hiding Feelings - Slowheal Meister Eder - Bbhmm Sylo Nozra - Je T'adore (Feat. Ty Senoj) Manu Dia - Waves Sylo Nozra - Omw Hero - The Juice Wadetheduke - Guesswhodied Forrest. - Why Not Me Yonderling - Whisper Sworn - Under The Stars Resurgence - Ricky Reecon - Stick Up (W_ Weaver Beats) Moody. - Blunts With Good Friends Flavors - Glowstick Swum. - Told U So Many Times Meister Eder - Horizon Nishnu - Restless Cameron2K1 - Reason (W/ Otxhello)

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3. Silly Syl For First Ear Radio

  • Published: 2015-12-18T17:22:21Z
Silly Syl For First Ear Radio

I was a guest DJ on @first-ear Radio yesterday. Here's the full-length set of music I shared with the crew. In this mix, I get down with ambient melodies, funky jazz, and some upbeat house music. Thank you @jackson-waites for putting me on. It was so fulfilling to share my music with you and your listeners!

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4. Skin To Skin: A Guided Session by DJ Silly Syl

  • Published: 2016-11-21T02:19:55Z
Skin To Skin: A Guided Session by DJ Silly Syl

Welcome to Skin to Skin. Thanks for tuning in. This 2-hour mix is your soundtrack to an intimate journey. Think of the start of the mix as flirtatious foreplay. Marc. E Bassy's got his hotel room all ready for you and then @iamblackbear lets you know it's bout that time you slide thru. The mood shifts pretty quickly from flirtation to seduction as the darker electronic tracks set in. There's a touch of heartbreak as @worshipuk sings on repeat, "You're always in my heart, no matter where you are" and @active-child croons, "hold me close, never let go." @bbjuelz serves as the preamble to the peak of energy with his remix of Travis Scott's "Whole Lotta Lovin." Get ready to be slammed with some heavy-hitting bass and dubstep moving forward. Your head will be spinning electro circles, before we begin our descent into trap and hip-hop. @obeson slows it down with "Hazy", featuring vocalist @abbipress. It's the kind of song you let wash over you as endorphins pump throughout your body, eventually coming back down to equilibrium. Then it's smooth sailing through R&B, where you might want to squeeze in Round 2. Ambient electronic sets the mood for laying and staring into your partner's eyes for a while. Cuddle and hold each other until you fall asleep for hours. Wake up and repeat. Tracklist: Photo cred: Donal Boyd (

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5. Relapse

  • Published: 2014-12-12T13:14:43Z

Love, sex, drugs, whatever your addiction may be, a Relapse can happen to the best of us. We know that it’s wrong and that we should probably stay away at all costs. But temptation is difficult to resist. You feel like you’ve never felt before; and yet, the feeling is all too familiar. I created this mix to describe the crazy spectrum of emotions involved in my Relapse. I’m still hiding behind the lyrics and music of others, but somehow, that feels safer to me than using my own voice. You’ll find new releases from Logic, Devon Baldwin, G-Eazy, Fei-Fei, and FKA Twigs, along with some throwbacks from Amtrac, Giraffage, and Rihanna. The lyrics meld together into a stream of consciousness about longing, indecision, sex, regret. Maybe you’ve never felt this way about anyone else. Maybe you’re not supposed to. Artwork by Trevor Polk

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6. Silly Syl Radio #12 feat. Jackson Waites

  • Published: 2016-03-13T04:22:34Z
Silly Syl Radio #12 feat. Jackson Waites

I've got a special guest for Silly Syl Radio #12! His name is Jackson Waites and he's the man behind UK-based music collective First Ear. He's bringing some groovy future RnB flavor for his guest mix. I'll kick off the second half of the show with some brooding electronic and a splash of hip-hop. FOLLOW JACKSON WAITES: FOLLOW FIRST EAR: Listen to First Ear Radio: 9pm-11pm (GMT); 1-3pm PST Listen to Silly Syl on Tuesdays 6-7pm PST Find Silly Syl Radio on iTunes:

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7. Silly Syl Radio Ep. 101 - Hummm

