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1. SoCal it Hurts

SoCal it Hurts

These days spring time in California is a year round affair. The sunset liquor and lotto boys show you what they do for fun. Featuring: Jordan Small, Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, Kody Williams, Johnny Miller, Lenny Mazzotti, Anthony Mazzotti, Cameron Strand, Chris Fellner, Johnny boy, Adam Mclean and Mesha

2. Laurel Weaver Dallas National Qualifier Quarterfinal Highlights

Laurel Weaver Dallas National Qualifier Quarterfinal Highlights

Laurel continues to prove she is unparalleled in the American division at national events. As the best hitter in the American division she not only had all the other teams in the American division sweating bullets, she provoked the tournament officials into stacking the deck against us. From seeding us grossly incorrectly to calling platform passes lifts, it was obvious that everyone was intimidated by our top hitter. When an up ref can get away with calling a platform pass a lift at 21-19, you know something is terribly wrong. In 15 years of coaching club volleyball we have seen our share of unusual calls, but never anything even remotely close to this. Barely missing out on qualifying for JO's hurts, but Laurel lead our 16Elite team to one of the best records ever in SoCal in 16's JO's qualifiers.