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1. Feel Alive Lyrics

Feel Alive Lyrics

Here it comes again The ground begins to shake A drink to fill the grave With all the death we’ve raised Fill your glass with hate To sorrows that we’ve seen There’s another way Another c

2. Leave You In Dirt Lyrics

Leave You In Dirt Lyrics

Now!! They didn't tell a lie They just left out the truth And there's another side To everything that's Left of each other now Feelings of dirt Into the madness we fall It only takes

3. Skyflower Lyrics

Skyflower Lyrics

Eyes wide open I stare into the void And feel no longing To stay here in time Fear is always in me Haunting me Fear is always in me Haunting me Disconnected I fall into the void Heaven

4. The Path Lyrics

The Path Lyrics

Bring the war to me I'll meet you with a fire Nowhere left to turn We turn upon each other Broken by this endless scourge Pray for silence never heard Fractured by the careless words Death i

5. Bury The Ones We Love Lyrics

Bury The Ones We Love Lyrics

Breathing in decay Brought on winds My lungs they rattle Swallow fear again The sun has died to Bring the end Night will fall On everything we know And break apart The light and leave us co