Silly Syl Radio Ep. 101 - Hummm

Wow I'm still reeling from a fantastic weekend. I had so much fun hanging with my friends and then DJing at the Snakehips pool party! Now it's definitely time to unwind from the madness and take things easy. This week's episode is low-key with just enough kick to keep you groovin. You'll find feel-good beats, moody electronic and hip-hop, with a finish of reggae and baile. 1. good place (prod. by LNNN)- jeebanoff 2. Blood, Sex & Magic - Naji 3. P A N T H E R - Run Bass 4. Still Hungry feat. Emmavie - Melo-Zed 5. here & now - nunchi 6. Polychromatic - Castelle 7. All Your Love feat. Dustin Tebbutt - Flight Facilities 8. No Good - Always Never 9. Only Talking - BLAISE 10. Yung Savage 2 (iambzar slowed down edit) - j. robb 11. Walk It - Pawn (released on @insolentlab) 12. Overdose - Myth Syzer avec Baby Solo et Loveni 13. you know / tell me - K, Le Maestro 14. waking up next to you - last summer 15. Girls (Kaelin Ellis Remix) - Harris Cole 16. bam bam (tera kora remix) - Sister Nancy 17. Radical One - Beba (F R A N C H I S E Edit) (released on @sosodality) 18. Faith In You - Vhoor

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8. DJ Silly Syl @ WTFest Splash Pool

DJ Silly Syl @ WTFest Splash Pool

Follow my main account @djsillysyl This summer (2016), I had my first MAJOR festival debut at @what-the-festival in Oregon. I was so stoked to throw down some upbeat housey electronic jams at the Splash Pool. I even jumped on the mic at the end and sang vocals on the instrumental of one of my favorite hits of the summer. This was my first time singing a full song during a DJ set and it was incredibly nerve-wracking but I think it added a refreshing element to the set and I hope to keep improving with practice! Enjoy

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9. Silly Syl Radio Ep. 104 - Smooth Sailing

Silly Syl Radio Ep. 104 - Smooth Sailing

I'm continuing last week's flow of feel good summer jams on this episode! I've handpicked some 4-5 year old Soundcloud tracks from Sweater Beats, RAC, and the Knocks. I'm also featuring some fresh out the oven goodness from Venessa Michaels's new EP "Flight", and artists I've newly discovered like someones daughter, Romen Jewels and Justice Skolnik. Feel that summer hype and then let go and lounge. tracklist: 1. Problems (Sant Remix) - Petit Biscuit ft. Lido 2. HOT N' READY (150cc) [prod. GUILLERMO] - tyler coolidge 3. Ridin' the Waves (feat. Outlaw the Artist, Effy) - VenessaMichaels 4. Glory Days (feat. Hayley Kiyoko) - Sweater Beats 5. upgrade - someones daughter 6. Kujaku - fuku6 & rabidZen - Night Owl Collective 7. Seventeen (feat. Nevve) - Justice Skolnik 8. Free (feat. CyAnne) - Romen Jewels 9. Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR) [Krystal Klear Remix] - RAC 10. Tomorrow - Magic Flowers 11. Ellie Goulding vs. Daft Punk - There's Something About Us Under The Sheets (The Knocks Mashup) 12. UFO - Raury 13. you know what's up. - d.j. got the juice独り 14. iguana w/ baron fields - s e s h 15. touch my body (sweater beats remix) - mariah carey 16. almost doesn't count - wntr 17. Meant to Be (produced by j.robb) - Vada For more mixes and song reposts, follow @djsillysyl

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10. Thinkin' Bout The Sun (Frank Ocean/The Beatles MashUp) - Silly Syl & Nate Ford

  • Published: 2015-09-24T16:06:15Z
Thinkin' Bout The Sun (Frank Ocean/The Beatles MashUp) - Silly Syl & Nate Ford

Arranged by Silly Syl and Nate Ford :) Follow Nate Ford:

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11. Cruising on Electric Beach

  • Published: 2018-04-27T20:32:42Z
Cruising on Electric Beach

Congrats to the contest winners! Corona Electric Beach, Insomniac Records and Billboard Dance are launching an exclusive “Battle for the Beach” DJ contest with Wavo to find the freshest new artists to perform at the upcoming EDC Las Vegas Festival 2018. This lil mix is my contest entry that showcases my fun, upbeat style, as well as my precise blending and transitions.

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12. Silly Syl For Traklife Radio Ep. 89 - Moombah-Inspired

Silly Syl For Traklife Radio Ep. 89 - Moombah-Inspired

Listen to Silly Syl on @trakliferadio: Every Tuesday 6-7pm PT For more mixes and song reposts, follow @djsillysyl

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13. Silly Syl For Traklife Radio Ep. 76 - Sultry Singers

Silly Syl For Traklife Radio Ep. 76 - Sultry Singers

Listen to Silly Syl on @trakliferadio: Every Tuesday 6-7pm PST For more mixes and song reposts, follow @djsillysyl

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14. Silly Syl For Traklife Radio Ep. 46 - What Pop Music Could Be

Silly Syl For Traklife Radio Ep. 46 - What Pop Music Could Be

Listen to Silly Syl on @trakliferadio: Every Tuesday 6-7pm PST Tracklist: For more mixes and song reposts, follow @silly_syl

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