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1. Siq Shred

  • Published: 2014-06-09T13:40:01+00:00
  • Duration: 264
  • By Scherer's
Siq Shred

This one was started in 2012 and was sitting and waiting for something that I haven't really figured out so I decided to just throw it online for other humans to watch collectively as a whole and to judge bc were wearing rollerblades and enjoying fun times TY everyone TY ANTHONY MARCHIONE ERIC MILLER MATTHEW SCHERER BRENT SCHERER CRAIG DINWOODIE TYLER KNIGHT MATT CAPACETE LJ MANZIE CHASE FOLEY STEVE MORELLA AUSTIN LELEU JACOB HOFFMAN Filmed: Matthew Scherer, Brent Scherer, Tyler Knight, Eric Miller Edited: Brent Scherer S/O to Sam DeAngelis for the compression :p TY TY THE FIX - RED SKIES AT NIGHT